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The book is called Rule By Ignorance. It's a children's book -- except the children it's written for are adults. You see, so much of the world around us is based upon ignorance. At the heart of religion, science, education and government is ignorance. We call ourselves civilized yet we don't practice principles of civilization. It's hard to be civilized when wisdom and reason reign dormant.

We are ignorant when we have religion determining our reason rather than our reason determining religion. We are ignorant when we hold on to measurable scientific things and ignore immeasurable spiritual things. We are ignorant when we have schools tell us what to think rather than teach us how to think. And we are especially ignorant when we choose to let others control our lives through government rather than embracing the gift of human consciousness through personal responsibility.

So with this book it is my intention to get people to think a little bit differently about everyday life. Very seldom in life do we actually look deep into ourselves and challenge our beliefs. Very seldom in life do we actually do a little bit of critical thinking and search for ways to improve our being. We are born into this life, go to school during our childhood, go to work during our adulthood and then die at the end. All throughout this process very little real thinking and growth is achieved. We have made our masters richer, we have made our bosses richer, we have made our schools richer, we have made our governments more powerful... but what about our power? Why do all the religions, schools and governments come out ahead while we are left holding the bag? Why are we depleted of purpose and creativity when we should be spending our time developing our purpose and creativity? We have remained ignorant for far too long and it is time for the human race to get up off its knees.

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Tara: Congratulations for your book

Congratulations for your book. That's true, we seldom improve ourselves. Our aim in this life seems to be become useful for others (especially governments). But we are not aware about what is the real meaning of our life.

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