Listed below you will find some songs I have created during the past few years. They are listed from newest to oldest. Go to my YouTube page to view it all:


Mike: Music

Enjoy your blog and the music. Is your music in an .mp3 format? I would like to download it to my Walkman.

Quinton Figueroa: Thank you. I have MP3s, but
@Mike (view comment)

Thank you. I have MP3s, but it may be easier to just rip em from YouTube via something like:

Mike: Thanks! I'll be sure to do

Thanks! I'll be sure to do that.

Dave: I just downloaded some of

I just downloaded some of your music on my 4G LTE Phone

Ian Gil: Nice music

I really like your post are you the one who compose the music background? Its really nice it can relates to background.

powertürk dinle: many thanks thats nice.

many thanks thats nice.

Mike: Very interested stuff sir.

Very interested stuff sir. Thanks!

Sandra Tom: i listened to the songs

i listened to the songs shared here. They are too good. You do have some wonderful talents. You should try more and variety works. Hope to hear them soon here. Good job.

Adan | Music School Long Island: I like the music

I saw many of pretty videos and wonderful songs. I saw your Youtube channel and I was glad to see your other videos, I hope to see the other publications of these videos.

Thanks for share your talent.

peterdox: thanks

Nice article, i used Its working fine for me.

Flvto: Flvto to MP3

Thanks, I'm using

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