First of all, if you're poor and happy being poor great. There is nothing that says you should be rich and that if you're not rich you're wrong or stupid or whatever else. In many ways, being poor can be much more favorable than being rich. When you're poor you know who your true friends are and when you're poor you know people like you for being you. When you're poor you're forced to develop your character and qualities of yourself that some rich people may not. There are many advantages to being poor and to think that being poor is bad is a narrow way of looking at life.

With that said, there are a great number of poor people who actually hate being poor and feel remorse and jealousy at rich people because of it. Many poor people incorrectly believe that they are poor because other people are rich. Many poor people believe that they are poor because they are unlucky and the victim of some type of injustice. And of course, many poor people are used as political cannon fodder to the whims of politicians to push agendas that neither help the poor or the poor even suspect.

So I am basically addressing the poor people that have been poor for so long and are so used to being poor that it's all they know. I am talking about poor people who are poor by choice, the same way an alcoholic or a drug addict is an addict by choice.

I am talking about people who are literally addicted to being poor.

People usually become addicted to things slowly over time. And then eventually that addiction becomes a part of their life that is hard to shake. The same way we may become addicted to alcohol over time, a poor person may become addicted to being poor over time.

And I mean this in the exact sense of the word addiction.

When you confront an alcoholic or drug addict about addiction they will make every excuse in the book as to why they are an addict. All you have to do is watch the show Intervention a few times to see this.

Alcoholics will never admit to being an alcoholic by choice. They will always put it off onto something or somebody else. They will say it's because of their parents or their environment. They came from a rough neighborhood so alcohol is all they had to turn to. They saw their parents drinking so they started drinking too. They have a mental condition and the alcohol or drugs calm them down. They drink to cope with all the bad stuff that has happened in their life. And on and on. The excuses go on and on.

And it is the exact same way with poor people. They were born poor. Their parents were poor. They're from a poor neighborhood. They have a mental condition so they have to be poor. They're poor because of all the bad stuff that has happened in their life. They're poor because other people have taken advantage of them. The world is against them. The excuses go on and on.

We've heard this story before.

It's worth noting that alcoholics and drug addicts are almost always enabled by somebody or some group. Alcoholics and drug addicts usually have some parent, partner or friend that supports and enables them to carry on the lifestyle that they do. After all, being an alcoholic or drug addict is costly. Not only does it cost money to buy the substance, but it also takes away from time that can be spent working on constructive endeavors to generate money on your own.

It's no different with many poor people. Poor people are enabled by politicians and other groups who tell them again and again that they are a victim and it's not their fault that they are where they are. Vote for the people who will hand out freebies and dig yourself even further into poverty. Avoid the challenge of growth and keep getting your sustenance from others rather than yourself. Why change yourself when you can remain as you have always been? Why do anything differently when somebody is here to support you and tell you exactly what you want to hear? People will pay big money to hear what they want to hear, and they'll pay with their life.

Addicts make other people feel guilty for the position they're in. It's never the addicts fault that they are where they are by choice. No way, it's the fault of everyone but the addicts. They are the victim of an unjust society and you're wrong for not seeing it their way. You're wrong for not feeling sorry for them. It's not their responsibility when everyone else is against them. Have a heart, will ya?

This is the mentality of most addicts. And this is why they remain as addicts. You can not stop being an addict until you truthfully and honestly confront the mentality that enables it. You can not stop being an addict until you fully take responsibility for yourself and your choices that brought you there and that keep you there. Yes, of course not everything is your fault and there are probably many unfair things that happened in your life leading up to it. Good. Learn from it and grow from it. You now know better. You now have better information. What are you going to do with it? Continue to play the victim card? Continue to avoid taking responsibility for your own life and reclaiming your own power? Are you still going to hand your power away and just sit back and let other people dictate your life? That's something an addict would do.

All you have to do is work with a few addicts. Go read the literature behind the mentality of addicts. Study on how to deal with addicts and how addiction works. It's all right there for anybody to learn about. Take a few courses with Al-Anon and listen to them say exactly what I am saying. Addicts are manipulators who will avoid personal responsibility and place the blame on others. What a coincidence, where have I see this before?

So when I say poor people are addicted to being poor, I mean it in exactly the same way an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. It doesn't matter what the substance is. Addicts of all types share the same qualities. Anybody who has ever worked with an addict knows this.

The one thing an addict will never do is take responsibility. And an addict can never overcome their addiction until they take responsibility.

I'm on your side guys, but you're not.

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