Okay guys, even though you may not do research or care to actually understand all sides of a topic there are actually people who do care. Contrary to popular belief, being intelligent requires more than just a sound byte of shallow information. True intelligence comes from years of study with honest, humble, diligent work. Wisdom isn't something somebody tells you, it is something you develop in yourself. And it doesn't happen overnight.

These days it is becoming increasingly common to hear people talk about facts or data or evidence or whatever other label you can come up with to avoid doing the actual homework themselves. You see, when people actually understand something they don't need to hide behind facts or science. They can just explain it in plain language. But since most people understand very little they need something to hide behind. And that something is usually cloaked in a fancy sounding word like evidence or debunked or what have you. It's no different than religion. Same thing, different name.

"Saying something has been debunked isn't factual, it's religious"

We saw this recently with the 2016 Presidential Debates. We had Hillary Clinton talking about "Fact Checking". Fact Checking is like an Emoji. We have turned research and analysis into a binary on or off, good or bad, right or wrong. Emojis represent a degradation of language, which is a degradation of thought. The less words we know or use the less ways we have of expressing an idea or concept. Rather than actually synthesizing and researching the wide array of data available for a particular concept we instead condense it to a simple label that sacrifices substance. We condense it to a simple "fact". It's simple language for simple people. Having somebody telling you what the facts are is the opposite of factual. The point of being factual or well-researched is the exact opposite of believing a fact. Facts are for religious people, research is for smart people. Reciting a fact is easy, researching the facts is hard.

Think about it. Intelligent people understand that things usually aren't as simple as we make them out to be. Intelligent people get that things aren't always as easy as they seem. Intelligent people know that there are many ways to look at something. Intelligent people know all this.

Saying something has been debunked isn't factual, it's religious. Present the evidence. Make the case. Present the arguments. But please, stop with the red herring of calling something a sophisticated sounding label that is going to make the sheep believe you. It might work for them but it doesn't work for people who actually are scientific and who actually do follow the facts, data and evidence.

Throwing the word science around as if that makes you smart makes you sound incredibly naive. Real scientists don't have an agenda. Real scientists aren't bought and paid for politically. Real scientists follow the evidence where it will lead. Real scientists are okay being a minority of one. And real scientists aren't even the end all on what to make of something. They're just another piece in a spectrum of data and information.

Science is just one way of looking at something. And science is just one way of taking in data. And just because you have scientific data doesn't mean you are interpreting the data correctly. You could have 100 scientists collect data and all be looking at it incorrectly. You could have scientists being good at getting data but bad at drawing conclusions based off the data. It's not so simple as school would make you believe. It's not so simple as following the rules, getting the data and then making the conclusion.

Do you see what I'm saying? There's more to it than a simple binary way of looking at things. There is much more weighing and consideration which goes into true intelligence.

Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, I mean, what do I mean?

Yes I know, the facts are in for Global Warming right? Oh wait, I mean Climate Change, that's right. How do we define Climate Change? Beats me! Isn't the climate always changing? What are you even trying to imply? What a manipulative and non-factual term. That is one of the worst labels to even call something when you're trying to be scientific. The name itself is absurd. Climate change? So if I don't believe in climate change then I don't believe that the climate changes? Of course the climate changes, what about it? Way to go guys! Super scientific, top notch, smart guy stuff. I guess that's what happens when you merge science with the state.

IQ and race?

I got one. How about being scientific about the difference in IQs between different races? Let's be unbiased, scientific and follow the facts, right guys? Whoops, can't do that. We don't like where those facts lead. We better ignore that one and when it is brought up do some "fact checking" and tell you the right facts. We better use words like debunked and myth to manipulate weak minds and weak people. We wouldn't dare want to shake our shallow world view now, would we? Clearly your facts are wrong on that one. We wouldn't dare want to have this challenge our world view that we have been spoon fed our whole lives. After all, simple facts are easy to follow. Trying to square conflicting facts that are deep-seated is challenging and frightening. Having to find the humility to admit we've been wrong our whole lives is a debunk we just aren't quite ready to uncover.

National Debt and Fractional Reserve Banking

Here's a fun fact to talk about at your next party: fractional reserve banking and the national debt. Let's talk about the $20 trillion of debt created in large part by fractional reserve banking and a money system designed to collapse. Talk about some factual stuff like how our money is loaned into existence as debt and then can only be paid off with more debt. It's like a fun brain riddle about unimportant stuff like the collapse of our financial future. This one is sure to score lots of points with your "fact checking" friends who are so scientific and smart. This is great for people who are into facts and data. Oh wait, that's right, no it isn't. People couldn't care less about facts or data that actually matters. People couldn't care less about actually being factual and looking into the data and forming an understanding of what is really going on. It's much easier to have a priest do the thinking for us and hand us the facts on a silver platter. My bad.

My factual conclusion

The next time you hear somebody throw a word around like science or debunked or facts or what have you you can almost immediately be sure of one thing: they are none of these things.

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