But I know better than to know that the world is run by toddlers. It is actually run by very intelligent beings who feed off of people's vices to further enslave the masses while enriching themselves. They dumb down, weaken and undermine the entire world to extract the world's wealth, labor and talent all for themselves. That's how the world has operated for a long time.

We have had governments for as long as we can go back in history. Government and religion both play hand in hand throughout world history. There have always been leaders and priests above other individuals. There have always been people forcing other people to do what they say to do. There have always been people taking advantage of other people's ignorance. This is the history of both government and religion. And they are both man-made inventions created to control individuals of a certain level of evolution and consciousness.

But that time is slowly fading. We have lived through enough of the ignorance and enough of the slavery. The monopoly religion has had on our lives is slowly fading. People are beginning to discover that religion and spirituality are two completely different things. It is possible to believe in God and be a spiritual person without religion. Religion doesn't have a monopoly on God. We are discovering this and we are growing because of this. We are waking up to our true identity and our true power.

The same can be said about government. We are slowly starting to see how government is the exact same as religion. People are beginning to discover that government and society are two completely different things. It is possible to have society and interact with other human beings without government. It is possible to have courts, police, roads and money without government. Government doesn't have a monopoly on society. We are slowly figuring out how government is unnecessary baggage carried over from our more primitive past.

We are growing up and people are looking for the next thing. We are seeing how governments don't and can't represent all the people. We are seeing how governments create a monopoly on force and use this force against us. We are seeing how governments distort markets and make our standard of living worse. We are starting to reach the level of consciousness necessary to understand that government is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, perpetrator of war, ignorance, hate and suffering. It is time to move on and that is where Crowd Freedom comes in.

Crowd Freedom is a website I have created for the purpose of creating societies without government. I am convinced that no government is the best form of government and I have created a platform to facilitate this general idea. The goal of Crowd Freedom is to allow users to discuss and share questions and answers based around society. Things like who will build the roads, how will we non-violently penalize criminals and things of this nature will be discussed. The idea is to discuss these things enough to where we slowly see the big picture of just how this society will work.

Once we understand all the dynamics and have talked them through thoroughly the next step will be creating a coherent plan for the execution of these ideas. Once we have answers to questions we will create a plan on how we will execute these answers. If the answers aren't good enough we will make them better. Once we have good answers we will have a good plan. And once we have a good plan we will execute on the plan. We will raise money either privately or crowdfund the endeavor. The goal of Crowd Freedom is to understand what a free society will be and then execute on creating it on this world. And it doesn't end with just one society. The more societies the better. I want to build a framework for the world.

So that's the general idea. Yeah, yeah, I know. This could never happen, good luck, LOLOLOLOLOL, etc. Just you wait and see. This is what the world is begging for.

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kesar: CrowdFreedom

Great article and some great answers too (didn't have the time to read them all though).
However what needs to be said is that not all N's behave like N's because as N's we are SURVIVORS (as clearly we can anticipate the future / potential course of events while S's clearly can't) and therefore what we do best is adapt so often, unfortunately, as we grow up we will unconsciously adapt to our environment so that we can survive !
The problem is that, over time, we might fixated with this adaptation and believe in the end we truly S's... In fact we might adapt so much we might become extreme caricatures of S's !!
However, usually as we get more conscious of our true selves and the sick superficial world we live in, we will come to terms with reality and start using intuition correctly to direct ourselves.

Aman: But I know better than to know that the world is run by toddlers

"But I know better than to know that the world is run by toddlers. It is actually run by very intelligent beings who feed off of people's vices to further enslave the masses while enriching themselves."

Were you not implying that the "most influential" people in the world are N-types? Are they running this world, then?

Quinton Figueroa: Absolutely. But I hope you
@Aman (view comment)

Absolutely. But I hope you understand I'm not referring to the President of the United States or people like this when I talk about who runs the world. Because it's most certainly not a country president or politician.

Dennis: Government and Religion

As a Christian, I don't like religion either. It's supposed to be a relationship with God and others, not a religion. We meet together to encourage each other, learn, grow and worship God. We share with others the love of God, but don't force anyone (impossible anyway). No building or hierarchy is needed. The Bible is our only guide, and Jesus taught us it's not supposed to be about control, just love. If it becomes an institution or a business, then it can become about control/money.

As far as government, I think that's naive to think we can live without government. That is anarchy. It won't work. No government is perfect, but some are better than others. Observe the world and see what actually works. The American system worked very well as originally designed.

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