I've been into reincarnation for a long time. I think as more people grow into spiritual concepts they take on a liking towards the concept of reincarnation. A lot of people will start out in a religion like Christianity that doesn't really teach reincarnation, but as they grow spiritually and research more things they begin to take on the views that reincarnation is a reality and that we don't only live one life.

The thing is, the more spiritual books I read and the more I think about reincarnation and how it applies to the way I view reality now, the harder it is for me to fully hold that view. And I'm not talking that I don't believe in reincarnation anymore, I actually believe further in reincarnation, so far that it all starts to blend together and I have a harder time seeing a definitive starting point and a definitive ending point.

Allow me to explain...

Okay so first I need to lay some groundwork. There are 2 fundamental things which need to be addressed to get across my view on reincarnation:

1. No such thing as time

Time really doesn't exist. The universe doesn't know time, the same way it doesn't know distance. Time is just another dimension like length, width or height. It is another measurement, or frequency. Everything is happening at the same time. There isn't a beginning or end. There is only different frequencies of now which we call time. A second, a minute, an hour or a millennium is just another frequency, or perspective, of everything. This is similar to how a millimeter, a centimeter a meter or a kilometer are all just another measurement of something. It's all just a frequency.

"All lives are happening at the same time"

As such all lives are happening at the same time. Most people who study spiritual things will admit this, or concede to this reality when presented it for the first time. And what a truly astonishing reality it is! Many talk about how there is no such thing as time and how everything is happening at the same time, right now. The more you think about this from any angle the more you start to understand and see this reality. Science, philosophy, logic, spirituality, meditation, they all point towards this truth.

2. We are all one

Many have talked about how we are all connected and how we are all one. At the highest level we are all a part of source and contain all of source within us. We are simply a fragmented version of source taking on a more limited experience, not limited in a bad way, limited in a frequency way. This is generally understood by most spiritual people and there are a lot of ways to express this concept.

"At any time we have the complete everything available to us"

At any time we have access to everything and anyone should we choose. The only limits we have on ourselves are the limits we place on ourselves. And the limits we place on ourselves come out of our desire to experience. These limits aren't bad, they are simply there. And at any time we have the complete everything available to us.

And we know this because many of us have experienced it on one level or another. When we dream we are experiencing a part of this. Our dreams allow us to more closely follow our intent with less limitations. When we dream we are closer to source than when we go through everyday life. And when we are closer to source we remove limitations which separate us. Some people meditate, and when they do so they experience the reality outside of the mind, outside of the ego and outside of the limitations of the body. Meditation is another form of oneness. And the list goes on and on. Depending on our level of desire for oneness and understanding oneness and understanding will be present.

So with these two things in mind, let's continue.

The Blur

Now when you start to see this reality of everything happening at the same time and everything and everyone being connected to the source you start to see how it all blends together at different levels. At the ego/human level we are disconnected and individual. But as we work our way up we become more connected to each other and everything else. As we move past the ego we reach an awareness we share with Earth. We reach the way that we are all connected at an Earthly level, beyond simply the ego that we normally associate with.

Even further we move from the Earthly level to the galactic level. Yes, we become more in tune with our connection to ourselves and everything within our galaxy. We see things not from the human perspective, but from the galactic perspective -- a much more open perspective; a much more loving perspective; a much more complete perspective; a perspective closer to source.

And as we move further and further up the connection we become closer and closer to each other, and time itself also fades away. Time and disconnection are really the same thing, separation from oneness in different frequencies. Conversely, the absence of time and full connection are the same thing, complete oneness.

The different frequencies of life

So I hope you see where I'm going with this. What I'm trying to say is that reincarnation depends on which way you are looking at it. From the highest level there really is no reincarnation because we are all connected in timelessness living everything and everyone at once. As you break this division down things like reincarnation begin to take form, even though they are not an accurate representation of the highest level of reality.

"there really is no reincarnation because we are all connected in timelessness living everything and everyone at once."

Sure, we may reincarnate and have multiple lives. But at what point is it our life and at what point is it somebody else's? We hear about things like people being possessed and being influenced by "demonic" forces and what have you. But what if we turned being possessed into something like another energy sharing the same experience? What if two energies, spirits or souls shared a body for a short time? What if my previous life is also your current life? Why does it have to be linear? Why does time have to move forward? Why do my lives have to be a progression? Why do our lives have to be different? Why can't I be gaining more out of my other lives right now than my current life? Why do I draw a line between me and you?

We are all just energy acting on now. And now contains the possibility of everything. So it can't be fitting that you can't be me in this very life and that I can't be you in another life. From the highest frequency, that is the only answer. Reincarnation and past lives lose a lot of their majesty when you really think a lot more about it from an understanding of time and oneness.

So we are both reincarnating and not reincarnating. We are both ourselves and everyone else. We are both nothing and everything all at once in timelessness and oneness. How amazing life truly is!

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Kyle zheng: Time, Matter, and Space are

Time, Matter, and Space are the 3 things that our material world is dependent on. With reincarnation, it is possible that you are living many of your lives simultaneously. As our energies increase, the separation between people ceases to exist, and we are all one. But then lies the question, if the spiritual plane is already whole, and perfect, what is the purpose of our existence in the material plane? Why would we need to grow? Is this world just a playground for our spirits?
The following sentence had a large effect on me: The purpose of our lives is joy, the basis is freedom.

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