I found this type of thinking on another website: "If Jesus answers prayers as he promises in the Bible, then why haven't the prayers of billions of people to end world hunger caused Jesus to solve the problem of global poverty?"

This selfish type of thinking really gets old. The Bible also says be humble, do not put the Lord your God to the test and even if it didn't say anything, thought and studying could answer this one.

Prayer isn't supposed to be a greedy, selfish thing. You're not supposed to pray and tell God everything that he should do. He knows what he's supposed to do. You should be praying about what he wants you to do with your life and how we can work through you to help others.

It's almost backwards thinking to pray for things that are irrelevant. The thought of praying to help stop global poverty is quite a big question to ask of God. We live in a world of pain, poverty, stealing, slander and tons of other "bad" things that quite frankly aren't really bad when you look at the whole picture. These are all parts of this age that really aren't going to leave us no matter how hard we pray. To understand that these are all purposeful and serve an objective makes it seem that while prayer may help, they are still here for a purpose anyway.

Should God really answer everything you pray? What if you pray for somebody to die? What if you pray for a new car? What if you pray that you could fly? You really don't know what's right or wrong in the whole scheme of things, and you most certainly do not fully understand God's plan. So why not listen to God every once in a while rather than thinking that you have everything figured out and that your prayers are somehow holy, smart and without flaw.

Rather than praying to stop world hunger, why not pray for strength and wisdom in dealing with people and life? Why not pray to become a leader so you can lead others in the correct path of life. And most of all, why not pray and just listen to God and see what he wants you to do. What good does it do by putting your own selfish objectives before God's purpose and plan? He knows what he wants you to do, he knows why you're here, so why is everyone always trying to force their own agenda? Get in contact with God and he'll reveal what you need to know and will give you everything you need.

While yes, it may be sad that there are tons of people starving all over the world, would God really have created them if he didn't want this to happen? Think about it from God's perspective and move on.

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