Queen Elizabeth II
Your master. If you got a problem with her she'll kill you.

PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE FREE. They want to be controlled. If people wanted to be free they would have never given away America. People want a king. People want a queen. People want somebody to tell them what to do. That is why our founding fathers called American AN EXPERIMENT. They wanted to see if people could handle it. But they can't. The king can take care of himself. But most people can't.

This is the same reason most people are employees for somebody else. People don't want to run their own lives. People would much rather have a boss tell them what to do and then complain about how much they hate their boss that they choose to have in their life. If people really hated their boss they would quit. But people don't quit. They need a boss just like they need a new world order.

If most people were put in the position of a king they couldn't handle it. They don't know how to be a king. People don't know how to call the shots. People don't know how to take responsibility. People don't know how to manage things. Things need to be managed for people. That is why we lost America. We were unable to manage it. We had the best freaking country given to us and then we gave it away.

We want a New World Order. We want Teutonic queens to continue to rape us and keep us dumbed down. We can't get enough of it. Every time we wake up and free ourselves from the bondage of the queen we hand it all right back over to her. People want kings and queens. People love the New World Order.

We just have to keep doing what we've always done and the Kings and Queens will keep doing what they've always done. We'll continue to be uneducated and needy of them and they will continue to be educated and rape us. That's what the people want. Bring the New World Order on!

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