I had an interesting thought today. Some people are skeptical to believe certain things while others are less skeptical. Some people require a certain delivery of the message to swallow it. Everybody has different believes and values.

My point is, why do you care what you believe in? The only reason somebody would care what they believe in is if they cared about their foundation and their goals. If you can't have any objective and nothing to build upon, why do your believes matter at all?

I'm not saying this to anybody in particular, but more of a philosophical conclusion I have reached. There is no point in caring what you believe in unless you care about who you want to become. And if you care about who you want to become you must have a goal or objective. You must have something at the end of the road that each belief will lead you to.

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SEAN: I need an answer on this subject

I have a girlfriend that i don't want to deal with anymore she's a loud mouth very talktive, in everyone elses business instead of mining her on and just runs off at the mouth and she don't listen and she think she's perfect and a Angel because she said she was born on Easter.She says she don't stand for anything and she doesn't have any morals.Tell me am I right to leave this person alone.

Ben: People will treat you the

People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you.


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