Yes, that's right. I'm giving you a homework assignment on my blog. And in case you're wondering >>>

Today's homework assignment is as follows:

Sometime during the minutia of your typical day you are going to encounter something that makes you uneasy, something that is difficult and invokes a negative emotional response. During this time try your hardest to understand that this is just here to test you and help you grow inside. The outcome of this event is entirely what you make of it. Understand that by overcoming this in the best way you know how you be one step closer towards perfection. Try to remain calm and in control because you understand that over-reacting and becoming upset is not going to solve anything. You are in complete control of the outcome of this event and should understand fully what it is for. Obviously it's a weakness of yours or you wouldn't be getting upset by it. Even if it's 100% not your fault and 100% somebody else's fault that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who's fault it is or how you got into this. What matters is that you react appropriately to the issue at hand. The larger emotional response the event gets from you the less control you really have of it. Treat this event as if it is a luxury that has been given to you for the sake of growing a weak area of yourself that needs development.

Don't just read over this and think I'm joking. Honestly try it just once on your next challenge that gets you going. I can assure you that if you remember this and handle it calmly and with complete content you will become a stronger person and feel better about the way you handled it.

Seriously, just try it.

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