You're an asshole who calls people names!

A great spiritual principle I have come to understand is how others act as our own mirrors. So when we see something in another person we are often times seeing that in ourselves. We see in others what we are capable of seeing. We see in others at our level of frequency. If we don't like something about ourselves then we will see what we do not like about ourselves in others.

If you listen closely when you talk with somebody, especially in an argument, you will see this type of thing come up all the time.

Let me give you a few examples:

You're racist against black people!

If somebody says you hate black people they really mean that they hate everyone except black people. For somebody to bring something like black people up is a racist thing to do, especially when you never even brought race into the conversation. For somebody to even think of mentioning race as an argument means that they are most likely racist. If they were not they would not have considered using this as a point. They would have mentioned something else.

You're sexist against women!

If somebody says you are sexist against women they really mean that they are sexist against men. A lot of people favor their gender over the other. And when I make an argument specifically against women people will think that this means I am sexist against women. Pretty much the only people who would think a valid argument against a woman is sexist is somebody who is sexist against men. I don't care one way or the other when it comes to gender. I see a balance between the two. But when I make an argument against something that women specifically do, people think it makes me sexist. Not true at all. Saying something innate to a woman is not sexist. And if it is, it's not in a negative way. Saying a woman has a vagina is not sexist.

You hate poor people!

If somebody says you hate poor people they really mean that they hate rich people. I see this quite a bit on my post about poor people choosing to be poor. I don't at all hate poor people or have anything against poor people. People are people. I am simply making an argument on that post. And since people who read that post do hate rich people, they immediately think that because they hate rich people that if you say something about poor people it means you hate them. This is a knee-jerk response which people give time and time again.

The list goes on and on... Seriously, try this out next time you're talking to somebody. Read between the lines and look deeper into what they are really saying, or more accurately, revealing about themselves. Because that's what people do when they speak. They reveal themselves the more they say. I see it all the time in my comments on this blog. Like 90% of the responses are people calling me something that they really are. It's quite interesting really.

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Landon: So, as usual I won't argue I'll just show something..

This was a good try, I'll keep my response short and I won't even use my own opinions.

There are two very general but well educated perspectives that will see this one of 2 different ways (obviously there are more, but these are the biggest). One looks at it in a positive light, another looks at it in a negative (I don't tend to operate in black and white, but I'm leaving myself out of this one). Lets start with the negative so we can end on a positive. The secular educated perspective would look at the contents of the latter post as closed rationalization in contrast to what they would think of as open rationality. I am not going to get into detailing why, cause quite frankly I'm running low on gas and saving some of that for someone special in a few minutes.

The second perspective would look upon this positively and think of it as a justification or a doctrine. Those words should immediately ring a bell what perspective I am talking about, non-secular or biblically educated/scholars. So I am not judging.. my only question now is which one you identify with? Maybe you don't identify with either, that would be interesting? I am just telling you at the moment how it is and leaving my own opinions out of the equation.

Ed Frampton: Interesting article, I would

Interesting article, I would agree on the overall idea of what you're saying, you do use the personal angle as supporting evidence but rightly so as it's helped you form the initial opinion, unfortunately this is the internet and it suffers from a trolling rate of 90% at least. Keep doing what you do, you obviously pissed off the right people:D

Kilough: Lol love this article. It's

Lol love this article. It's quite profound, what you say here. And happens all too commonly.

Thanks for sharing! ^_^

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