In my daily course of business I have recently come to the realization that sometimes value is too high for people. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that sometimes people don't want value. Sometimes people don't want you to do a good job. Sometimes people don't want you to help them make money. Sometimes people want to be lied to, sometimes they want to be fooled, sometimes their own ignorance will be their own worst enemy and ultimately their demise.

It's a sad situation really. One of my businesses involves helping companies market themselves online. Now I have been doing this stuff my whole life so when it comes to marketing a site or two I've been around the block and know what works. Our business has actually built a very strong marketing system that helps companies increase their bottom line. But there's a catch... we don't hold your hand. We offer a service that kicks ass and gets the job done.

But oddly enough, most people don't want us to get the job done. In fact, they would rather we drag the job out over the course of months or even years and provide them customer service, paperwork, graphs and the like.

Looking A Bit Deeper

I usually don't post much about the MBTI, but I'm into it. And inasmuch as personality plays into people's decisions, I am increasingly convinced that there is a fundamental pattern here.

Most people are sensors as opposed to intuitive. What this means is that most people are into immediate results, step by step processes and day to day events. Intuitive people on the other hand are into the big picture and seeing how things relate together. They look at things as a whole rather than looking at each individual piece. Intuitive people can gladly go from point A to point Z. They can skip steps.

So when an intuitive business comes along (ours) offering a product that doesn't have the step by step details most people become upset and confused as they live in a world of steps. They can't accept being done with something without any of the steps in between. To them it is not possible to make money without the reports, hand holding and all the other traditions that they are used to. So when a results oriented business enters their world it comes across as completely foreign. They don't want results (Z) - they want charts (B). They don't want to make money (Z) - they want to make friends (C). And on and on...

So Why Don't We Hold Their Hand?

That's easy, profit. We make way more automating the entire process as opposed to paying people to hold their hand and walk them through the baby-steps they so desperately desire.

Kinda a weird post/rant - meh, another day.

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