I should consider becoming a salesman for Drupal because I am always talking about how good it is. But it really is. If you are not using Drupal you have 2 options:

  1. Get Drupal
  2. Suicide

Although suicide may sound appealing you're probably better off just downloading Drupal. Once you download Drupal here are some key things that make it so powerful:

  1. User Accounts

    Being a programmer myself I can tell you that coding this type of thing is not fun. It requires a lot of form checks and admin pages. It's just not something you wanna do. But Drupal developers do (thanks Dries)!

  2. SEO

    I went from 23 visitors a day to 14,000 a day after switching to Drupal. No, not really but I can tell you that Drupal is very good for SEO. It has the internal link structure dialed in pretty well and each "keyword" goes on it's own page with a title of your choice. Google likes and I like.

  3. Theming

    The theming is broken down very nice in Drupal as it allows you to treat inside "nodes" or articles inside your site different from your "page". It also allows you to theme your comments and sidebars and all that stuff. You can also over-ride functions from modules, but that's a more advanced topic.

  4. Scalable

    Gone are the days of installing the same files over and over again on the same server. With Drupal all you need to do is slap one install up on your server and you're good to go. Any additional sites can access the same files and use the same modules. You can share databases or split a new one off for each site.

  5. Modules

    Drupal has a ton of modules that are available to download at your convenience. These modules cover pretty much anything you could ever think of except it doesn't quite offer the "Facebook Clone" module yet.

  6. Management

    Management is a breeze with Drupal. You can easily view all your posts, users and reports. You can unpublish content and comments if you don't want them to be seen. You can ban users or IPs. You can change the positioning of elements on the site in real-time and lots of other fun things.

  7. Time

    Unless you have at least 5 years of spare time on your hands to dial in your own CMS I recommend you download Drupal.

  8. FREE

    It's freaking free. I've seen companies switch from paid CMS's to Drupal cause they realized sometimes bad decisions can be remedied. I've seen people unload a full set of rounds and hit nothing but air... whoops! Drupal isn't The Matrix (yet).

Research Conclusions


(No seriously, I'm not paid to write this.)

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