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In the spiritual world we are all connected and we are all one. In the spiritual world resources are limitless and all things happen instantly. In the physical world we are not connected to each other and we are individuals. In the physical world resources must first be transformed from their initial state and things take time. So we try to merge spiritual collectivism with physical individualism and we run into problems.

This same thing happens with love and reason. They both are at opposites with each other. I talk a lot about the relationship between love and reason in my book Rule By Ignorance. Growing in love often times means you're not growing in reason. Growing in reason often times means you're not growing in love. It's hard to be both a rational person and a loving person. These two things pull at each other. This is why many loving people are not logically smart and many logical people come across rash and not very loving.

So in physical world we experience this same relationship of love and reason with spiritual collectivism and physical individualism. Most of the spiritual books and teachers will talk about spiritual things like how we are all connected. And this is true at the spiritual level. Spiritually speaking we are all connected. We are all part of the same oneness at the higher levels. At the spiritual level we don't have the ego identity we do at the physical level. So many of the spiritual teachings we hear about reflect this. They are not ego-centric but rather love-centric. Spiritual teachings are not rational, but loving. This is collectivism -- the real kind.

"The resources in the physical world are different than the resources in the spiritual world"

Spirituality in a way is closer to Communism or Socialism. But the Communism of the spiritual world is different because resources are infinite and don't require human labor or innovation to transform them into something usable. In the spiritual world we don't worry about food or shelter or any of the other things we worry about with a physical body. So the rules are different for the spiritual world. The spiritual world has a different environment with a different set of rules.

If we look at the physical world in contrast to the spiritual world we will notice a few main differences. We are not immediately all connected in this physical world. You have an ego, I have an ego, and everyone else has their own individual ego. Each person has their own body and identity. Yes, we are still connected at the higher levels, but at the physical level we are not. Your choices you make physically are your choices physically. I can't make your choices for you in the physical world and you can't make my choices for me in the physical world. When we are in bodies we are living with different rules than when we are not in bodies.

The resources in the physical world are different than the resources in the spiritual world. In the physical world you can't as easily just think of something and have it appear. Time exists in the physical world. Our own individual self and ego gets in-between our physical body and our higher self. So in the physical world resources don't automatically transform themselves into what we desire, at least not at the speed we would always like.

In the physical world it takes time to create food. We have to either hunt it, grow it or find it somewhere. It doesn't just magically fall into our lap. So food takes some type of effort and time to create in the physical world, unlike the spiritual world which requires no food. The same can be said about any other resource which we use in the physical world: water, clothing and transportation all require some type of physical transformation of them so that they can exist in the forms we use in this physical world.

In the spiritual world things happen instantly. In the physical world deferral of gratification kicks in. Deferral of gratification is a big part of what government and societies are all about. The countries we live in and the way they are structured is largely based around time, and how much time people are willing to put off what they want.

Allow me to explain...

Time and Gratification

Some people in the world are more "in the moment". These people are happy with the present moment and don't care much about the future. These people would rather defer gratification in the future for gratification right now. These are people who would rather pay more for something right now than less for something later. These are people that would rather have fun right now than worry about if their fun right now will later create things that are not so fun. These are people who live in the moment.

"Some people play completely in the physical world without giving any consideration to the spiritual world"

And it's not that it is right or wrong to live in the moment. It's a touchy subject because spiritually speaking we should all be living in the moment. Spiritually speaking, living in the moment and understanding that there really is no past or future is correct. Time really doesn't exist and there really is only the moment of now. So many people take this spiritual truth, either knowingly or unknowingly, and then bring it into their physical life.

And then you have those people in the world that care less about the present moment and care much more about the future. These people would rather put off some type of gratification right now for an even greater gratification later. These are the people that save or invest their money. These are the people that are okay with a little pain now if in the future it will work out better for them. This is a more physical world principle.

And this is tricky because spiritually speaking this is an incorrect way to go about life, but physically speaking this is a fairly correct way to go about life, at least as far as physical resources are concerned. If you put things off and save them in the physical world you are able to accumulate resources that can help further yourself in the future. If you put stuff off in the physical world it works more like a snowball that becomes larger and larger the more you put off. This is why people who save and invest their money usually end up with a lot more because their money works for them. This is why equity and assets make sense from a physical perspective.

And this is the pickle. We have different rules working better depending on which environment we are playing in. If we are living our life as a complete spiritual being then the spiritual now will work very well. In the spiritual now we may not have resources or money saving. But in the spiritual now we won't need them and will have what we do need provided for us at all times. In the spiritual now our connectedness to our higher self will trump the physical limitations.

And in the physical non-now world of time there are certain benefits to not living in the moment. In the physical world it may make sense to put things off in order to create a better future for your physical self and your physical loved ones. Not everyone is connected to the spiritual world in the same way. Some people play completely in the physical world without giving any consideration to the spiritual world. So for these types of people spiritual principles will become perverted by their physical reality. They will take spiritual principles and incorrectly apply them to the physical world.


So now we reach the government side of all this. In the government we have two groups of people. Those that want things now (moreso the left and liberals) and those that will wait for things (moreso the right and conservatives). You see this both in which layer of time these people live in and in which type of government they want to create.

The left wants to create a collectivist government where people are all living in the moment and not worrying about what happens later. To most Liberals they care more about how they feel right now and don't care about how they will feel later. These people care less about the consequences of their actions and more about the current feeling of their actions right now. If they help 1 person at the expense of 100 others they don't care. They don't care about the consequences of their actions because that is a form of deferral of gratification and these people don't operate like that. They are in the moment. They want to feel good right now. They are justified by how their actions make them feel right now.

The right wants to create an individualist government where people are putting off the current moment for gratification later. For most Conservatives they don't care about feeling bad right now if later they will feel good. Conservatives care much more about the consequences of their actions than they do their actions themselves. If conservatives help 1 person at the expense of 100 others they do care. Conservatives are more future oriented. They want to create a better future. They are justified by the actions they are taking right now to create and work towards a better future.

What am I getting at?

So what happens is we have people who want to live in the moment and are okay forcing other people to subsidize their in the moment lifestyle regardless of the physical world limitations. The in the moment people incorrectly take their spiritual principles and force them into a physical world that other people must labor for and put time into supporting. These spiritual collectivist principles enslave other people in the physical world. We have people forcing Communism into a world that doesn't have infinite transformation of resources. It takes human time and energy to transform resources and Communism doesn't account for this. So spiritually it may be right, but physically it is not.

"In the spiritual world we don't have economics. In the spiritual world we don't have to prioritize decisions."

The main thing I am trying to show is how if we're playing by physical rules we're going to have to be careful or at least more thoughtful about trying to force spiritual rules into it. Most people don't think at all about this kind of thing which is why people try to create Communism on this world when it is not possible. Communism can't work on this world as long as resources must be transformed through human labor. Many don't have the capacity to understand this. This gets into an economic discussion which is geared towards optimizing physical resources. In the spiritual world we don't have economics. In the spiritual world we don't have to prioritize decisions. In the spiritual world we don't have to defer gratification of one thing for another.

Yes, of course if we all lived connected and in sync with our higher selves this would work out much better. But guess what? We don't! Far from it. Most of the people who are in the moment are not in the moment by conscious choice, they are not in the moment for spiritual growth. No, oh no -- they are in the moment because that is what they default to. People don't have the ability to be anything except in the moment. So most people are not in the moment in a spiritual way, they are in the moment in a limited way.

What many of these people who live in the moment don't realize is that their collectivist ideals use force on other people, which is not a spiritual principle. So you have one spiritual principle which works in the spiritual world, creating a detrimental thing in the physical world, namely: the initiation of force. The initiation of force is not good spiritually or physically. But in the spiritual world you can be collectivist without using force. In the physical world you can't unless everyone is completely spiritual and masters of their ego and self, which nobody is even close to being. So it doesn't work.

This is why Communism and Socialism doesn't work here right now. Because we have people that aren't spiritual and resource transformation that isn't infinite.

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freedmftr88: 3D vs 5D consciousness and famous idealists who tried

Hi Quinton , thanks for sending me the link to this article .
I definitely know exactly where your coming from since 3D vs 5D vibrational consciousness is indeed very tricky.
I struggled with trying to master The Law of Attraction for years and on top of all of that I went through a spiritual awakening since my Twin Flame is also incarnated on Earth so I definitely know for a fact that New Thought / New Age spirituality is 100% real. This website is the most accurate of my experience.

There’s many different theories on Law of Attraction from what I've seen. The Secret keeps it basic which I like and a great simple introduction for those who are just getting into it. However the teachers from The Secret as well as ones that aren’t in it have their own approach to it.
Abraham Hicks and Seth ( Jane Roberts ) are telepathic channeled spirits that teach LOA in their own way.
Bob Proctor , Jack Canfield and T. Harv Eker ( not in The Secret but was part of a “The Teachers of The Secret” seminar ) are on the business side of things. Michael Bernard Beckwith has the Agape church and is more on the New Thought Spiritual approach to his teachings. I’m very grateful to know of similar New Thought Spiritual churches where I’m from. And Teal Swan did a video talking about how sometimes manifestation comes in disguise and something similar is mentioned in either Think or Grow Rich or The Science of Getting Rich.

Many spiritual people teach , believe and apply to their lives in all sorts of ways
I remember reading on the New Age wikipedia article that there’s people who are right wing and left wing. There’s real psychics who make a living doing what they do , using their gift to help people who don’t know how to channel their own guides for answers. Then there’s what I heard from Greg on which he mentioned in the 5D Earth utopia The New World Order will be destroyed by the people on the bottom and all capitalism will disappear . Almost sounds like Socialist Libertarian Anarchism in a way. Then I seen a video with similar thoughts about signs if someone is a Lightworker. Though I often wonder if most spiritual lightworker people are NFP in personality type. Or perhaps idealists in general.

Isabel Briggs Myers ( INFP ) hoped that MBTI would end all social conflict.

Jim Henson studied Seth Material and was a strong believer of New Thought spirituality. By the 80s , he wanted to help make the world a better place with his art . The Dark Crystal and Labrynth was symbolism of New Thought / New Age and Fraggle Rock’s goal was to end war and social conflict.
And a lot of his final work focused on environmentalism .

And of course John Lennon. I'm still amazed about what he knew.
Not only with his music but lots of things including the "War is Over ( If you want it ) " which Yoko Ono today has a website where people can download the posters for free and send it on social media or print out and have the fans help spread the word still.

There's lots of videos online. Though I still wonder if he was ENFP or if he was more of an ENTP . NFPs tend to not like conflict however can be confrontational towards personality clashes , maybe more so the extraverts.
Great examples of John getting pissed off at STJ reporters

In an 1970 interview he was just pissed off none of his efforts worked.
It's mind blowing hearing this. I can relate to a lot of what he was saying. It's like he's mentioning how it feels for an intuitive being the minority in a world full of sensors.

It's almost like artistic inspiration / artistic direct action in a way if popular entertainment , musicians , satirists , cartoonists , etc - I often see a pattern of artists who have this idealist , moralist , romantic hope for a better world and they do seem very NFP to me.

Even some of the stuff that Dr. Seuss was doing in his books like The Lorax to even the literature of George Orwell (Animal Farm , 1984 , etc )

But to me it seems like only like minded personality types that are similar to the artist themselves would actually get what they were doing. Perhaps it’s an intuitive things or an NF thing.

It does seen like sensors can’t see the meaning or the messages within the art , just “Entertainment” I guess. It’s like if someone look at a painting and gave their opinion if they like it or not. I tend to be someone who likes to see the artist’ point of view of what they are trying to say as in art being a form of communication.

According to what I’ve studied from , Unconditional Love is the answer and living a life using Law of Attraction. But then there’s a lightworker mission. Living as a positive influence is the best way I can think of I suppose.

One thing I learned from Bob Proctor is we fear what we don’t understand and once we understand something the fear goes away. And that seemed to help me cope with life and perhaps forgive in general from a distance.

freedmftr88: John Lennon seemed to have gone through both sides
I just recently came across this John Lennon interview. This must have been one of this final interviews before he passed away and ironically enough it relates to your article
John Lennon is talking about how at age 40 he realized that he can only change himself.

freedmftr88: Perhaps it all depends according to type maybe.

I still wonder exactly who are the most idealistic of types are. If it’s an NFP thing or an NP thing. With cognitive functions sometimes a type may appear different. Like if they feel defeated they may seem more SJ like depending on their cognitive and same goes with any type , when they feel down or emotionally unhealthy their cognitive functions will have them appear to be another type. I wonder if say ENTP types relate a little bit to ( depending on their enneagram and numerology too ). For example the video blogger of social libertarian rants seems quite ENTP to me , he’s quite young but very popular with the anarchist online community. Also Rik Mayall gave his words of wisdom before his passing ( Equality , Opportunity , Wisdom, Freedom and Love ).
So iNtuitive in this sense I see NPs. Even fictional NP characters I see a similar pattern since their ideologies tend to be relating to their type . NJs I’m still studying, I noticed INFJs are similar to INFPs but the cognitive functions are slightly different. I’m still studying though. :)
Sorry for all the posts , I’m just so fascinated by all of this. :) MBTI , New Thought Spirituality and Anarchism. For me they seem to all connect somehow. It's interesting.

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