Most people think in one dimension, or linearly. They see things in a straight line and are unable to break down or understand multiple dynamics to a situation. Most people see things as all or nothing, good or bad, black or white.

This is a hard topic to write on for me because it is a topic not normally discussed. I have mentioned this in another post of mine and I find it of great importance. So here we go...

One-dimensional thinking is something our educational system promotes. It promotes you to take one side on topics. It wants you to see only one possibility. When you read books on history they simply present the side they want you believe and then you side with what the book says. You never really question whether it's right or not, or even compare it to other sources. If the school says it it must be right, right?

But that's not right. Sometimes things need to be weighed. Sometimes decisions that need to be made will only barely be a favorable decision. Sometimes something will only be 60% right and 40% wrong. There will be almost as many negative aspects as there are positive aspects. It will be possible to find holes in arguments and use those against the positives. But at the end of the day it isn't about finding say 10 negatives and pointing that out when there are 15 positives that as a whole outweigh those 10 negatives.


Toothbrush Example

Take the firm toothbrush as an example. While sure there are some pros to using a soft or medium toothbrush, there are also negatives towards using them. And at the same time there are pros and cons to using a firm toothbrush. For some people a soft brush may be best. To others a firm brush may be best. The best brush often times depends on the question at hand. And asking a general question like which is better, the soft or firm toothbrush, can only provide a general answer. However, once you look into it more you have to start asking more specific questions that bring more dimensions into your way of thinking. There is more to a toothbrush than simply good or bad. There is your unique situation. There is what you are trying to accomplish. There are different brushing patterns. There are lots of other elements that make for a multi-dimensional answer. A firm toothbrush may be best for removing plaque, but it may be hard on your gums if you are inexperienced with brushing correctly. But if you do know how to brush correctly it may trump all other brushes. The soft brush, conversely, may be best for somebody who doesn't know how to brush correctly and doesn't want to cause damage to their gums. It all depends on a lot of different things.


It's a lot like investing. Is it better to invest in real estate or in the stock market? Well that depends on what you know more about. That depends on what you're trying to accomplish. That depends on your unique background and the unique situation at hand. Are you looking for cashflow or are you looking to make a quick buck? Maybe the stock market has completely tanked and now is a good time to get in low. Maybe you have inside knowledge about where the markets are headed and have a unique advantage. Maybe you have many contacts in the real estate field and can manage investment properties with complete ease. There is much more to pretty much every topic than simply good or bad. Yes or no.


College is another example. Is college good? It depends what you're wanting to get out of it. If you're going to college to get a job then it is probably a bad idea. If you're going to get an education then it is probably a bad idea. If you're going to waste time, waste money and get wasted then it's probably a pretty good idea (partially joking).

America and Fascism

America is Fascist. That doesn't mean it is ONLY Fascist. America is a lot of things, Fascism being one of them. America is also Capitalistic, Socialistic and downright decadent. Even when you read about early America being about pure Capitalism that isn't true. America has never been completely Capitalistic. There have always been Federalist or Socialist aspects. America has never been completely Fascist. Even though we have corporations exercising great control over the people there are still lots of other forces at work opposing Fascism.

To Wrap It All Up...

Everything is what it is. And what it is is the finer dimensions that make up the whole. People generally ask too broad of questions and as a result get broad answers. We've all heard the saying, if you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer. But as we develop ourselves and refine our questioning we will also start to refine our understanding. The world isn't just 1 side or 1 opinion. It is multi-dimensional. There are lots of hidden mysteries and gems that we have yet to even begin to tap into. And all these gems are there waiting for us should we choose to tickle the world with a deeper, more refined curiosity.

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Concerned: Reply

I have to disagree with you on education. Although I do believe that a great deal of people go there and learn nothing valuable, there are also many people who must go there in order to make a difference in America for the better. There are some good professors out there who are trying to make a difference, and my brother is one of them. If he did not go to college to get a PhD then he would not be able to teach economics from a free market and Austrian perspective as he has been. Furthermore, there are some good scientists believe it or not, and without the education most would never be able to get their foot in the door of a reputable science institute that permits them to share their research. Again, I do agree that college is not very good for increasing one's knowledge on important matters, however it is something necessary for some individuals to bring goodness to the rest of us. Nobody is going to become a great surgeon or engineer if they don't comply with the federal government's paper diploma requirement. Of course I don't agree with that requirement but since that is the case we have to go along with it for some careers. One of the best ways to win the battle against liberty is to inform as many youth as we can about it. This is done in the classroom in most situations, and the only way to get in there is to acquire a college education. There are some good professors and teachers, not many, but some is better than none.

Robinson: One dimensional; Linear thinking

I agree with you that most people think linearly, but it is more than the educational system that promotes it. Right from home our parents teach children what is right and wrong, and that is where the problem begins. It will be a herculian task therefore, for a teacher to dabble into what a child has been made to believe by parents. It will be debate situation for which time is not provided for in the curriculum. For now, we have to depend on learning the art of multi-dimensional thinking from people like you.

Quinton Figueroa: Good point and you're right,
@Robinson (view comment)

Good point and you're right, it does start with the parents. It's like as a child we need to learn the basics of good and bad and things like this, but as we mature we need to outgrow this and take a more refined approach. Thanks for sharing.

Sara: I am not linear

The responses here are histerical because the are all statements based on linear thinking. How one dimensional of them! (yawn). Quinton, we share a special dimension of understanding that apparently others just don't get!

Arthur McGowan: recent examples

If you want to open up the economy, you are a murderer who worships his stock portfolio.

I have seen this statement again and again in the last month. These people believe that if the government, or the CCP, says that we need lockdowns, then lockdowns do not harm anyone, or kill anyone, or cost anything.

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