The government is the reverse of society. The free market brings us forward into a future of greater standards of living and increased wisdom. The government brings us backward into a future of lower standards of living and increased decadence. Government is rule of the jungle. The free market is rule of individual choice.

Politicians Hard at Work
Politicians hard at work using your money to make your life worse.

It's an interesting thought how pretty much all the things in life that we appreciate and that make our lives better are not a result of the government. What does government bring us? Does it bring us cars? Does it bring us computers? Does it bring us movies? Does it bring us a higher standard of living? What really does government bring us?

We tend to think of government as a necessary means to moving civilization forward but is it? Where do we draw the line on how much government we need? Do we need government to protect us? Do we need government to create roads? Do we need government to feed us? Where do we draw the line? And what really is government?

The government is completely different than the free market. The government operates under the principle of coercion. The free market operates under the principle of voluntary exchange. This is an important distinction. Usually when we buy things we are doing so voluntarily. Nobody forces us to buy things. But when we buy things via our taxes we are not doing this voluntarily. When we pay taxes we are forced to do this even though we may not fully agree 100% with where our money is now going. Why are we forced to do something we don't agree with? Why do we create systems that force us to do things we don't agree with? Why can't we opt out?

Congress Planning Your Future
Congress figuring out more ways to make your life worse.

It is interesting that we have the ability to think and reason our way through things, yet we find the necessity to create systems that are inherently against thought and reason. When we already have systems in place that do things without forcing people against their will (free market exchange) why then do we find the need to create systems that do force people against their will (government)?

If I wanted to create a system of food production would it be better for me to allow people to voluntarily work with my system of food production or would it be better for me to force them to all pitch in a tax for my system of food production? History and logic both show us that voluntary competition and exchange in the free market works better than forced monopoly and taxation in the government. Why do we have taxes and forceful coercion when it is possible to get the same or a better result without it?

Is not the government made up of people? And what makes the government a necessity? And what is the difference between people who work for the government versus people who work for a business? Why is it that people who work for a business competing to do a good job (free market) always work more efficiently and live better lives than those who work for a business that doesn't compete to do a good job (government)?

Ben Bernanke Fixing Problems
Ben Bernanke has this one under control. Go back to sleep everyone.

The government is the biggest, and pretty much only, monopoly known to man. We hear all this talk about these big monopolistic corporations ruling our lives when the reality of the matter is that the real monopoly is government. Any private business you can always opt out of. You are never forced by force to use any private business. Any so called "monopoly" that exists in the private sector can't force you to do anything. The government monopoly on the other hand can. The government monopoly does force you to participate through taxes as well as other means. And if you don't participate force will be used against you to render your participation.

So we can see that the real monopoly and the real problem is government. Government is an imaginary system that we think is needed. Government is a useless middle man that almost always finds its way into society because people are too stupid to find a way without it. What starts as a small localized system of government slowly grows to a larger, more centralized system of government only to eventually become an all-reaching, ever-encroaching centralized system of control that is inescapable. The larger government is the larger the monopoly. We talk about how much we dislike monopolies but yet we support the only real monopoly known to man.

Politicians are not capable of solving our problems and making our lives better. It is not possible for a politician to have all our best interests at hand. So why do we even try to fake it? The free market is already a better system. The free market already lets us individually vote every time we spend a dollar. We don't need to hold elections. We don't need to have politicians spamming us with their campaigns. The system is outdated and barbaric. We don't need leaders. We are capable of leading ourselves...or are we?

I suppose as long as there are there will be government.

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