Smart depends on the need. For different needs different things are smart.

Some people are smart with computers while other people are smart with people. If your need is to solve a hard math problem then somebody good at math may be smart. If your need is to sell investors on a business then somebody good at sales may be smart. It totally depends on the need.

And yes, of course certain traits or skills will be able to fulfill more needs than other skills. Somebody who is really good with business may have a much wider range of skills than somebody who is good at packing boxes for shipping.

And when somebody is able to do a wide range of useful yet rare skills they become perceived as being smarter than those who can not. The person who is able to hit on the more core, foundational needs are the people who come across as smarter.

So I think smart depends on the task at hand.

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Jm: I recommend people leverage

I recommend people leverage smarts by specializing. For some, doing that can be too difficult a decision to make, or they never fall into their niche. Luck is often required to commit to and succeed in a field.

Kilough: I can say this is true by

I can say this is true by experience.

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