If you're into using roads like I am then you may have noticed the latest craze that has been growing stronger and stronger each year: bicyclists on the roads. We used to have sidewalks for bicycles, pedestrians and anything else that isn't an automobile, but that's way too limiting. What good is a sidewalk if you can have your own dedicated lane on the street with cars? A sidewalk is much too limiting for cyclists. What happens when you have to dodge a pedestrian or possibly wait at a stop light? After all, you can't fit 10 bicycles side by side on a sidewalk. Sidewalks just aren't cut out for the bikers of today.

Stop signs? What are those?

When you see this in a car it means stop; when on a bike, do whatever you want.

The whole bike thing is really getting out of hand -- they're freaking everywhere and they're like the honey badger -- they just don't give a shit. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've almost hit one because they were doing something that would be illegal to do in a car. Bikers seem to think it's perfectly okay to run a stop sign at their own discretion. Cyclists have absolutely no problem going under the speed limit while making a turn at a stop light. Bicycles are the new cars, they rule the road, not cars. Why drive a car at all if you can just hop on your bike and do whatever the hell you want without a license?

It's crazy, I get a ticket for running a stop sign. Cyclists get a pat on the back for running a stop sign. It really is a problem to have cyclists acting like automobiles. They're not automobiles and they're dangerous. It's dangerous enough having motorcycles on the streets, but now we have cyclists too? I just don't get it.

"We're vehicles too!!!11"

Ever been yelled at by a biker? I have been -- they really think they own the streets. Anybody who has seen the movie, "This Is 40" knows what I'm talking about. They just go around telling everybody what to do. They're like a bunch of spoiled rich kids that just annoy the hell out of everyone. Even in their responses online they are rude, check some of the responses when confronted on Yahoo Answers:

Note the avatar

Taking up a lane.... What is that supposed to mean? It sounds like you think they aren't supposed to be riding in the lane. What about your little car taking up the lane when a semi-truck wants it? Does size have the right of way? No.

Unfortunately someone like you thinks you are being funny. It is not funny. Cyclists have the same privilege to the road as any motor vehicle except for most limited access highways. There are some limited access highways that bicycles are permitted also.

Remember you don't have a "right" to the road. It is a privilege. YOUR privilege can be revoked by loosing your license. Better watch out, your ignorance of the laws of the road will catch up with you and you might be walking after a revocation.

Grow up and become responsible.

No. But in busy rush hour traffic I'd LOVE to run over those "Generation X" idiots in their cars taking up all my space in the TRAFFIC lanes. Lanes are for every "vehicle". And bicycles are "vehicles". Get used to it. We're here to stay. We have the RIGHT to be in the middle of the lane if the situation deems it necessary.
Old Hippie

No. What's more, your question clearly indicates that you don't realize that bicyclists have a right to use the entire lane whenever safety requires it -- and it often requires it.

Bicyclists have the right to use the road in all 50 states of the U.S. as well as most other countries.

You are an example of how driver's education in this country is sorely lacking. It did not make sure that you knew the rules of the road or how to drive properly on the roads. What is so difficult about moving over to pass a bicyclist safely? What delusion makes you think that you should not have to?

Grow up and quit acting like a spoiled child. You do not own the road. You sometimes have to move over to go around slower traffic. You would do it for a bus. You would do it for a garbage truck. You would do it for an 18-wheeler. You would do it for someone parallel parking. Why can't you do it for a bicycle which is far easier to pass than those things?

Some of us actually understand the rules of the road and bicycle safety. That's because we study. Anti-cyclists never study. They just make things up and pretend that their delusions are facts. It's ignorance fueled by arrogance.
Bill D

Cyclists are hardcore. It's like their own cult only they worship the road.

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TomPeterson: Traffic rules not for bicyclist

Traffic rules are not mend for bicyclist, they are free from all this rules. But this is an serious issue, Government need to plan some rules for them also. Like they should travel from pedestrians, stop when signal is off. And properly use the road signs, to avoid accidents.

Michael Hall: Priority given to cyclists in Nottingham by the Nottingham city

Throughout the UK the minority group = cyclists have been given lots of rights that degrade the life and
insurance aspects of motor vehicle drivers. In Nottingham the Council have a young man who has scant experience of road safety & yet he has been let loose designing junctions that go onto our main ring road having put new double give way lines so that motorists should give way to cyclist and pedestrians that cross the path of the motorists. This is all well but any motorist approaching the junctions cannot adequately see a cyclist that chooses to ride straight across the path of a motorist from behind the obstacles that are fences, hedges and trees that have been in situe almost 90 years. The cycles and pedestrians use the same pathway although it is designated too narrow for both. The Council do as they like & on you tube a Mr Keith Morgan( the designer road safety you tube 2015) can be seen telling the public that he has had complaints from militant cyclists who do not want to stop at junctions and that he has £6 million to do it with.
This idea is the continuance of the degradation of drivers rights here in the UK .
The reasoning is that the Government (any government want the majority of drivers out of your car.
This young inexperienced cycle promoting operative has 'shot himself in the foot' by making it dangerous for all persons using these junctions because the cyclists have been given a false sense
of security by inciting them to disregard the Highway code = due caution is required at ALL road junctions. There will be accidents that is clear and many more cyclists are seen going straight across the said junctions far more now than was observed before the priority was given to them.
Motorist have always been screwed here in the UK and the trillions of pounds they have paid has always been 'skimmed' by all governments in power. The minority factions against cars have lied continually to get their own way and will twist the facts to enable the government who condone their actions such as ignoring the fact that the duty on fuel £30 billion not added to the excise duty
paid in per anum and other raking in ( speed cams) etc......... But a fraction of what motorists have paid in have been used for motorists benefit and it is worse now that ever before.
Those councils promoting the electric car conveniently ignore & will not publicize the fact that millions of tons of CO2 are produced to generate the so called green electricity that will be used to charge the green cars. They are also in it for the money because these councils will hire you a car and of course a bicycle.

Evola: Cyclists are cancer- they

Cyclists are cancer- they cause traffic delays and never follow any rules of the road. They also tend to be weak beta males.

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