A friend of mine recently asked me why I want to become rich. This is a great question and I think everybody should ask themselves these types of questions from time to time. They help keep you focused and on track. I find it extremely important to understand why you do what you do.

I don't want to be average

To answer this question I would like to say, I do not want to become rich. I just don't want to become average. I have looked around me and seen so many people approach life so many different ways. To each person their motives influenced their lives and that is awesome. The problem I have with running the normal life most people have is that I already know that ending. I already know what getting a typical job and working the 9-5 work week would be like. What growth do I get out of this? Maybe I'd get peace of mind, maybe some type of satisfaction and maybe even a better personal life. But after a lot of consideration and thought I don't think this could be true.

Being part of a typical American work week just doesn't do anything for me. I am driven entirely by uncertainty and overcoming huge obstacles. A day job has all the answers right there and has super easy obstacles. There is no real challenge there, and no real growth. In fact, I think many people would be better off if they were to quit their day jobs and strive for something better. The way I see it, the moment you allow yourself to get comfortable you have stopped growing. And why would anyone ever want to stop growing? Growth is why we are here. Growth is what helps us become better people, and I can't think of anybody who truly does not want to become a better person.

I don't like money, never have, never will

Many people say to me that money can be a very bad thing and that I shouldn't care about money. I agree, money can be a very bad thing and I don't care about money. Money in a lot of ways is a bi-product of success in an honest direction. Some people don't go out looking for money and it finds them anyway. Bill Gates didn't go out looking for money, he went out looking to innovate, to improve. Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn't begin with the idea of making money. Far from it! They began with the idea of organizing the world's information that existed on the Internet - and they did it with dedication and integrity.

In a lot of ways I would like to build my life somewhat similar to these heroes. These are the type of people that were looking for more from life than just a typical work week. They were looking for some risk and some luck. They wanted to hit the uncharted territories and see what was on the other side of the ocean. They wanted something fresh and new.

Moving up a grade

For certain people I can certainly understand a 9-5 work week and having a day job. If that is good for you and you are growing then I think that is great. The problem arises when you are no longer growing and are ready to move on. Rather than getting mad at your boss and thinking everyone is idiots, it would probably be a more productive move (for not just yourself but others as well) to throw away your diapers and move onto pants. When you complete Kindergarten you move onto first grade. The same can be said about your job and life. I think everyone should be constantly reaching out to the next grade in life that awaits them. Why stagnate in a world of darkness and completion when you could open yourself up to a world of exploration and light!

The effects on a family

I certainly do understand that many people will argue this is not healthy for a family. And in most cases I will whole-heartedly agree. It is usually much easier on a family to have a steady job and a steady paycheck when starting out. Most business owners and entrepreneurs are dirt poor and have a hard time starting out. It takes a while to get the ball rolling and during that time their lives as well as others suffer to a degree. This is not healthy for a family and can have many unseen negative effects. Sacrificing yourself for something is one thing, but involving your family and others can be a very selfish and rude maneuver and I would recommend avoiding it if at all possible.

Put your youth to work

That is why my approach is to try to get all of this out of the way immediately. You have the most free time of your life in your youth so why spend it on things of lesser value? I would much rather spend my youth working essentially freeing myself up for a later life where I can spend time with my family and friends and not be owned by my boss, money or time. During your youth stage you have much more time and opportunities to really leverage your skills and value and make an impact. You can finally be somebody and do something for the world. Why not strive to be the best you can be? And why not try to take the best path to get there? If you never get there fine, at least you tried. If it's not meant for you cool, at least you now know. There is nothing keeping you from ever going back to the comfort of the 9-5 work week if you fall. But then again, there is nothing keeping you from avoiding the 9-5 work week and striving for something better!

I understand this type of path is not for everyone and that is totally respectable. However, this is the path that I find to be the most beneficial long term for me and that is why I do the things I do. I also find it important not to rely too much on any one plan. You should always be open to changes and opportunities along the way, which I try my best to be open to.


So in a nutshell that explains my current stage in life, and where I plan to go. There are many unanswered questions ahead of me and that's just the way I like it. Why be bound to the novel of life that every employee is already reading? I already know that ending and I DO NOT like it. I like the ending of Bill Gates and Sergey Brin much, much more.

(PS: On a side note, I think the #1 thing that should dictate everyone's life should be God. Everybody should try their best to listen to and do what God wants them to do. Only he truly knows why you're here and what you should be doing with your unique set of skills. The only reason I didn't mention God here is because it's a touchy subject for most and should probably be its own blog altogether.)

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: This is one of the best

This is one of the best articles you have written so far! Not only is the subject matter really interesting, but your writing style flows much more compared to some of your other posts. Really awesome blog!


Anonymous: Amen!

I can relate to your openess to life, change and growth. Were you born this way? ha! I was.
Going to bookmark your site.
I'll be back...

Quinton Figueroa: Glad you like the site :). I
@Anonymous (view comment)

Glad you like the site :). I think I was somewhat born this way and also came from a good family that showed me the values of being an entrepreneur. Mix this with lots and lots of reading, thinking and hard work and I'd say that about sums it up.

Calcolo Prestito: I too accept it

Well, a whole lot of energetic article, now my vision to money is changed completely after reading this post. Before this I thought money is the most important source of life but now I knew it's not. It is a part of success and not the success itself.

Carte di credito prepagate: Nice thought

Hey this is a great thought, just working as every body does we can't bifurcate ourselves from others. Doing something other can help you to show case yourself different from others.

Concerned: Excellent post

I have the same outlook on life as you Slayerment. I always knew I didn't want to be average, yet it took several years to find what I did want to become. A book that changed my life and the way I think it Napoleon Hill's "Your Magic Power to Be Rick." Also, Ayn Rand has had just as much influence in my life. I have not achieved all that I plan to but I will never stop growing and setting goals to attain. Life is so much more enjoyable when constantly setting and accomplishing goals, learning each and every day, and working hard to see results. To be rich is not necessarily the objective, but to live to be the best I can be and to do so while maintaining my integrity, positive values, and strong ethics. Of course, one can only believe that financial success is imminent if you keep at it.

Laia: I love it

I love reading your blog.

I totally agree with your view of life, and many other views. I have bookmarked it.

I hope you keep it up.

Quinton Figueroa: Thank you :) Appreciate the
@Laia (view comment)

Thank you :) Appreciate the kind words.

chris: nice article

i used to think like this still kind of do. But I lack all kinds of mental ability to solve or even see problems in the first place if that makes any sense.

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