I have recently really started to get into blogging because, well, it makes sense. Yes I know people have been doing it for years on end but I'm slow to react to this type of thing and just warming up so TAKE IT EASY!

It helps you collect your thoughts

I've found that blogging really helps me think certain topics through and really understand them much more clearly. Before doing most blog posts I go through and brainstorm everything a little bit to really understand the topic in its entirety. By doing this, I am able to make a much better point than if I were to just straight up verbally communicate my idea to somebody else.

It helps others

People love reading new information that is about stuff they like (well most people anyway - some you may need to sugar-coat it with a video or picture or something). By sharing your thoughts with others you are helping them understand your perspective and allowing them to invoke their own ideas by considering the points you present. It's really quite cool.

You're building an asset

On top of all this you're creating something that has actual long term value and makes you money. In a sense you're writing a very dynamic and unique book that has categories that you are passionate about and want to write about.

Search engines slap you high 5's

Did I mention search engines love blogs? Well they do. The more unique, high quality content you have the better.

You'd probably write it somewhere on the Internet or IM anyway

It seems like I have repeated myself several times on either forums or IM when talking to other people online. I will usually get into the same discussion about various topics over and over again with new people. Rather than hitting Alt+F4 only to wish your conversation the best of luck in cyberspace, why not credit it to your own site and refer people there when they ask?


Blog wuss!

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