I guess I somewhat know the answer to blogs using / at the end of the URLs, but I don't fully understand it.

From my understanding, this is more search engine friendly because it is showing the search engines that since the URL does not have an extension (ie: .html, .php, .asp) it is a directory. The proper way to show a directory is by including the trailing slash (/) at the end. That's cool, but it is not a directory and it doesn't matter whether it's proper or not.

I don't see how this makes it any more worthy for search engines to rank it. Search engines do not care about the actual punctuation and symbolic information in URLs. They MAY (and I say this with a large emphasis because I really don't think they put a lot of weight on it) reward a little bit of ranking juice to a site that uses keywords in the URL. Meaningful keywords may make it a bit more useful for a user, however, the / DOES NOT make it more user friendly and it just creates more problems.

I don't know any users who put a / at the end of every URL they type in. To be honest, nobody does and they shouldn't. Why then is it worth running the risk of having somebody incorrectly link to a page because they forgot to add the / at the end? It isn't! All this does is create canonical issues with the search engines and add one more thing for users to remember if they were to remember your URL.

I really would like to know why all the blogs do this but I can not find a good reason. Am I the only idiot here that is doing this wrong or what? I really am hornswoggled over this whole thing. Anyhow, just thought I'd point out this small detail that could create some less small (search indexing) problems.

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: Great point, I've noticed

Great point, I've noticed this before and I thought it was kind of weird. I guess you can just chalk it up to most people being n00bs.

also, I would change your captcha settings so all the letters are lowercase instead of uppercase, because this module is case sensitive.


Quinton Figueroa: Change has been made,

Change has been made, thanks... friend?

Tony: well actually...

The slash ending is the proper uri form, though it's not needed as your web server will add it if missing. Having the links generated in the proper form will bypass this step, so the webserver will process the request a tiny bit faster.

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