I really get the feeling that mobile sites are the new Flash sites. Remember like 10 years ago when every site you would enter would greet you with "Regular HTML Site" or "Enhanced Flash Version"? Well, we have the same thing today except instead of Flash we have mobile. It's like the mobile site is the site before the site -- kinda like how we used to have Flash intros on sites. It's like okay, yeah I get that you're mobile, cool, now give me the site.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for mobile phones and browsing the Internet on your phone, however, it just so happens that a mobile version of a site really adds very little value. With phones these days we really don't need mobile sites. Mobile sites are more limiting than anything. When I pull up a site on my phone I don't want to be greeted with 30% of a website. My phone is able to zoom in and out. My phone is able to load a full website -- and so are everyone else's phones. So rather than giving me 30% of the site I should be getting 100% of the site.

Not enough bandwidth for the full site? Oh, right, I can stream videos and music on my phone but I can't open a full website because it takes too much bandwidth. Nope. Not enough screen space for the full site? Oh right, screens only keep getting larger and larger so that websites can keep getting smaller and smaller. People prefer simple? Then why not make the desktop version more simple? Every way you look at it mobile sites make very little sense.

Now sure, there may be a few mobile sites that work well and make sense, but unfortunately they happen to be few and far between.

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