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Occupy Wall Street is like a bunch of spoiled brats that don't want to eat their broccoli for dinner. They're upset about the way America operates and then promote the very doctrine that is crumbling society: socialism. Socialism is logically, historically and morally incorrect but that doesn't matter if your life revolves around selfish ignorance. People still don't get it. We don't need bigger government. Big government is what has caused many of the problems we see.

Greed? Really? Is that what this is really about? If this was really about greed then why are these protestors demanding things? Why are they practicing the behavior they are against and not practicing the behavior they are in favor of? How many jobs have the people in OWS created? How many of them are giving what they have rather than taking from somebody who earned their way in life?

Everyone is greedy, everyone has self interest. There are greedy rich people. There are greedy poor people. If the government didn't have the power to unproductively dictate our lives greed wouldn't be protected through the government. If you take away the power of the government there is no graft to be obtained.

The rich people aren't the problem. The rich people isn't even an accurate definition. Most rich people are high quality people who create jobs, give back to society and improve the lives of everyone. The people we should really be talking about are criminals who are protected by the government.

Here is how it works in plain English. There are a few people who want to control the human race. These people think up ways to control us. Realizing that Capitalism is the hardest way to control us they look elsewhere. If they could control us through Capitalism they would go bankrupt as soon as people stop buying their products. So Capitalism isn't the system for the criminals who want control. They need something more covert.

Hmmmmm. Oh, I know! How about something that feeds off the weak parts of people and manipulates their free will? That sounds like something much better. After all, when you're smarter than somebody it is much easier to trick them. So why not find something that makes people think their lives are becoming easier? Why not something that makes people think they deserve things they don't earn? Why not do something that actually brings out the lower nature in people and keeps them from achieving greatness? This is the way a real criminal would do it.

And so they do, it's called Socialism. But I haven't gotten to the best part yet. Socialism on it's own, while far inferior to Capitalism, is still not enough. The criminals have to use the government to push Socialism. This is because the government is the military force that allows such a trick to be enforced. If you were to practice Socialism on the street you would go to jail. But if you practice socialism through the government you are a hero that has somebody protecting you. So with socialism it is easy for criminals to use the government to enforce their agenda.

It's all pretty simple really but the plan has gone along for so long now that people forget they're part of it. People are already too weak from Socialism to find their way out. We had our chance to call BS when socialism made it's way in but we didn't want to call it out for what it was. Socialism tapped into our ego and our deepest weaknesses. It felt far too good to say yes to socialism. So here we are, ignorant, ill-informed, wayward and without compass waiting for the next step in our enslavement. And for some reason everyone at Occupy Wall Street is perfectly okay with this. And why wouldn't they be? The ignorant is always a slave to the intelligent. And slaves always promote their very servitude. Until you change yourself you can't expect to change others.

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