Okay let's just get this out of the way immediately: of course some people are privileged. Duh! That's life. That's how life works. Congratulations on recognizing that not everyone starts life with the same set of cards. Now perhaps we can look past this surface level, knee-jerk excuse and ascertain some valuable insight beyond the manipulative, poor me, victim mentality.

We don't all start out the same in life. Some people are born with more and some with less. Some people are born attractive and some people not so much. Some people are born smart and some people born less smart. This is a fact of life and we all know this.

People start out life from different starting points.

And in a lot of ways there's not much we can do about this.

If you're born ugly you can get plastic surgery and try to improve your appearance, but it's pretty hard to top somebody who is born naturally beautiful. If you're born weak you can hit the gym and put on some muscle, but you're not going to compete with the guy that is 6' 6" who is naturally built like a viking. If you're born a woman and really wish you were a man, you may be able to get a sex change and take hormones but it's still not the same as being born a man from the beginning. We all start out differently. It's almost as if life isn't about all being born the exact same but instead about all starting from diverse perspectives to evolve and grow the human family in unique ways from as many angles as possible... never mind, that's crazy talk!

Now that's not to say that this can't change somewhat. There are less and less people being born into poverty. Since the advent of capitalism we have seen a decrease in poverty all throughout the world. We have more technology and better production to where certain necessities of life, like food, are able to be produced in greater quantities at lower costs. The same goes for energy. As a whole less people are being born into poverty. So even though people are still being born poor, at least they're not dirt poor like they were 200 years ago. Poor people today, especially in the western world, are much better off than they were 200 years ago. They may be poor relative to rich people, but relative to absolute poverty they actually fair quite well. If being poor means having a house with a flat screen TV, Internet and air conditioning is being poor really that bad?

With this said, there is an obvious discrepancy between people. But here's the thing and it shouldn't come as a secret to anybody:

For the most part people choose where they end up in life.

Yes, of course your environment plays a role and of course things outside of your control play a role. But you know what also plays a very big role, especially in the western world? Choices. That's right, good old fashioned choices that individuals make on a daily basis.

2 Siblings and Their Different Paths

Look at a poor family. You could have 2 siblings that come from the exact same poor household with the exact same starting point and circumstances in life. Both siblings have the exact same parents and are the exact same gender. They could even be twins if you want. However, as we know and as we've seen throughout life one sibling may go on to become a doctor or an entrepreneur while the other may go on to become a druggy who basically ruins their life to a large degree and can never quite get their life on track (at least according to the standard norms of society). We've all seen this or something similar to this.

What is the difference between these two siblings? How could one sibling go on to become what many people would consider good and successful while the other would go on to become what many people would consider bad and unsuccessful? Surely it's not the environment -- they both grew up in the same environment. Surely it's not their parents -- they both had the exact same parents. Surely it's not being born rich or poor -- they were both born poor.

The difference is simple: choices. These two people made different choices.

We see this all the time but rather than place the blame on people we instead place the blame on something else because it is much easier to turn things into our advantage this way. It's clear as night and day that one person chose good friends and chose good habits as they grew up while the other person did the exact opposite. It's not a mystery. We don't need to bring out a detective or some college educated intellectual to break down why the druggy was a victim. It's common sense. One sibling wasn't privileged while the other was a victim. The 2 people made different choices. These 2 people created the futures for themselves that they wanted with the choices that they made.

Most people choose where they end up in life. We may not all start at the same point but we most certainly don't have to end life where we started, especially in the western world. And we see this all the time in all aspects of life. People choose where they end up for the most part.

Now we could go deeper and ask why people make different choices. This is actually a very important question but far too many people will fall too short here as well. Why is one sibling inclined to go a certain way and another inclined to go another way? Why does one sibling choose good friends while the other does not? What does one sibling possess that which allows them to have the wisdom in choosing good friends? What is it that allows one sibling, from the exact same environment, to already know how one road will end? Is it intelligence? Maybe. Is it personality? Perhaps. But this is another very important question worthy of much consideration that nobody really wants to explore. Instead people want to place the explanation on any 5 sense, physical, immediate explanation they can find.

Common Examples

White? check. Male? check. Privileged? By default.

We hear it all the time: That rich guy is a white male so he was privileged and had opportunities that others didn't have. That woman was born good looking so she was able to just skate through life. That man was born physically strong so he was a natural athlete. They're lucky and I'm not ?.

People who are superior at something are often incorrectly termed privileged by those who are inferior. It's just another form of an excuse. It's what people do who are on the losing side. And it works a lot of the time because people who are better are generally empathetic.

This is a very big topic so let's break down a few common examples.

Business Owner / Rich Privilege

We hear all the time how business owners are privileged and lucky. They're privileged to be part of the class of people in society who are able to have a business. Most people aren't this fortunate. Most people wish they could have a business but don't have this luxury. At least that's the lie victims tell themselves.

To even make such a statement without knowing anything about a business owner's past or how they went about acquiring the business is the height of bad research and a sure sign of excuses in queue. The vast majority of businesses were not created out of luck or some type of inheritance. Businesses aren't started by privilege, they are started by effort.

Creating a business isn't some magical thing that only the privileged do. A business owner is not privileged. A business owner lives life at a certain level with its own unique set of pros and cons. Almost anybody can become a business owner. It takes time and effort. Almost anybody can take the steps towards becoming a business owner. The simple fact of the matter is that most people choose not to.

People have different time preferences.

The time preference of a business owner is extremely low. The better the business owner the lower the time preference, in general. This means that business owners are focused highly in the future and will put off immediate gratification for long term gratification. Business owners care about equity. Business owners would rather have $1,000,000 20 years from now than $10,000 today.

Most people don't think this way. Most people have a high time preference. All you have to do is look around. Most people want everything instantly. We live in an instant gratification world. People don't have patience and have no interest in putting off fun things today for even more fun things in the future. And it's not a bad thing. It's a difference in choice. There are pros and cons to all choices. But to not understand this or to completely throw it out the window is to miss the whole point.

But here is the most important part that people constantly lie to themselves about. And I know about this clearly because I am a business owner and I have been on both sides. I see this with extreme clarity.

Most people don't take the lifestyle steps to become a business owner.

Everybody wants to be a business owner, but nobody wants to put in the time, effort, sacrifice, failures and pain that goes with the path towards business ownership. The end result of being a business owner is great. The path to get there and sustain a business is not so great.

You don't get to have the best of both worlds. You can't call somebody with a low time preference privileged when you are not taking into account the past 10 - 20 years where they struggled and sacrificed. It's inaccurate, rude and naive.

Nobody wants to put off going out with friends on the weekends for a few years to build a business. Nobody wants to continue working after 5 PM well into the night while their significant other is nagging them for more attention. Nobody wants to spend years on a business only to watch it fail while wiping the slate clean and starting over yet again. Nobody wants to wake up at 6 AM on a Saturday morning to fix a broken piece of the business because there is nobody else who will do it. Nobody wants to put the work in. It's obvious but people will equivocate and manipulate others into thinking being a business owner is privilege. It's obvious ?.

Even if you're born into a rich family and have a privileged head start, there is still a good choice aspect into building a business that people ignore. Even if you're Donald Trump who started with a $1,000,000 bank account handed to you by your father it's still a good choice component that brings you from millionaire to billionaire. Thousands of people are born into millions of dollars. Why don't these people become billionaires? Aren't they privileged? Can't everyone become a billionaire if they start out in life with a million dollars? I don't know, ask any lottery winner. They all blow the money immediately. Wait, what happened to their privilege? Lottery winners are privileged with lots of money, the same way rich kids like Donald Trump are. Why do lottery winners blow it all in a few years and end up exactly where they were before the winnings? Simple: choices. It's not privilege, it's not luck, it's choices.

People end up where they choose to end up. Some people get a head start. Some people get screwed. But anyone can improve their situation.

Accounting all wins to privilege is ignorant and inaccurate.

Wealthy Country Privilege

Okay you might say. But these business owners are born into wealthier countries. These people are starting in western societies that have advantages that many other countries don't have.

No crap ?. Of course they do. But you're missing the important part yet again. Why do these countries have these luxuries? Why do these countries have this wealth that allows people to have an advantage in the first place?


These countries aren't accidents. The United States of America didn't just end up an economic superpower by accident and Europe didn't just accidentally become one of the most desirable locations by chance.

I can hear it already. Yeah but these countries became what they are by exploiting the rest of the world. These countries took wealth from other countries and used it for themselves. Oh right, the common socialist, victim meme again. Creating wealth through capitalism, having a hard work ethic brought about through Christianity and giving people liberty and freedom to pursue their own individual interests is not exploitation. That's advancing society -- something the rest of the world has still yet to figure out and execute on. And that is what brings about a better society.

America and Europe aren't rich because they stole it from other places. Sure of course they have stolen wealth from other countries, just as other countries have done to America and Europe. Sure, America and Europe had slavery and made use of slave labor. But so has every other country. Brazil had waaaaaay more slaves from Africa than America ever did and for some reason they never came close to surpassing America economically. And of course, Europe and America ended slavery while parts of the rest of the world, Africa especially, still practice the barbaric behavior of slavery. So I'll pass on the socialist talking points.

You can make all the excuses you want. America and Europe became great places not through privilege, exploitation or theft, they became great places the same way most business owners become wealthy: a culture built on hard work and self-responsibility -- the very core principles business owners practice. These are choices. These aren't accidents. America didn't accidentally become wealthy and business owners who do well don't accidentally become wealthy -- they earn it, the hard way, step by step.

It's not privilege that America ended up so well and it's not exploitation that large parts of Africa didn't. These are choices. Yes I know, you have a whole other list of excuses ready to list out again. Victims are never at a loss for excuses -- a large reason why they are where they are.

Fit Privilege

People aren't born fit and in shape, they choose to get there. It's a daily choice to eat healthy and to exercise. And guess what? It's not always fun or easy, so count most people out. Being fit and maintaining good heath is a responsibility. It's not privilege, it's a choice, and a good one I might add. This stuff isn't complicated.

Athlete Privilege

An athlete is not privileged. Of course some people are physically bigger or built to be good at a particular sport. But there are a wide range of sports for a wide range of people. If you're big become a football player or a basketball player, if you're small become a gymnast. Playing to your strengths is not privilege, it's smart and necessary. Rather than trying to force everybody to be one way we should instead nurture people to be unique.

White Privilege

And of course we have white privilege. What it even means or how it's defined who the hell knows? White people create some of the best societies and then somehow have privilege because of it?

I don't go to Asia and say they have Asian privilege. I don't go to Asia and complain that things are written in Chinese or Japanese and that they don't cater to white people. Of course they cater to themselves. We're in their environment. We're on their property.

If people are so shallow as to play identity politics then you have to be so shallow as to accept the consequences of them. We can play that game at whatever resolution you choose. If there is white privilege in America then what about Asian privilege? They are wealthier and do better than whites in just about every metric. Here is the most important one:

Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers, by sex, race, and ethnicity, U.S., 2009

Nobody ever says anything to Asians. And do you know why? Because it doesn't fit the ? narrative of white privilege, that's why. The whole idea of white privilege is ? as you can clearly see that Asians do better in "white America". Oh right, but where are your sources?!?!

I do think white people have done a lot. They have created some of the best societies, they have given us some of the best inventions and done many other great things. Perhaps people should re-examine why this is. Perhaps there is much more when it comes to culture, ethics and dare I say genetics. Perhaps the atheistic, scientific hacks should try being scientific for once and accurately measure what the true causal attributes are for specific effects.

If blacks and hispanics do worse than whites in something then perhaps we should ask why.

Maybe it's not that whites are privileged, but rather, that others are simply not as good.


When Lebran James dominates over every white in the NBA we don't call it black privilege do we? No, we accurately measure the work and effort that he has put in and we accurately recognize his genetic advantage towards the set task of basketball. The guy is built for the sport and he has put in the good choices to put him at the top. This isn't privilege. This is life. Grow up people.

Biological Differences

But of course we can't talk about biological differences between people. We wouldn't dare want to accurately measure different actions different groups of people make because that would be, you know, scientific. "Scientific people" don't like actual real data because they're not scientists, they're religious evangelists who hide behind science and follow the gospel their scientific priests tell them.

Of course men and women are biologically different. And these biological differences manifest themselves in choices that these sexes make. Men are generally more assertive and rational than women. Women are generally more empathetic and emotional than men. Sadly, this statement itself is controversial for a great many people, in which case I hope you the best in life. If you can't handle even the most basic realities of life without going up in arms then you're destined to live a life under the control of someone else.

But it doesn't stop with genders. Genders is just the most obvious. There are differences between races. I'm not saying one race is better than the other or even that one gender is better than the other. I am simply noticing patterns and recognizing differences where they exist. I won't ignore data and patterns for the sake of not hurting somebody's feelings, at least not on my blog I won't. There are pros and cons to different tasks for different races and genders.

Asians are generally shorter than other races. Asians are also generally smarter than other races. The highest IQs among races belongs to the Asians, followed by whites, then hispanics then blacks. To not recognize this is to be less accurate. We could lie to ourselves and say that all races have the same intelligence or that all races are the same height but it's simply wrong. It's empirically wrong.

Look, I'll be the first person to say that pretty much anyone can do pretty much anything and that coming from behind in life shouldn't be something to hold you back. But I recognize that in general there are trends and patterns between races -- whether it be intelligence, physical aspects or anything else. Of course there are exceptions and outliers. But in general the trend holds true. I'm not talking about the 1 tall Asian or the 1 super rational woman. I'm talking about the general trend and pattern.

So ultimately what happens is that when some race or gender has a genetic advantage, completely outside of their own choices, they get blamed as being privileged.

They are blamed as privileged not in the sense that they are better, but privileged in the sense that something is unfairly holding the other parties down.

If a certain group does better than another group intellectually then the reason for it can never be genetic since we all know that everyone has the exact same intelligence across the board (sure, yeah, right). No, instead the certain group is better intellectually because the other groups are being held down.

So what must be done? Well of course we have to pull the superior down and pull the inferior up. We have to punish excellence and reward mediocrity. We obviously don't do this in sports because we know it would create terrible results. In sports we don't care why somebody is better, whether luck or effort, we just want the best person for the position. But when it comes to everyday life, where it matters more, we don't want the best person in the best position. Rather than measure something for what it is we instead measure it for what we want it to be and hurt society as a whole as we try to "fix" something that isn't broken.

Yes, there are choices that people do make, but there are also biological differences outside of environmental that nobody wants to touch or talk about. It's okay to talk about the environment having an effect on something but it's not okay to talk about biology having an effect. Some of that high level science our society is so bent on I tell you! Makes sense to a 3rd grader I suppose.

Anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows what's going on and why. It's an obvious manipulation used to purposefully bring down society to gain more control over it. It is so old it's new.


So the next time you hear somebody throw around the "white privilege" or "male privilege" card remember that this is something people who view themselves as victims say. Anybody who mentions privilege already is viewing themselves as inferior to somebody else. Anybody who throws this around is either the media trying to bait gullible people into following their whims or somebody who is unable to accurately assess the nuance and details behind what they're even trying to talk about.

It's a low resolution term for low resolution people.

Yes, of course there is privilege. That's life. And no, the privilege you are talking about does not exist for the reasons you say. Go back and do your homework before you end up destroying the very freedom that the "privileged" gave you.

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