We are all familiar with instincts. Humans have instincts, animals have instincts, if you want to get technical plants and minerals also have instincts. Pretty much everything in this world has instincts to varying degrees.

It is also generally acknowledged that things of less intelligence, or consciousness rather, have more instincts. Animals are generally more driven by instincts than humans. Many of the things animals do are more rote than creative. Humans are a bit less instinctual than animals because they are able to think at a higher level. Humans are able to reflect on themselves in a way that animals can't.

Dogs instinctually shake water from their fur. Where did their DNA learn this?

If you put a gazelle in front of a lion majority of the time the lion will kill and eat the gazelle. This is the lion's nature, or instinct. This is what lions do. If a dog jumps in the water and gets wet when it gets out it will instinctually shake the water from its fur. Humans will naturally gravitate towards sex with another human instinctually. These are all fairly clean cut instincts.

But there are other instincts. There are also things like born leaders. We've all heard the question as to whether or not someone is born to lead or if it is a learned behavior. Being a born leader is less about being born anything, but rather what you were in past lives. In many ways your past lives shaped your current leadership, or lack thereof, abilities.

The same can be said about a whole slew of other natural tendencies. Some people are born to write music. Some people are born to perform. Some people are born to play sports. Some people are born to counsel others. Some people are born to teach others. We all have certain innate traits that we bring with us from former lives. But it doesn't stop with these natural tendencies and inclinations.

Instincts are pretty much these natural tendencies or learned behaviors that we pick up through the many past lives, whether human or non-human.

Does this tree have instincts?

We rarely think that traits such as patience or peace may be better picked up as a tree than as a human. The energy of a tree is that of vitality and strength. Trees live a very peaceful and simple life. Perhaps these traits are carried over into later "instincts" of an animal or human. But they're not really instincts -- it's just who that spirit now is. The spirit picks up traits from past lives and carries them over to their new experiences.

We may experience hundreds of lives as a dog or similar loving animal. When we enter a human experience we bring with us this loving "instinct" that we gained from our animal experience.

We may experience hundreds of lives as a turtle so when we enter a new experience we may instinctually be more methodical and slow in our decision making.

We may experience hundreds of lives as a human that works on leading others so that when we enter a new human experience we are instinctually masters of leading.

We can even take it to an absurd level. Rocks are instinctually operating with very little intelligence. Rocks are basically minerals vibrating at a physical level and that is about it. But the energy behind this rock evolves. And this information, or instinct, this rock energy picks up from a physical, earthly existence may eventually be carried over to a vegetative, plant experience. And this plant will develop certain instincts from the physical world that are stored at the spiritual level. And this spirit may eventually enter into a multitude of animal experiences to pick up and learn many different experiences which will eventually be written to the spiritual memory as instincts. And finally the culmination of these instincts will be passed onto a human experience where even more instincts are accumulated. These instincts are us, the sum of our past lives, the sum of our past spiritual journey.

So with regard to this line of thinking I find it interesting that it is possible that what we call instincts are really just the sum of our past lives, whether human or non-human. As we gain experience through hundreds and thousands of various life experiences we start to solidify certain traits or instincts which are carried over as common truths or instincts into future lives.

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Elsa: I googled this topic tonight

I googled this topic tonight after the same pattern of thought popped into my head out of nowhere. I find it interesting. I also believe that when we are open and ready to understand certain truths come to us out of "nowhere".. The theory makes perfect sense to me and is completely in line with my spiritual beliefs! Cool to see that someone else has had this same epiphany!!

Kyle: a hypothesis of mine

I've thought about this before too.

Suppose there's a puppy whose ancestors used to circle and steer lifestock. You can separate the puppy from its parents before it ever witnesses this type of behavior... then when it reaches adulthood it may use this circling and steering behavior on people, without having ever seen its ancestors or any other animals exhibit this behavior.

It could have something to do with the subconscious mind too. The subconscious is something that's very little understood. For example, if you think that something you used to know has been lost forever (such as the last name of a friend of a friend from when you were 7 years old), if you were to relax your mind to a very deep level - chances are, it'll come back to you.

Now think about the implications of this... and ask yourself if you think it's possible... if your mind was even deeper at rest than that, such as in a completely quiet state, entirely free from worries, then it may be possible to dig up memories that are so deeply ingrained in the subconscious they probably came from before you were born -- going back generations.

If this is possible, maybe "instinct" is the behavior exhibited by animals and humans to differing degrees depending on how trapped in the subconscious they are. That is, to a degree they may not be aware of the behavior -- hence "instinct". My take on this is that animals function mainly from the subconscious (limbic), whereas humans exist in a partially subconscious state that allows varying degrees of rational thought (consciousness) depending on individual.

It's just something to think about. Great article, by the way!

Paul Kreitz: Wow this really resonates

Wow this really resonates with my experience. Genius man, thank you.

Joe: Interesting theory about past lives

I'm surprised by your article.
I do by myself know a lot about past lives, as one of my professions is hypnotherapy and furthermore, I'm connected to several researchers in this field worldwide and I've studied many cases myself.
The existence of humans and other beings only make sense, if there is a concept of previous lives. It may contradict certain religions, but it surely does not contradict logic.

We are in a way beings that are steadily striving towards spiritual elation. To reach a decent level of spiritual elation, we need to be one with nature. This means: Stop killing and hating each other, stop being egocentric, thinking in terms of love, loving everything, even the air we breath, loving the atoms of the materials around us, stop killing animals and all other species, in other words, become vegan, stop letting negativity rule our lives, learning to be in the driver's seat of our life and still be very tender and humane and many more.
I'd like to discuss that with you in private Quinton.
Good article. I loved it.

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