Hitler with Catholic good guys. Sweet Jewish Yamaka BTW... wait what?

So seriously, why am I calling Hitler a good guy? Because according to most people's standards, he is. People are so quick to place a label on things and then refer to the label without actually looking beneath the label into the essence. You could take something and call it good to one group of people and bad to another group of people, and even though it is the same thing different groups would see it as either good or bad.

This is what we do with many things in life, including history.

America today is much different than America during Hitler's time, in the 1930s and 1940s. A thorough investigation into history will show the similarities between America today and Nazi Germany of the 1930s. Germany during Hitler's time was recovering from earlier economic problems. Hitler was of the National Socialist party. The German were just as Patriotic, unread and as prime for mind control as Americans are today. But that's just the surface level stuff. It goes much deeper than that.

Through Adolf Hitler Germany was carrying out a very old plan that had been put in place many, many years prior. This plan is very similar to what we hear Christians talking about, and after all Hitler was a Catholic, which stems back to the Vatican. And it is quite ironic that the Vatican is one of the main groups to continue the carrying out of this plan.

What plan am I talking about?

Hitler and "British" good guys

Well you see, Christians today are carrying out God's covenant, a very old covenant that God made with Abraham. And this covenant has been carried out for thousands of years by yours truly, the Holy Father. And of course we all know that for thousands of years kings and queens have been appointed by the Pope.

You have to stop and ask yourself what the word British means. "Brit" means covenant and "ish" means man. This is because British people are God's covenant man, along with other European nations. And America is the latest iteration of God's covenant. America is an extension of Britain -- the same way Ephraim and Manassah were sons of Joseph.

If this sounds like Christian jargon it's because it is. Most don't have a clue about this kind of a thing because it has nothing to do with basketball or Dancing With The Stars. But people like the Queen of England do have a clue what all this means, because they are the ones who are fulfilling this prophecy.

Back to Hitler...

National Socialism :)

So Hitler was obviously not working alone and he obviously didn't just come to power out of nowhere. As with most powerful people throughout the world, they are usually tied to other powerful networks of people and they are usually put into place by people more powerful than they. Hitler is no exception.

Hitler was financed by many European and American banks and financiers like Kuhn Loeb and Chase Manhattan. He also was very close to the Vatican. So close that he signed concordats with Pope Pius XII. So Hitler wasn't some lone crazy man. He was the front-man who was put into place by British and American financiers to carry out "God's covenant." If what I'm saying sounds crazy you may want to go back and research who the Vatican really is and what their goal on Earth here really is.

Where did the banks go?

So after Hitler lost World War II and the Axis powers were defeated the banks didn't go anywhere. The very banks and people who were behind Hitler did not get defeated. In fact, once Hitler was defeated it made perfect sense to bring all the Nazis over to work in America. This is what happened through Operation Paperclip. Once Hitler was gone Nazism wasn't. The Nazis and the financiers behind them simply set up shop in America. After all, that was the plan all along. America was always a target for European banks and now was the perfect time to do what they did in Germany with America.

So over the past 50 years or so we have seen the same thing that happened in Germany during Hitler's time happen in America during our time. We have the same families, the same banks and of course the Holy Father. Didn't read about this in history class did you? You may do well to know that history classes weren't too strong over in Nazi Germany either...

Patriotism and America

National Socialism :)

And of course today we have the same brainwashing that was going on in Germany. We are told that it is good to be patriotic about your country. It is good to pay taxes. It is good to vote. It is good to have politicians above us. It is good to serve your country while your country rapes you inside and out. It's all the same thing really. Same bullshit, different country. And yet the love it -- they can't get enough of it.

So while nationalism and socialism is good today we have to remember that National Socialism is Nazism. That's what it means. But it is more than the words. Obviously Germany was more than simply a label. It was many things which America is today. If Hitler were around today some Americans just might slap him a high five or a salute like they did in the past. Hitler has all the qualities people of today admire. So by American standards Hitler isn't just a good guy -- he's a great guy.

So while you may think I'm full of shit by calling Hitler a good guy, it's actually you who's full of shit. You can't call Hitler bad and in the same breath call America good. So please, stop calling Hitler a bad guy. He was a great man, the kind of great men we all adore today. Bring on the murder! Let's cut some throats, gas some , torture our neighbors and let's rape every living soul that isn't us. America, Britain, Christianity and the Vatican are all the good guys. If you got a problem with that we'll kill you too.

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ChrisM: My thoughts

Pope Pius XII was walking a thin line in Nazi Europe. Behind the scenes, the Catholic Church was printing phony baptism certificates and hiding Jews from Hitler. The chief rabbi of rome converted to the Catholic church because of Pope Pius XII. The Vatican archives need to be released.


Cody Son: where did you gert that info
@ChrisM (view comment)

where did you gert that info the holohoax memorial site for brainwashing

dick slayer: fuck you hitler was a great
@Cody Son (view comment)

fuck you hitler was a great man and respect every thing he did i also love stalin and the kkk also i want all men to die and women should stay in kitchens thoses sandwiches arent gonna make themselves, there is also 1000 genders

sara: Hitler is infamous .. He was

Hitler is infamous .. He was one of the worst human being living back then. How can you call him good?

anonymous: Well one way to say Hitler
@sara (view comment)

Well one way to say Hitler was a good guy is because he was trying to save Germany from from bankruptcy as a nation having to pay off the damage that they caused in WW1. The reason people look at him in such a terrible manner is because how he conducted his of fixing Germany's problems. Blaming the Jewish community was not how he should have looked to solve this issue, but thats the route he wanted. I personally believe the world is to blame for the uprising of Hitler, that the people of the other countries of WW1 were too quick to blame Germany for all the problems of the war. The wars catastrophes were caused by both sides instead of it being only Germany's fault and them having to pay for the whole war both sides should have paid to cover the wars catastrophes. This leads me back to the top and how he was trying to save Germany from an economic failure.

mahdi: lie
@sara (view comment)

show me logic SHOW ME LOGIC u idiot stop watching lying hollywood movies and stop play C.O.D and do some research NAZIs were good ppl they werent racist and not horny assholes when the soviets attacked berlin they RAPED evry woman on sight some even raped 10 times a day LITRALY!
when world war 2 ended the german P.O.Ws were taken to soviet russia why did they even board the train they were told they are going to france or USA but insted they were taken to uglsavia and MOWED down with maxim machine guns and the rest STARVED while they had food to give while in germany before ww2 ended 99% ppl survied there are NO THINGS called DEATH OR GAS rooms they are all lies PRAPAGANDA mostly jewish the jews in camps said they had pools canteens movie theaters and more more more... do some research http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/

Anonymous: nazism is democracy
@sara (view comment)

You live in an militarist contry and the studies from other cuntries confirm that the reason that 89% of americans are in any of their 5 military is because of low grades, paying colege, tour benefits and payed pension. The reason is simple you are from childhood born in a militarized naborhood your house looks the same like any other house ,the same thing like the militia.the nazis did propaganda? your contry also does it with all their commersials that come after the MTV or famely feud and now there selling action figures.

gay: bro you cant even spell
@Anonymous (view comment)

bro you cant even spell correctly dont even go there you ugly ass bih

Frank Limon: My reason of hitler being a good guy
@sara (view comment)

Because he deserved being good. The Nazi party might not even be a bad organization either. The only evil man in this world is God himself.

You Are Dumb: Youre fucking dumb
@sara (view comment)

He is a legend

Tyler Jones: Hitler is a great fella
@sara (view comment)

He had a dream, most people don't follow through with what they want in life. He on the other hand fought literally to death for what he wanted. Hitler simply is an amazing man, I'm upset you would disown him.

Sim: We are living in the age of
@sara (view comment)

We are living in the age of information first created by printing press. It makes the world smaller because we can read what is happening over the other end of the world but in reality all it ever does is bring us to another world, a world of propaganda, information being spread to confuse your logic mind and make you believe in what you read in contrast with what you have been taught which is believe in what you see. I was not alive in WW 2 to see for myself and all I ever knew about WW 2 is from reading which is age of information or misleading information hence I put myself back to basic think with logic.
What I do realise after using logic and the facts is that history repeat itself and that gives me a clue on my logic thinking. Was Hitler bad? I didn't see it myself but base on what media have written in the pass and today kindly connect Hitler story from the media to Gadaffi, Saddam, Assad, the Russians and Chinese today and you will find similarity. The demonise someone until logic cannot accept it hence the truth might not be the truth. Demons can be Angels and angels can be demon, Joan of Arc was an example of bad age of information, she was declared Saint 500 years after her dead because she was demonise by the English, tortured, raped and broken the will and finally burn at stake and public were told she is evil and all those she save never stand up for her as their will have been broken as well, that's logic to me to assume it that way.
Holocaust pictures is that Jews or Germans? It can easily be both, place German POWs there and tell the world it's Jews and suddenly the Angels becomes demons and demons becomes angel. That's the power of media and that is logic.
People hear say from generation and how we all know about hear say concept after 50 message the story change and often we heard of that guy tells me about holocaust, oh he claim he saw it himself and some even goes to the extend I saw it myself. Did you see the truth? That is my question are they Jews prisoners or German POWs? Do you know in war using orders or battle tracking you can estimate how many man involve in battles and the surrendering numbers and what the hell happen to all the surrendered soldiers?
Hitler warmongering and brutality, logic ask me if he is crazy dictator why he didn't destroy Paris City, Amsterdam city and all the other major city that was not a battle zone? I mean he is suppose to be the ultimate evil that kills and hate everything so why is Paris not been blown to pieces? Instead which civilian town was blown to pieces and by whom? Famously known as Stalingrad turns to rubble a by whom? I am not sure whom even when many says its Stalin because logic can't give me a conclusion, it's a war zone both side might have done it, how about Dresden then? None war zone German civilian city no major army installation as it's not the front line, why is that city been burn down? By whom? Allied bombers from both side of the story. How about Tokyo? A city made of woods and paper and who burn it down? Again US planes as per confirm by facts and logic.
If Hitler is a lunatic why no mass rape ever being told by French, Dutch or any country they conquered? Instead rumours only stated mass murder of Jews, so no mass rape of French women? How about mass rape of Germans? I have heard that before and use logic to understand that facts, it was widely known and talk about when allied came both west and east soldiers mass rape german women aging from 8-80 years old, so I use logic to figure the facts why French never complain and Germans complain? Why the brutal Nazi didn't rape and the good guys rape? Then more information and facts and again using logic to understand, French women did complain about rape, it was after D-Day, the rapist is the liberators. Logic why not? U.S. never meant to govern Europe so destroy it as it don't mean much to US but to German they want to govern if so cannot destroy it. So who is the Angels and who is the demons here? Logic?!
So far my logic and studies on this only goes as far as German winning the war against France. All seems to point out that the Germans are to good guys maybe the propaganda haven't been mobilise to demonise hitler at that point. It was after German invasion on Soviet Union that my logic can't make out what is going on as suddenly there is too much information and conflict and none is logic based on the facts. When I do more research and thinking on that then I might be able to share my view. So up to now fall of France Hitler in fact is the good guy and up to fall of France he didn't murder Jews. Some even says he help Jews migrate to Palestine according to some facts which is very new to me so I need to dig and think on that first.

So in the modern world today we are all educated so please think deeply inside what is evil? And most important who is the demon and who is the angel. Do not burn a women who is actually a saint, let's hope we can avoid these type of tragedy again. Look at the facts how many innocent was actually killed by the allied in ww2 instead of believing only Germans kill civilians. I will never think that American is peaceful, a nation born upon blood and cleanse the territory of natives and ill treat her citizen base on colours. I have never heard of Nazi calling an African a nigger FYI.

Ryan: Nicely done, sir. Very.

Nicely done, sir. Very.

dylan: hitler killed jews, blacks,

hitler killed jews, blacks, disabled etc just because they didnt have blonde hair and blue eyes hes not a good guy. i think hes the worst person to step foot on earth, he was a horrible man!

mike hunt: jews
@sara (view comment)

let me tell you a little something about life miss feminist, you kike. just because one of yer grang papies was killed by my nazi homie doesn't mean you can talk shiz on my homie Hitler he did many great things.

Hitlers dad: Daddy Hitler shall live on in
@mike hunt (view comment)

Daddy Hitler shall live on in my heart (crying emoji)

Fabel: How can he call him good? ( I
@sara (view comment)

How can he call him good? ( I know 2 years too late) but that is kind of what this article is explaining........

Please read.

Cody Son: nice try you uneducated sheep
@sara (view comment)

nice try you uneducated sheep...how about you broaden your sources beyond jewish authors

Juan: hitler, the cool guy

if i was in a room with you and hitler and i had a gun with 2 bullets, id shoot you twice lol

Scholar: thats stupid
@Juan (view comment)

thats stupid

guillermo: Drugs

Hitler and I hit that Dank Kush every night back in the day

wow: It is sarcasim

you idiots he's being sarcastic. i love this a lot. and i agree with you. it's all written in the holly books and all the people who cry over their nation's soldiers are stupid. those soldiers are killing other people and they're not disagreeing with hitler at all.
also the holly books say that you must kill whoever disagrees with god or those books, and hitler was just doing what the books were saying.
so yeah there you go. if you think he was a bad man and you still love the holly books and your soldiers who invaded iraq then you're perfectly a brainwashed idiot :)

Ashley Daniels : Not really disagreeing with

Not really disagreeing with you, but you did make at least one factual error: Hitler despised Christianity. He spoke of it publicly just as a lot of politicians probably do, but any quick search into the issue will reveal that he hated it and wanted it gone. To some people, this error can easily be overlooked, but to others, it might be taken as a sign that you are too emotionally invested or biased to conduct thorough research and present your arguments honestly.

Michael murr shaune: Hitler despised organized
@Ashley Daniels (view comment)

Hitler despised organized religion, not Christ. Hitler didn't need to lie. He made his belief in God 'personal. He didn't need to. If he was only engaging in 'politics' he would have attended church to keep up the false pretence. I'm not saying Hitler 'was' a Christian, only that he believed of himself that he was.

Cody Son: do research
@Ashley Daniels (view comment)

Hitler was an alterboy and he based NS upon Christian values...where did you get your piece of non-fact... my family knew the man personally and he was as christian as any bishop cardinal or pope

Hanke: WOW!

What a load of utter nonsense! Are the Masons paying you to spread this disinfo? My goodness man, you are wrong on almost every account!

Quinton Figueroa: Please tell me where I'm
@Hanke (view comment)

Please tell me where I'm wrong.

notmerican: Haha i agree so much

Haha i agree so much

You Are Dumb: SAVAGE
@notmerican (view comment)

your birth

CaliNativ: This would actually be...

This article would actually be quite and sarcastically good, if the facts where correct. I really like the twist. Unfortunately, it conveniently leaves out some really significant dichotomies. The national socialism of Nazism has nothing to do with socialism. Don't get me wrong, i despise socialism. However, a historian could easily FAIL this diatribe of nonsense.

Quinton Figueroa: The national socialism of

The national socialism of Nazism has everything to do with socialism. Socialism today is all about state power and collectively treating everyone the same. This is the exact same thing Hitler did. Yes, of course he was a fascist, but he was also a socialist. Fascists and socialists both use state power to further their agenda. Fascism and socialism aren't opposites like the everyday are led to believe.

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." Adolf Hitler

ToStand: Totally agree

You are a great man Quinton Figueroa.

They used Hitler to protect all the Jews. Like a jurisprudence. Because of the Shoah, they became irreproachable, and today whoever admits that Zionists are controlling the world is called an anti-Semite.

Quinton Figueroa: Hah, now we're having a real
@ToStand (view comment)

Hah, now we're having a real conversation :) By definition a Semite is a son of Shem. Judah (Jews) was 1 tribe of 12 tribes of Israel. So there are 11 other tribes that are also Semites that we never hear about. Moreover, Ishmael (the father of the Arab nations) was also a Semite. So we have all these other groups of people on the planet today, besides simply the "Jews", who are also Semites. So it's pretty hard to be anti-Semetic when Jews are a small fraction of the Semites on this earth... if it even is a Jew by blood unlike the majority of Jews in Israel today. The whole thing is a manipulation.

Anonymous: Unfortunately, it seems that

Unfortunately, it seems that in that instance, you're incorrect. All of the tribes of Israel are the Jews, although there were plenty of descendants of Shem. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ed/Genealogy_shem...

Quinton Figueroa: Jews get their name from
@Anonymous (view comment)

Jews get their name from Judah, 1 of the 12 tribes. The other 11 tribes are not Jews. All 12 tribes are Israelites.

@ToStand (view comment)

I thought the Rothchild's are the synagogue of satan. Not the people in Israel. Heck even muslims go about killing anyone with a pulse that disagrees. The God of Abraham never told us to kill, in fact he said not to kill. Not to steal, not to commit adultery, not to envy, lusing after another man's wife. Treat others as you want to be treated. I don't agree with war, I can't help were I was born, so to demonize all Americans is idiocy.

PeopleAreStupid: Agreed

I agree, whether this is sarcasm or not. Hitler didn't even know half the things that were going on, such as the Third Reich. It's sad that people are so brainwashed as to ostracize and hate a man for collectively pulling together his poor, fellow Germans, and then think that America, who is pillaging and raping every weaker country it can is a good thing. How is mine or your life any more important than an innocent person across the globe? You're a psychopath if you think otherwise. America can invade any country it wishes under false pretenses, as long as the country is weaker than U$. "If you tell a lie enough, it must be true" Why don't we mess with Russia or China again? Oh that's right, they can bite back and fight. Do some actual research. I'm not saying what he did was morally right, it's just that what America and its Allies are doing is about 10X worse, yet we praise them. Damn Terrorists! America is the worst Terrorist of them all!

Acefex: really though..

If hitler was a terrible man, he wouldnt have tlived the kind of life that he did.. He smiled and it looked real, he accomplished things that most men cant consist a thought with, he lived with many great men? If those great men wanted to be the hero, they would have been. however, with these facts that most people dont think of, Im sure you cant argue. Ive also heard rumors that hitler may not have been killed.. Thats pretty interesting to say the least. If I could meet him, I sure would wanna do it in a very secure way, and make music about his own testimonies. Godbless the world! The wheel of life my friends, the wheel of life... :)

Scholar: Hitler

Hitler was not a "good guy". The fact that people are still brain-washed today is proof that Hitler was a master manipulator. Of coarse, the aftermath of WW1 was wrong, but Hitlers actions were not Justfied just because he was trying to unite his people and fix germany. The Jews were doing better than the Germans and because of that it would be easy to create a public hate for them. Even if the Jew were a neasuance to Germany, it did not justify a extintion of their kind. In any story, that is before a persons time, it is comman for there to be differant belifes and ideas that the story that has been told is not true. However, there is no evidance that clearly shows the Hitler was a good man, even if he was a christian, or belonged to some noble traditional belif. All Historical accounts and evidance show that Hitler was a horrible man, and just because some people decide to write things that cannot be historically authenticated and are fiticous, do not make Hitler a good man. All claims of hitler being a good amn are supported with evidance of his superficial qualities. Hitler being a Christian, or him accomplishing things, or having a modest past or a nice smile, in no way, show that Hitler was indeed a good man, but just creates a misleading illusion to confuse the public who are interested in both sides of any story. Therefore Hitler was not a good man, as he is portrayed in this misleading and historically incurrect article that does not produce evidance to support its claim.

Frank Limon: Shut up.
@Scholar (view comment)

Oh it's probably just your fucking dim witted imagination. He didn't mean to manipulate any of us.

Scholar: dumb


The Secret Successor to Adolf Hitler: This Article Is Correct

This is says so much truth about dear Adolf. The only thing left out was this:

(Third comment down)

anonymous: Well one way to say Hitler

Well one way to say Hitler was a good guy is because he was trying to save Germany from from bankruptcy as a nation having to pay off the damage that they caused in WW1. The reason people look at him in such a terrible manner is because how he conducted his of fixing Germany's problems. Blaming the Jewish community was not how he should have looked to solve this issue, but thats the route he wanted. I personally believe the world is to blame for the uprising of Hitler, that the people of the other countries of WW1 were too quick to blame Germany for all the problems of the war. The wars catastrophes were caused by both sides instead of it being only Germany's fault and them having to pay for the whole war both sides should have paid to cover the wars catastrophes. This leads me back to the top and how he was trying to save Germany from an economic failure.

Now my input:
We've got to also remember that 1938 there was a crime spike coming from the Jews. Hitler built LABOUR camps and signs it off to the SS to control so then they decided no let's build chambers as well (can't stop us now Adolf because you signed a contract) and now let's send the strong one's to labour and the weak to be gassed (and yes that is right I spelt it labour that's real English spelling not stupid American English spelling)

Anyway the bible does also say to "kill" people who didn't belive in him or worshipped other gods. Hitler was so into religion he did carry out the order of our Lord Jesus and the Father.

Also Hitler didn't just make up the Swatstika he discovered it when he was 11 in his local catholic church his family attended each week and he played as choir. After he moved to a new place at age eleven he joined the choir at his new church and saw the Swatstika. He liked it. It looked cool. He used it as his symbol and it become that of the Nazi Parrty.

Now the first Swatstika dates back at least 4,000 years tracing back to India.

Heil Hitler

Quinton Figueroa: Another thing Christians
@The Secret Successor to Adolf Hitler (view comment)

Another thing Christians might be happy about is that the swastika is a sun symbol just like the Christian cross. But these two can't possibly be linked together can they be? Nor can the Nazi eagle be tied to the Roman eagle. Nah, the symbols are just random and don't mean anything...

Bob: The Secret Successor to Adolf

The Secret Successor to Adolf Hitler:
"Anyway the bible does also say to "kill" people who didn't belive in him or worshipped other gods. Hitler was so into religion he did carry out the order of our Lord Jesus and the Father."

My fellow, please allow me to explain my view. The Bible does not say that. There are some verses about death punishment or "kill them all" battles, but it doesn't mean believers (in this context: Israelites) should kill all unbelievers. In the Bible, those who are to be killed are Israelites who commit grave sins (e.g. murder, worship other gods) and native Canaanites who worship their gods (please note that their worship may include children-killing ceremony). The Lord does not tell them to kill Moabites who treated them harshly (because they are from the same ancestor), Edomites (who are considered brothers/sisters), even Egyptian who enslaved them (because Israelites were allowed to stay in Egypt for hundreds of years to avoid starvation). Furthermore, according to Christian perspective, the order to kill was limited to certain place, certain people, and certain period of time, so in this age no more killing in the name of religion is allowed for Christians. If Hitler wanted to kill Jews, it was his personal conviction.

Quinton Figueroa:
I think you probably are right. I don't really trust conspiracy theory but the modern USA is probably no more morally righteous than Hitler's Germany.

kat: ur post

why tho? the jews didnt do anything yes i mean sure they threatened but they are no different than u are u and i cant belive u have the nerve to say that we are different? worse than u ? so u can kill us ? i mean what the hell is wrong with u u cant kill us just cuz we are jews i mean some jews do belive in a god or "the god"!

Marie Antoinette: Adolf Hitler

Hitler was a soldier in ww1.

He then became a politician who was fighting global big brother which back then was centralised land ownership, royal families, and money printing. In 1933 they were sweeping money on the streets it was worthless.

Since most bankers were jewish at the time he was against that, and he was right. There is no documented evidence ever found saying that he actually orchestrated the genocide of the jews, or indeed that he wanted to kill them.

He wanted them to go.

Looking at the figures 60M people died in ww2, and most people who died in the camps (6M jews 7M non jews) died from disease, malnutrition, over work, and cruelty.

Around 20M died as soldiers.

That means another 27M civilians died, who were not soldiers nor were they in the camps. Cause of death was disease, malnutrition, and cruelty.

This means the only difference was that there was no forced labor or indeed if it was compulsory to work, which it was in Germany, for example, people could still move around whereas in the camps they are locked up.

Many people conveniently like to forget the fact that Hitler fought in ww1 as a soldier and was in a high mortality position there. Which he did not mind doing.

When he became Chancellor he realigned the German economy in 3 years. It is this that made him popular, not the fact he wanted to exterminate people.

There was no sign of another war coming and indeed Hitler did not want a war and not many people did.
He told his friend Kubizek:
"This war will set us back many years in our building programme. It is a tragedy. I did not become Chancellor of the Greater German Reich to fight wars." Hitler was speaking after the successful campaigns in Poland and France that he as Führer had led.


This is the same now with the Ukraine.


The banking and money crisis is the same

And looking at the human trafficking figures the number of people who are displaced and the number of people who disappear/become undocumented.

The figures are staggering.

Looking at the figures it is also clear that most people died of economic causes, in other words, Germany run out of money, there was a war to run.

This means many people in the camps and elsewhere died of starvation and not sadistic torture and cruelty. This is the same today.

Most people also conveniently forget the fact that most camps started as camps for political prisoners, and had no gassing and cremation facilities. Even labor camps did not. Some camps were later converted into death camps meaning the facilities were built.

The truth is that no one is actually denying these things. Not even the Jews. The Jews also know they were persecuted for many centuries since they did not have their own country.

Now they have they still fighting there.

The other issue people conveniently forget and that includes many historians is how Eisenhower photographed and exposed the camps in Dachau but there was no mention of the camps run by the Americans, the Russians and indeed most other countries.

This means the Americans and the English who freed the Jews were also running their own camps some place else.

Again the reason does not seem to be to exterminate, although the result often is.

When farming cycles are disrupted, the men are in the war, and the affair is dragging on. People will become poor. This is common sense.

So I am glad I saw this blog and indeed it is time a historian writes a coherent timeline supported by figures, about Hitler and ww2.

A timeline that is not set out to prove how Hitler was a monster, or to deny the holocaust.

But a timeline that is actually factual, seeing it for what it is. This is extremely rare.

Additionally, another timeline as to how these events correlate with 2015 and what we can do in the present time to improve the situation.

Looking at the food/logistics supply chain, and the number of immigrants who disappear never to be seen again. Hitler will soon appear to be making a lot of sense.

And since he was a male dom, he indeed was making a lot of sense.

Marie Antoinette: its good to be patriotic

Except that Hitler was not preaching about whether its good to vote, to pay taxes and to have politicians above us.

What Hitler did was realigned the economy in a way that it actually worked. He has enabled people that is why they called him the leader of the German volk. Also Hitler was not a politician.

People notice when things are working.

What we have today is they say we need to pay tax, be patriotic, and love our country.

While at the same time NATO (multilateral) UN (multilateral) EU (multilateral) is making decisions about what plants we can and can not grow in our vegetable gardens, whether we are getting bombed or the next door neighbour, and average apple travels 1555 food miles to get to the American customer, all things are made in China, and all data is online and can be hacked by pretty much anyone who fancies. Add to this the banking crisis, which is nothing more than a debt net since most bankers have got the sack long ago yet the debt remains.

Now also no credit, and an aging population.

So people can say vote for this or that but we feel powerless, because we are powerless. Hitler had power because what he did worked. And what he said he believed in.

I personally believe he was sick and tired of the jews but was not set out to exterminate them.

Indeed from the 40M civilians who died only 6M was jewish and in the camps. Another 7M was non jewish and in the camps. That leaves another 27M civilians who died but not in the camps.

The gays is also a myth where on earth would he find so many gays? It was illegal to be gay to start with.

Hitler was a male dom.


Quinton Figueroa: I've also read from very
@Marie Antoinette (view comment)

I've also read from very credible people such as Myron Fagan that it was closer to 500,000 Jews that were killed. Yes, still terrible but a lot less than the 6 million we are commonly told.

Also, for those who really care to study this subject... many of the bankers and financiers behind Hitler were Jewish bankers. Yes, that's right, the people behind Hitler killing Jews were Jews. So you have to stop to ask yourself, why were Jews killing Jews? Are there different types of Jews? What is really going on here?

People would also do well to understand that after WW2 the State of Israel was set up and financed by the same people behind Hitler. Wait, what? Kill Jews and then finance the reconstruction of a fake Jewish homeland? Why is all of this happening? Why does the US give the State of Israel more foreign aid than any other nation? Why are 80% of the people living in the State of Israel not Jewish by blood? Why is the State of Israel so important in present day events? There can't be a tie to Hitler and present day America can there be? Nah, that's just crazy talk, aka, researched talk. The more you read the more you know. But if you don't read you will never know.

It's settled, I'm going to have to write a post on Jewish history, because that is a huge story that needs discussion.

Shady: lol you should rethink

lol you should rethink yourself

Anonymous: Explain

Then if he was a good guy why did he kill the jews huh if he is one one reason because he thought that he should kill people who worship in a god who can change lifes and do good so he can be his own GOD.

Niklas: Yes, Hitler was a good guy

And the people with media and ties to publish history books write it.

That is why i think we need a different school in the west. We need to learn from both sides. Jews that show up and exagerate about how many jews that Hitler sent to the gaschambers along with people who actually say none of that BS really happend.

I was told they made soup and lampshades out of jews in school. That was very much fabricated. I was told the number 6.000 000 was sent to the gaschambers. No name list was however presented to us. I was told so much BS in school and i am angry since they should only teach us facts, or both sides of the story.

The jews has nothing to do in Europe, so of cause they take every oportunity to lure us. They should get the heck out of europe, they do not belong here.

Joe M: Any way you choose to look at

Any way you choose to look at things. The fact that Hitler signed a document for a euthanasia program to kill all people that weren't "fit" should be enough to tell you something about him. Many children died. Either through lethal injection or a gas shower. He might have inadvertently done some good things. But he consciously did some pretty immoral things as well. And That is unacceptable to me.

Mike: A major difference in Nazi

A major difference in Nazi Germany is probably 30% of Americans would rather go to war than allow the government to take their guns away nearly as quickly as Hitler took his people's guns.

Anyway, If Hitler came along today and gave his speeches, most people would like him, so I think you're right there.

Some of these comments are a little bit out there. Yes, Hitler organized the murder of millions of Jews so that people would feel bad for them once and for all... and that totally worked, didn't it? Everybody ADORES Jews today.

I do believe that conspiracies exist. Anybody with a brain does. But I keep seeing the pattern that for any given event of any significance, somebody is always blaming it on one conspiracy or another. It is extremely unlikely that the majority of human events were only pieces in some brilliant master plan of some random person trying to achieve world-domination in an extremely round-about and tedious way. Most often, people are saying what they actually believe in... especially when records of their beliefs are documented long before they did anything noteworthy. I think it may be hard for full-time conspiracy theorists to believe that anybody would do anything drastic out of a direct desire for that outcome, because they project their own pattern recognition skills onto everyone they analyze. More often than not, the world is as boring as it seems.

I still have a lot to learn about Hitler, but here's this

A quote about Hitler's stance on Christianity from Alfred Rosenberg:
"He had never allowed a member of the clergy to a Party meeting or to the burial
of a member of the Party. The Judeo-Christian plague was now heading towards
its end. He said it was downright horrifying that a religion could ever have been
possible which literally gobbled up its God in communion." Hans-Gunther Seraphim, Das politische Tagebuch Alfred Rosenbergs 1934-
1935 und 1939-1940 [Gottingen, 1956]

Erfan: Agree

I am agree with you, Hitler was the great man of all history.

Empire: Agree

I personally admire hitler and , USA is actually powered by nazi scientists and Indian iit graduates being a British it is rare for people to admire hitler here infact many scold him and curse him that he should he in hell serving the monsters, I have his book mein kampf and he mentions that he waged the war to get Germany out of depression.

rawr: kinda sad how they teach us

kinda sad how they teach us he's a bad person

NiNzrez: i love you hitler,marry me.

i love you hitler,marry me.

David: Nice!

Yes, its real that HItler is a good guy..I see lots of articles published online saying and proving that he is one of the best guys existed before..

Rajkumar: Exactly as i thought

Bible says "everything happens for good". Again Bible says " you cant be tempted, without God's permission". Jesus my Lord himself said that someone among His disciple will sell him off, .... dipped the bread and gave it to Judas... Meaning God knows everything. Hitler was an instrument and a creation of God... If you believe in God's election and His purpose before creation. So I can support that Hitler was not only good but great, and an instrument of God. May God forgive me if I am wrong about Hitler.

lisa-marie wilson: Hitler maybe be good in some

Hitler maybe be good in some ways because he stood up for what he bielieved in but what the natiz sign means in this day is something beyond humanity its wrong an hes wrong he killed jews homosexuals just people he thought was different i respect him but alot of his opinions were wrong him hes self was brainwashed he didnt know what was going on we here arguing about something that was relevant yrs ago when we need too start changing the world today were going in too a real disaster an u wanna agure about this we as people are need too come together an change this world not no goverment or leaders does anybody give a shit about there nieces or nephews a world full of hate the devil is here an his demons keep on adding this world is full of hate sin the lot i love u jesus xx

Anonymous: I said get me juice not Jews!

I said get me juice not Jews!

truth: Hitler and jew lies

a few hours of research exposes the holo lie. everything youve been "taught" has been written by a jew. all textbooks. all medis, for decades. wake up, or is it too difficult? then keep believing the jew lie.



just trying to make sense of it all - a lifetime of what i though t i knew is being shoved down the drain
did "operation paperclip" exist - if there were no alien tech & mind control experiments being carried out - america would not have need those German scientists

Let me know


melody david: NEW WORLD ORDER


Anonymous: why is this a thing you neo

why is this a thing you neo nazis

ALOexiwss: hello

what are you doing

mmigs12: Hitler was technically good.

Hitler lead Germany out of the great depression. He may have made bad decisions but without Hitler, Germany may have never lived because of the great depression. I would say he is a neutral kind of guy because he did good things and bad things. I am not a neo-Nazi but there is proof around Hitler being not all evil.

Juliesunshine333: I agree.

I agree. We are fed so many lies and I've looked deeply into this matter. Adolf Hitler was a really great man. Too bad he was fucked over by the evil bastards and the same thing is still happening to the German ppl. It's sickening. More truth. Less mindless repeating of the shit that was crammed into our heads in school. It takes true bravery to stand up for the Real and the True. I commend the author of this article. Bravo my man! ??

Sherise Litz: Heil Hitler!

Heil Hitler!

Laszlo Toth: "Yamaka." Cripes, you're an

"Yamaka." Cripes, you're an idiot.


HITLER WAS ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR THE REST OF US AN THEY STUCK HIM IN THE ASH.The victor will never be asked if he told the truth. If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future. He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live HITLERS QUOTES DO YOU THINK THIS GREAT LEADER COULD SEE INTO THE FUTURE. Little-known facts about Hitler nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was Adolf Hitler. -Only a year after Hitler was Times Man Of The Year, 1939 .SO WHAT HAPPENED? FAKE NEWS FAKE HISTORY? HITLERS QUOTES

rock hard bone dog: hitler

eh we didn't need the jews anyway

Ahmer Afzal: He is the real hero of WW2

He is the real hero of WW2



JT: Fascism

You are so correct about the brainwashing part. We all hate fascists, and of course - hitler.
What is interesting is - I have thrown it all out. Everything I have learned in this regard in college and all elementary levels below.
Fascism, to those who desire to learn about it on their own, is something quite different. You see, both Germany and Italy of the 1930's were in the throes of communist takeover. They were under foot and in an extreme defensive posture. Frankly, Mussolini kicked out the communists after they stole much of Italys gold. Mussolini was a massive hero to the peasant Italian farmer. Hitler did similar to root out communism. And, USA went similar after 9-11. So, fascism is basically us memorizing nursery rhymes of history that makes little sense.
What we call fascism is merely a nation in a desperate defensive posture. It appears to be severe, but it is for self preservation. Nothing more. Historians who wrote history books so that we would all love our deeds, created the prose of fascism. It is unadulterated bullish_t.
we need to think for ourselves. Much of the war history is pure BS. Somehow, we Americans are pristine? firebombing women and children is .....ok? go ahead, keep telling yourself that. Sorry, we are all human. We just need to think and act for ourselves. The worst they can do is kill us for it.

Hitler: Hitler

Dear shits,

I was a good man, you all framed me, all I wanted to do was make a good world for everyone but no these dumb people had to ruin it, I cared about these jews, now I just want to gas them faster, sorry for my sexage, but I really want to help, I want to be trumps friend, I sent him fresh pussy, you know how he likes it!

Sincerly Hitler.


Hitler I don´t want to be your friend.

Matthew Benedict: America is bad, too...

This post helps further convince me that America is part of a plan that will kill the world. I don’t want to die yet, but it feels like there won’t be many more after me and there’s nothing I can do. ??

freedmftr88: Hitler is a great example of an NF type gone downhill isn't he ?

I was so surprised to learn that Hitler was an INFJ and same goes with Osama Bin Laden and guess who ? Jesus Christ . I's mind blowing to think that Hiter and Osama can relate to Jesus. The socialism / anti-capitalist thing I can see. However the violent aspect is just chilling to know that they are indeed NFs. Intuitives are known for being the most influential people but that doesn't necessarily mean just the positive inspirational ones. Charles Manson has been typed as being ENFP. Jeffrey Dahmer has been typed as being INFP. Again I was questioning to myself "How can this be ? ". I was watching this British dramatic documentary ( you know when they reenact history ) and it showed Hitler being poor and just hearing what other people were saying about jewish people and so he thought he was doing good but unfortunately as we all know that not be the case. And perhaps I can see within that ignorant influence and at a time unlike today were someone could easily research a subject , yeah I admit that's an NF weak point ( especially NFPs ) . Also the thing about throwing fact out the window and just following their heart and intuition but again unfortunately their energy was of low vibrational hate . And I'm sure there's more too it ( I need to do better research on the history of WWII besides the funny satirical propaganda cartoons lol ) . But it is indeed an interesting thing to analyze from a personality type science theory prospective. It's like you want to know the mindset of these killers all you got to do is figure out their personality type , read about how their cognitive functions reversed effect them when they are not healthy and BINGO ! There's the answer. I don't know if the old saying of "needs the most love but deserves it the least" applies or not. When you see their destruction , spiritual forgiveness is indeed challenging. I say there's two energies on Earth , high vibrational energy of good and there's the low energies. As seen in David Hawkins scale of consciousness. Spiritual Magick and Black Magick , Dark energy that feels tight and depressingly slow and Light energy that feels light and energetic , many names for it but it refers to the same thing. One quick note , I'm sure there's INFJ types that probably worked on those WWII cartoons lampooning hitler. So there's some irony right there. ;)

As for any comparison between Nazism and America. Well I'm an Anarchist so yeah it can relate in terms of statism. Let's just hope it doesn't end up like George Orwell's 1984.

tony twotimes tony: Was Hitler Good?

I've heard the argument that Hitler was good for Germany in the short term, and he certainly revitalized the German economy prior to 1939 and restored the country's standing in the world. I don't agree with all the tenets of multi-culturalism, but most decent people would consider organizing a mass-genocide based or racial prejudice is an objective "bad."

Hitler was also not a very good "commander in chief." He made gigantic blunders during the war that cost Germany all the economic and social gains they'd made during the interwar period and reduced the country to rubble.

Sure, Hitler probably did some good in his life, like all people, but it's not worth considering much. There's not reason to "redeem," Hitler, by reminding people that he took his grandmother to lunch on Sundays (hypothetically speaking). Perhaps it might be worth considering that he was also just a human being, and and decent public speaker is capable of becoming a despotic ruler if the right conditions are present. But the most good Hitler can do is to simply serve as our "go to," symbol of evil.

HITLER was great: hitler was great

Are you fucking retards he was a great man and he wanted to help anyone he could. Anyone who believes that Hitler was a bad man you ARE A FUCKING JEW AND GO TAKE HISTORY AND GO TO THE FUCKING GAS CHAMBERS AND BURN TO FUCKING HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

Hitler's Assistant: Hitler was a cool man.

I've shared a cool beer with Hitler before, and honestly, he cared about me. He complained about his troubles and how he's suicidal. I felt bad for Hitler and the people. From what I've heard, the Jews were the bad guys. Their annoying screams and protests. They tried to save lives! Ha! That's so mean of them. All we did was kill them and they just had to scream. Like be a little polite at least.

Faith: You f*ing wrong!!!

Hitler was the worst human being that ever existed. he was cruel killed innocent people including children!

Fens: Hmm

According to his "inner circle" he was nice and remembered everyone's birthdays.
I would not call him a "good man".
He should not bear full responsibility for a phenomenon to which millions participated.

dyego: hitler is god

siege heil
heil hitler
burn the jews

freedmftr88: Was Hitler INFJ or INTJ ?

In terms of intuitives that are war criminals , I have a hard time believing that Hitler and Osama Bin Laden are INFJs . Unless when it comes to Hitler and Obama , they attracted an evil mastermind group and it was his mastermind group that was most responsible for his dirty work then I'd probably believe the F bit a little more. Charlies Manson I can believe being an ENP of some sort. It's said that he's ENFP , but just the idea of one guy telling a group of women to go out and kill , it's hard for me to believe , again the " F " aspect . Jeffrey Dahmer being an INFP , certain aspects according to what I've observed from watching a documentary about him I can see , being rebellious and at the same time being submissive to an authoritarian fundamentalist religious father. But the violent aspects to the extent of what Jeffry did , I don't know. I'm an INFP myself and when watching the documentary , I can easily say that I've never gotten THAT STRESSED OUT and Psychotically wound up. lol There is a series of articles on Psychologyjunkie that relate to all this . https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2015/11/02/mbti-and-mental-illness-part...

freedmftr88: With Hitler Was it Power or Ignorance ?

I admit that I'm a bit limited when it comes to my WWII knowledge , but there was this drama-documentry that was from UK , something like The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler or something like that. And it showed that Hitler was poor and he listened to the common man on the street which the majority of the people there blamed the Jews and the rest is history. So , that portrait really makes Hitler sound more like a very ignorant INFP at most. lol Then again INFJ , because INFPs would most likely be open to new information and if it resinates with their heart and intuition without any logic , he could easily change his mind.

Point being , is this a very accurate portrait of Adult Hitler before becoming a mad totalitarian dictator ? Or was he someone who just used his prejudices as a way to gain narcissist power ad a mad totalitarian dictator ?

Likewise there's a lot of talk about Jewish people and the illuminati , I never really understood it all that much if such theories are backed up with anything or if it's the authoritarian " blame the minorities " routine.
They did say that jewish people nailed Jesus to the cross but how do we know if it wasn't the authority that did it and rewrote the books , or perhaps they written the books all along and there is no Jesus. Interesting to think about. But I'm totally ignorant in terms of Jewish knowledge. Perhaps it's because I'm an INFP , I don't know , but I just see people as people for the most part.

Deem Skweeber: Nazis

Hitler and the Nazis were evil shitebags and cu9ts full stop!!

Deem Skweeber: Hitler

Anyone who likes Hitler isca total shithead and thickheaded arsehole

yell sonic : wash your mouth

dim wit srewball you are full of Scheisse😂
go study some more!

a great leader: Hitler wasn't great

Hitler wasn't great, he was a terrible man, history's biggest monster! Is that great? No! He didn't have exceptional intellect, loftiness, the way the Oxford dictionary defines great, he was terrible. That is, he caused great fear. He was what was known as Asperger's (I doubt such a disorder exists, he's just a madman), autistics and especially Aspergians must know all about this. However they didn't just call themselves terrible, they mislabelled themselves great to avoid trouble. True greatness is Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Copernicus, not Hitler, his disability made him want to do terrible things, case closed!

Adolf hitler: Your trash

Adolf was a great guy why would you think he is not

Bjorn: Some history that very, very few people know

Read a fucking history book. In a scholarly paper written by renowned historian, Dr. Dirk Olderdeisen, titled “Game, Set, and Match,” all Nazi men had dicks the size of crayons, (white crayons) and they raped the Jews; they did not gas them at first; that came later, and the rape they did perform, because of their tiny dicks, was really more of a mild discomfort. (By the way, what did Eva Braun say of Hitler while they were fucking in the sack? I can NAZI it. It’s too small). Most people are going to make the wrong assumption that the many writers are talking about concentration or death camps. But most now know that the camps were volleyball camps. Most reputable historians today now know that the Jews excelled at volleyball. One of the most misunderstood notions about Hitler, is that he was not tormenting the Jews because of usury or their bloodline, but it actually was because Hitler sucked at volleyball and the only way he could exact true revenge was by gassing and burning them. The homosexuals, political dissidents, Gypsies (and the like) were also excellent volleyball players. Hitler could not get a very good team together, and they always got their asses beat during league night. Most of the blame for the constant losing was placed on that smelly, quack lard-ass, Theodor Morell, and that uncoordinated faggot, jism dump, Ernst Rohm. It was at one of these nights where Hitler lost one of his balls too. Herman mother-fucking Goering gave Adolf a pencil to keep score, and Hitler, having no place to put it at the moment, placed it in his pocket. As he dove to make a great play, the pencil tip skewered his ballsack; during the operation, they had to remove the nut. This is just a couple of the many examples your history teachers don’t teach you in school. So clearly, we need to historically rethink Hitler and his role in history. Instead of the word Holocaust, history should now re-term what happened, the Volleycaust. Now go read a fucking history book and educate yourselves so you don’t sound like fucking idiots at cocktail parties, you know the ones where they serve those little wieners. The Nazis love those little wieners.

Matt: Shills

none of these jewishs have a real argument, just petty insults and "Go read a MARXIST history book or listen to a MARXIST Teacher you tiny dick nazi" you can tell whos the real good guys here just by reading your pitiful attempts to disprove this, just shame the white man into denial and depression your old tactics arent working anymore demons

Son: Nazi

Germany went from being the shit hole of the world to being number 1 during the great depression. And they did that by simply removing the jews & their practices from power. That all happened in a few years. Imagine if we did that today. Pretty nice. I don't dislike them nor feel any ill of them. They're shady people.

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