Fake hair, fake eyes, fake tits. Same as most heterosexual women...

The common knowledge is if you're born a male you're a male. If you're born a female you're a female. That's a simple way to look at it and that's a simple answer. But there aren't only 2 boxes of how to live. I used to think that way myself. And of course, once you actually experience certain things in life and broaden your perspective your views on certain things tend to evolve.

Why are we here?

This comes down to what people believe about why we are here. That's right, why are we on this planet? Are we the results of billions of years of evolution? A simple blip in time. Here for a moment and then gone. Are we part of a huge plan by God? Are we God's children? Are we here as a test to prove ourselves to God? Is there a judge at the end of this life? Is there such a thing as a right way to live life and a wrong way to live life? According to who, God? And who is this God? How would you describe this God? The one from the Bible? Which one? There were many different Gods in the Bible. Jesus? Jesus wasn't God, he was an everyday human being, like you and me. The unseen God? Maybe, but how do we know what the unseen God wants? The Bible? That's not written by him, that's written by man. Through meditation? Great, but that unseen God speaks much differently than the God of religion. It's not so clean cut, and for every clean cut stance you take there is a clean cut counter-stance.

"You are going to believe what you have been trained to believe."

I'd be willing to go outside of my shallow, physical beliefs to fu#* you

What I'm trying to illustrate are the ever changing foundations we have in which we base life on. Our core beliefs on why we are here are built on our current level of understanding, and that current level of understanding is ever changing. We don't believe the same things we believed when we were children. We used to believe in Santa Claus. Now we don't. We used to believe in the Tooth Fairy, now we don't... Okay, yeah silly examples right? How about we used to believe in good and bad, and now we don't. Oh wait... did I jump forward a bit too fast? How about we used to believe in religion and now we don't. Now we are much less likely to believe in religion. We may still believe in religion somewhat, but we don't 100% believe in religion like we may have in our earlier adult years. We change. We learn. We experience. We grow. And this is what adds to our ever changing base foundation for why we believe that we are here.

So why we are here depends not on what the answer really is, but on what your belief of the answer is. Because no matter what the reality really is, if it doesn't mesh with your foundation it doesn't matter what I say. And as long as you are tuned into a different life frequency than me you will process my information differently.

Do you understand what I am saying? You are going to believe what you have been trained to believe. If you were trained Christian you will believe what Christians believe. If you were trained Atheist you will believe what Atheists believe. If you were trained by the State, you will believe what the State believes. But all of these beliefs are just that, beliefs. And these are the beliefs that are most comfortable to you at this time. 10 years from now they may be less comfortable and you may find new beliefs. Not everybody who is born a Christian dies a Christian. Not everyone who starts out pro big government ends life pro big government.

There isn't a right or wrong way to live life

I'm against homos & trannys but would still hit it. Fu*# your spiritual journey!

So what am I saying? I'm saying that there are infinite boxes of how to live. This is a spiritual truth. Life is about expansion and diversity. Life is about exploration and new discoveries. To a religious person life isn't about expansion. To a religious person life has a definite truth and a definite way to live -- but from a spiritual perspective there is not a right or wrong way to live -- there is only cause and effect. Certain actions may cause certain consequences, however, there are no right or wrong actions. We must be willing to live with the effects of our actions, but what those actions are can be different for each individual.

So am I using this as an excuse? Oh, I'm some high and mighty person who knows better than other people and they can't understand what I'm saying because they are stupid and I'm smart and therefore I'm right. No. It's not about right or wrong. It's not about smart or stupid. It's about your frequency. And there isn't a right or wrong frequency. You can believe what you want to believe and you will take life in at that level. I can believe what I want to believe and I will take life in at that level.

Different people are at different levels. This should be obvious. We don't all need to believe the same things. In fact, the more we believe differently the better. Differences move us forward. Differences bring growth and expansion.


"99% of the time we have sex we aren't procreating."

But we need male and female to procreate!! And who's to say that is why an individual is here? Is everybody supposed to procreate? What about heterosexuals who choose not to? What about heterosexuals who are biologically unable to? What about the ever increasing number of terrible parents who are more childish than the children they have? Are we breeders or are we spiritual workers? Are we here to breed children like animals or are we here to find joy and evolve our spirit? Is there a shortage of new children or is there a shortage of self-responsible, independent human beings? Would we rather have 100,000 children who are all an extension of the same 2,000 year old beliefs or 10 children who are capable of thinking for themselves and acting of their own individuality?

Even if you're straight I like the trans more. You're too ugly for physical me.

I am trying to illustrate how there isn't a set way to live. Different people live different ways. If you want to incarnate into this world to learn how to love others better you may choose a shitty upbringing to pull a new dimension out of yourself. If you want to truly feel love in a way you've never felt before, and if you want to transform your very essence to a level like Jesus or Buddha then you may choose a life of extreme poverty, abuse and hate so that by the time you are a teenager and decide to let go of all external happiness and truly find happiness within, then and maybe then you will really understand what love means. Maybe then you will discover why all the shit happened in your early life and what forgiveness really means. Maybe then it will click on what love really is. But if you were to choose a different circumstance for life then you may not reach that experience. So how then again do we know what is the right way for others to live? How do we know what they want? How do we know what is right for them? Because I can assure you for every right belief you hold there is an argument for the wrong counter belief.

"There are right or wrong ways to achieve goals. But there are no right or wrong goals."

Procreation is important!! Oh you're straight? Pass.

We live in a world of duality. It isn't about taking sides, it is about understanding sides. It is about acceptance and allowance of all that is, because we are all creators participating in expansion. There isn't a right or wrong way to expand. There are right or wrong ways to achieve goals. But there are no right or wrong goals.

So is it wrong that somebody is homosexual? It's no more wrong than it is for somebody to be heterosexual. Somebody who is homosexual doesn't hurt you, just as somebody who is heterosexual doesn't hurt you. If people aren't aggressing against you then it can't possibly be bad for you. It may be bad for them, but it most certainly can't be bad for you. If somebody wants to eat really unhealthy and die at 30 that doesn't hurt you. It has no bearing on your life.

Government (monopoly of force) detour

This is another really important point. If nobody is hurting you then it shouldn't matter what they do. If somebody wants to take drugs and go through life high then that is their choice and it doesn't have any bearing on you... Oh yes, I can hear it now. But wait, that does have a bearing because we have to pay for their welfare, their subsidies and all the other bullshit governmental taxes that goes towards them. These are two different things. This again is because people think there is a right or wrong way to live and are so willing to support a government that tells people what is right and what is wrong. Without government you don't subsidize behavior you don't like. With government you do.

Let me re-iterate this point. The government is basically a larger version of people's beliefs. People think there is a right or wrong way to have government. And so they take sides on how they think it should work. Everybody contributes, by force, some money via taxes for services they want (Team A) and some money via taxes for services they don't want (Team B). Government is really just another illusion of people trying to place everything in a good and bad box. And when something doesn't fit into the box that we want we get mad and say they are hurting society.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force."George Washington

What am I getting at? Without government you can't be hurt individually. Because we still believe in government we allow for certain people of society to hurt us financially or otherwise because they aren't in our box. You know what the magic solution is? Get rid of government! Get rid of trying to control other people! Get rid of telling others what is right and what is wrong. You can't control the world, you can only control yourself, again another spiritual truth.

You can't use government as a reason for something being wrong. You can't say it's wrong for somebody to do drugs because I am going to have to pay for their prison. If you didn't have government drug users wouldn't be in prison because they didn't hurt anyone. If we didn't have government we wouldn't be forced to pay for things that other people do. Government forces us to pay for other people. But the things others are doing aren't wrong, they're just wrong to the government because the government has to take a side because the government exists in duality. So as long as there is government there will always be the excuse that something is wrong because you have to pay for it. But that's not a valid argument as to whether something is right or wrong because one side of government will always tell the other side it's wrong.

Back on topic

So let's take this back to the homosexual question. Many times we don't fully know why somebody does what they do. Many times that person themselves won't know -- until later. But what we do know is that we all learn in different ways and we all experience in different ways. And sometimes it can be more beneficial for somebody to learn a lesson or experience a part of life in a way different than what other people may call normal.

Damn you're trans, can't bang you.

Homosexual behavior may be weird to one person. But if you stop and look at what that person is learning through such behavior then there may be something there. As a homosexual somebody may experience what it is like to be an outcast which could have positive effects on their spiritual growth. Being transgender somebody may learn to place more weight on their spiritual side as opposed to their physical side -- lol, yikes we wouldn't want that!

"It's not about right or wrong. It's not about smart or stupid. It's about your frequency."

There are infinite combinations for life and not every combination should be the one you are and you shouldn't try to control the combinations of others. When you truly understand the beauty of expansion and of the universe you understand that you prefer to have people who are different. You want people to believe differently than you. You want people to push and test every possible angle of life because that is what gives meaning and joy to life. We move forward from change and experimentation. We all have individual growth and we all grow differently. There isn't one set way to live life, so stop trying to force your way of life on other people. Because the more you push against something the more of it you will get, again a spiritual truth.

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Joe: Personal choice

Sexual tendencies belong to most basic instinct man could have apart from survival.
According to Dr. Michael Newton, we switch genders once in a while while circulating a huge number of lives in different situations. When someone switches gender, such as he was a male in previous life and switched to female this life, he, or she in this life would experience tendencies to the same gender, as his/her tendencies of previous life aren't gone yet. So, since he liked women in previous life when being a man, she as a woman in this life, might still like woman influenced by her tendencies of previous life.

It is also well known that animals experience homosexual behavior as well. So no one is 100% male or female and therefore statistically there have to be some people in the middle or close to the middle with intermixed tendencies.
It's natural to have such tendencies for some people, it's not natural to boycott, disrespect or abhor such people. They are just people with different taste like in every other field.

Landon: The root of most social

The root of most social problems are simple. So what is complicating the problems? Well.. that to is simple. The current social conventions of power and currency overcomplicates our attempts to solve problems within the social world. The use of currency has become so socially engrained into our consciousness with how we are forced to relate to one another (and yes barter is just another form of the same thing) that the vast majority of people cannot even image how life would work without it.

Life without currency or barter is not only socially possible, but if it doesn't happen relatively soon humanity is going to make itself extinct. The reasons for this are simple. Fiat money has no real value, yet seeking more of it is our guiding principle. This creates a distortion of reality. Sustainability and ethical practices tends not to be profitable. When ones seeks to gain a lot of something imaginary conflicts of interests within every domain of life arise. There are people trying to solve these problems, but how can it be solved within what has created the problems? Some areas get better while others deteriorate.

This is closely related to our system of power. If history has taught us anything, when one looks at it objectively without confirmation bias, solving our social problems cannot be done through politics and power, which may solve some problems; but like a palindrome, causes an equal and opposite negative reaction. Thus, we as society are constantly going both forwards and backwards simultaneously.

We all feed into distractions, one of these being our perceived superior knowledge over others. Everyone wants to talk and debate all day long and then exert power over one another when given the opportunity because we think we know better than each other; while in reality the only function this behavior serves is skewing our heart’s away from an internal focus or intent. Every time someone uses power over another or group because they think they know better may solve some problem/s but creates an equal and opposite problem/s along the spectrum. The internal focus or intent I am referring to is in part represented as the correlated but different complex practices of taking a mindful and meditative look into ones emotional and intellectual states, as well as other intrusive and actualizing self-critical discovery methods. This is how real change materializes and is correlated to the theorized “butterfly effect,” of which is how mass change in society rapidly/non-normatively develops.

The real people in power can only hold onto the corrupt and non-progressive social convention that is “power” because the masses are distracted from discovering their true-selves. I’ve heard people say apathy is the problem. This is completely false. The opposite is true, people seem apathetic because they are too busy taking each other down a peg; they are overly passionate about their ideology and allow it to reign control over their mind and behaviors. It is ironic to me when people point out the problem that is ideology reigning supreme while at the same time expressing or imposing there own form of it. This is simply another means for people to cover/ignore/replace their own problems “de facto” and can only be solved through “tactical ignoring” of this/these types of contradicting-self behaviors, of which are representative and easily recognized as the exertion of superiority over others. Thus, every social action in this deadlock is moving forwards and backwards simultaneously, both of which are amplifying over time, and if are not dealt with, will come an ever-increasing explosive head.

Returning to one of your points. We cannot just get rid of government. I dislike the vast majority of it as much as the next person but people need a way to relate to one another, government need to evolve beyond the latter social conventions of exerting traditional power and the use of currency in society. The frightening reality is that if this does not happen in the near future (10-20 years) , then most likely by the time I reach 40-50 years old (give or take) I am going to be forced to bear witness to the self-inflicted destruction of humanity via the limitations of the natural world (as well as other components). Enough people believe in the inevitability of the apocalypse that they are actually the ones functionally making it come true (the reasons why are slightly more complicated and I won't get into it).

I could go on for a while, as this is my passion in life, but I feel I have given enough initial perspective for people to start to think about how they relate to the world. We can start to fix our problems if we are unwilling to accept we are all part of the problem. Ironically almost everyone who reads this will do so in a manner that denies there own internal reflection even if they like what is being said. Being proven wrong should be celebrated. I know because I have trained myself for that to make me feel happy and adapt, for thats how I become a better person.

Quinton Figueroa: "Life without currency or
@Landon (view comment)

"Life without currency or barter is not only socially possible, but if it doesn't happen relatively soon humanity is going to make itself extinct."

How do you propose? A resource based economy?

"Fiat money has no real value, yet seeking more of it is our guiding principle. This creates a distortion of reality. Sustainability and ethical practices tends not to be profitable. When ones seeks to gain a lot of something imaginary conflicts of interests within every domain of life arise. There are people trying to solve these problems, but how can it be solved within what has created the problems? Some areas get better while others deteriorate."

Yes, Fiat money may not have value (save military government backing), but money derived from a market does. Do you know how real, non-fiat money comes about? How do you propose society without money and how would this be better than a market system with real money?

"We all feed into distractions, one of these being our perceived superior knowledge over others. Everyone wants to talk and debate all day long and then exert power over one another when given the opportunity because we think we know better than each other; while in reality the only function this behavior serves is skewing our heart’s away from an internal focus or intent."

What have you done lately to advance mankind forward rather than just talking and debating?

"We cannot just get rid of government."

Why not? People can relate to each other, as you put it, without government.

To be clear, I agree with what you are saying about internal reflection and these kinds of things. And from an individual perspective it will help those who do it. But most people don't want to do it and by not doing so will continue hurting others through immoral and forceful things like government and fiat money. Of course if everyone was able to self-reflect and turn within society would be much better off. But people aren't into that kind of thing because it doesn't involve sex, drugs or rock n roll.

Landon: Left out a key part some may immediatly target

I understand there was a time in human history that government as we know it did not exist, but it has always existed in some form and has evolved over the coarse of the last 500,000 years. Social evolution cannot take a radical step back (at least not without out horrific consequences) ... *insert this somewhere into 6 paragraph of last post..

Also I did make a few typos but just understand I am spitting this stuff out very quickly and not revising (bc this is a blog lol). There is there a lot of other details and specifics I left out I am just giving very general perspective to hopefully kindle interest and open up some minds.

Landon: ummm... did you just accuse

ummm... did you just accuse me of taking and debating? Im not forcing anything and yes I am daily doing things to try and improve life for all of mankind. I understand this is new, chances are you have never run into anyone in person (or probably even online cause we don't usually dwell here) who says these types of things.. mostly because we don't run in the same circles, and I guess I don't even know why I'm here lol (maybe I'm just an over-doer)

My mission is to lead my own non-profit social advocacy group. I am a social science major at school and there are a lot of us now who belief we can can make the world a better place with out having to exert traditional power, exert force, and use politics.

I'm not talking about the stupid Zeitgeist movement who may have pure intentions and sentiments which I can respect, but are not going about solving things the right way. If you need me to try and short hand some explanations (this may be hard to do in a blog context) I'll try, but I'm mostly attempting to just try and get people who I see are actively trying to better themselves to further open there minds to others... for themselves (kinda as a 10-20min hobby each day)

Did you read my answer to why we can't get rid of government? Maybe I oversimplified it for the sake of a blog (and I can expand if you need me too) but I thought I answered exactly what u just reiterated.

Going back to above I improve myself every single day and have to always be practically be working towards bettering every human beings life. Mostly because I would put a bullet in my head If I wasn't doing this for very particular and unique life circumstances/horrors/reasons that I've been through.

Quinton Figueroa: Could you expand on why we
@Landon (view comment)

Could you expand on why we can't get rid of government?

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