There is a rather interesting realization that can be made when dealing with original people and the rest of the world. And that realization is this: originality goes unnoticed by the world until you amount to something of significance. People don't see the true beauty of originality brewing something great quietly and slowly. People don't understand the process of going off the well-worn path and venturing into the unknown. The path and process of true creativity exists only as words to most people.

"originality goes unnoticed by the world until you amount to something of significance"

People have conditioned themselves to only see the immediate short term effects of things and not the long term rewards. Original and creative things take time and they take real value. You can't fake originality and you can't fake creativity. You also can't force these things. These things take time and these things come from within, not without. You can't learn how to be original at school, you can't learn how to be creative in a book. These things are intrinsic in all of us, but because we don't appreciate the process of unlocking them they stay buried deep inside us. And when we do finally see somebody else trying to uncover creativity we quickly grab our shovel to bury it before it takes form.

The world by default is unoriginal. The world has systems, institutions and ideologies that are highly unoriginal and confined. The world has religions which hinder creative philosophy and the world has governments which hinder creative social organization and economic production. Look at how unoriginal governments are. They're like a bunch of cavemen trying to figure their way out of a paper bag. They do everything inefficiently, costly and unhappily because they are operating outside of creativity. They don't want to be original, they want to be unoriginal. They want to do things the way things have always been done. They don't want to try something new. They don't want anyone else to do something new. And the same goes for the pope and his antiquated coterie.

"we would much rather cover creativity up and tuck it away for another day, week, year or even life"

We all know being original is good at a gut level, but when push comes to shove we resist. We do everything we can to avoid being original and collapse under the fold. We collapse because it is comfortable to collapse. We have governments, religions and all the other unoriginal institutions that can do the thinking for us, and then that we can blame when things inevitably fail. It is easy to do that. It is hard to actually have the gall to follow through and persevere with our inner voice. So we would much rather cover creativity up and tuck it away for another day, week, year or even life.

Look at some of the most original and creative people there have been throughout history, they were always looked at as being stupid and out of touch with the world... that is, before actually taking their creativity to fruition and then being heralded as geniuses.

Take Steve Jobs. Yeah, the guy that was behind the phone you have in your pocket. When he was starting his journey do you think people recognized him for what he was? Do you think people knew beforehand that this creative guy was going to do something great? No, they hadn't a clue. They were unable to share the same long term vision that he shared because they didn't believe in or understand the true value of honest, unadulterated creativity.

And it's like this with everything. People never recognize genius until genius is right in front of their faces shouting at the top of its lungs. The genius that tells everyone that religion is outdated is a dangerous and stubborn man until the world later catches up with him to see the fruits of a religionless world. Then he is a genius. The following quote by Arthur Schopenhauer is most fitting:

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer

So what am I trying to say? I'm saying that people need to have the courage to follow themselves. People need to stop looking for others to do the creative process (trust me, it doesn't exist) and instead discover and develop their own. Nobody knows what you want better than you. And nobody is more in tune with your vision and execution than you.

All you have to do is look back to the greats: Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and on and on. These guys simply followed their originality to the conclusion. These people had the guts to continue on when others stopped believing. And it is impossible to ever fail if you never admit defeat. There is always a way and the more energy we apply the closer we get. Albert Einstein said it best:

"We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them"Albert Einstein

So go out there and be original! Don't care what others think, people don't have the capacity to recognize creativity in its infancy. Let the world misconstrue, ignore and belittle your passion. Because sooner or later your originality will be their reality.

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Joanne James: Thanks for putting into words

Thanks for putting into words many thoughts I have been pondering! Also reflected in your writing about New Cars are for Poor People!

Econo-clueless in PDX: Love this, and/but...........

Love your work, and agree with 99% of it. Gotta say, though, the current pope has a Master's degree in chemistry and is a pretty smart dude. You may not like the religion, but he is a maverick compared to many of the "religious." A bit outside the box of the "norm." Just sayin'........... and again, I appreciate your work and love reading it!

Anmol Deep: A really well written article

A really well written article, really made my day. Keep up the good work.

Justi Nother Guy: What can I say, I felt the

What can I say, I felt the originality there.
It's similar to what other people write and say, yet here, it honestly feels that its coming from the heart. Nicely balanced, just on the verge of ranting, yet not going over that threshold.
I don't agree 100%, yet I can't argue with what you're saying. The honest truth does that.
And honesty is not about not telling lies, it's about being who you should be.
Lie if you are a liar,
Love if you are a lover,
and Live if you are Living,
Live and be Free.
Very good job bro, my cup o spirits are lifted today. Cheers.

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