Each person has a unique life with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. While it's good to admire and learn from others, it is also good to focus in your own uniques strengths and pave your own unique future.

The envy of others

Most people are always trying to push for something they are not because they are envious of somebody else doing that which they are pushing for. In most cases the people that are successful are able to pave their own road and do their own thing. They don't go around checking every day to make sure their journey is the same as someone else's. The know what they enjoy and what makes them unique and do it.

Why people are successful

Too often people look at others that are able to make money a certain way and think, I have to get in on this and do it this way. In most cases the reason why this certain way worked was because they were the first one doing it and they were leveraging their strengths. If you are not passionate or talented at something and you keep trying it you will most likely always fail. I know it sounds negative but it is true.

Leverage your own strengths

Find what you are good at and really commit yourself to doing something unique and new with your natural talents. It doesn't matter if nobody has done it before, in fact that is the key to being a success. Exploit somebody else's weaknesses by using your strengths.


It is good to be unique and different. It is good to focus on your unique strengths and see how you can really put them to action. Do something new, be different!

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: Really well written article

Really well written article

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