Hold the entrepreneurs, hold the innovation, this calls for State ingenuity

Do you know how to fix the self-created water problem? Charge for it! Let the free market determine what the price of water should be. If there is a shortage the price will go up. If there is a surplus the price will go down. It works 100% of the time for any resource.

Or of course we could slowly work our way back to the stone age. Rather than using the technology and productivity brought to us by markets we can instead force caveman logic on everyone via government until we are all taking dumps in outhouses again.

Just another day hanging with the earthlings :)

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Landon: Help me understand?

How does money-tizing a resource people need to survive solve the problem of running out of a natural resource? I'm not saying I know the answer, I just don't see how this is one. Are you saying if you a poor then die and let those who have been given the opportunity/aptitude/blessing to acquire a lot of pieces of imaginary paper survive? A lot of times being poor boils down to a game of musical chairs. Just ask those who went through the depression and couldn't recover (wait never mind they are dead and can't defend themselves so I hope we aren't going to start judging them) or the guy who worked hard his entire life just to be gentrified out of his town (then became homeless) or priced-out of his mortgage (had everything reposed and is now swimming in debt). Things happen in life that you can't control and no matter how much ambition and motivation a person has we all have our breaking point.

Suplus is derivative of money. Not directly correlated to a limited resource. You can't have a surplus of a natural resource (maybe a renewable one) there is a finite amount and when it is gone, it is gone. A system of currency doesn't recognize this and will bleed finite resources at a rate in which these resources cannot recover.

My purpose is not to break apart, but open minds and help people see things in an alternative light opposed to the trained thought processes that I see everywhere.

...(( I want to live to learn to love everything ))...

Quinton Figueroa: First of all, the resource is
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First of all, the resource is already monetized, just not fully by private companies -- the government is involved. So it already is monetized by the government. We already pay for water. The government sets the price for water. And economics 101 teaches that if there is a shortage for a commodity the price will rise. But since water is a resource controlled by the government the price isn't allowed to rise and so we have a shortage.

If the price were allowed to rise it would incentive businesses to get involved in the water production business and find creative and useful ways to supply the most amount of clean water for the cheapest price possible. It's quite silly how there could be a water shortage anywhere. If there is not enough water charge more. By charging more it will send a market signal to entrepreneurs to produce water because they will make good money by doing so. And by competition in water production it will drive down the price and develop better, cheaper ways to do so. This is all basic economics. You know, the kind of stuff they don't teach you in school.

Landon: Lets give a real example of when corporations are unleashed

I get what you saying, but at the same time the number one rule most successful entrepreneurs know that in a world where money is king scarcity is the most profitable. Look at the diamond trade, if we are calling things what they are then this trade is run by an international cartel that has a monopoly on diamond mining throughout almost the entire world. Diamonds in reality are actually plentiful and should be cheep, the only reason why they are extremely expensive and most people cannot afford them (imagine what would happen if this became something people actually need to survive because the government wasn't suppressing the inevitability of corporate greed that flourishes in a system of currency) is because they are purposefully withhold the diamonds from the market (to keep prices high) in vaults or just not mining them to begin with because they have a monopoly on the mines.

This is also part of the reason why one of those most dangerous things in the world you could try and do is mine or try and find diamonds for yourself in rivers (they are going kill your ass for trying to put that diamond you found into the market).. Just ask any African who is trying to escape from one of the shitty parts of Africa (not all of it is bad, it is after all an entire continent) and a life of hell because they know some of there rivers have untapped diamonds just sitting in them.

Quinton Figueroa: Monopolies can only exist
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Monopolies can only exist through a government. So if the prices of diamonds are high, and competition is not allowed, it is because of government. So you are agreeing with my point. We need more free markets. Killing people, via government, for competing against a company that is protected through government is an argument against government. Companies like De Beers are only able to operate the way they do because of government, which isn't a free market. If they weren't allowed to use government force to protect their monopoly they wouldn't have a monopoly.

Landon: Try To Think About It From A Slightly Different Angle...

Ummm... monopolies exist because once you get good enough at something you can squash competition in pursuit of more power and money, yes government is used as a tool at times to squash competition, but it is not the underlining function causing these problems. The techniques these corporations would be able to develop to use to squash competition would be vastly more brutal without any government (it may not be perfect but at least they don't have 100% control over it).

The diamond corporation brutality is happening because no government is daring to intervene (they can no longer stand against it because the cartel has grown so powerful and ruthless do to lack of regulation), mostly because sense they ave grown unchecked for so long... (and a lot of government officials are now actually scarred of them and there really needs to be an internationally government effort to reign in what is happening)... that they have developed into one of the most brutal and greedy dynasties in modern history of which most people aren't even aware exists (they cover there tracks extremely well).

Governments try to create ideals to strive for based on the support of the people as a whole (obviously some try and force the support and aren't doing so well, but the philosophy has been around sense the dawn of human social awareness and has been evolving sense then) thus if a better composition is allowed to exert unity is more possible within this form as opposed to corporations that do not represent the whole, but just one part, and have no real incentive to nourish the whole (all they have to do is find a way to profit from a targeted/ignorant minority, group, idea) or give a crap in any capacity fake or not about the people's support.

Don't missunderstand me, a lot of government is broken, but parts of it are temporary necessary negatives against proven potential greater negatives. Like I was saying part of my mission is to lead my own non-profit social advocacy group (and i'm getting methodically close to that point). A lot of people in my field believe we can effect mass change outside of traditional power and force. Personally I recognize this being extremely derivative of the social convention of currency (the basis to how we relate to one another). Put those 2 sentences together and you'll see how I begin to separate myself even from the my own professional peers (but some of them are actually slowly growing to support some of my ideas). A lot of these details have all ready been stated in some of my other posts and I just don't have the time or really the desire to detail too much in this context cause my time is better spent elsewhere, but I do enjoy the occasional blog if to only kindle others interests.

Forgive me if I am reposting this, Maybe I'm just being impatient but I waited 8/9 hrs and still haven't seen a few of my posts in different areas. Lucky for me I had this one copied and quickly skimmed it to correct a few typos n such that in this context I don't usually care to pay attention to.

Quinton Figueroa: I used to believe like you. I
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I used to believe like you. I used to think monopolies were greedy corporations who completely squashed their competition. But then I decided to look at it from a different angle and I researched economics. It doesn't work this way at all.

I'll make it really easy for you: Show me a monopoly that exists without government granting that monopoly. Diamonds is a monopoly because of the government. "Try to look at this from a different angle". Don't let the governments fool you that we need them to regulate and keep markets tame. They're the biggest exploiters in history and they allow for corporations to create monopolies.

Here's another fun question: If these diamond companies are such ruthless assholes why are people still buying diamonds from them? Why don't people stop buying from them? Why are people okay supporting such ruthless companies? If people stopped buying from them then they would go out of business.

And finally, let's say the prices of diamonds are artificially high and they have a monopoly. Great! Let's go into business and start mining up resources and sell cheap diamonds to people online. Are you in? We can undercut them big time and make a fortune. Sounds like a huge business opportunity. Are you ready to make a lot of money with me?

I still want to know why we can't completely remove government.

Landon: oops lol...

I guess I'll make sure to tailor this sentence to your response.. insert in the response that was just posted "try looking at this from a different angle" I thought I just very clearly stated the prices are unaffordable to most because there is no regulation (they do not currently have any governments restricting them and have become an international ruthless and subversive force at this point). I think you missed my entire point and train of logic/thought in my last post prior to the "try looking at this from a different angle"

Landon: take care

People still buy because.. wait what the heck am I doing you really have no desire to absorb anything I am saying, I guess this is the wrong context lol.. quite frankly "i use to believe like you" is the most insulting thing you have ever said to me personally for so many reasons I am not even going to begin to explain why; because for me to actually be able to reach someone who has very little outside interests to there own I would need to be eye to eye, face to face, real-time responses. So that being said, time to delete all these from my browser and put this passive effort to where someone isn't looking for me to write thesis arguments so they can just find new ways to defend themselves, but rather, somewhere were there is a mutual desire to help each other.. good luck with whatever happens, I genuinely do not wish anything bad upon anyone.

Quinton Figueroa: Or you could just show a
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Or you could just show a monopoly that exists outside of the State. The diamond cartels, founded after State wars, most certainly are not one of them.

Landon: oh ya.. didn't I mention

that is a horrible idea, the cartels will kill you for trying to do that (please don't actually try and do that), just ask any african... wait, yawn... never mind lol this is pointless

Quinton Figueroa: Just like I'll get killed for
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Just like I'll get killed for trying to run drugs, or trying to print currency for governments or any of the other cartels the Rothschilds and Vatican run. Look, I get how it works. The large corporations are mafias ran by European royalty. I get it. But you can't run a mafia without having a government to grant you your power. Without governments these people are nothing. Without government they don't have taxes. Without government they don't have wars. Without government they can't initiate violence legally and without legal violence they can't win the way they are winning now. The solution is not more government "regulation", lol. The solution is no government. Their power is derived through government and the vast majority of sheeple supporting government.

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