I KNOW this post title is going to work some people up - as it should. But you wanna know what works me up? SCHOOL! Okay, maybe the title is a bit harsh, school is useful in some situations. But rather than going there just because you don't know what the hell else to do I think everyone should at least consider what you're going to get out of it rather than simply saying "I want to get my basics out of the way" or "I need to go to school to learn how to do my profession".

Please note: I may also be a bit jaded as I went to school for about 2 years and hated it - it was terrible

Waste of Time

School is a really long time. In most minimal cases it is 2 years and it can extend as long as 6 or even 8 years. For the average human that can be like 1/10 of your life. Do you really want to spend potentially 1/10 of your life (and your youth at that) trapped in school wasting your time?

Poor Teachers

Be wary of the teachers that teach in colleges - some teachers aren't as smart as you think they are. Ask yourself this, if they really were as smart as they think they are would they really be teaching in the industry or would they be innovating in it? In most cases they would be in the industry killing it and innovating in it. Sure there are a few teachers that actually enjoy teaching students and that's fine. But remember, it's always easier to be a teacher than a professional.

You're limited by other students

Other students can slow a class down and take away valuable learning time with time wasting questions and other useless things. It's true. If a student asks a question you have to sit there and listen. What is your alternative? What if majority of the class is always asking questions because they don't study? You have to suffer the consequences due to their lack of effort. It's retarded (and not the good kind).

You gain no real life experience

It's funny how far college can take you from learning things in real life like ACTION and MISTAKES. People get so caught up in the niche study that they forget to focus on the big picture of getting things done and going after things which have an actual audience.

You are better off putting your money into real estate or other investments/businesses

Rather than pay some school $100k or so in grants and stupid loans and stuff why not put your money into real estate? I'm sure you could leverage your cash much better and if you're dedicated you could probably turn that $100,000 into $1,000,000 by the time you leave school. Then you can really do what you're passionate about!

I mean really think about it. Most people's goal with school is to make money. Period. Does school teach you how to manage money? Does it teach you how to balance a checkbook? Does it teach you self-control, diligence and all the other traits that work towards wealth? Cmon. Read some books on money and investments and just start doing this on your own. It really would be a better move to take your 100k or whatever it is and start putting it to work. I would be surprised if somebody who was working hard couldn't turn that into 200k - 500k after 4 years.

It sets you up to be an employee

Why is it that people never go on to start their own company straight out of school? Schools focus entirely on holding your hand all the way to your first employer. I guess this is okay for most people, but at least consider if you really want to be an employee. It's just funny how people usually start as an employee and then if they are enlightened become a businessman. It is never the other way around.

It is possible to educate yourself without school

These days there is this sweet thing called the Internet. It is pretty easy to bypass all the fluff and cut right to the chase with the net. If the net doesn't have all the answers there are still tons of books which most colleges charge you to read. Screw that, why not just take a trip to the library or buy some books off amazon and kill it on your own? Does it really make a difference if you read a book because your class requires it vs reading it because you want to learn about it? I am willing to bet most people that educate themselves OUTSIDE of school are much smarter than those that educate themselves in school.


School is so worthless. The more I think about it the more it frustrates me. College is just another business where they are making TONS of money off employees (you).

I can't wait to open a college when I have money so everybody can attend and think they are on the road to success. It's somehow funny how sheeple go wherever you open the gate.

And of course, the best part is whether people like my advice or not, 50% of students will in fact drop out of school :). Good riddance!

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Ben: I AGREE!!!

What a great freaking article! I agree with it 100%! It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on highschool vs homeschooling, I personally plan on homeschooling my children for the majority of the reasons you have stated here. I do think highschool can be benificial though, it teaches you social skills, and what it is like to waste hours and hours of your life in complete bordom.


Quinton Figueroa: That's a good question and I

That's a good question and I haven't put too much thought into it yet. I would first and foremost discuss with my wife and try to get an understanding of her perspective on the situation.

Homeschooling obviously offers a much higher, faster and greater degree of learning than public schools - at least technically. It doesn't really teach social skills or get your kids out there around other people, which I also think is extremely valuable - probably at least if not more valuable than the actual content of school itself.

I would probably want to emphasize the importance of people skills on my children which is why I like the idea of public schools. I also don't like the idea of being like a Monk and excluding my children from others. I think a lot of life isn't about doing everything 100% correct and the best you can. I mean it is, but it's just not set up that way. You usually become a better person in dynamic situations with problems, people and whatever else is thrown at you. I see my life and would see my children's life as just a dynamic journey that God is leading them through. There isn't really a right or wrong path, either one would shape my child a certain way.

That said, I guess you could say I would lean more towards emphasis on public schools, although I would do everything I can at home to teach my child the skills I find necessary to help him excel in life.

Korihor: A frickin men...

School is just big business...

"Oh, well you get what you put into it!"...

I reply, "You are right. Same thing with ANYTHING...which is why I will put my time into entrepreneurship and getting finances in order and things that really affect my life. Tragedy if figured this out AFTER I got my degree from the big socialist indoctrination experience of higher learning..."Liberalism...the ultimate conformist tagline...".

Marvin: Not For Everyone

You make the assumption that all people can think like you and have the ability to succeed without school. The fact of the matter is most people do need school or at least some path way to a job to be an employee. I am not saying it is wrong or right, but your intellectual capacity and business acumen is far superior than most.

Quinton Figueroa: Your points are well taken
@Marvin (view comment)

Your points are well taken and I see what you're saying. I need to really spend some time thinking about this and put a post together on it, because I've been thinking about it a lot. Do we need employees or should everyone strive to be an entrepreneur? I'm leaning towards the latter.

vic : drop out

I droped out at 17, school is in fact mostly a waste of time. I went to school because I "had to". Most of my teachers coach a team of some sort at the school. So, I'm sayin coach Myer or coach brenten. These "teachers" don't know crap at what they are doing. I sat in a class for an hour pretending to read about something worthless. I am now working construction, and guess what I don't mind it, I was born to work with my hands, I won't sit around a desk to make money. Anyways I'm. Making about 1000$ plus. I'm fimiliar with a lot of house-hold things, a lot of poeple don't understand how much money you can save by knowing how to change the oil or how to do some simple pluming around the house. Its pathetic... you don't have to finish school to make money. I'm going to start buying cars and fixing them up to make money, and I always wanted to do it. School can really screw you up, kids having sex in the restrooms. I could easily get my hands on any drugs if I wanted, everyone uses bad words to be "cool". Its messed up and most parents really have no idea about this..

Quinton Figueroa: I totally agree. Thanks for

I totally agree. Thanks for sharing :)

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