Of course Trump uses bullshit tactics to win. People are too stupid to listen to rational arguments and he knows it. If majority of people are stupid you can't come in and overload them with facts and data, you instead have to speak their language. The language of people is emotion, not reason.

"...liberals never argue based on reason, they can't because their philosophy is not built on reason"

We wouldn't have government if people used reason. The fact that people need somebody else to take care of them through government shows that people are too stupid to take care of themselves, and especially too stupid to understand how to have a rational, non-violent society without a violent, coercive government.

Liberals have been talking like little children for years. I'm not sure if you know it but liberals never argue based on reason, they can't because their philosophy is not built on reason. The stuff liberals talk about never has a foundation in reason. Liberals do personal attacks, liberals use short-term thinking, liberals appeal to emotions, especially fear, and liberals promise free goodies. That's all the people really care about anyway.

When you forcefully take things from one group of people and give it to another group of people that is one of the most evil things you can do. But these emotionally led, rationally shy liberals think that's smart. When you loan money at interest by a central bank that isn't even owned by Americas you're using some of that liberal logic. When you sell out future generations for financial gain in the here and now you're using some of that rational liberal reason that we hear so much about. Oh wait, that's right, liberals don't use reason.

And Trump knows all this. So he's just playing by the language and level of thinking that the vast majority of people are at. If Trump used reason he wouldn't be in the race. He would end up like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff if he actually tried to run on reason and high-level language. People don't give a crap about that. People don't have the capacity to make decisions off reason, that's why the people that use reason never stand a chance politically.

Talks like a 4rd grader; Higher IQ than you

Trump is successful politically because he appeals to both stupid people and smart people. He hits on issues that really smart people care about and he does it in a way where it is entertaining and emotionally appealing to stupid people. He frames things so stupid people have to go with him otherwise they are bad people. This is the same childish stuff liberals do, and it works great.

"the very people who attack Trump because he talks like a 4th grader are being 4th graders by judging him by how he talks"

But of course, just because he speaks in simple language doesn't mean he has no arguments. He knows exactly what he's talking about and he knows exactly what's going on, he just has to sell it to the .

The best part about attacking how Trump speaks, of course, is that it reveals how people attack him not based on reason but on emotion. So the very people who attack Trump because he talks like a 4th grader are being 4th graders by judging him by how he talks. Who cares how he speaks? What are his arguments? What about his stance on issues don't you like? Oh he's racist? How? Oh he's sexist? How? Or are you just repeating what you've been trained to repeat because you were appealed to emotionally by your masters? Oh look you're complaining about Trump not offering substance by complaining about how he speaks rather than his substance. Dat earther logic I suppose.

There are a lot of things that Trump does that make him popular. I think it's silly how people try to dissect exactly what he is doing and whether or not he has every little detail planned out. The guy doesn't have everything planned out. He's just a smart guy that's been refined through real business for years. Through business he's seen a lot of stuff and he's honed a lot of skills that most people don't have. He is dynamic. He is unpredictable, just like he says. He's good at handling anything thrown at him because that's what business does to you. You become antifragile through business.

So keep attacking what Trump does, all the while taking in what Trump does when it is framed under Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or any other liberal offering you free goodies. Because at the end of the day all people really want to do is feel good, not do good.

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Tomasino: Immagine this scenario: group

Immagine this scenario: group of people join forces and found a new country. Anyone can come in but there is only one condition: You have to have IQ over 150 and be mentally sane. No matter how rich you are, what race you are, what gender you are. As long as you are smart and stable. Even children of the residents should pass the IQ test in order to be allowed to stay after age of 18. Immagine politics in that country. Imagine economics. Imagine crime rate. That would be new superpower for 21 and 22 centuries (at least until IQ takes over the world :). Your thoughts?

Quinton Figueroa: My thoughts? Let's build it.
@Tomasino (view comment)

My thoughts? Let's build it. That's what this site is all about: www.crowdfreedom.com

Josh: Interesting proposal

@Tomasino: I'm not sure intelligence is the root source of these problems though. Any intelligent person can be willingly ignorant. And intelligent people are just as prone to evil and corruption. Also, I think 150 is setting the bar pretty high. I don't know the numbers, but wouldn't that country have a rather small population?

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