Is this really the best you got?

I agree, based off what we've seen the Pixel 3 is not an improvement over the Pixel 2, not even with hardware. It's basically the same thing with a worse design. This isn't worthy of an upgrade. So what's the solution? Don't buy it. Let them realize that this is not an improvement and force them to actually innovate and push harder.

If I was running this team I would never have given this product the okay for release. But I would never have approved these decisions in the first place. Let me address a few obvious things:


Don't copy Apple and add a notch. The screen should look like this:

Do it like this n00bs. Oppo Find X gets it.

It's obvious. But wait, where is the front facing camera? It's on the mechanical platform that pops up when you go into selfie mode. This is 100% the way to do it and would be a great innovative, fun, technological way to do it that would put Google in the lead when it comes to futuristic design. This is the way to do it guys.

Useful? Check. Futuristic? Check. Badass? Check.

But how do you make face recognition work with the camera hidden? Figure it out. There is a way. Make it work somehow. Do something you guys used to be so good at: innovate. There is a way to make all this work without a notch and somebody is going to do it at some point. It might as well be you. Make it detect your hand and pop up. Make it squeeze to pop up. Maybe even give the user the option to keep it permanently open if they want or allow them to keep it closed if they use finger unlock. We'll meet you 1/2 way. Just give us an incentive to want to do so by adding something new.

The screen and look of the phone is pretty much the most important part of why people buy a phone, just like cars. Sure it needs all the basics like speed and camera and whatnot. But if you have all those, which you do Google, then make the phone sexy as hell, especially for the tech people that follow your brand for that reason. Don't make it look average. Make others have to copy you. You're being outclassed by your competition when it comes to appearance.


Get rid of the bezels, even if you have to sacrifice speaker space. Most people don't care that much about speakers. If they really do they will just use headphones, external speakers or cast to TV. I mean cmon, it's a phone, not an entertainment system. Get your priorities right. It's not supposed to sound 100% perfect, it's supposed to look 100% perfect. Most phone speakers are perfectly fine. We don't need to try to perfect speakers on a device when the looks are a much higher priority. Sacrifice speakers for less bezels.

Dongle Headphones

Don't waste our money on a $30 pair of headphones that we don't need. We already have wireless Bluetooth headphones. We don't want cords anymore and we especially don't want corded headphones we will never use. Make the phone cheaper and remove BS like this from the box. Or at least give us a discount on the cordless version which is not included. It's really not that complicated guys.

I'm sure there are lots of other things that don't make sense, but cmon guys, it's really not that hard. Don't reward Google by buying this lackluster phone. Make them impress you. Make them blow you away like they did with the first Pixel. Then give them your money. Send a market signal for Google to go back to the drawing board and do their homework. Don't buy it.

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freedmftr88: What are your thoughts regarding Apple products vs other brands

For me once I got into Apple products , I never went back . I would multi-task like crazy on my Windows based laptops and PCs to the point where they would eventually burn out . I did have a fun experience dissecting my broken HP pavilion a few years back because the motherboard was oozing . Still it is fun to see the inside of those big computers . I used to know this friend of mine who would go around the Goodwin / Salvation army store looking for computer parts when I was in high school. It must be fun to build a computer from cratch.

Anyway , my twin flame prefers Androids over Apple because as she told me , it's better for programming and possibly for developing video games and stuff like that.

What is the best brand in your opinion that works best for creative productivity ? I vote Apple .

Quinton Figueroa: I'm not sure. I've never

I'm not sure. I've never really been an Apple fan myself because of how closed their ecosystem is, but you can't deny they are very good at creating quality products. They understand how important the sexy aspect to their products is which is very important.

I use a Google Pixel XL and am very pleased with it. As far as large tech companies go, Google is by far my favorite. They are more open than Apple and I think further along when it comes to AI and this type of thing. I like a lot of things about their company and the way they do most things. I'm quite surprised the Pixel 3 phone is shaping up to be the way it is, however.

Apple would never release a product like this that looks unfinished. They would at least call it an "S" version and make it an intermediate release or something like that which is what it looks like they're doing with the iPhone Xs. This should be the Pixel 2s or something like that.

Anywho, at the end of the day I think most phones are so good these days it doesn't matter which one you use. I think iOS and Android are both very good operating systems and the hardware put out by most manufacturers is top notch. So it's all a win to me.

Mike: You're kind of wrong.

The notch sucks and I would never buy a phone w/ a notch BUT the pixel phones are a software showcase for Google, and since most phones in 2018 have notches, Google needed to develop their software to showcase the horrible notch idea which will surely be laughed at in a few months.

Don't blame google, blame Apple and the Android manufacturers for being gutless sheep.

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