Selling yourself to a certain belief system can be dangerous as it limits you. The moment you claim any belief system whether it be your government or religion you have cut off all ties towards change or growth outside your predefined limit. You can no longer seek the truth, but only truth within your box. Anything outside of your box that is true you are no longer allowed to entertain.

Why your belief system should be seeking truth

How many times have you been in an argument with somebody about some type of belief you hold only to find that you are getting owned because the current belief you hold is wrong? But rather than simply saying you're right and I'm wrong you keep going because you feel the need to hold an allegiance to your belief system and rather than let the truth speak, you want to be right. Rather than learning or developing yourself you would much rather prove the other person wrong and feed your own selfish, egotistical desires. You think belonging to a group or organization somehow makes you have to defend it, even when it's dead wrong.

If you are on the side of truth, however, you win every argument. If you are right you win. If you are wrong you win because you upgrade to a better truth. You're not trying to defend that which you have pledged yourself to, you are simply searching for the truth and wherever it pops up you grab it.

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