I will admit, I used to be a hardcore gamer - like super hardcore. I owned every new system and was subscribed to every video game magazine I could get my hands on. Video games are what I did.

As it turns out, I really started to get a huge interest in RPGs (role playing games). I started to play the Final Fantasy series and others on the Playstation. I really liked how these games brought you in and simulated characteristics of life. You explored, you met people and you did things that you would do in the real world.

One day I was thinking to myself, "Man, wouldn't it be cool if there was a game that was just as realistic as life?" Then it hit me - I'M IN THE GAME OF LIFE! In a sense, video games are always trying to be more and more like real life. The only reason people play games over life is because they can hit the reset button and bend the rules a little bit. But there is no reward to video games like there is in life.

You may spend 50 hours playing a video game only to watch some stupid 10 minute video clip at the end. Why not spend that time doing something productive that actually builds to your well-being?

To sum it up...

Life has the best graphics, the best characters, the best story and the replay value is amazing!

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: Agreed

Me too!

: Limit Break!

Nice! I'm a level 33 Web Developer with the magic ability to cast Drupal!!

Quinton Figueroa: I don't know if it's a good

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing... but somehow I know EXACTLY what you're talking about :).

: Games Are Better

I think the trend toward making video games "realistic" totally sucks. If I wanted THAT, then you'd have a point. Might as well save the $50 if all the game is going to do is put you through the same aggravation as RL.

In games I can conquer the world!!! What's good about RL's limitations?! Nothing that I can see. I'd love to put the God Mode on in reality.

Quinton Figueroa: A fair argument. I guess I

A fair argument. I guess I was the type of person looking for more realism in games and found it with life :). If you are not that's totally cool.

Anonymous: That post is shit logic

Yeah...more or less, if you want something realistic, don't play video games.
If you want to be a magician and fight dragons and monsters, play RPGs. If you want to steal cars and kill people without repercussions, play GTA. If you want to explore new worlds, play Mario games.

"Why not spend that time doing something productive that actually builds to your well-being?"
That is a load of chickenshit.

Gamers can say that to movie addicts, movie addicts could say that to TV addicts, TV addicts could say that to gamers...and the cycle goes on and on.
Also, something productive doesn't necessarily build well being...as something that builds well being isn't necessarily always productive.
Is golfing productive? Not really. Does it build patience and promote exercise? yes.
Is writing that report your boss/teacher told you to productive? Yes. Does it build well being? No, it probably pisses you off, drains your patience, and makes you annoyed.

Quinton Figueroa: You have a good point and I
@Anonymous (view comment)

You have a good point and I agree with you. This is just my personal take on video games and it is different for each individual. Thanks for the post :).

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