The whole green movement is interesting. The more I just sit and see what is happening with all the marketing going into creating a "green" home and recycling and saving the environment and all that stuff it just really makes me think twice.

Look, I'm all for recycling and living within my means and all that type of thing. I love moderation and proper decisions. But I don't like being played for a fool. And I am starting to think that is what is going on here.

There are 2 things that I am currently seeing to be gained through the green movement, both equaling control: money and you.

The green movement is a business. Why simply stick with oil if you can create a whole new market for people to throw money into? The love being fleeced so fleece them with what they want to be fleeced with.

I mean, all you have to do is a small amount of individual research to ascertain that global warming/climate change is a business. It's a way to make money. Blame the for global warming and then make money through every new industry developed. Let people think they have escaped the old archaic ways of oil as they move into the pristine realms of "clean" energy. What does that even mean?

And then you have the added bonus of being able to control people's lives through guilt. I heard an advertisement the other day recommending people to piss in the shower so they don't have to flush a toilet and waste water. This immediately brought to mind the recent BS going on with the TSA. It is the exact same thing: they want to treat you like an animal that will submit to their every whim. They are slowly training you. You are being rewarded for not fighting back. You are being rewarded for not questioning. You are a great pet, and they will reward you for being good. But if for a second you dare to be an independent, sovereign individual watch out, you're messing with power now.

Who's they? They is your master, anybody that you give your own power away to freely. The vampires that suck you dry so that they can live. They are the people that only have power because people give it to them.

So the next time you are thinking about going green perhaps you should first think about going smart. Education is what people really should be shifting towards. Green doesn't do anything. Do you really think your minuscule efforts have any effect on the way the sun operates? Don't you find it strange how other planets are also experiencing global warming? Isn't it strange how the only things that matter are the things that you're told are supposed to matter? So much for going green.

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Concerned: Green Movement

I'm glad to hear you understand what the true intentions of the green movement are. I have studied this bunk science for quite some time, realizing early on that it didn't add up. There is no way the government is going to convince me that carbon dioxide, the stuff we exhale and trees take in, is damaging the earth. What the government has done is taken something that everybody has to use in everyday life and convince us that it's bad for the environment so that they can tax and regulate every aspect of our lives. This is about money in a big part, true, but it's also about regulating our lives to give the government full power and control. If you really want a deep understanding of the movement then I strongly encourage you read this article by Ph.D. George Reisman, Professor of Economics (Ret.) Pepperdine University. Reisman is also the author Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics. This essay is from that book, which many regard as the greatest book ever written on Capitalism. Here is the link to the essay:

The green movement is the new face of communism. Vaclav Claus, the President of the Czec Republic has been warning governments around the world (including the US) of this. Claus lived under Soviet Communist rule for much of his life, thus who better to warn us of the green movement than someone who lived under Communism, and who cherishes freedom.

Another thing I don't believe in is recycling. If you do your research on that topic from credible sources you will probably come to the same conclusion I have, which is that it is another big money maker for the governments and large corporations and leads to regulations. You will find that many of the largest recycling companies have special interests with politicians, which results in stricter enforcement of recycling laws and hence more money for the companies and politicians who invest in them. Try and understand why the governments continue to get more and more stringent on recycling. Also, realize that they use to warn us of trees becoming scarce from building and other products made from them, yet today we have more trees than ever before. This is similar to the ozone depletion problem we were warned of years ago only to learn later than the ozone is fine and actually protects itself from destruction. Everything they tell us is lies. My rule in life is to question anything the government tells me because they cannot be trusted. There is not a more dangerous entity than the government itself, and there only desire is complete control of everything.

I hope people will read that article I posted by Reisman. It is a real eye opener to the underlying intentions of the green movement.

Quinton Figueroa: Fantastic post as always. I

Fantastic post as always. I agree with everything you've said and was unaware of the stance of Vaclav Klaus. That's interesting. I am going to read through that article and report back :). Thanks!

Concerned: Klaus

Thanks, just trying to encourage research and education of the important issues we face today.

Yes, Vaclav Klaus is a huge critic of the green movement. Interestingly, he is also a pro-liberty icon, something that is becoming more rare among politicians. Klaus actually appeared before the U.S. Congress a while ago and warned them of the similarities the green movement has with communism. Of course, nobody heard anything about that and it wasn't on CSPAN or any of the cable news shows. That is because they all support it. Even Fox News can't be trusted when it comes to this agenda. Save for Glenn Beck, they all seem to push to movement too. I have found that I cannot rely on any of the news shows for accurate and factual information. They all have their bias. Fox News, the one that supposedly supports limited government is no better than the others really. How can you support interventionist wars and say you're for a limited government? How can these networks all call for Julian Assange's head when he has done what every other journalist does, expose the government's secrets? How can they all support the TSA and their abuse of our 4th Amendment right, yet, still pretend they stand for freedom? The answer is that none of the news pundits or the politicians care anything at all about liberty. They are all in bed together. They are all elitists. They think they are above the rest of us and that we are too ignorant to know what is best for our own good. They all talk of economics and business as if they have expertise in the fields, yet none of them do. Why would anyone listen to a politician or journalist about economics issues? Journalism is one of the easiest and most worthless college degrees available, and yet most of them act as if they hold the expert opinion on everything. And unfortunately many Americans watch these news shows and take everything they say as fact. Hardly anyone does their own research. Some of the stuff I hear on the news shows makes me laugh at how ignorant the hosts are. Hannity didn't even know how to pronounce the name Keynes, and sounded as if he had no idea who John Maynard Keynes is. And then I'm supposed to take his economic opinions seriously. Yeah, right!

Anyway, do yourself a favor and read the article I posted. Then go to the author's website and research his background and you will find that he is a very credible person to hear on the issue of the green movement. Mises is a wonderful site full of great information, and most everything can be read for free since The Mises Institute supports the Libertarian view opposing copyright laws. My belief is if you want to learn about the economy and business who better to hear it from than economists who support the free market.

Loren: I piss in the shower out of

I piss in the shower out of pure convenience, now that i know the green gods recommend it i will probably still piss in the shower - however i will now flush the toilet after exiting the shower, maybe even throw in an extra courtesy f u flush.

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