Evolutionists / Atheists say that intelligence and complexity arises from simple things iterating over and over again with time. They say that something as complex as the brain slowly became complex with time. I'm not going to argue that, that makes sense, but... physics, which controls everything in the universe, has not changed since the start of the universe, yes THE start!

The values of physics (gravity, motion, etc) are still the same as they were from day one when the big bang started. How then, did these physics become organized and intelligent? How did the physics that CONTROLS evolution evolve? It certainly did not re-iterate itself over and over again. Physics is the same yesterday, today and quite possibly forever. This really puts some HEAVY weight on there being a creator that pinpointed all the details of exactly how physics would work.

Once again, physics doesn't change. Matter may change, states of matter may change, but the laws controlling these states of matter do not change. They have been the same all through the universe.

Intelligence very well may have evolved and our brain's thinking may be a product of that evolution. BUT, something was controlling this evolution the whole time. Something that had RULES and LAWS that must have been followed. I then ask, where did these rules come from? Where did these somehow smart and calculated laws of physics come from? They certainly did not evolve. They have been the exact same since the big bang.

Moreover, these laws actually break down once we start to go back in time and calculate the big bang. Our science just no longer works. Hmmmm... kinda makes you wonder.

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Ben: hmm...

I'm not a physics expert or anything, but I don't think that we have enough information to rule out evolution in physics. When you start diving into particle and theoretical physics things that aren't normally possible (like something existing in 2 location at the same time) are suddenly possible. Right now we are just scratching the surface!

I think the ultimate case for a creator is the simple fact that anything exists whatsoever. Newtons first law of motion states: "Every body perseveres in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed."

Meaning if you have a ball on the floor the ball isn't going to move unless something else acts upon it, like you kicking it, or the wind blowing it. If we apply that law to the universe than we have to see that "something" created the big bang, or at the very least lit the fuse.

A lot of people ask the question, "Is there a god watching over me?" and I will in turn ask them, "Does it matter?"

Since I believe that people are inherintly good, If you follow your heart and your conscience you will end up doing good things and making your corner of the world a better place. If you are concerned about going to hell if you don't believe the proper religion than I say just look at Jesus or Buddha, or Ghandi etc.... I think all of those people have awakened to the true nature of reality. They are not vengeful, spiteful, or driven by their ego. I believe if there is a god watching over us than I bet he is at least as enlightened as those folks I just mentioned. That being the case, why would he care if you are a jew, christian, muslum, buddhist, taoist, athiest? If he did care about anything I would bet it would be how you treated those around you, and if you followed your heart.

So it doesn't matter if there is a god watching over you, just live life.

Sorry, I guess I rambled a bit off the physics topic :)

Quinton Figueroa: Good Stuff :)

Great post. I fully agree with the 2nd part of your post :).

As for the first bit on physics I would like to add a thought.

When you start diving into particle and theoretical physics things that aren't normally possible (like something existing in 2 location at the same time) are suddenly possible.

My point to this would be that this same exact principle was the same 15 billion years ago right after the big bang which would show that these laws have not changed. I can't think of any physics right now that are different now than they were 15 billion years ago. I can think of results of physics, but not physics itself. Strange yes, but different?

Cockgobbler519: C'mon dude.

Really man? Complexity doesn't exist. It's a human construct. What most humans call "complexity" is just the opposite of entropy. Every time something becomes "more complex", a million other things fly apart. At the end of the day, the entire system (the universe) tends to maximum entropy. I hope you can see, from that, why evolution, change, and complexity are meaningless when analyzing physical phenomena.

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