Losers have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Losers are always going to try to get any edge they can.

Losers will always attack until they get something.

Losers will always guilt you into feeling bad until you acquiesce.

Losers will always call you names until you give up.

Losers don't think the same as you.

Losers don't play by the same rules you do.

Losers don't share the same habits you do.

Losers don't read the same books you do.

Losers don't educate themselves the same way you do.

Losers don't put the work in that you do.

Losers don't spend their time the way you do.

Losers don't make the sacrifices you make.

Losers don't make the choices you make.

Don't let losers pull you down.

You've earned what you have. You've made different sacrifices and choices. Don't let losers take it away. It's up to you to protect what you've created. It can only go up for them. It can go down for you.

Tell them no.

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Traci K. Rowland: I appreciate this, pushing

I appreciate this, pushing one another toward excellence in whatever we do is a great thing :)

You rock

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