First off, I am a technical person. I like computers, I like technology and I like scientific stuff. However, one must realize there are certain traps that the more technical of people need to be aware of - one of these is being too technical. What I mean by this is spending too much time on something that really doesn't matter. I have written about this before, but no harm in reiterating an important point.

For some reason technical people love zoning out and optimizing details to get them 100% right. The problem with this is that a lot of the time these details just don't matter. How many times have you, being a technical person, spent a bunch of time on something just to have the person not even notice what you spent time on?

Ever spent 90% of your time optimizing a project only to have the client dump it the next week? Ever spent all your effort making something scalable when that something never scaled? Ever made something dynamic when it didn't need to be dynamic? Sometimes the most efficient, most optimized solution isn't the best solution. Sometimes your time can be spent more constructively by letting things iterate and applying more time as they evolve.

This is where I think skills in sales and marketing can totally help the technical at heart. In sales you don't focus on the details, you focus on reality. You focus on conversions, you focus on bottom line, you focus on the real test - whether it works.

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