Every web developer has to get pissed off about IE at one point or another in their life and I am no different. IE is such a piece of trash. I have hated it for years and every day I hate it more and more. Everything about it sucks. It used to be the best browser like 30 years ago when nobody used the Internet. Once browsers like Firefox and Safari came out they totally dominated it.

The best part about IE is when you try to float something and it decides it would be cool to squish the text to one word per line. I love that feature. I also like how IE decides to multiply my margins 2X randomly. That is super helpful when I'm looking to float certain items at a fixed width. An additional result of this 2X margin feature is that my sidebars will totally move down to the bottom of the screen. Apparently overlapping text is way too advanced for IE and it still thinks this is the 80s. If anything is even 1px too far over the margin IE decides now would be a good time to dump the whole section to the buttom of the page, just where users like to see it and then email you asking why you put everything at the bottom of the page and not the big empty side space. I like this and so do my site visitors. IE also does lots of other cool things like use the wrong sizes for heading tags by default, use the wrong margins and padding by default, lack useful plugins, use notepad for source code, try to copy other superior browsers, not follow any web standard, allow tons of viruses and spyware and just plain suck.

Perhaps my biggest pet peave of IE is how you can't edit the damn CSS in real time. It's almost self-refuting... the one browser that sucks so bad that you have to tweak the CSS to no end doesn't have a solid solution for real time CSS editing. Sure there's programs you can download like CSS Vista (which is the best solution) but then it decides to crash when you have multiple stylesheets with lots of code. With IE you get to play the guess game on what values are making your site look like trash. IE is such a waste of Internet.

I had another fun IE adventure today when I realized that my stylesheet wasn't loading correctly for IE. Rather than IE giving me an error or doing something coherent it did the next best thing: stop 1/2 way through each page load and give me a white screen of nothing. That's cool if you don't like browsing sites. So there I was scratching my head trying to figure out why the hell my site won't load in IE. It took about 2 hours or so to finally pinpoint it down to my extra IE stylesheet that I shouldn't have to use anyway.

Seriously, IE is the only browser that you have to include a separate IE stylesheet for. Are you freaking kidding me? I am trying to develop 1 web site. Not 2 sites - one for Internet people and one for IE. The worst damn part about IE is that 70%+ stupid Internet users use this piece of trash because they don't know any better. If it was anything less than 15% of users I would totally be done with creating sloppy hacks for it. Way to go Microsoft, force your trash on more people and waste everyone's time.

I also like how IE took about 5 years to finally release their brand new and un-improved piece of trash version 7. This upgrade was almost as bad as Vista. Does it really take 5 years to not do anything? Seriously, I finally thought all my IE problems would finally come to an end once IE7 came out. Guess again. IE7 didn't fix anything and is still a piece of garbage. When will Internet Exploiter finally get it right?

I would rather not browse the Internet than browse with this clunky, slow, buggy, sloppy, ancient excuse for software. Go home IE, nobody likes you.

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Comrade Smack: Then do something about it

Just ban people using IE from browsing your site. I've done it, and since then I really haven't had to worry too much about how my site looks to people who aren't me.

Tommy: Good luck
@Comrade Smack (view comment)

Good luck finding a career in website design, matey. Seriously.

BBTN: read more
@Tommy (view comment)

Congratulations, you've managed to somehow skip reading about half of what was being said. The point is that IE sucks, and it's a pain to make it work, not that people need to stop supporting it. as has been brought up a half dozen time in this thread, IE has 70% of the web users, people aren't just going to drop it.

...read before you comment...

Mr.X: You dumb ASS!
@Comrade Smack (view comment)

WOW! I bet you make a lot of revenue from the small amount of visitors you get..............NOT!

I am the webmaster of numerous sites and the stats show whilst FF is growing, the average visit for IE is between 60-70% - GROW UP IDIOT!

Comrade Smack: Wow.
@Mr.X (view comment)

Written straight out of the MySpace Bulliten Style Guide. For one thing, I don't maintain that website for profit, it's my personal blog and I do with it what I please. Of course, the idea of doing something you like instead of shoe-horning your lifestyle to make money is a little different, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Secondly, if I were going to hire a webmaster it definitely wouldn't the be halfwit that uses 10-15 periods in a row to show a pause, in which case a comma (or no punctuation at all) would suffice. This all of course punctuated by the worldly addage "GROW UP IDIOT!" which is reminiscent of a 14 year old child attempting to be "cool" in front of his friends. I digress.

The key to this whole web design problem is how much effort is worth the return. You could spend 6 hours insuring that some margins line up in all browsers, or you can spend 10 minutes and realize that it being a pixel off isn't even human-noticeable. If hacking your site to work for IE takes enough time to warrant not being worth the investment, then don't. Figure out something else. If it's somewhere where you aren't making all your money and you are just doing it as a hobby, ban 'em. You'll get some publicity stunt activity at the very least. If it's on a site that is meant to generate a ton of cash, then do what you can to make it look right.

If your average page viewer is only there for 30 seconds, then the page doesn't have to look perfect. Add a disclaimer somewhere saying "Optimized for browser X" or something to that effect. If you have a site that has a ton of traffic and the viewers are reading it for a long time then you can take more time with the design.

Find the happy medium.

I do agree with the frustration from IE, though, and so I've decided to do something about it. So can you.

Ramin: definitely

I feel your pain.

Maddie B: IE Microsoft Sucks

Unfortunately I completely agree with your frustrations. If only I could get back all the time I wasted troubleshooting Microsoft junk.

indy: IE sucks badly

Totally agree. And hopefully more people will use Firefox to make everyone's life easier.

Anonymous: IE DEH GHEY



Yeak it sucks, but "at one point or another" they all suck :)

Tommy: Learn from your mistakes

Hey matey, you need to look at your css logically and learn from your mistakes. I agree, I pissing hate IE with a passion, but after getting a job doing 8-10 CSS driven sites per week, you kinda get used to what pisses IE off the most.

Sorry to piss on your bonfire there, sir, but if you wish to keep a career in site design, these things can't be ignored.

I'll gladly kick IE when it's down :)

Quinton Figueroa: Yes, I agree there are tons
@Tommy (view comment)

Yes, I agree there are tons of workaround/hacks you just learn how to subliminally deal with when working w/ IE. Unfortunately, you can never create enough workarounds to make it work. Case in point: www.digg.com still has IE CSS files they include as hacks to get stuff to look right in IE. Most other high end sites do this type of thing as well.

I know what pisses IE off and there's nothing you can do about it but treat it differently, unfortunately.

Anonymous: IE WebDevs as bad as IE Users

If no-one coded for IE, I wonder how long it would take for the 70% to switch to a different browser.

Maybe the Web Devs who code for the IE users, are as bad as the IE users themselves.

Spooky: They won't.
@Anonymous (view comment)

Most of them are not tech literate enough to know there ARE other browsers. I spend alot of time talking tech illiterate friends into using Firefox. The 70% will stop using IE when they stop calling the IE blue e on the desktop the "internet button."

I agree with srsly; IE IS great for downloading Firefox and/or Opera after a clean Windows install. ;-p

Quinton Figueroa: Yep. Most people don't even
@Spooky (view comment)

Yep. Most people don't even know what the hell is going on when it comes to the Internet. They don't even know they're using a "browser" to pull up "files" on other computers. Microsoft really got us good on this one.

baracuda: You mean "after a clean
@Spooky (view comment)

You mean "after a clean Ubuntu install" ;)

Josh Davis: Well, what do expect from FREE Microsoft software?

Why would MS improve IE? So they can make money off it? I know, they gain exposure and usage rights to the internet when people use IE. Still though, it's terribad and Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. Hey I have an idea, let's use tabbed browsing in IE 7 -- it's a new innovation we promise!!!!! Or better yet, lets make a plugin system for IE 7... wait a minute.


Josh Davis: Ok, I got a little carried away with the comment below

Sorry about the comment below. I just dislike M$ very much for their recent business decisions. Recommend everyone try out the Firefox 3 beta, it's quite nice. =) cheers

Rakel: srsly

IE is good for downloading fx or opera after installing windows.

Tom Camp: personal hell

Welcome to every web developers personal hell. It's a very big club.

HappyPanda: I've been making sites since

I've been making sites since 15 years that display well on a wide variety of browsers. I admit it's tricky sometimes but admit that the fee a lot of (freelance) webdesigners charge makes up for those coffee-nights.

I use IE (6 & 7) and FF and most sites work just fine for me. Safari is a bit disappointing, e.g. with forms.

lizardboi: thats life

Yeah, thats life for now. You have to trick it, thats all, i dunno if it gonna change in the future. Guys what do you think : did IE7 change something to better? Did it get closer to standards?

Mr.X: You whinig MOFO!

I tell you what pisses me off more than IE...and that is web pages with BLACK backgrounds and WHITE font!

They are too hard to read, it creates a burn in that messes with your eyes and causes head aches.

Go back to design school and learn some proper design techniques, instead of whining about what browser does what!

Anonymous (We are Legion): You know that black
@Mr.X (view comment)

You know that black backgrounds with white fonts actually PREVENTS eye strain right?

Try this little experiment: Make a plain white page. K, now stare at it for about 30 seconds. Now close your eyes. What do you see: a square of color.

The reason is your computer screen is basically a glowing lightbulb that you're staring at the entire time you're reading it. A black background is a lot better on the eyes and a dark gray one is even better because it's not quite as contrasting with the text (Though still having enough contrast to make the font easy to read.)

If you can't read this page I would seriously suggest seeing an eye doctor.

Jay Alexander: IE

WHY do you use it then?? I stopped using IE years ago.

K: Read
@Jay Alexander (view comment)

He doesn't use it but has to code for it. Even if a site is optimized for a specific browser, it should work, to some extent, with all browsers. IE still has a majority of the the market share, and the sites that block or don't work in non-IE browsers don't help.

Anonymous: WOW
@Jay Alexander (view comment)

You know nothing about web design if you think he can just not code for it

Anonymous: Just put the disclaimer at

Just put the disclaimer at the top. If it don't look right then please download a browser that does work, with links.

Personally I don't care if it works. I make them W3S and I have no IE to test it with so I don't even bother.

As for the black on white. Seen it before many times. Set your damn monitor to some frequency higher then 60 hz. Doh !

bradfordbull: If people stopped supporting IE...
@Anonymous (view comment)

As a web developer, you have to be frustrated with IE, however IE7 has been a big improvement, in terms of supporting XHTML 1.0 and CSS. Microsoft could not just leap to standards compliancy as they would break the majority of sites out there, sites that were optimised/designed for IE. I think anybody who is used to coding in older HTML CSS (or loose) with loads of IE 5/6 hacks, the modernisation is a pain in the backside.

Firefox is a developers friend but IE still has 70% market share. It comes preinstalled on every windows machine, in offices across the world. The majority of web users do not know any better. If you stop supporting it, they will not think, "oh this browser is a pain not showing my website correctly", more like, "this website is a bit rubbish, lets look at another"

@Anonymous (view comment)

You do know IE7 has no XHTML compliancy whatsoever right?
Don't we all love it?

Cide: EWWWW! Internet Explorer

EWWWW! Internet Explorer puts the IE in DIE!

Ian Smith: Turn your frustration into good web practices

Just design simple and usable sites, Keep your markup clean, and it just takes 15 minutes to add in a IE6 conditional style sheet to fix any issues. All IE6 issues are very well-documented.

someone else: re: Just design simple and usable sites
@Ian Smith (view comment)

You have totally missed the point. I've been building sites since for yonks ago 1990's and since the day IE came out it's been trouble - WAY back when ALL sites were simple.

What if we could calculate all the hours over the whole world where IE has needed nursing, every user fiddling, every developer hacking, every designer editing just because IE didn't want to play - must run into a millennium by now.

Mmm, has anyone committed suicide because of IE?

Eric: Virus!!!

Hey I've got an idea. Why doesn't someone make a virus that attacks peoples computers and installs firefox over their existing IE. Then copy's all the bookmarks and any settings they had over so that the average user wouldn't even know anything happened. Infact, you could even set the IE icon on the desktop to be a shortcut to the firefox browser. That way retards would think, "Hey, IE works so much better now." After two months or so pop up a window that says, "HEY LOSER! Guess what. You have been using Firefox for two months now. Guess IE isn't so great after all!"

Anonymous: FIREFOX!


Anonymous: background

Yeah, so IE sucks but so do all websites with black backgrounds. I'e got a vision disorder that makes such sites nearly invisible. Log in your own eye.

justin: a link on every page

we put a link on every page to "download Mozilla Firefox," and we get less complaints each month.

i think people on this thread are correct, that if people somehow can see what browsing with FF is like, they'll ditch IE in a second.

it's like shoveling a driveway versus snowblowing.

Dave: Different websites attract different visitors

I'm a sysadmin for a company that runs around 70 websites. The topics of the websites range far and wide from equestrian show-jumping to homewares to Volkswagen engines to pictures of naked ladies.

It very interesting looking at the breakdown of browsers that visit the various websites. It's not always IE: 80%, Firefox: 15%, Safari and Opera: 5%. Strangely, the site catering to "users of the internet" has a fairly high proportion of IE users even though the most vocal forum members suggest Firefox.

Also interesting are the stats on my personal website. It's primarily about computer security and once you filter out the bots pretending to be IE, my users are using 95% Firefox. This leads me to believe that if you don't want to have to care about IE, you should try writing about computer security a bit more :-)

Cybertramp: I HATE IE



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