I have no clue, however, while reading through The Kolbrin Bible (yes a Bible outside of The Bible (careful Christians)) I came across a great quote by none other than my hero Jesus! He owned up on this question and he answered it with such interesting accuracy nearly 2,000 years ago. Without further ado, here are a few verses taken from The Kolbrin. Once again, since this is not taken from The Holy Bible Jesus may not be as smart...

Jesus Answers When The End Times Will Be

BRT:3:54 - BRT:3:56

Tell me, good Master, when shall the end be?

Jesus answered,

"There will be an end to the beginning, and men will know this by the spirit of the times. Men will no longer be as brothers; nor will they be manly. Women will be as men and men as women. Adultery will not be condemned, nor will fornication; therefore, these will flourish. Men will not honor their homelands, and there will be no discrimination among them, nor will they maintain the purity of their races. Fathers will not be honored, nor mothers respected, and children will be raised to be wayward. Perversions will be encouraged, and criminals will mock the law. There will be incest and rape and it will be unsafe to walk abroad. Floods, famines, droughts and earthquakes will cause death and destruction: Strange sicknesses will smite the people, and there will be a denial of God. Babes will be slain in the womb.

Men will lust after the wives of other men, and marriage shall lose its meaning. Women will go to the marriage table unchaste and with deceit in their hearts. Their husbands, creatures of pity, will hear the mocking voices of laughing men. Priests will defile their altars with their impurity, and the rules will be held in little repute. It is not God who marks the end days, but men who lives as though setting a pitfall for himself."


If this doesn't just hit home with pinpoint accuracy I don't know what does. And to think he was saying these things 2,000 years ago when people didn't even know what he was even talking about. I love this guy!

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Ben: Jeeeze

Man jesus freaking nailed it!! Makes me want to stock up on MRE's and Water to prepare for the end!

Chris: Nice

Nice scripture there. Although I wouldn't fully trust the validity of all religious texts outside the Bible and another few books, they still can have their rewards if read with prayerful consideration.

That passage right there hits it on the head on exactly how things are right now. When reading it, I couldn't help but thinking someone was pulling my leg? I was looking around for David Blaine. No way could something be that spot on in its description of our times now.

Seriously if you think about it, there is no way that someone could predict the future that accurately unless there was some sort of higher power involved. When reading that I don't see how they could deny the existence of him.

Chris: A follow up: This is taken
@Chris (view comment)

A follow up: This is taken from Wikipedia's page. Seems like you may be getting duped. "On the Web there is no reference to "The Kolbrin" or "The Bronzebook" other than by the publishers; the official Glastonbury Website makes no mention of this "book" - and does not even mention the possibility of arson in the 12th century fire which supposedly was intended to destroy it. It is eminently probable that "The Kolbrin" is a literary hoax, albeit brilliantly conceived and very well written... and with a remarkably convincing exposition of evolution combined with the will of a God."

Quinton Figueroa: This isn't taken from Wiki
@Chris (view comment)

This isn't taken from Wiki at all. Actually I didn't even know it's on Wiki if it is. I typed it up by hand word for word while reading directly from my Kolbrin Bible. Please have your go at testing the validity: My Friend Amazon.com

There is no reference to the Kolbrin on the web because people are not concerned with the truth or different opinions. Still people will always try to decide whether a book is a valid authority or not rather than just listening to the points made by it and thinking about them rationally and logically.

Chris: Wiki is not the point

Wiki is not the point, the point is this book is most likely a farce and was created to try to trick people like yourself. You being an avid reader of the Bible know it warns of false prophets and despite how interesting this Kolbrin Bible is or how valid its teaching are, if it was created at these times, that means someone created it under a cloud of deception.

Honestly I'll stick with what I originally said, when I read the passage, I was waiting for some magician to jump out and say April Fools. It doesn't sound at all like something Jesus would have said. And is way too descriptive and sounds like something that would have been taken from Dr. Laura's talking points rather than the savior of the world.

I get a bad feeling about this Kolbrin Bible and I just warn you that maybe you should go rethink its validity or else you may be lead down a path you would rather not go. Pray about it, if you get a good feeling that this bible was in fact written as an eyewitness account of christ during his time and that it was directed by the hand of god, then maybe so. I'd be very wary though.

Quinton Figueroa: Created to trick people? Are
@Chris (view comment)

Created to trick people? Are you kidding me? Is The Bible the only valid book of life? What about all the self help books out there? What about all the books you read in school for education? Truth is truth. It doesn't matter whether Jesus says it, or Satan says it.

I got a bad feeling about The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, but I read through it and thought about the concepts he posed. You should never be afraid to read something and refute it with your side of arguments. Saying that you don't trust the source means nothing. The source is irrelevant of the point.

Even if Jesus didn't say this I wouldn't care. Somebody said this a very long time ago which gives this statement great weight. You are not denying that this is an old book. If somebody wrote this a long time ago this person must have been on to something, no?

I am sure if you read through the Kolbrin Bible just a little you would find the stuff remarkable and in perfect harmony with The Bible. It is in no way trying to take down the words of The Bible at all. It is a great piece of literature that adds to The Bible. It is written by the Celtics and Egyptians of that time which gives it a more logical and open approach.

Chris: I just read a small except

I just read a small except from google books and its enough to make me believe that it has no divine providence at all. The few verses I read were totally contrary to any teaching of the Bible and Christianity.

It went on to say that men should be rulers over women and that woman were the evil half of us. Which is totally false and contrary to any teachings of what modern day Christians believe. Woman are the superior spiritual beings than us. Also if you believe in evolution than perhaps you may want to believe in this book as well. It says in the beginning we were basically monkeys... Not true.

Sorry but this Kolbrin Bible it total garbage and I'd encourage you to not read it anymore.

Anonymous: err yeah

If you believe Jesus is going to return and bring with him the apocalypse, you are a fucking idiot.

Quinton Figueroa: I believe the validity of
@Anonymous (view comment)

I believe the validity of what he said in the quote illustrated here. I encourage you to argue it.

Anonymous: poor naive imbecile

"And to think he was saying these things 2,000 years ago when people didn't even know what he was even talking about."

If you didn't think the humans were doing the same stuff they are doing now...

oh your poor poor naive little person...

Korihor: Head of Nail...Meet Hammer.

Go Kolbrin Bible...never read it or even heard of it...but now I got my interest piqued. Will have to pick one up to check it out.

Eve from OZ: There is no God only the Elohim

According to the Jewish bible the Torah which the Christian bible was copied from at Genesis 1:1 it says that "In the Beginning Elohim created the heavens and the Earth. Not God!. We are to refer to the creator as Elohim not God. Elohim in Hebrew means "The mighty One/s" refering to "those that came from the sky" Meaning that the Elohim are a race of Aliens that came to Earth a long time ago when they saw that the Earth was just being formed from the void and emptyness of space caused by an Astroid. And they made us "in their image, in their likeness" as it is written in the Torah and it's copy the Christian bible. The Elohim aliens helped their chief scientist Yahweh to create us humans! It was Yahweh's project to create life, simply because He can and because he loves to create. He truly has a "Spirit of Love" . See www.Rael.org to read Rael's book his Encounter with the Elohim alien Yahweh back in 1973.

Quinton Figueroa: Interesting. I like where
@Eve from OZ (view comment)

Interesting. I like where you're going with that. I'm gonna check this out more :).

Quinton Figueroa: I have read through his book
@Eve from OZ (view comment)

I have read through his book and it is very fascinating :). I think it is fairly accurate and makes sense on a lot of things, however, I think it is a bit misleading and limiting. It still only deals with 3 dimensions and only humanoid, 5 sense life forms. The Elohim could very well answer our life here on earth, but it doesn't come close to answering the science/universe/big picture of everything.

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