What makes something good or bad for you is the actual content of the product. And being organic isn't anything special. Organic is simply a new way to charge people more for lower quality. But people are always big on branding, especially if it costs more money and makes their lives worse. And so we have now branded some foods as organic and all others somehow aren't organic.

We have spent thousands of years developing technology and finding ways to harvest and grow products but for some reason we don't like technology when it comes to food. We are okay with technology enhancing our communication and our education but when it comes to technology enhancing our food we don't want any part of that. We would rather eat food the old way.

I take nutrition very seriously and I'm always looking for healthy food. Here's a tip: organic food isn't that healthy. Most organic food often times tastes worse and have less nutritional value. Having somebody specialize in making lots of food isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes local farmers aren't as good as large farmers who specialize in production. The large farmer got big because people liked their products.

Don't believe the hype. Organic is just another word that gets people excited for no reason.

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juwik: organic food

I don't agree with your idea, because I have some experience with my friends and family, and usually the organic family have better quality in their body (taller and healthier) if compare with inorganic family, but I appreciate with your explanation

Christopher: juwik, I presume you

juwik, I presume you deliberately miss the part where you need to consider the genetics of the people you mentioned. Perhaps you are not familiar what real science is all about.

In contrary to your claim, my friends and family are "inorganic" eaters because inorganic crops grow faster and look nicer and therefore palatable. Fortunately we are also tall and healthy. I cannot say "taller" or "healthier" because, as said, you need to consider the genetics of a person. There are also very tall people who eat mainly "inorganic" food. More than a million people have been eating "organic" food but they can still look very different from each other.

We, the inorganic consumers live as long and as healthy as the organic consumers. People believe that inorganic consumers die earlier and/or suffer more from health issues. Well, I must tell you that that sort of comment is no different from very religious people forcing their beliefs on those non-believers by saying "You will go to hell if you do not believe in our god". Even organic consumers can die earlier and suffer more than the inorganic consumers should their lifestyle is worse than the inorganic consumers.

Simply because a million people going organic does not automatically make them any better in any way than people who go inorganic. Statistics are not to be taken as a stone craved reality because every year the numbers change. In other words, the rate of illnesses and death of both organic and inorganic consumers are variables. We also need to look into their lifestyle. Organic or not, if you have a horrible lifestyle then organic food will not make you any more super than an inorganic consumer. Why not do a practical test by drinking lots of alcoholic drinks, smoke, do not exercise, do drugs, wear yourself out, make yourself extremely stressful and go organic. And then compare to those people eating inorganic food who are also the same people who do not drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, drugs, and exercise, have sufficient rest and manage themselves well.

You really have a long way to go and you truly need to do your homework thoroughly. I do mean THOROUGHLY. Something that is "natural" or "organic" does not make it safe or non-toxic. Most of the time the natural ones are worse than synthetic or processed ones.

Having said all those, of course everyone has the right to choose how they want to live their lives. However, it is not a kind thing to blindly criticise and jump to conclusions on something that we are not familiar and know little to nothing about something. Something that has been practised for donkey's years does not mean valid. A person with the title "Dr" or "Prof" does not necessarily mean they are impartial. Hearsay and anecdotal evidence are taken lightly. Many are an extremist view, not supported by replicated peer-reviewed studies and not accepted by any international scientific or credible regulatory community.

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