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It's interesting really. Government is basically the average of people. People who are responsible and able to fully support themselves could care less about the government. To them the government is a problem. To people who are irresponsible and not able to fully support themselves they care greatly about the government. To them the government is a solution.

Government is a way we balance society. We are probably always going to have people who excel in society and we are always going to have people who don't excel in society. Government is a way to balance these two forces and find the common ground between them. Common ground is usually found in the form of money. People who excel pay money to people who don't excel. People who don't excel live off money of those who do excel.

The current stage of our government is a reflection on the stage of us. If our government sucks it is somewhat because our average person sucks. If we really were as smart as we think we are we would construct a better government. But we can't construct a better government when we have people who don't excel tugging to constrict those who do excel.

We are still in a stage of consciousness and understanding where as humans we find the need to support our level of government. As we are slow to shed the age old dogma of religion, we are even slower to shed the age old dogma of government. Operating outside of government is a very big challenge for most people. It is like taking your first step into the real world and figuring out how you're going to support yourself. It's challenging and a bit scary. People don't like this.

If it was up to only the people who excel we would be living in a society with no government and complete freedom. Commerce and decision making would be 100% to the discretion of each individual. Individuals would be allowed to make mistakes. Individuals would need to have a certain level of understanding to participate in such a society. Such a society would require basics in human philosophy. People would need to understand the role of self responsibility and cause and effect. People would need to know that we receive what we put in.

If it was up to only the people who don't excel we would be living in a society of complete slavery. Commerce and decision making would be 100% to the discretion of the masters who own the slaves. No real understanding our consciousness would be required. People would operate as a battery. Creativity and individuality would only matter to the masters in charge. Such a society would require no basics in anything. Anything goes in such an rote society. The basic laws behind nature and physics would have very little use in such a society. The only people who would need to know anything would be the masters.

The level of change in a government is decided not by wisdom, which it should be, but by freedom. Since when given freedom most people choose not to become wise, freedom tends to create complacency. People replace work with entertainment. And like a muscle lacking any real friction, people become ignorant, willingly, through freedom.

And so we are left with a government commensurate to the average between wisdom and ignorance, to varying degrees. If you were to represent government mathematically it would probably look somewhat like this:

Government = (Ignorant People - Wise People) * Freedom

And so as ignorance increases, so too does government. The more ignorant people we have, and the greater freedom we have (read entertainment) the greater government we have. As wise people decrease the greater the multiplier we have of ignorant people with freedom. The more freedom we have, the more entertainment we have. The more entertainment we have, the more ignorance we have. The whole thing is a feedback loop until ultimately it all collapses in on itself.

Just another day on planet earth.

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Baron of Cleveland: Word, Quinton!

Word, Quinton!

Two quotes from that dumb, irrelevant, stupid white man Ben Franklin:

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

That about says it all.

Blaine Smitley: Darwin in reverse?

This is an interesting post and truthfully my mind simply hadn't gotten here yet. But this makes sense!

One can't help notice that the smarter people are now becoming outnumbered by the less intelligent, all you have to do is go out in public most any day of the week and watch people going about their business. People are getting flat out less intelligent.

I was sharing this observation of this with my brother a while back and he mentioned Darwin, and how he thought it was supposed to be that we were becoming more intelligent as we evolved as a species. And according to Darwinian evolution he's correct. History indicates that up until the 40's and 50's it seemed to hold true that we were progressing as a species.

But think about it a minute. People (and their spawn) used to be free to kill themselves in the stupidest manners. But all of that has changed, and a lot of it is due to government involvement. Warning labels on anything and everything that could possibly be dangerous are the norm these days. When I was a kid these labels of warning were almost non existent.

Laws about seat belts, helmets, warning labels, and safety procedures are insulating people born without common sense from common dangers that just 20-30 years ago would have offed them and there future spawn. Instead we still have them with us, and they're out breeding us at an alarming rate. It leaves one to wonder where it's all going to end.

I'm not even going to get started about how modern medicine saves the less intelligent from some of the problems they bring on themselves with their behavior. That's a whole nother side of it.

Landon: Have I mentioned yet that

Have I mentioned yet that that a lot of your posts philosophically and logically contradict one another. I won't explicitly detail these numerous examples as bashing for the sake of bashing is not my intention. All this tells me is your knowledge is coming from outside sources and not inside sources of development. You mentioned at one point we are teaching people what to think, not How to think. I agree, but I see that you don't understand you are also a victim of this as representative by the latter.

Deriving a unique combination of beliefs that feel personally worthy within your own context is exactly what I am talking about. Step one; stop believing in stuff, overwhelming the chances are all of it is coming from sources outside of yourself. Step two; well I'm I'm not going to start being your self-help guide so ill just leave you with step one as a good way to start is to trash from the ground up everything you've ever thought you knew and start truly studying other people unbiasedly. There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person. Hell those ideas mean vastly different things to every single person. Eventually you will start to recognize we are all the same person just well... i forget which one of my other post continues this train of thought but here you go. good luck. take care.

Ray Bowen: I love reading your blog.

I love reading your blog.
I see it as a series of thought exercises, rather than a consistent construction of a whole piece.
I look forward to seeing more!

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