Poor is a mentality. Just as rich is. People have the ability to be whatever they want to be, rich, poor, happy, unhappy, free, unfree, smart, stupid, etc. These are all choices that people have control over.

We commonly hear that poor people are born poor and that they are victims. Victims of what, a different starting point in life? People start life in different places and from different dispensations, but this does not mean they are destined to end life the same place they started life.

Just as some poor people can become rich, some rich people can become poor. You don't remain where you started in life, things change. And the change that happens is in accord with the decisions people make.

In general poor people make much worse financial decisions than rich people. Poor people don't save money. Poor people don't defer instant gratification. Poor people think they are victims. Poor people replace self responsibility for state responsibility. There are a number of decisions poor people make which keep them poor. And that can all change with a simple thought.

But poor people generally don't want to change their choices because that is uncomfortable and hard. It is easier to remain poor and blame somebody else, rather than yourself. Look I get it. Poor people generally come from poor families who tell their children the same lie that they are poor and they will always be poor. And then these children become adults and tell their children too. It becomes a religion for poor people. Just as rich people have their own religion they teach their children about money.

I understand that people say poor people don't have the education that rich people do. This for the most part is BS also. "Rich" people are usually just middle class people who think the same as poor people. People who go to K-12, college and then get a degree to work at some job paying them $50k/yr are still poor. These people are not much different than poor people because they are still running their life on auto-pilot. Poor people run their life on auto-pilot as do middle class and even many "rich" people.

If you want to stop being poor you need to take control of your own life and learn self-responsibility. This is the way you become a real human being capable of exploring and expressing their own individual value to the world. And this doesn't happen with rich people any more than it does poor people.

Poor people are no more victims to bad education than rich people. In fact, poor people generally have an advantage because they aren't brainwashed and sucked into the BS school system like most middle-class and "rich" people are. Poor people are closer to being outsiders of the system than most other people. And because of this poor people have the ability to create value outside of the conventional system which is designed to keep you from creating value.

Real entrepreneurs know that real rich doesn't happen with school or a degree. Real rich happens when you bring unique, useful value to the world. When you meet a demand with a supply that is how you become rich. And pretty much nobody in the world does this, rich or poor. And poor people have a better shot at doing this because they are closer to street smart than most other people. And you are much better off being street smart, seeing the world without tarnished system goggles than being book smart and seeing the world only through the rules the system brainwashes you to follow.

So poor people that play the victim as being poor are full of shit. Poor people that think they can't be anything but poor are lying to themselves. Poor people that think they don't have what it takes to be rich are wrong. Poor people can be rich. Poor people have as good of a shot at it as anyone else. Poor people just need to stop making excuses for themselves and understand that being rich is a choice, a conscious decision to live life differently.

Poor people need to stop saying I can't and start saying I can. Poor people need to stop seeing why things aren't possible and start to see why things are possible. Anything is possible and the more you want something the more you will get it. If you want to be poor you will be poor. But if you want to be rich you will be rich. You need to first change your thoughts and understand that the universe if behind you every step of the way. Stop being poor and playing the victim, your rich self is silently speaking to you behind your poor lies telling you that you are a king, because your truly are.

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Brendan : Have you heard of a

Have you heard of a generalisation, you don't know all poor people, I'm sure they don't want to be poor, and when you say they make worse financial decisions like not saving, maybe that's because they don't have money to save!!! There are so many people who are working poor and can't get better skills because they are payed so little that they need to continue working just to survive and so have no time to learn and get better skills for a better job. The real problem is money being in the hands of the few, I'm not saying everyone should be payed the same but 95% of wealth is in the hands of the richest 40%. That surely cannot be right

Quinton Figueroa: Of course I'm making a
@Brendan (view comment)

Of course I'm making a generalization, there are always exceptions. But the trend still holds true. What you're doing right now is allowing poor people to play the victim and subsidizing their bad decisions. This is one of the reasons many remain poor.

It's really easy to not be poor:

1. Don't have children until you're ready
2. Finish high school
3. Don't quit your job

This is all stuff any poor person can do that many choose not to do. Many poor people are poor because they choose to have children before they are ready to support and raise children. Why would you choose to have children knowing they are going to cost thousands of dollars every year to raise? That's a bad choice.

Why would you quit high school when this will provide basic skills for life? Yeah sure public schools are pretty shitty and I'm not a fan either, but it's still better than nothing. Why would parents allow their children to quit school? Why are poor people more likely to choose to drop out than non-poor people? It's free. It has nothing to do with cost.

Why would you quit your job? Poor people are more likely to jump around from job to job rather than build up equity in a position. Poor people work less hours than non-poor people. I know this is a surprise to most people and your immediate response will be, "where's your source?!?!" or "OMFG! You're so full of shit!!!" or "I'm poor and I work so much!!!". Most poor people don't even work 40 hours a week. Go ahead and give it a Google and try something totally outlandish and strange and actually research it. Poor people choose to work less which makes them more poor.

Poor people have time. They have more time than anyone else, they work less. So it's not time, it's not education, it's choice. Poor people choose to be poor. That's why they're poor. Rich people choose to be rich. Yes, there are exceptions, I'm not talking about that. I'm not talking about the spoiled-ass rich kid who was born to millionaire parents that attended all private schools and went to Harvard. This is an exception. Most rich people choose to be rich, they aren't born into it. The same can be said for poor people. They aren't born poor, especially in America. Poor people start out in life better than anyone in the world did 100 years ago. They're not poor. They're born into a world of infinite possibility. They have the ability to forfeit children until ready, they have the ability to finish high school and they have the ability to continue working their job. They choose not to.

The problem is not money being in the hands of the few. Money is in the hands of the few because these people deserve it. Yes, that's right, rich people deserve to be rich. Why is it okay for Lebron James to make millions every year but not some CEO? The CEO actually provides a product or service that makes our lives better. All Lebron James does is entertain people. Why is that okay? Why don't we blame rich athletes? Because it has nothing to do with wealth, it has to do with greed, greedy poor people, not greedy rich people.

Rich people become rich based on economic output. Yes, of course there are exceptions. There are some shitheads that become rich by using government monopolies to sustain their wealth -- and ironically enough the poor people are the largest proponents, through ignorance, of this. But rich people are rich because they made something better. That's how you get rich. People voluntarily choose to give you their money for what you do. If what you do is more valuable than their money they will give it to you. This is what happened to Steve Jobs. You can't complain about rich people when you use an iPhone created by a rich person. You can't complain about rich people when you use a car, okay a bus, created by a rich person. You can't complain about rich people when you use a computer created by a rich person. All the things that make our lives better are a result of rich people and that is why they are rich. They made our lives better. If 1% of the people control most of the wealth that is because 1% of the people are economically more valuable than the other 99% of us. I'm sorry to have to break it to you but this is a mathematical reality.

So please, stop defending poor people for their bad decisions. They choose to be poor. It may be sad, it may be tough, but they do it to themselves. The way to turn it around is to admit that they choose it and to stop playing the victim. Poor people are not victims. They are creators of poverty.

Killua: I've known a lot of poor

I've known a lot of poor people (and we ourselves are more poor than rich). I dunno what the problem of my fellow commentator is, however I believe your points/arguments/stand is much more reasonable. And I base this from observation, experience and second-hand knowledge, to say the least, of people of belonging to various social classes.

Honestly, kudos for the article. As I've mentioned, we're not rich and I really do want to move up from our economic status since poverty, to say the least, is incredibly convenient, apart from the fact that it really is not impossible to change one's circumstances. You're article clearly illuminated why that is. So I also give my thanks. :)

Emma ZB: "there are always exceptions"

"there are always exceptions"¡? I dont know if you reading about mundial situation, or if you traveled someone in you life away from your comfortable home, I mean, without a tourist agency It's the most MaryAntoniet article that i read. You dont have idea what are you writing... For exemple, there are alot of people living with s/.5.00/day while a condon is s/.8.00 (nuevos-soles). Sorry but you dont have argument... It's depend also of few social programs. I hated your goofball article, The world sucks for people like you.

Att. Architect and urban planner and worker in International Cooperation.

Justamiddleclassamerican: You sound uneducated and that
@Emma ZB (view comment)

You sound uneducated and that is why you are poor, anyone who says that poor people don't get a chance are idiots because generally poor people are uneducated. Who the hell wants to hire an idiot? They would rather hire someone with a good resume, intelligence, and have crucial skills many learned in school. Therefore, idiots don't get a chance which makes them poor. All in all poor people are all idiots who either are uneducated, can't save money because of immaturity, or are just complete losers who game the government for welfare while they sit on their lazy asses.

P.S. You may want to learn how to speak a language or atleast understand a language before you try to write in it, and if English is your native tongue, you are barely monolingual and have the writing skills of a six year old.

Rob: So lets try not to get sucked

So lets try not to get sucked into an argument based on perceptions..... What facts are these assessments based on? I don't see any reference to any figures supporting this argument, how have you come to these conclusions? Have you surveyed or seen research surveying anyone?

Also you talk as if you've overcome something, what is your background, how can you talk so derogatory about people without a full understanding of the circumstances.

Finally is there any exception to your rule, for example imagine you were born in a war torn country, imagine your family died at a very young age, now let's imagine you don't gain asylum, you live your life out in the country. Do you believe these people in a land without anywhere near as much opportunity as LA have the same chance in life?

Quinton Figueroa: Not every statement somebody

Not every statement somebody makes needs to spoon feed proof. Even with proof people choose which facts to believe and which facts to disregard. So factual conversations are the least productive kinds of conversations with people who are far from factual (read: 99% of people).

Case in point: Having children is more expensive than not having children. Poor people have more children than rich people. Having children is a choice. It doesn't get much more simple than this. Oh right, the "facts":


If you're really into facts read the first 100 results on this whole page: https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=birth+rate+by+i...

Then look for the common patterns between all articles and determine what the general trend is. What are the facts telling you? Are you willing to let the facts change your mind or are you going to disregard the facts like most people?

Because of course I haven't done any research myself. It's not like I read books about this kind of a thing or discuss this topic with experts. I don't actually look at data and compare multiple sources. I just pull stuff out of my ass and then the people who do no research on things become experts on the topic because I don't show them my research. Earther logic I suppose.

Why does my background matter? How am I talking derogatory? Is a doctor talking derogatory when they tell someone that they have cancer? Should I lie to people and tell them that they have no control over their life?

Of course there are exceptions, I said this in the first sentence of the very comment you are replying to.

gary brunecz: If you had intelligence, you

If you had intelligence, you would realize we live in a class society. People who are not well educated have almost no chance to move up in class. So my point is, it does not matter how hard and how long you work if you are a peasant who is not paid enough to elevate your lifestyle to a so called middle class status. This is one of the main reasons why your country is failing and you are getting ready for the worst economical collapse ever recorded. United we stand divided we FALL. Good Luck

Sean: I don't think you know what
@gary brunecz (view comment)

I don't think you know what you are talking about. I was born and raised in a poverty line family. I was not afforded college, because I did not have the racial background or academics (solid B student) to be given scholarships. I joined the military as a PVT, starting at about $12k a year, worked my way up the ranks to SSG, making over $60k a year, used my tuition assistance, military education benefits, and determination to finish my degree, commission as an Officer, and move up to $90K a year, currently. I am transitioning out of the military now to a new job, making $112K a year, and my wife makes about the same, so the household is $224k a year roughly... Tell me how I went from a trailer park childhood to here? It's determination and a desire to get out no matter what the cost (12 years of service during a war.) Don't tell me that it's not fair, because I know what I had to do to earn my life.

Melissa: Did you have a bank account?
@Sean (view comment)

Did you have a bank account?

Figaro: 'What you're doing right now

'What you're doing right now is allowing poor people to play the victim and subsidizing their bad decisions'

Huh, it's funny how much welfare US corporations constantly need from everyone else. And how, despite making decisions that plunge the world economy into disrepair, face no consequences...then end up with bonuses for their troubles. But yeah, it's totally poor people that are destroying the world.

Anonymous: "Poor people work less hours

"Poor people work less hours than non-poor people."

It's fewer, not less. Must be the fault of the shitty public education you use to support your equally shitty generalizations.

kevin: I think you are mentally

I think you are mentally retarded. One can only become "rich" if they are willing to throw away their compassion and humanity and lie, cheat and steal their way to rich. Show me one single wealthy person who got that way doing the right thing. You can't? That's because there isn't ONE. Rich people got rich by ripping people off like scum bags and having no morality to make them lose sleep over it. If I ever meet you, you should run.

Mccall: Yes

You are one of the most intelligent people on the planet. I am so sick of poor people blaming everyone else for their problems. Instead of sitting on your ass with your hand out go do something! And it is always "me, me, me", when do you ever see a poor person do something to benefit another person? Donate something, volunteer your time, hold a door for someone...nope! Me me me!!!!!

luis l: think outside the boy
@Brendan (view comment)

Your full of s##t,,open up your scacity mind,,you have limits,,you need to think outside the box,,i will give my testimonial i was broke with no money in the bank couple years ago i bought my first property when it was dirt cheap i did not have money ,so i looked for family members and friends to come in on my vision bought the property for 18k ,fixed it and rented out for cash money machine,and from the rent paid my family their money back a small amount every month,,i sold it for 195k after 5 years,,and )made 500%investmnt and using non of my money,,,i am now flipping 30 houses per years there ...you are close minded,,you will always stay poor,,i see it in you,poor,,poor minded...

tom: So you bought your first
@luis l (view comment)

So you bought your first property with no money at all? You had some money, you had family, you had friends, you somehow became a person who did the right choice. Did you ever wonder how others people mind work? You should be grateful that you did not end as a poor minded person, but if you really believe that it was your choice, you are deluded.

Quinton Figueroa: More excuses...

More excuses...

The world is against me. Poor me. I can't amount to anything. I'm unlucky. Other people are more lucky than me. I was born poor. Other people are born rich. Those people don't deserver what they have. I can't have nice things. I can't be smart. I can't be educated. I can't better my situation. My whole life has to suck. Poor me. Let me spend my whole life making excuses. Why change myself when I can blame others?

Nate: You are reading a lot into

You are reading a lot into that person's comment. I don't see how that is a logical response. You seem angry.

megaman: If you disagree with a post

If you disagree with a post someone else has made you need to explain why you disagree and provide evidence where possible.

All you have done here is project 16 negative character traits (at least 4 of which were duplicates) onto another person.

If your going to do this you would be better off not saying anything at all

Behaving in this manner discredits YOU not the person you are projecting negative character traits on because it highlights the fact that you cannot see past your own prejudice and have no valid counter argument to the other persons views.

I have noticed that you have repeated this behavior 16 times in a single paragraph.
No matter how many times you do this it will never do you any good at all. it will ALWAYS discredit you and NEVER discredit the other person.
Even If you were to do it 1000 times there is literally a 0% chance that you will make the other person look bad in any way.

Your attempt to discredit someone else has failed and backfired - 16 times.

To be clear

You have made 16 separate attempts to discredit another person in a single paragraph.
you have FAILED to discredit the other person 16 times
You have discredited YOURSELF 16 times.
Any further attempts to do this are 100% guaranteed to end with the same result

Quinton Figueroa: That post wasn't directed at

That post wasn't directed at me. I was just trying to put myself in a poor person's shoes to better understand it.

megaman: you said

you said

"The world is against me. Poor me. I can't amount to anything. I'm unlucky. Other people are more lucky than me. I was born poor. Other people are born rich. Those people don't deserver what they have. I can't have nice things. I can't be smart. I can't be educated. I can't better my situation. My whole life has to suck. Poor me. Let me spend my whole life making excuses. Why change myself when I can blame others?"

Everything i said applies to the entire content of this post

To ovoid any confusion i will now repeat what i said in reply.

If you disagree with a post someone else has made you need to explain why you disagree and provide evidence where possible.

All you have done here is project 16 negative character traits (at least 4 of which were duplicates) onto another person.

If your going to do this you would be better off not saying anything at all

Behaving in this manner discredits YOU not the person you are projecting negative character traits on because it highlights the fact that you cannot see past your own prejudice and have no valid counter argument to the other persons views.

I have noticed that you have repeated this behavior 16 times in a single paragraph.
No matter how many times you do this it will never do you any good at all. it will ALWAYS discredit you and NEVER discredit the other person.
Even If you were to do it 1000 times there is literally a 0% chance that you will make the other person look bad in any way.

Your attempt to discredit someone else has failed and backfired - 16 times.

To be clear

You have made 16 separate attempts to discredit another person in a single paragraph.
you have FAILED to discredit the other person 16 times
You have discredited YOURSELF 16 times.
Any further attempts to do this are 100% guaranteed to end with the same result

Quinton Figueroa: I can't feel sorry for myself

I can't feel sorry for myself? I can't say the world is against me? WHEN IT IS!! What are you, some greedy Capitalist!?!? Maybe you were born more fortunate than others but it's not fair for you to take your privilege out on me!!

Ashley Johnson: Do you enjoy kicking people

Do you enjoy kicking people while they're down? Lol.

quinton figueroa is a fucking moron: retard

look up "straw man fallacy" you absolute fucking retard. your entire stupid article consists of nothing but a giant logical fallacy. all you do is fabricate a stupid argument for an opposition that doesn't even exist, and then argue against the stupid argument that you made up and *somehow* make it look like your position is smarter.

kill yourself you arrogant fuckup. i don't even know why i bothered writing this to someone who's obviously so goddamn moronic that they'll never be able to appreciate their own ignorance.

Jim Thompson: Erm, because I was born to a

Erm, because I was born to a mother raped by a terrorist gang in the heart of sub saharan Africa. Having to suffering Leprosy at the age of 2, and losing both of my hands I was unable to write and complete schoolwork (we don't have computers, microphones or any gadgets for learning here in the desert). Because the nearest drinking well is 14Km away and the next one after that is 296Km it is very hard to travel far. The terrorist group who raped my mother also pillaged and stole our livestock.

I suppose all of the poverty and grief stricken on me at the age of 2 years old is my own fault. Maybe if I had tried a little harder, walked a little further then I could have not been poor - just like you Mr. It must have been because my mum chose to be single because when Dad tried to protect her from the terrorists they beheaded him. It's all her fault.

You have everything you want. I bet it is really nice to sit up there on your ego and cast your smarmy opinion down on the rest of the world. If only I had been born into a Western modern society, where I had a government, family, inheritance, education and health care to fall back and rely on I could have been just like you. It's my fault I had none of that.

You Sir, are a C*NT.

Kurt M: So you had other people buy
@luis l (view comment)

So you had other people buy an investment property for you, and feel as though that somehow entitles you to feeling smug for "thinking outside the box"? It's all so obvious now! Why didn't I just get family to buy me a property!

Bongstar420: Look. Stop lying.
@Brendan (view comment)

Look. Stop lying.
We all know you chose not to be donald trump.

Its a choice. Get over it

People choose to be poor. Donald trump is better than us because he chooses to be rich.

ES: Poor people chose to be poor
@Brendan (view comment)

More excuses Mark ski uses nobody works so much that they can’t take one class at college recorder you can do these classes online there’s even classes that are free and I’m so sick and tired of people saying money is controlled by the few, you don’t even know what you’re saying when you say that and it doesn’t make any sense those are the ultra super Rich were talking about not being poor anymore don’t have kids don’t buy a car take the bus don’t go out to eat make your dinner find activities that are free to do instead of spending money all the time for your self gratification .
Generalization may be true but it is true people choose their destiny and if you don’t do anything and just allow fate to happen that’s a choice also so get off your ass and get a second job maybe pick up aluminum cans turn them in and make $100 a month extra

Susan M Justice: People do not choose to be poor a******
@Brendan (view comment)

You know what dude..
if you think people choose to be poor you are more insane than they could possibly be choosing to be poor... I have worked my ass off in this country my entire life paying my taxes and dues and I have had to work two jobs and I am a woman having to take men jobs just trying to stay afloat in this godforsaken country so why don't you shut the hell up until you really know what you're talkin about... this pisses me the hell off... and besides that we're mostly poor because of the greedy son of a b****** that want to control all the money and have all the power and all this b******* that man cannot self-rule this country America let alone anything else in the world... you surely have one closed mind and I have met a few people with that...

Jacqueline: Poor people believe that

Poor people believe that somebody should give them money and stuff, according to them working is for loosers and when it comes to managing their finances they are just pathetic, buying things on account, buying expensive stuff just so their friends would think they are well off, and talking rubbish about stupid stuff. Poverty equals stupidity

Michael: I suppose spelling is for
@Jacqueline (view comment)

I suppose spelling is for 'loosers' too.

michael: sorry jaqueline you are
@Jacqueline (view comment)

sorry jaqueline you are actually wrong on a few things, read robert kiyosakis books on how to be wealthy one of the things is you must learn to stop judging others, I come from a very wealthy family i know how the wealthy roll , okay here is what you got wrong being poor and living in povery are actually 2 different scenarios, being poor means you have no money living in povery means you have not got access to food, running water a bit like some of those world famine ads you see, some people are poor because they have been constantly ripped off, or they have court cases endless ones they go through and they have just had enough m look the cost of living is through the roof in society and you can not say poor people are stupid when 95% of the world is actually poor or die poor, poor people are not stupid alot of them are highly skilled people with highly specialised skills and because of those highly specialised skills they are well sought after and they spend all of their resources doing the job PROPERLY, okay going back to robert kiyosakis books, you say poor people think working is for losers again you are wrong a lot of rich people dont actually work for money, rich people make there money work for them, another point you are wrong on poor people are actually very good at handling money, read about muhummud yunis a nobel peace prize winner found out and is still happening to this day muhhumud yunis the founder of the grameen bank lent money to his fellow country men and women that were starving to death he saved bangladesh from starvation , want to know what he found out wealthy naks dont lend money to the poor to much of a risk apparantly which is actually bullshit of the highest order, he found out the wealthy didnt pay back loans and did everything they could to get out of paying back loans, LOL rich people taking responsibility for themselves you have got to be kidding, and when muhummud yunis lent money to the poor who started buisness with the money he found out the poor people paid the money back in record time at breakneck speed, and jaqueline something else you should know about poor people or the unemployed is that most of them start buisnesses and employ workers eventually, 95 % of the world die poor so jaqueline you are saying 95% of the world are stupid are you seems to be a very high amount, you may need to stop judging people because a big reason poor people become rich is because they have a better attitude and your attitude is so underserving of the love i have gotten from a lot of poor people, poor people are not stupid, hey if poor people want some nice things to make them feel a little better about their situation people like you seem to be willing to dig the whole deeper for them im glad they have some nice things and that they feel rich for maybe a day, just letting you know im 42 i do come from a wealthy family and i am poor, i am a highly skilled automotive technician studied it and have had my own buisness, i studied carpentry, i studied buisness, studied a lot about money, i dont drink , smoke , do drugs or any of your stereo typing you think poor people do, I am a very fit 43 year old, i have a lot of very wealthy friends and lots of celebritys within my family, I have worked for BP oil in my life, I have worked for a telco, i have worked for ford, also O,brien glass australias biggest windscreen installation company, a lot of the rest of my family are doctors, lawyers, accountants,rock stars, CEOs of large companies, there are models in my family, a famous all black coach, there is a lot going on in my family and we are all over the world, let me be quiet clear i also know lots of poor people me included i have maybe $1,000 in my bank account, i grew up living a lifestyle you could only dream about i grew up rich, all through life you know what will make you happy its not money its relationships with caring people and a lot of poor people are very caring people, you most likely do not really have the privilidge like i have of cherishing good people without paranoia of money involved its great, nothing in this world is what it seems and you still have lots of growing to do as a person

steve : poor

This is one of those loaded topics. Defining poor from monetary means and not a state of mind is my intention here since certainly a state of mind argument is possible. Anyway, if you throw out all the privilege arguments for a minute and assume equal footing between two people with similar backgrounds, talents, and so forth. Then enters choices. If one goes to the store and robs and the other goes to the store and buys peanut butter. Its up to each person. If the wrong choice in a society of laws is made, a person might be shot dead, arrested with a rap sheet or get away with it. Either person could get a job and work for lousy pay or get lucky and find one with good pay and either could go to school and work their way up to be a middle class servant to taxes to pay for government and all that stuff. Even with middle class, one can still be somewhat monetarily poor though not as bad off generally as in poverty. The main thing i think is that one can blame society or even god or accept the deal and take responsibility for their choices. Unfortunately for some, they screw up early on in numerous ways and criminal records and children out of wedlock can contribute to staying poor the rest of their lives. Many criminals do not accept their responsibility and keep blaming society for their failure while they contribute by their criminal activity to other people's possibly failing. There are opportunities for those who find them.

jose: Dude, go fly a kite you dont

Dude, go fly a kite you dont know what your saying. Things happen to people all the time regardless. A rich man could become poor one day or vice versa. Life makes no sense and neither do you. Get a new hat too since you got so much dinero to spend brother.

Jay: Poor folk

Why did you choose a picture of people of color?

passionfruit: Because a coloured person in

Because a coloured person in that image implies that you are talking about a third world country. It's obvious, that in your little cozy first world, you've never bothered to look up and see the sadder third world. Because the third world is nearly impossible to get out of. Say, you are in Africa. You don't have running water, and you barely get enough money to get food, often you and your family members have to starve on certain days. You don't have any money you can save up to do something. You will most likely die at 14 years. Now, you are just calling them 'weak-minded' and 'frail'. You claim that they can easily take a one way ticket straight out into a far better life. They can't. You don't earn enough money to even buy a plane ticket. If you're lucky, you could save up to buy a cheap house. You don't get access to education. You can't start a business or get anywhere with your life. Yet you think that they have true freedom. That's a very stupid concept.
Being Poor is not a state of mind. It's not a mentality. It's like a birthmark, stuck on you forever. You need a lot of money to get it removed, money that you just can't get. Honestly, You shouldn't talk when you (this is me assuming) haven't even experienced poverty, you come from a first world, and you seem to have this opinion that you are superior to all that aren't you.
I'll leave with this. I can't take you seriously, when in this post; http://www.slayerment.com/blog/communism-vs-socialism-vs-fascism-vs-capi... you say "Capitalism is the best form of government we have experienced on earth so far because it is in the closest alignment with the laws of the universe and truth."
The Laws of the universe? You're not just talking about the laws of our earth, our morals. You are talking about the universe, that we know so little about! For all we know, there could be alien foundations where Communism fits in 100% more smoothly than anything else. Or Socialism, Or Facism.

Quinton Figueroa: > Because a coloured person
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> Because a coloured person in that image implies that you are talking about a third world country.

No it doesn't.

> It's obvious, that in your little cozy first world, you've never bothered to look up and see the sadder third world.

I'm not responsible for the poverty of other nations.

> Because the third world is nearly impossible to get out of.

America went from 3rd world to 1st world in 100 years with a system that they invented. That system is now well known. Why are other nations unable to implement this framework to get them into the 1st world?

> Say, you are in Africa. You don't have running water, and you barely get enough money to get food, often you and your family members have to starve on certain days. You don't have any money you can save up to do something. You will most likely die at 14 years. Now, you are just calling them 'weak-minded' and 'frail'. You claim that they can easily take a one way ticket straight out into a far better life. They can't. You don't earn enough money to even buy a plane ticket. If you're lucky, you could save up to buy a cheap house. You don't get access to education. You can't start a business or get anywhere with your life. Yet you think that they have true freedom. That's a very stupid concept.

This article isn't directed to the 3rd world. I understand that it is totally different there. This is directed towards America and Western Europe.

> Being Poor is not a state of mind. It's not a mentality. It's like a birthmark, stuck on you forever. You need a lot of money to get it removed, money that you just can't get.

BS. And you stating this gives credence towards it being a state of mind.

> Honestly, You shouldn't talk when you (this is me assuming) haven't even experienced poverty, you come from a first world, and you seem to have this opinion that you are superior to all that aren't you.

This is a religious argument. You've never heard from my God so that's why you're not my religion. State something measurable or arguable.

> The Laws of the universe? You're not just talking about the laws of our earth, our morals. You are talking about the universe, that we know so little about! For all we know, there could be alien foundations where Communism fits in 100% more smoothly than anything else. Or Socialism, Or Facism.

Forget laws of the universe. It clearly has alleviated poverty more than any other form of government. Why are countries, especially the 3rd world, so against implementing it? If Capitalism is so bad why do Capitalist countries have less poverty than non-Capitalist countries?

Like I said, state of mind.

Samuel T. Djaban: POOR

Quinton Figueroa, you really did a very good job and this can bring a change if only people come to understand that poverty can be eradicated. Change is difficult but its a must for growth and dream realization. 'BILL GATE' once said and i quote, 'If you are born poor it's not your mistake, but if you die poor it's your mistake. this comes to a state of mentality, how you see or go about things. You can achieve anything you can imagine.


I agree with you that poverty is a state of the mind. Bill Gate once said and I quote 'If you are born poor it's not your mistake, but if you die poor it's your mistake' that's more than a prove.

biased article: allright I saw your other

allright I saw your other article and was like, okay maybe it was an exception, but you really do write bullshit.

biased article: I just don't understand why

I just don't understand why you pick heavy debatable subject and dont treat about all the possibilities, this makes it really hard to discuss about, since some people are born in it and simply dont have the means like other people would, this is something you clearly forgot to say. I agree with you though that some people don't help it, but that's just a mere generalisation you cant base your article on something like that.. research a little get some infos, put your sources and be more credible.

Quinton Figueroa: Out of all your words you
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Out of all your words you have 1 argument: that since some people are born poor (whatever that means) they don't have the means that other people do.

How is not possible for a person who is born "poor" to better their situation?

Cory: Simplistic and childlike

There's so many ridiculous things about this article I don't even know where to begin. But the main idea I want to leave you with is that those born rich have limitless choices. Poor people have only a few choices.

This reminds me of when my daughter was 5 and asked of starving people in Africa: " Why don't they just order pizza?"

Quinton Figueroa: Which choices do rich people
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Which choices do rich people have towards not being poor that poor people do not have?

megaman: I find it disturbing that you

I find it disturbing that you need to be told this

rich people could go to college
rich people could go to private school
rich people could do vocational training
rich people could setup a business.

Poor people cannot do any of these things because they dont have the money.

They cant afford the tuition fees for college, school or vocational training that that is an absolute barrier to doing these gateways to opportunity.
They cant afford the costs of starting up a business so any entrepreneurial visions ideas they may have are dead in the water.

It is not just the up front costs that they cant afford.
If you want to go to college, school or vocational training you need somewhere to live, you need to buy books, you need to pay for food and transport. They cant do any of these things because the dont have money.
If you want to start a business you need extra cash to live on until the business makes enough money for you to pay yourself enough to live on. guess what, poor people dont have this money.

Oh and guess what else
They cant even start small and slowly save up the money needed to take advantage of these opportunities because, yup you guessed it, they dont have the money needed to even get started.

in addition they have a lack of time.
Since they dont have any skills or assets, and have no means of getting these things they have no choice but to do multiple minimum wage jobs just to survive. leaving no time to pursue any "opportunities"

Quinton Figueroa: Out of the 4 things listed

Out of the 4 things listed the only one that matters is starting a business. And you most certainly don't need money to do this. You need the desire and balls to do it. And starting a business does not ensure being rich. 9 out of 10 businesses fail.

You don't need college, private school or vocational training to be rich. In many ways these work against you because they teach you to work for money rather than how to have money work for you. These teach you to be an employee as opposed to employing.

Are you done making excuses?

megaman: You said

You said
"Out of the 4 things listed,the only one that matters is starting a business"

At this point you have deliberately ignored 3 of the points i made.
This implies that you have no god counter argument to 3/4 of the points i made.
You have thoroughly discredited yourself with this comment. well done.

You said
"you most certainly don't need money to do this. "

Please describe how this can be done without money or some other asset/advantage that some people dont have.

You said
"9 out of 10 businesses fail"

Please state a source for this "fact"
Please also explain how this "fact" supports anything you have said.

You said
"You don't need college, private school or vocational training to be rich. In many ways these work against you because they teach you to work for money rather than how to have money work for you. These teach you to be an employee as opposed to employing"

Please explain how these teach you to "work for money" and how they " teach you to be an employee as opposed to employing"

Please also explain how a person who is poor is able to take advantage of these opportunities when they cannot afford tuition fees and living expenses without multiple minimum wage jobs that would leave them no time to study or attend classes

You said
"Are you done making excuses?"

Would you please explain where I have made a excuse
Incidentally i have caught you using the phrase "making excuses" many many times in this forum
will you please explain why you do this?
Is it because you think that the audiences are idiots who are stupid enough to be fooled by buzz words?

Quinton Figueroa: At this point you have

At this point you have deliberately ignored 3 of the points i made.
This implies that you have no god counter argument to 3/4 of the points i made.
You have thoroughly discredited yourself with this comment. well done.

Steve Jobs dropped out of school.
Bill Gates dropped out of school.
Henry Ford dropped out of school.
Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school.

You don't need school to become rich. All the A students who went to school now work for these people to make them even more rich.

Please describe how this can be done without money or some other asset/advantage that some people dont have.

I started my first business without money. It's easy: spend 5 years reading lots of books. Take what you learned and offer it to people who need your value. I learned how to create websites and I started building websites for people and making money. Just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean it's not possible. Unless of course you're a victim.

You said
"9 out of 10 businesses fail"

Please state a source for this "fact"
Please also explain how this "fact" supports anything you have said.


People assume starting a business means you will make lots of money. But starting a business is really hard and the vast majority of businesses fail.

Please explain how these teach you to "work for money" and how they " teach you to be an employee as opposed to employing"

School is meant to teach you how to get a high paying job. Entrepreneurship is risky and doesn't follow a set path. Entrepreneurship is dynamic and changing. School can't possibly teach this due to the nature of needing to follow a set curriculum. People who go to school don't usually have what it takes to be entrepreneurs which is why they go to school. Following rules, being afraid to make mistakes and doing what you're told stands in contradistinction to entrepreneurship.

So schools teach people to work for money, which means they teach you to get a job. It's easy to secure students with a job that pays money. It's hard to secure students with a business that pays money. This is why 9 out of 10 businesses failing is relevant.

Please also explain how a person who is poor is able to take advantage of these opportunities when they cannot afford tuition fees and living expenses without multiple minimum wage jobs that would leave them no time to study or attend classes

Poor people shouldn't go to school. It's a waste of time and money.

Would you please explain where I have made a excuse

"rich people could go to college
rich people could go to private school
rich people could do vocational training
rich people could setup a business."

These are all excuses for poor people.

Incidentally i have caught you using the phrase "making excuses" many many times in this forum
will you please explain why you do this?

Because poor people make excuses to avoid personal responsibility.

Is it because you think that the audiences are idiots who are stupid enough to be fooled by buzz words?

I don't assume they are.

Any other homework assignments you have for me? Or are you ready to start finding answers on your own?

Dante: Well said. Agree with you on

Well said. Agree with you on all accounts. It's annoying when you have to educate people during the argument just so they can keep up. A nuisance when sources are required to provide proof of things that one would expect are "common knowledge". Many believe they are arguing with you but more importantly, they're arguing with and against themselves. Ultimately, there are other factors involved when choosing a particular lifestyle and it's not exactly a black and white picture. Still, the overall message that you are trying to send is desperately needed and well received by those who still possess the ability to learn despite social conditioning and being subjected to the learning institutionalization process.

Just some advice, when delivering a message as controversial as this, find the grey area and lean to whichever side you must to make your point. Because to state this information in such a cold cut black and white setting, will only damage the credibility and authenticity of your intended message. As I'm sure you know, average people have a hard time discerning and making distinctions withina body of information; meaning if 10% of what you say is inaccurate or incorrect, the average listener usually will view the entire body of information as unworthy to take seriously. They are not trained to take what is good, and discard what isn't. This is why our society thrives off creating a false image and persona of perfection. Manipulation at its best.

So, that said, know that there are numerous factors that predate the subconscious decision to live a particular lifestyle. We are all born in different circumstances. It's easy to say to another who is born into a unfortunate belief system or culture that they can simply "choose" to adopt a wealthy lifestyle when that could result in the individual being ostracized by his/her family and support system. There are numerous challenges to overcome before one can reach the level to take control of their own life and make a change that could alter their family tree forever. Many cultures and people function in solidarity and unity with philosophies that may work against being wealthy. You are right when you say it is a "choice" however, the best way to persuade or share a message is to display a degree of understanding (grey area) to the listner, before proceeding, lest people will find you ignorant. Keep in mind that liberal views of the West are not shared in many cultures, that goes for individualism and freedom of choice as well. Such attempts to aim for progression in many lands can often be met by a degree of danger. Far from a simple choice.

I will say that for our fellow brothers and sisters here in the West, there is less excuse for our ignorance . We live in a land where individuality and creativity is encouraged, as well as freedom of choice and freedom of speech.

Cory:

Just read your responses to those commenting. You really are a complete moron, or, hopefully, this was all from a character you're playing, sort of like Stephen Colbert. I'd hate to think someone was really this stupid, and hate to think that after a dozen comments telling you this article is idiotic that it wouldn't make you think that maybe you have it wrong.

ihateworkandmoney: reply to bs

Bro this article complete BS
money root all evil problem and poor in this world untils day is remove destroy etc.,95% human race will be slave to this control, why fuck poor paid for water electricity basic necesity education something should be completely free provided by govement......system make people go work stupid job mcdanald, sale drug, stripper protetucion etc ...BRO this reality going really far now cuz dont have proff of this but to me is obvious becuase world to crazy to be like this., Their must be Aliens who control this world keep planet under slave system for specific purpose. and probably taking some kind resource from Us we dont see..... We all live very rich planet enough land resource to all to live life like kings all lies even population of planet is lie there not 6 billion people in this planet maybe 600 milllon all lie from out real master who keep Us slave thinking we just stupid sheep people ....anyways is world fuck all cuz money!!!! peace Fuck Money!

karmaniga: nigga mind
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Read all this fucking comment only nigga have point here correct this crazzy alien nigggu that we slave system wakeup fuck recomend watching movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096256/ they live is not even move more like documentary of true world you living
yeah dude fuck money!

Judiibon: Wow, get your head out of the

Wow, get your head out of the sand. Just reading this , I can see how horribly juvenille and ignorant you are about the reality of poverty for many people. Obviously you haven't heard of the poverty cycle... society's system is DESIGNED to keep you from improving your socio economic status. I can speak from personal experience. I was born poor. Homeless several times as a child. Something that was never my fault or decision. Those were just the circumstances I was born into. So I try to make good decisions as I get older. Get good grades, attend uni, get a degree, etc. I choose not to be poor... but it is so so SO EXTREMELY HARD to get ahead. And it's due to society's system as I said. Lacking money holds you back, discriminatory attitudes like yours hold you back, governmental policies hold you back and trap you in the poverty cycle. I have just attained my degree and I'm currently job applying while getting welfare benefits for survival. But because I'm on welfare benefits I'm only allowed to look for any minimum wage jobs. I can't look for a job relating to my degree. Those are the rules of being on welfare benefits. Then get off of benefits...is what I'm hearing you saying. Guess what? I CANT There is absolutely nothing for me to fall back on, and I don't exactly want to be homeless again. So, I have to stick to just getting a minimum wage job because of the welfare benefit rules...which wont make me much money at all, meaning I will never get out of the poverty cycle. I choose to get out, but my choice isn't respected or recognised. Do you see how my circumstances are NOT my choice and are the results of external/environmental factors? That is the reality for many poor people. And please don't generalise the poor to be ubeducated. Intelligence has nothing to do with wealth. I have an IQ of 140 yet I'm poor. There are intelligent people from both poor backgrounds and rich backgrounds. The same goes for unintelligent people. Seems you're the latter.

Quinton Figueroa: Thanks for the response.
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Thanks for the response. Calling yourself a victim of the system is another excuse. Of course the system is designed to keep people poor, yet people continue to vote for and support the system. You think it's rich people voting to keep welfare and government? If we got rid of the system majority of people would want the system back. So people use the system and then blame the system. If we got rid of the system rich people would rejoice and poor people would vote for it back. What does this tell you? It's just another excuse.

How are you unable to get off welfare? What are your monthly expenses? Do you have children to support? Have you made other choices which make it impossible for you to live without welfare? Anybody can live off a minimum wage job if they cut back and are single. That's what you do when you're starting off in life and poor. You have low expenses and you slowly build. You're making yet another excuse for yourself.

If I was poor, let me rephrase, when I was poor I rented a single bedroom in a house for years while slowly building and growing my economic value. I didn't complain and point the finger at rich people, or government, or where I was born, or my parents or any other excuse I could come up with. None of that matters. What matters are the choices you make right now.

You do understand that welfare and all the stuff people tell you about you being a victim is dis-empowering you. I am telling you that you are no worse than anyone else. I am telling you that you can do anything and be anything with your life. You just need to stop telling yourself that you're a victim. You have the ability to do anything. There are tons and tons of people who start off poor in life and better their situation. The difference between them and those that don't? Choices. You have infinite choices to make and the choices you make determine where you end up. You are not a victim.

jmorgan: It's easy to tell someone how to do something you've never done

Like almost everyone on this page I see they're telling you you're wrong, which you are. There's a saying "these people were born on third, thinking they hit a triple". That sir, describes you.

Here are several critiques I have of your ideas. The Information I got from http://www.slayerment.com/about, which is apparently written about you, by you.

" Being an entrepreneur and owning his own business, my dad got upset at me and said it's not good to rely on a steady paycheck. "

So your family already has a good income, and has solid business connections. Most people don't have that.

"During school I managed to pay my rent and everything by doing freelance web work on the side. The actual school tuition was paid compliments of my grandparents. "

Most people have to pay their own tuition, you didn't. I know many people who are still trying to pay off their school loans years after they graduated, and they are doing everything they can to pay it off. Also, I sincerely doubt you paid your rent from unreliable side jobs. If it was that easy, then everyone would work at home and do it. There's something you're not telling us. I call BS.

"This eventually led to me meeting up and starting a company with a seasoned businessman right at the time I was getting out of college"

Why did the business partner pick you to share the business with? What, you're sterling personality? Again, there's something you're not telling us. Maybe it's a connection you got from your father. Maybe you had the cash to do it. Either way, almost no one else has this massive advantage to do this. When they do, it's either a family connection, or they bought into it.

"Now mind you, starting a new business is never easy, especially when you're not rich. I had about 10k to my name and we needed to make this thing profitable"

Probably the most laughable part of the auto-biography. Do you have any idea how many people have an extra 10K lying around? Almost no one has that kind of money. Most people are in debt. To say you're "not rich" because you only had 10K in the bank is like some rich kid saying he's hard done by because his father only bought him a BMW, instead of the ferrari he wanted because all the other kids at school had it.

So as I said before, you were born on third, thinking you hit a triple. It's astounding how someone can delude themselves to the point of believing what you do.

Quinton Figueroa: Oh look, resorting to ad
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Oh look, resorting to ad-hominem attacks. Rather than addressing the argument you are now attacking the person.

"So your family already has a good income, and has solid business connections. Most people don't have that."

There are many, many things my parents said and taking one snippet does no justice towards any of it. If I were to tell you right now that it's not good to rely on a steady paycheck would you listen to me? Because how you respond to it is a choice. Just like I had choices throughout my entire life on how to respond to my parents and other external influences. If I go up to somebody and tell them the exact same thing my dad told me about paychecks most people would not listen to me. I did listen to my dad on this because it made sense. Me listening was a choice. Most people would not have listened, no matter where it came from.

Moreover, many of the things my dad said I didn't listen on, like religion. My whole life isn't an extension of my parents like most people. Was me choosing to not listen to the incoherent Christian advice of my parents also something most people don't have access to? Do most people not have access to bad religious advice? Do most people not have access to parents who ridicule any relationship they're in? Do most people not have access to parents who think they are right on everything and if you don't agree with them you're the bad guy? Do most people not have these advantages that I do?

Also, what got me started in business was not my dad. What got me started in business was a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Everybody still has access to that book, and many other great ones, today. But nobody cares. Nobody reads. Nobody makes that choice. And the choice is yours.

"Most people have to pay their own tuition, you didn't. I know many people who are still trying to pay off their school loans years after they graduated, and they are doing everything they can to pay it off. Also, I sincerely doubt you paid your rent from unreliable side jobs. If it was that easy, then everyone would work at home and do it. There's something you're not telling us. I call BS."

School set me back. Again, bad advice from my mom in this case. I didn't want to go. I have not used anything I learned in school and I wasted 2 years of my life. So if people don't go to college then they will come out ahead. Going into debt over school is one of the stupidest things you can do. I write about it extensively in this site.

I paid my rent by doing freelance web design. I have never used funds from my parents since moving out at age 17, and actually even before that when I was in high school. How did I learn how to do web design? Oh I don't know, I only read book after book and spent 15 hours a day experimenting in something I had a passion for. Forget the countless nights of not going out and partying and instead sitting in my room and reading and learning. That most certainly wasn't a choice was it? My choosing not to party and instead read was not a choice. Poor people don't have that choice.

Yeah there is something I'm not telling you: that it's not easy. That's why nobody does it. It takes hard work and passion. And I worked my ass off for it. I didn't get where I am today by pointing my finger and doing nothing. I got where I am today by reading and working hard, all choices that anyone has the ability to make.

"Why did the business partner pick you to share the business with? What, you're sterling personality? Again, there's something you're not telling us. Maybe it's a connection you got from your father. Maybe you had the cash to do it. Either way, almost no one else has this massive advantage to do this. When they do, it's either a family connection, or they bought into it."

He picked me because he saw that I was hungry for it. He picked me because I knew my shit. Yeah there is something I'm not telling you. I'm not telling you that I went to interview after interview while I wasn't wasting time in college to find a good job and see what opportunities were out there. Again a choice. Nobody has the advantage of spending 5 years of their life learning everything they can about a craft? Nobody has the advantage of working your ass off in the present to create a better future? People don't quite have that advantage? People don't have the advantage of telling their friends they don't want to go out and party and instead educate themselves?

"Probably the most laughable part of the auto-biography. Do you have any idea how many people have an extra 10K lying around? Almost no one has that kind of money. Most people are in debt. To say you're "not rich" because you only had 10K in the bank is like some rich kid saying he's hard done by because his father only bought him a BMW, instead of the ferrari he wanted because all the other kids at school had it."

Yes, very laughable. Because I could have never worked my ass off to earn an extra 10k huh? Rather than buy a new car, rather than buy nice clothes, rather than live above my means I actually used my time to learn something that could make me money. Rather than buying stupid shit on credit and going into debt by choice like poor people I instead did something completely crazy and out of line and most certainly not by choice: I worked hard and saved my money. I was completely frugal not by choice. I still am frugal not by choice. Actually it's probably white privilege. That's what it is. I'm white so all these things magically fell into place for me.

Again, my personal life makes no difference on my arguments. The fact that you address me as a person instead of my arguments is quite telling.

Nick: Poverty is a choice made in autopilot

You're right, poor people choose to be poor ( or choose to stay poor if they were born poor ). But really , it's a choice they make without knowing what they're doing.

In one extreme, there's mentally ill people who need help ( like most homeless). They probably didn't choose their state, but spiraled into it. Maybe they could have prevented their current mental state if they had been aware of what was going on in their head. But maybe not.

The other extreme is people who are not clinically mentally ill, but are still choosing to be poor. But are they really choosing? I don' t think anyone chooses to be in a bad situation unless they are not aware of what they're doing. I think poor people are simply not aware that they keep making choices that keeps them poor (Trust me, I grew up poor, but I made choices that slowly got me of poverty. That included from ways of thinking to type of people I chose as friends). That includes all decisions, ways of thinking, outlooks, etc. Poor people (and actually most people ) are simply not aware that their way of thinking (and decisions made due to their way of thinking) are causing them to stay poor. It's %100 possible to be in a better situation, depending on what you mean by poor. ( My definition is that you don't have money to eat and be well. Other people's definitions of poor could be that you don't have money to go out. )

I think it's our human nature (innate abilities) to make the best choices for ourselves, to stay healthy and happy. But this can only happen if we are totally aware of our what is causing us harm. If people were aware that bad choices lead to or keep you in poverty, they would not make those choices. Even in the worst situations, humans can make the best choices to get out of those situations (even it it's really slow).

Jm: Life is nature and nurture.

Life is nature and nurture. There is no freewill.

Snoglydox: Sorry Mr. Figueroa,

...you do not know what hard work is.

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.”
― George Monbiot

Quinton Figueroa: What's your argument?
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What's your argument?

Cormac Mulhall: That the world (from African

That the world (from African to Asia to South American) is full of poor people who work much much much harder than you do, who are much much much more careful with their money than you are, who care much much much more about getting out of poverty than you think they do, yet are not as successful as you think they should be.

So maybe you should reflect on that, there is probably something more going on that you don't fully understand.

Quinton Figueroa: It's not about working harder
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It's not about working harder, it's about working smarter. I would rather 1 Steve Jobs who innovates and creates technology that makes the lives of billions of people better as opposed to 1,000,000 people who don't innovate at all. It's not about working hard at all, it's about working smart.

Cormac Mulhall: As a person who works in

As a person who works in technology and is very well aware of Apple's history, it is a very odd choice to pick Steve Jobs as an example. Jobs became wealthy by associating himself with Steve Wozniak, who actually did all the work in making the Apple 1. Jobs was so bad at designing computers that he paid Wozniak to do his job for him at Atari.

I'm not saying that Jobs wasn't a smart guy. But he wasn't an innovator. He was half sales person, half visionary. He knew what computers could do for people, even if he didn't know how to build them. He knew how to get other people to build his vision.

Unfortunately not every poor person has a Steve Wozniak to follow around and make billions off, no matter how smart they are.

Luck played a huge part in Job's success, he was lucky to get the education he did, he was lucky to meet Wozniak, he was luck to be trying to build computers just as the microprocessor revolution took off (based on the work of thousands of other), he was lucky to be on the west coast where there was a market for home build computers (the Apple 1 was originally sold out of a local computer store)

Jobs would never have formed Apple simply on his own, he simply didn't have the skill or engineering background to build the computers himself.

He would have never have formed Apple if he was in Nebraska separated from the silicon valley revolution.

He would have never have formed Apple 20 years earlier, when microprocessors were not cheap enough for home brew developers to buy themselves to experiment yet.

Perhaps most importantly Jobs had a very difficult childhood and credited a teacher he had, Imogene Hill, for "bribing' him into turning his life around. He would never have been where he got to without her turning him back on the right track.

If none of that had happened would Steve Jobs have turned into a billionaire another way? Possibly, but probably unlikely.

This is the problem of the cult of the innovator, we tend to retro-actively put their success down to their own charismatic personality and drive for success, and ignore all the vast array of factors that shaped that. We pretend that someone like Jobs didn't need any help in become a success, when in reality he required HUGE amounts of help (and luck) to become the success he eventually became. Swap out one good teacher, swap out one good friend, swap out one helpful shop owner, swap out one innovation that came before, and you have a very different story.

Quinton Figueroa: The point isn't about Steve
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

The point isn't about Steve Jobs. The point is about working smarter, not harder as most people commonly believe.

Cormac Mulhall: And my point that simply

And my point that simply working smarter is not enough.

Jobs become the billionaire he was not by just working smarter than the others around him, but by being lucky, by knowing the right people, by being in the right place at the right time, and most significantly by having a huge amount of help. A HUGE amount of help, something Jobs himself acknowledged.

The world is full of 'smart' poor people who do not get those opportunities Jobs did. Boiling it down to the idea that they are simply not working smart enough to climb out of poverty is not only a gross over simplification of how economics work, but also a huge dis-service to the time and effort these people do put into improving their situation that still doesn't lift them out of poverty through factors they do not control.

Are there lazy poor people? Sure. Are there dumb poor people? Sure. But is poverty simply a choice lazy dumb people make? Not at all.

Quinton Figueroa: Being born into poverty is
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

Being born into poverty is not a choice poor people make. Staying in poverty is.

Cormac Mulhall: A very naive and simplistic

A very naive and simplistic view of the complex mechanics of economics, and is contradicted by any number of examples including the ones we already went through. But you don't really seem interested in discussing this properly so I'll be off.

Quinton Figueroa: The stuff you said about
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

The stuff you said about Steve Jobs has nothing to do with people choosing to be poor or not. Of course Steve Jobs had a lot of luck, as do many people. So? I'm not saying unless people are lucky they won't be rich. I'm saying poor people choose to be poor because they do. Please show me how poor people do not choose to be poor. Anybody can nitpick tiny details about anything. Show me a valid reason why poor people don't choose to be poor.

Cormac Mulhall: "I'm not saying unless people

"I'm not saying unless people are lucky they won't be rich. I'm saying poor people choose to be poor because they do"

It is not nitpicking, it is a fundamental counter to your point.

Steve Jobs would not have go to where he was today without being very lucky, thus to judge other poor people for not also working their way out of poverty as he did ignores these inconvenient facts about him being in the right place at the right time.

You were using the fact that some poor people don't make it rich as evidence that they are choosing to stay poor, rather than the much more plausible reality that most of them simply didn't get as lucky as the ones that did make it out of poverty.

This is just another incarnation of the "just-world fallacy" that seems popular these days in libertarian circles, that if you work hard the world will reward you and if it doesn't its because you didn't work hard.

But actual reality is very different from some naive ideology. What you call nitpicking I call the true realities of the situtation.

Quinton Figueroa: Is there anything besides
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

Is there anything besides luck that made Steve Jobs rich?

Cormac Mulhall: There is nothing beside luck

There is nothing beside luck that made Steve Jobs rich that isn't found in thousands of other poor people who never get out of poverty.

I'm not attacking Steve Jobs (though you have clearly been sucked into the Steve Jobs PR machine, Jobs was not original, not all that creative and certainly not a genius. He was a master of his own cult though).

Jobs was a smart guy who was lucky enough to fall into the company of people who would make him a billionaire, from Steve Wazoniak to Alan Kay. Obviously he had to work at it, he had to take risks, he had to be driven. But he also had to have these actual genius around him, and that only happened through luck.

The point is that the world is full of smart driven hard working poor people who never get that chance and never work themselves out of poverty.

You interpret that as "choosing to be poor". This is again the just world fallacy, that those who made it did it fairly and those who didn't just didn't try hard enough.

The reality is that even if you work hard, are smart, are driven you can still end up not getting any where. Happens all the time because unfortunately the universe is not fair to all people, its just a random chaotic mess. The universe is not designed to reward Steve Jobs' hard work, or anyone else's for that matter.

Quinton Figueroa: Of course some people get
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

Of course some people get more lucky than other people. Not all people that work hard will be rich and some people that work hard will never be rich. But your odds are much better if you actually apply yourself, educate yourself and take personal responsibility for your choices. All things poor people can do.

Cormac Mulhall: > But your odds are much

> But your odds are much better if you actually apply yourself, educate yourself and take personal responsibility for your choices. All things poor people can do.

All things poor people can do and very often do do but still remain in poverty through factors outside their control.

Thus your thesis that poor people who remain poor are simply choosing not to raise themselves out of poverty is a deeply flawed idea, even before you get into how dismissive it is of all the work poor people often do just to survive in poverty let alone get themselves out of it.

To use an example from a Hans Rosling talk. An African farmer wakes up before dawn, walks for 3 hours to his land, works on it all day, and then carries the grain by hand back to his house where he spends another few hours after dark turning the grain into flour that he sells.

He makes a tiny amount of profit from enterprise, but he is slowly (very slowly) saving enough money to buy a bicycle. He wants the bicycle so that he can carry, on the bike, more grain home with him each night, thus allowing him to produce more flour each night.

He works for years to save up the money for the bike, but the bike does not move him out of poverty. It does though allow him to move onto the next stage which is to buy a motorcycle. The motorcycle is the dream because it can carry far more grain and also is an asset he can sell when he is older.

This African farmer has no expectations that he will raise himself out of poverty while alive. He goal is to be able to send his children to school (he never went to school) so that they can hopefully have a life outside of poverty.

At no point does this farmer has time to "educate" himself (work smarter, not harder!). He works all day. HIs goal is not to educate himself but to educate his children because he is doing the work to provide his children with food and heat.

The idea that poor people have all this time to be sitting around educating themselves on how to work smarter betrays a unfamiliarity with the realities of being very poor. You are working all the time just to survive. The ones lucky enough to live in countries with publicly funded education or access to information (libraries for example) still don't have the time to devote to learning a new skill

This man will probably never get beyond the poverty threshold. But to make any sort of judgements about his lack of personal responsibility is a deep fallacy.

Quinton Figueroa: I'm not talking about Africa,
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

I'm not talking about Africa, I'm talking about America. Africa is another topic.

Cormac Mulhall: Poor people are poor people.

Poor people are poor people. What is it about American that means poor people are just not trying hard enough to not be poor any more, but they are in Africa?

All the principles still apply-

There is no time for education, formal or information, if you are working all the time to simply provide food and shelter for yourself and your family. If you can't get a job in the first place, or the only job you can get is hours away, you won't have time or the energy for grand plans of how to take yourself out of poverty, nor will you have the luxury of taking those risks when the down side of the risk going bad are not feeding yourself or your family.

There is no advantage to having a smart idea for improving productivity of your life if you don't have the money to pay for to implement it without saving for months or years and you can't save because all your money is going on just getting by.

The African worker travelling hours to get to his farm, working there all day and then travelling back, hoping to get enough money together for a small increase in productivity is not much different from a poor American worker travelling hours to get to his work, working there all day (often in manual labour which is both physically and mentally exhausting) trying to save up for a car so he doesn't have to take the bus so he can spent an extra hour a night studying for some minor promotion.

I have no idea where you go this idea that the poor of America are just sitting around with hours of time on their hands as all these opportunities rushing by them that they refuse to take

Quinton Figueroa: People in America have much
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

People in America have much greater opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty than they do in Africa. Africa isn't as civilized and free as America. This makes a big difference. That's why poor people in America are rich people in Africa. You're looking at a huge difference in standard of living between these civilizations. They're two entirely different worlds. Do poor people in Africa choose to be poor? I'm not as sure, I've never been there and don't know it like I know America. I do know poor people in America. And I do know that they choose to be poor, even when they don't have to.

Let me ask you a simple question. If there is a poor family in America with 2 children, why is it that 1 child may go on to become rich while the other may remain poor? What is the difference between the 2 children? They both have the same upbringing, same opportunities and same environment.

Cormac Mulhall: This makes a big difference.

This makes a big difference.

You can say that, but you haven't put forward how it makes a difference.

Using the example I already gave can you explain how the person travelling to work, working all day for min-wage, travelling back from work and having just enough money to pay for food, has "greater opportunity" in America and Africa because America is "more free" (I'm not sure what you mean by that, most African countries have limited government programs and social nets, which in your mind is what freedom is)

If there is a poor family in America with 2 children, why is it that 1 child may go on to become rich while the other may remain poor?

I don't know without a concrete example, but I would guess its because of luck, being in the right place at the right time, being the kid your family select to go to college, being the kid who doesn't get sick in formative years, being the kid who doesn't lose a text book that parents can't afford to replace etc etc

No two people have exactly the same life after all.

I'm guessing your answer is the rich kid just wanted it more, right? Can you give a concrete example how wanting it more gets to practical physical things, such as money or education or financial opportunity?

Quinton Figueroa: Is the only difference
@Cormac Mulhall (view comment)

Is the only difference between people luck?

megaman: You have completely ignored a

You have completely ignored a very valid and important question here.

Quinton Figueroa: What is the valid and

What is the valid and important question?

megaman: There are actually 2 valid

There are actually 2 valid and important questions which you have ignored for 4 months at the time i challenged you for this behavior (which is significant because you have made other comments in this time which proves you have been active on this forum during this time).

These questions which you have ignored are clearly displayed in Cormac Mulhall's post just a short distance up the page and easy for a person using most devices to find.

The first question is this.......

Using the example I already gave can you explain how the person travelling to work, working all day for min-wage, travelling back from work and having just enough money to pay for food, has "greater opportunity" in America and Africa because America is "more free"

The second question is this.......

Can you give a concrete example how wanting it more gets to practical physical things, such as money or education or financial opportunity?

Quinton Figueroa: Using the example I already

Using the example I already gave can you explain how the person travelling to work, working all day for min-wage, travelling back from work and having just enough money to pay for food, has "greater opportunity" in America and Africa because America is "more free"

I already said I don't know Africa as well. I do know that people in Africa have lower IQs than America which is already a huge difference. 13.5% of Africans have access to Internet. Only 1% have access to broadband. In America you can walk into any library and use the Internet. Even if you have Internet in Africa the vast majority of them do not speak English. Then you have violence and crime which are much, much worse in Africa. When you do start to make it in Africa where do you go? Many people who make it in Africa leave Africa because it sucks. The wealthy people in Africa are more wealthy from crime than from entrepreneurship like America. You don't have the same legal system. You don't have the thousands of years of common law and property rights that comes with European culture which doesn't come with African culture.

Can you give a concrete example how wanting it more gets to practical physical things, such as money or education or financial opportunity?

Yeah, me. I wanted to have freedom over my life and not be in the rat race like majority of people. So when majority of people went out to party on Friday and Saturday I would stay home and read my latest books that I ordered from Amazon. I would read about business, investing, real estate, the Internet, philosophy and spirituality. By reading these things I slowly started to change the way I thought. And your thoughts create your reality. I changed viewing the world from the mindset of, "I can never have that" to "What do I need to do to have that?" And so I continued to learn more and more so that I could create what I wanted. I continue to do this.

When I want money I don't do what most people do and look for a high paying job. I look for ways I can solve problems and make other people's lives better. I look for long term wealth, not a short term, high-taxed job. Me looking at money in different ways is a result of me wanting it more. Desire is the beginning to many things.

michael: rich people dont take

rich people dont take responsibility for themselves!!, perhaps you should read about how rich people do their best to get out of paying back loans where as the poor in society pay them back at break neck speed, muhhumud yunis nobel peace prize winner found this out with the grameen bank in bangladesh and save his country from starvation, rich people taking responsibilty for themselves please , i come from a wealthy family and they dont take responsibility its all crap mate

Dustin Brown : Hey

Not everyone can be rich,every dream job has qualifications and people just don't get that

binaries010: Interesting point, but it's a balderdash.

Your words were interesting, but it show me that you ain't understand about life of poor people.

Betsy: The issue I take with this is

The issue I take with this is that everyone does not have the same access to K-12 education. In theory, yes they do, but this is not actually the case in practice. People who are born below the poverty line have access to schools that have fewer resources, struggles to get decent teachers (or qualified teachers at all) and have much lower test scores. These kids are also more likely to live in an area where they are disproportionately effected by poor air quality, more likely to suffer from conditions like asthma and bronchitis, more likely to miss school and less likely to have access to good healthcare to treat these conditions meaning more missed school days and poorer health. The more school you miss, the worse you do in school, the less likely you are to go on to higher education.
Low resource settings also are less likely to have supportive community and after-school programming opportunities - kids are less likely to regularly be exposed to positive adult role models (this is especially true for low-income males) and are less likely to cultivate connections and networks that allow people such as yourself to be successful in building a career.
To make the assumption that every has a level playing field besides the fact that they don't have as much money is incorrect. Being low income also means less access, poorer health, less opportunity and less support to achieve. Take a step back to examine and acknowledge your own inherited privilege and stop telling yourself the lie that the only thing separating you from poverty is that you work hard.

And to the comment that people should just wait to have children until they are ready - YES, I support this comment 100% and we need to better equip people in the United States to do this. Evidence-based sex education in schools (which is NOT available in low-resource school settings), easier access to birth control, and normalizing birth control. 50% of the pregnancies int this country are unintended but many of those are due to ineffective contracepting. But once again, low-income individuals are often not able to get coverage for health care and are more likely to have to pay full price for contraceptive methods (a burden that disproportionately effects women).

Quinton Figueroa: Why is it then that 2
@Betsy (view comment)

Why is it then that 2 brothers who both come from a poor family with nothing going their way can lead 2 entirely different lives? One can go on to become rich while the other remains poor.

megaman: You have already asked this

You have already asked this question and it has already been answered!

Quinton Figueroa: It was asked here first.

It was asked here first.

When it was later asked the answer was luck. When I asked if the only difference between 2 people was luck I never got a response. So I ask you, is luck the only difference between the 2 brothers?

Quinton Figueroa: People don't have to be the

People don't have to be the product of their environment. More excuses...

j: poor

"It's really easy to not be poor:

1. Don't have children until you're ready
2. Finish high school
3. Don't quit your job"

So.. I've achieved all of these and more yet I'm still horrendously poor.

"You can't complain about rich people when you use an iPhone created by a rich person. You can't complain about rich people when you use a car, okay a bus, created by a rich person. You can't complain about rich people when you use a computer created by a rich person"

I don't use any of these things except a laptop which I mainly require in order to do my work and absolve myself from being poor. Also, a bus is not a correct example because it is not necessarily privatised, but it is co-opted within the social system.
I don't mean to be offensive but your writing is very juvenile in the way it glosses over the more intricate considerations that effect poverty too; such as moral decisions for example.

Quinton Figueroa: Where do you work? How much

Where do you work? How much do you make a month? What are your expenses?

rock: This is one of the meanest

This is one of the meanest articles I have ever read. Here's a topic for those people who are like that; "Rich people are obtuse and oblivious to the less fortunate." Some people can't get out from where they are no matter what they do. This is like closing down a soup kitchen because it was too close to a private club that just opened and then someone says 'what about all the homeless people that depend on it?' and then the private club owner responds to that by saying "why would anyone be homeless?"

Quinton Figueroa: Yeah, it's mean to tell
@rock (view comment)

Yeah, it's mean to tell people they have control over themselves and can always better their situation. More excuses.

Landon: My Heart Hurts

hmmm.. so many forums here had potential (and still do) but this one exhibits extraordinary amounts of judgement and lack of open-mindedness and/or ability to see outside ones personal perspective. Im not going to touch this topic cause the proponents here obviously do not wish to let others thought within this context take part in any kind of internal growth of how they perceive and understand the social world.

Some internal reflection is necessary at this point before anyone allows these posts to continue to degrade the human condition further. You should probably read one of my new post on the gay, transgender, and transcending religion forum. I do not wish to even look at this one again.

Live to Love, Fight to Live, don't Live to Fight. Live to Learn to Love everything. Good luck.

Quinton Figueroa: You saying this exhibits
@Landon (view comment)

You saying this exhibits judgement and lack of open-mindedness and/or ability to see outside ones personal perspective is a judgement and show of lack of open-mindedness and/or ability to see outside ones personal perspective on your own part. Do you have a point you're trying to make or are you just going to say words?

megaman: The point he is trying to

The point he is trying to make is that many posters have explained to you the problems poor people face and all you have done is ignore their comments. Ignore questions which you cant answer and repeat the same messages over and over and over no matter how many people explain to you what is wrong with them.

Quinton Figueroa: Which comments did I ignore?

Which comments did I ignore? Which questions were not answered?

Landon: Forgive me I broke my rule

Forgive me I broke my rule because this post is such an incredibly emotional draw. I'm still not going to critique this one because I do not wish to feed the fire and give reasons to continue a debate that degrades people; rather I'm just going to try and understand how you just responded to a genuine plea while at the same time painfully trying to remain respectful.

What you did is what I'm beginning to understand as a trump power tactic (a verbal/social move aimed at retaining personal emotional dominance). You perceive me as saying nothing but words because for whatever personal reason/s you self-identify your worth incredibly strongly with these ideas; therefore under this context "one of the" go to responses is to deny I meant what I was saying "by accusing me of doing something" I was trying to help you with (I don't claim to be an absolute truth holder of opinions myself) and then casually make fun of me.

So yes I can see the response already, words, words, words... and yes a part of me is simply trying to change the directional flow of these posts away from debating reasons why some people are more worthy than others. Hate me and my causal respectfulness and kindredness to mankind all you want; but I'm just someone who has achieved a lot of success in my life and wants to find a way to help every human being do the same.

Quinton Figueroa: "Forgive me I broke my rule
@Landon (view comment)

"Forgive me I broke my rule because this post is such an incredibly emotional draw"

Substantiate this. How is this an emotional draw?

"I'm still not going to critique this one because I do not wish to feed the fire and give reasons to continue a debate that degrades people; rather I'm just going to try and understand how you just responded to a genuine plea while at the same time painfully trying to remain respectful."

You already are critiquing this by acting as if you're taking the higher road by not getting involved in these petty judgemental conversations. If you we not going to get involved in this you wouldn't have left a comment. By leaving a comment about not wanting to get involved you are already giving your critique.

"What you did is what I'm beginning to understand as a trump power tactic (a verbal/social move aimed at retaining personal emotional dominance). You perceive me as saying nothing but words because for whatever personal reason/s you self-identify your worth incredibly strongly with these ideas; therefore under this context "one of the" go to responses is to deny I meant what I was saying "by accusing me of doing something" I was trying to help you with (I don't claim to be an absolute truth holder of opinions myself) and then casually make fun of me."

You do realize on all of your posts you have made very few points. 90% of your posts are focused on telling others (me) what they're doing wrong. You just ramble on and then act like a victim of some attack. This post was written for you: http://www.slayerment.com/most-people-are-really-what-they-call-you

"So yes I can see the response already, words, words, words... and yes a part of me is simply trying to change the directional flow of these posts away from debating reasons why some people are more worthy than others. Hate me and my causal respectfulness and kindredness to mankind all you want; but I'm just someone who has achieved a lot of success in my life and wants to find a way to help every human being do the same."

Yes, I know. You're just a simple person who doesn't get involved in petty things like judging others and throwing insults. You would rather try to control the conversation and create straw-mans telling others what they believe. Because according to you this post is about why some people are more worthy than others and the hate I have for you and your casual respectfulness and kindredness to mankind.

Control issues have you?

Landon: sigh... I am not a victim, you treat me as one.

I have actually achieved a lot of success in life.

I have made just as many points as you, the difference is our intent. I can see your points and method but apparently you cannot bear witness to mine. You are absolutely right I will not take part in debating the content of your posts because it will never achieve a positive impact. I am not telling you what you believe you are the one telling me lol..

This is an emotional draw because of my life experience and those of whom I have met (the presidents these beliefs exert on society promotes further pain and suffering). I will not get into my life story but I will say in brief I have been forced to bear witness to the turmoil and pain that I have caused in others. I am now able to see how "traditionally non-violent" individuals or "good" people actually do cause and influence physical and emotional suffering in others. I am not aggressive nor violent unless someone first tries to physically harm me or anyone else who I am in the presence of.

The things I have been forced to deal with are quite bluntly things that the vast majority of individuals go there entire life without ever having to deal with because they are considered socially acceptable by today's standards of understanding. You know what screw it... lets test out some more of your character by showing you a soft spot. I have been to a state hospital, forced to live there for a while outside of my will... beaten, abused, held down and forcefully medicated. In fact the police beat me to within inches of my life on the way there. I was told and have been being told for years I have schizophrenia and that there is something wrong and diseased within me. Sense then I have not only learned to control it without medication (baffling medical science and my doctors) but have took it a step further and learned to use it as a superior ability in a few different ways. This is only one of the many hardships I have been through and i'm interested to see if you somehow seem to inexplicably know and start to presume parts of my situation.

I am not about to write a thesis, I would much rather spend the proper time and effort and get it published and peer-reviewed (to which I already have a few things). I am simply trying to gently push you in a positive direction. I am not trying to dictate to you or force you to change you mind, for all I know your beliefs could develop with a revised foundation (but still similar) and help some people better themselves, even if your not trying to help.

True character is revealed by how someone chooses to respond to genuine critique. We should always be looking for ways to improve/revise/revamp/grow our minds and beliefs in ways that promote healthy co-existance, because at the end of the day your beliefs and mine don't matter, it is how we treat and respond to others.

lol I saw that post (and its sad you keep essentially attacking to defend ideology rather than growing) and I think you find my response very soon after this one hopefully helpful. To be clear I am not calling you anything, nor am I trying to control you, the only reason why you see those things is because you are trying to do those things. I do find it almost comical that you think taking the high road and trying to help people is a bad thing.

The reason why you can't box me in and you won't be able to (unless you start trying to censor me) is because my internal exhales outwards and cannot be identified by others as a combination of external information that I heave heard (as soon as they think they do I always throw em a loop lol.. and not just in the way of finding a rationalization to what I already said); for I am always growing, changing, and developing myself to promote positivity in my life and those around me. I am truly trying to listen to you and trying to respond accordingly as well as give you information that should and could be used to help you grow (I am not trying to change you), but I am not feeling any reciprocation.

At the very least in some sense this seems to be an almost mindless (just talking about me) daily exercise for 20 minutes... Live to love :)

Quinton Figueroa: I don't get how this is an

I don't get how this is an emotional draw or how I am against helping poor people. I think we have different methods for helping poor people. I want to help poor people by telling them that they are not victims and that they have the ability to do anything. That is what I am saying in this post. I am saying that poor people are where they have created themselves to be.

It goes much further than simply this physical life, but since most people aren't into spiritual things I rarely go there. But of course people choose their life from a spiritual level. The challenges you've faced and the challenges other people face are all sacred contracts they have agreed to play out ahead of time. These are all lessons for growth and experience. These are all pieces towards your enlightenment. This is just one life of many. Being born poor for this life is an experience people choose ahead a time, just as being rich is another experience people choose. There isn't a right or wrong way to live, it's all just energy.

I'm no medical doctor, but schizophrenia, as well as things like autism and whatnot, are usually not diseases. People are different and some people are more schizophrenic, autistic, hyper-active, passive, and whatever else you can come up with. The whole world is set on telling people what is and isn't a disease to make money and divide people.

Diseases are almost always self-created. And they are also self-cured. Look at cancer. We still don't have cures for cancer and yet people are able to cure themselves from cancer by changing their thoughts and choosing to focus on what they do want rather than what they don't. Cancer is a blockage in the energy of a person. And the cure is to simply remove the blockage. But most people create more and more blockages as they grow older in life. People carry more fear, more hate, more anger, more sadness of the past, and so on. This is where most disease comes from.

Anyhow, I find it interesting how you mention you are able to control your schizophrenia, to both the medical establishment's amazement, and to your very own benefit. I think that's fantastic and I think you are fulfilling one of your missions in this life. This is the kind of stuff I am talking about in this post. Taking what you have and rather than saying oh poor me, instead taking it and saying what can I do with this? Why do I have this? What can I learn from this? What does this mean? It's interesting because that's exactly what I'm saying with poor people.

michael: whatever mate i have read all

whatever mate i have read all of robert kiyosakis books as you mentioned earlier you have read them you think you can help poor people by telling them things, really robert kiyosaki says the only way to help the poor is give them money WHY because they would not be poor anymore would they, make sense to you champ, you sound like to me you are not actually wealthy at all and are actually full of it

Jamie: Such a shame...

"Cancer is a blockage in the energy of a person. And the cure is to simply remove the blockage. But most people create more and more blockages as they grow older in life. People carry more fear, more hate, more anger, more sadness of the past, and so on. This is where most disease comes from."

Too bad I didn't know you a couple years ago. I have a good friend who lost his god daughter to cancer. It was absolutely devastating to everyone in her life, especially as it metastasized into her brain. I'm curious about how you would help a toddler remove these "energy blockages"?

My boyfriend's daughter was luckier. She had a very deadly form of childhood leukemia. Neither parent was a good enough match for a bone marrow transplant, but fortunately her brother was already on the way and he was a perfect match. (Fortunately because there wouldn't have been time to try to conceive a child.) Even then, she beat the odds. (One in five. The odds of killing her brother during the donation were lower, but he had to sign consent forms on a procedure that could kill the healthy baby and still not save the toddler.) Given all the toxic chemicals - and then-unknowable brain damage - required for a cure* it sure would be nice to do it all with working through the emotional blockages acquired by a toddler.

* Cancer is not typically cured. The first child I mentioned had a period of remission before dying. The second had a type that is considered cured. She has some neurological issues, but is a highly intelligent young adult now. But surely the parents who are facing similar diagnoses today would benefit from this energy blockage removal thing!

I suppose that would relieve the problem of 'handouts' from the government. Like the part of Obamacare that extended her eligibility under her parents' medical insurance and removed the category of being 'uninsurable'. Did you know that the only option before that was basically to consider what amounts to making a 'bet' with Lloyd's of London that you hope to lose. (But that will pay out for future cancer care.)

Why are you worried about explaining how people can stop being poor when you know how they can stop having cancer?

Landon: I get your sentiments and

I get your sentiments and intentions are good, and quite frankly that is why I am still here, but it is how the message is given that is the most important. There are a lot of people I have met in my lifetime (obviously I am not one of them) who if you had said some of these things to them to there face they probably would have gotten physical or maybe even tried to kill you (I sincerely hope you do not speak some of the words posted in this original entry in these face to face contexts) and it is not because they are bad people, but because the wording is hurtful, condescending, degrading and the precedents the ideology sets has lead to individual deaths of people whom they love.

If someone is being truly honest with themselves, if they have become successful, it wasn't all because of them. Wether it was because they got lucky at some point, had an opportunity others did not, or a resource others didn't, or emotional support someone else didn't; so many things need to be factored in and for whatever reason (I guess just the average developmental point in understanding a lot of people are at) most people who achieve success falsely think it was all them because quite frankly they are presently incapably of seeing outside of there perspective (example being they have no ability to relate to what it would be like and how there person would have been molded had they be given a different combination of the latter factors, or lack of). Telling a struggling individual (I am not even solely talking about financial struggling) to try harder is insulting; we all try hard, but we all need different things, and a lot of people aren't getting the right things.

People need the right opportunities to flourish (opportunities is a broad statement which could potentially mean an infinite amount of things) and we all need to help each other we are a society, one entity. A lot of what people think of as the individual is a myth. Obviously people need to contribute, but society has evolved to the point in which basic necessities should be a right, not a privilege, cavemen is a thing of the past, lets move forward. You don't have to hunt to eat, forage to drink, build to have shelter because we live in a society of which makes our individual potential limitless if we can learn how to support each other without trying to control what people need to flourish or survive.

mena: Soo...

Let's assume the Bible is correct and Jesus was right. A rich guy asked him how to get to heaven, and Jesus said give away everything you have and come follow me. The guy would not do it, because he liked his stuff. Cue the camel and eye of the needle quote. So when the rich people go to Hell because they already stored up and received their reward on earth, it's their own choice. No one makes them be greedy and reject God and worship mammon instead.

Quinton Figueroa: Rich people give way more
@mena (view comment)

Rich people give way more than poor people. So rich people would be the ones going to Heaven if the Bible is correct and Jesus was right.

Dustin: Look at the first sentence of that comment...

"Rich people give way more than poor peiple."

Because they have more to give!

Let's say someone makes $100,000 a year. If they give away 50%, they still have $50,000 to keep.

Take someone like me, a single parent of three, making around $11,000 a year. It is damn close to impossible to live on that.

Giving away half of that would leave me with $5,500 a year. That is less than what most people live on in one month...

Quinton Figueroa: But why do they have more to
@Dustin (view comment)

But why do they have more to give? Choices. How much you make is a choice. It's not the percentage of what you give that matters, it's the amount.

If a food shelter needed money to feed 100 people which 2 people would be more effective:

a) A rich person who gives 1% of his $1,000,000.
b) A poor person who gives 50% of his $10,000.

The rich person would be giving $10,000 to the food shelter while the poor person would by giving $5,000. The poor person would be giving 1/2 of what they have to the food shelter but still be giving less than what the rich person gives. As a person the poor person is giving less. They could earn more and give more but they don't. The rich person could earn less and give less but they don't.

And this obviously doesn't take into account the fact that when people buy things that make rich people more rich, the rich people are helping others. When you make money you are helping people. People are voting for what you provide them with their dollars when they buy something from you. So you are helping people by becoming rich, and you are helping people by giving back more money.

Landon: They only have more to give

They only have more to give because they took it out of the supply leaving less for others. Giving back some of what you have already taken doesn't make you a good person you also have to start changing your behavior and the way you influence and effect others lives... your rationalizing, I'm done here.. good luck, do your best not to inflict harm on others. Learn to Live to Love.

Quinton Figueroa: How does somebody earning
@Landon (view comment)

How does somebody who earns something leave less for others who do not earn it? Everyone has the ability to be rich.

Dustin: Wow...

The first paragraph alone makes me want to shoot myself in the face out of the sheer ignorance...

TheNomad6473: You're an idiot

Holy shit you have no idea what you're t about. Rich people don't choose to be rich dickhead. It's not a choice. As for you're starting point theory, that's a plausible opinion but that doesn't mean we all have the same opportunities, if anything it means the complete opposite. I was doing some research and according to a study I read, about 70% of poor people, hard workers or not, don't make it out of poverty. And you're an idiot if you think that 95% of the wealth being in the hands of 40% isn't a problem. In obvious terms, that means there is 5% of the wealth to somehow spread between 60% of the country. You have not a clue on what you're talking about. America was fooled into believing something as ridiculous as trickle-down economics, in which wealth created by the rich would makes its way down to the rest of the population. This was nothing but a big scam that furthered the economic gap between the rich and everyone else. But when saying if a basketball player (Lebron James) make millions than a CEO definitely should deserve it, that's ok depending on the circumstances. As your dumbass may not know, rich people love spending money on sports. The revenue that sports teams bring in goes to their pay. A CEO makes money off of his product. What you fail to state though, is many CEO's and companies outsource jobs in order to make some extra money, which then takes jobs from the American people. And when you think about it, the impoverished do have it harder. From a sociological standpoint, many people are products of their environment. If your parents, grandparents, and friends are poor and don't believe they'll become anything more than poor, than the odds of you holding these negative beliefs are higher. Also, you can't tell me that public school is the same as a private school cause it isn't. Those born into a poor, possibly crime-ridden neighborhood, go to a poor public school and live in an area where jobs are difficult to find, then you can't tell me their life isn't going to be a lot harder than the kid living in a neighborhood with almost no crime and affluent neighbors, goes to a private school, and has the possibility of being hired by his rich parents working in the family business. Also, think about the other sociological standpoint of the people we create relationships with. If you're rich, your inner circle will probably consist of other rich or smart kids from your private school. Your network of people is much better than the kid who is friends with a drug dealer, or even just other poor kids. You're a complete and utter moron if you believe any of the nonsense being spewed from your mouth.

Quinton Figueroa: How is rich people choosing

How is rich people choosing to be rich not a choice?

Most people who don't make it out of poverty fail to do so by choice.

Of course I get what you're saying about wealth being in the hands of a few people. That's a big topic. People who make money by bankrupting nations and getting bank bailouts are criminals more than they are rich people. I'm not talking about these people. The people who make money by government force are criminals. If we get rid of government, which poor people will never do, then we won't have people using government violence to make money. So the poor people are also choosing to have these criminal rich people at the top without even knowing that they're choosing to do so.

Outsourcing is another big topic. Most large businesses outsource because of the laws and regulations put in place by American government. Poor people vote for the government to regulate businesses, out of ignorance again, which makes it harder for businesses to turn a profit with American employees. So businesses are forced out of hiring Americans by the government.

Yeah, some people start with worse families and harder circumstances, of course. But when you hear good information, which poor people hear, you have the choice to change or not. You're not a victim your entire life. This very post is good information which you choose to fight. That's not your environment keeping you from information. That's you choosing not to listen or look further into the information. That's a choice.

Public school, private school, who really cares? What you need to be rich in life is not found in schools. Read a book, go on the Internet, start working with somebody who knows their stuff, try starting a new business -- that's real education. And public schools would be much better if poor people didn't force the government involvement in schools. If schools were private, like they were 100 years ago in America, education would be cheaper and better. But poor people don't understand economics so they choose to create worse schools by throwing more money at a broken system.

I agree, somebody born into a poor neighborhood is going to have a more challenging time becoming rich than somebody born into a rich neighborhood. So? You still don't have to choose to remain poor. You can become rich from any starting point. Just like you can become poor from any starting point. It's all a choice.

Nate: No, the problems in our

No, the problems in our society are not caused by the weakest members. That's probably the dumbest thing I've read in a long time.

Andrew: I read the title, read the

I read the title, read the first two sentences and realized how much of a f*cking idiot you really are. Self absorbed retard with no knowledge of the outside world. Go back to taking selfies and masturbating to redtube you absolute moron.

Quinton Figueroea: Im sorry everyone for writing

Im sorry everyone for writing this article, Im a fucking tool and dont know what im doing with my life, Im really poor and seen a rich guy drive by in his lambo and i started to tear up so i wrote this article. Im gay and dont know how to tell my abusive father, I need serious help, please people dont be mad at me for this im really trying in life i promise. I also apologize to anyone who read this article, I was a complete moron for writing this to begin with......

Quinton Figueroa: Not an argument.
@Quinton Figueroea (view comment)

Not an argument.

Donny Schlot: Being poor is a choice?

A brick falls from 5 stories and hits you right on your head while you're walking down the street. The brick travels at a steady velocity before striking your head and brutally killing you. Would you call it luck that the brick managed to hit you, or would it be a choice? A choice that you walked into that brick... on purpose?? You have laid out to the commentators again and again how the choices people make have a huge impact on their own lives - very true - although when you add in the inevitable factor of luck (which you yourself admitted existed while in your heated debate with Cormac Mulhall) into the equation, then what happens to those two brothers - you talk so much about - born into the same socio-economic situation? How one goes on to become a lawyer, while the other (for irony's sake) makes a bad mistake and gets incarcerated? The lawyer CHOOSES to go to law school and get a degree, while the other CHOOSES to sell cocaine to middle school kids? hogwash! Was your life so intrinsically easy, that you feel you can degrade this metaphorical situation into nothing but a loosely tied together story of mere choice?

Hypothetical story: "Oh yeah, that's sandy! She's a totally rad. She grew up in extreme poverty with nothin but Pez and old leather boots to eat. But, WOW, look at her now with her spizazzy new dress and management-level occupation!"

"how did she get the job?"

"she reads and sticks her dick a little farther into things than us.. Also she cares about nothing and no one but money and is a sociopath!" THE END

If this is how the whole world worked, which is how you seem to perceive it to be, then holy shit would it be screwed. But hell, what do i know? After all, Donald Trump is running for president!

Please respond - i would love to see how you hypocritically retaliate against me, too!

Quinton Figueroa: What point are you trying to
@Donny Schlot (view comment)

What point are you trying to make?

Asha: Are you a republican?

It isn't that simple. Some people just can't earn enough money. They couldn't go to college because their parents were poor, so they are stuck working at McDonalds or something. Upbringing DOES matter.

Quinton Figueroa: So people that can't go to
@Asha (view comment)

So people that can't go to college or who work at McDonalds can't get out of poverty?

Anonymous: This article is literally the

This article is literally the worst.

KK: You are absolutely correct

You are absolutely correct Quinton. I was in a pile of shit because of my choices for a long time. Informed and disciplined choices have made my life much better economically. And don't worry about the naysayers. People never like the truth when it tells them that they are doing something wrong and are responsible for that choice. It's just human nature.

naya: to quinton

hey Quinton can i quote your article in my report for school.

Rebecka : Let me start off with saying

Let me start off with saying that I read your article and this is the first time I have ever cared enough to respond to anything online. Regardless of all other comments, what you've said is pretty much spot on.

I have worked all my life at minimum wage jobs, with no formal education. I had some bad habits, and without realizing some of them, I was spending my money foolishly for a long time.

I met a friend who joined me at my "sandwich artist" job when I realized how good money habits can be formed.
She was from the Philippines, with no former education, like myself.

Basically-she worked the same job I did, travelled every year, had a beautiful apartment and kept up on the latest technology. Here's the big shocker- she managed to send back 500/month to her family in the Philippines as well.
She chose to not be poor and worked hard.
It's all about where your money is going. Lay off the fast food, coffees, drinks, anything really and learn how to save, money adds up as long as it's coming in. If you can't afford your life and have no extra money, move to a smaller place! Get a second job!
Props for telling it like it is.

Annie: If you have not experienced

If you have not experienced being poor, you can't assume. It is easier to say things than to do them. By this, I mean that it's easy to say all they need to do is save money, have less kids, etc, than to actually do them.
Yes, I agree that there are certain people who don't think about their future and how having so many kids means spending more money. How saving money is important, how it's not essential to have the latest car or phone. This is because poor people always "wish and want" the latest things and they make that their goal rather than saving up money and succeeding. HOWEVER, this is how they grew up. Their mentality is not the same as rich people. This is also not making poor people play the victims. Unfortunately THEY ARE the victims. BUT it is still possible to succeed, they just need to work HARDER. People lose hope, give up, and it's because of the way they live or sometimes are forced to live, and people like you.

Regarding education, I am sorry but you are wrong. Because of their financial status they aren't able to move to wealthier communities with better schools. Underserved communities have a horrible education system, and yes, poor kids end up being affected by this. So they have to work HARDER to get somewhere in life. They didn't grow up having parents who were lawyers, doctors, nurses, whatever. THEY ARE LITERALLY STARTING FROM SCRATCH. But yes, many do not want to put in the work.... HOW ARE THEY BEING THE VICTIMS? Please explain.
What I don't understand is, when a poor kid is trying to better himself/herself and gets accepted to a prestigious or ivy league university or even becomes successful.. why are rich people also insulting them? Either they are poor and play the victims OR they only got accepted because they are poor.... This just shows how selfish people are in this country.

Despite everything, it's people like you that made me work to my full potential to attend a prestigious university, graduate, and succeed. SO THANK YOU :)

Quinton Figueroa: You're not a victim for your
@Annie (view comment)

You're not a victim for your starting circumstance. The longer you believe this the more power you give away. Different people start from different environments, so? Some people may be born into lots of money and some may not. Money is 1 of 1,000,000 possible pros or cons. And a lot of people with money live shittier lives than people without money. Being born poor doesn't make you a victim and being born rich doesn't take it away. Your thoughts how you view reality do that. You are not a product of your environment. You are more than a mindless, selfless, powerless concoction of cells at the whim of your environment. But if you believe you are then you are. And nobody wants to understand that. They would rather recite the lie to themselves and surround themselves with others who support their lie.

You don't need college to become rich. Being rich isn't about college. Lawyers, doctors and nurses are not rich.

Deez Nutz: You seem so angry of the

You seem so angry of the people who think different. Why do you rage.

Deez Nutz: Why do you seem to rage when

Why do you seem to rage when someone has a different opinion. Just CHILL. Some think you are right others are wrong. I some what agree and disagree.

Mojca: You got the point

I won't go into details, but I have to say that I mostly agree with the post. I moved from middle class state to one of the poorest in the EU.
First I didn't believed that person can change the quality of living. But now I am 100% that only we are responsible for what we have. I am not talking about being on the street and then become billionaire(even this can happen). I am talking about being on street and after some time you have a roof over your head.
I was researching poor people a lot. They (I am not rich, that's why I'm in poor country) have habits which they do not want to change. Even if they could help them a lot.
Like jesus or someone said: '' Don't give a poor man fish, teach him how to catch a fish.''

Michael: Just So Stupid

This is without doubt one of the most stupid, simplistic opinion pieces I have ever read. It simply baffles me how ignorant to author is. All you would need is a 4th grade education to understand the following advantages a child born into a wealthy family would have over one born into a poor family (for the most part):

1) Better general health care.
2) Better dental care.
3) Better diet.
4) Better schools.
5) Better teachers.
6) Better activities.
7) Higher functioning role models.
8) Better connections.
9) Loftier dreams and aspirations borne out of environmental models.
10) Belief of control over one’s environment.

Overall this adds up to an entirely different attitude toward life. Of course we can all name exceptional people who have risen out of poverty due to hard work and perseverance, or simply the right idea at the right time. Generally speaking, a child brought up within a poor environment may dream of becoming a doctor or lawyer, the child born into a wealthy family is expected to become a lawyer or doctor – dream of Vs expected to, is a big difference in mentality.

Wealthy people believe poor people are lazy and stupid because it makes them feel justified and superior. Poor people believe if they work hard enough they can do it, as it gives them hope. The latter is why a lot of the poor will choose to believe the stupidity in this opinion piece.

We are told that doing a job well and working hard will result in reward. It’s a load of crap. When a wealthy lawyer goes to hospital he will be cared for by expert nurses who work their but off to make sure he is okay – they are educated, love their job, do it well, and work hard, yet they will never be wealthy. And without them, the rich person has no one to change his dressings. The wealthy person sends his kids to school and they are taught by a hard working dedicated teacher – the teacher will never be rich. Just two examples of educated people who work hard and will never be wealthy.

Society is basically a giant pyramid scheme. There are the super wealthy at the top (the multi billionaires), followed by more billionaires, then the even more prominent multi-millionaires, then millions of millionaires, then hundreds of millions of people who are worth less than a million but do okay, and then billions of people who struggle from pay check to pay check or live in poverty.

Capitalism only functions this way. I’m not against it, just stating a fact. Someone needs to clean toilets, teach children, police out streets, look after us in hospital, sweep our streets, drive our taxis, keep our utilities running, build and repair our homes, make our phones and other appliances, etc, etc. None of these people will ever be rich but many of them work very hard with a great deal of effort.

Not everyone can be wealthy and it is highly ignorant to suggest anyone who works hard with the right mentality can make it. It’s actually quite condescending and insulting to most of the people who work tirelessly to keep out society running from day to day.

Quinton Figueroa: So for people with a
@Michael (view comment)

So for people with a "disadvantage" are you saying:

1. They are unable to make choices?
2. Their choices are inferior?
3. They are not responsible for their choices?

If this is the case, at what point does this change?

Sam: Why keep stalling?

I've grown up poor, and lived poor as a young adult, until I eventually got sick of it, and I spent every day at the library reading, learning computers, and I've become successful - perhaps even "rich" to some people.

The author is not saying poor people are terrible human beings. He's telling poor people to stand up and even if they fail - do something, anything, about it instead of expecting to live a poor life.

I grew up poor and my parents lead me to believe I would also be poor, and to expect it. But to lack the creativity or choice to TRY and make it better outside of the box - is what poor people won't do.

I have never met a person who is constantly poor, who doesn't constantly complain about it.

Poor people have been raised to hate the rich. You cannot convince them otherwise hence they'll always see the rich as the enemy - and no one wants to become the enemy. So they stay poor.

It's not logical to think that all rich people are rich because of inheritance, blind luck and not from planning or hard work. Yes there are always exceptions but in the same way that victim mentality will make you into a victim, labeling yourself as "poor forever" will make you exactly that.

The author is challenging poor people to look beyond he obvious unjust circumstances of their situation - because you probably do have it harder than others - and recognize that to not be poor you must first shed your poor mindset, your hatred for the rich, your victim mentality and rise up.

Don't make excuses or focus on he tiny exceptional cases. If you believe something unquestionably and never ponder the opposite, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. That is exactly what the author is trying to get across.

Not that poor people are worthless or deserve to be poor for no reason. He is saying all the worlds unfair and unjust tragedies aside, on a human level, you CAN choose to not think like a victim, and that's the first step.

If you're poor and continue to defend your "poorness" what does that accomplish? Unless you actually want to stay poor, why is it so wrong to consider another reality where you're not poor? The author is blunt, yea, but he is simply saying that poor people should rise up and think of themselves differently - and that's the first step.

Admits that being poor sucks. And don't settle for it. But if you think you deserve it, you probably will get it. That goes both ways and applies to most everything in life.

Sam: Another thing to note

I had to add one more note after reading some of these comments. I couldn't help but notice the outrage in people defending their "poorness" as if the author was telling them to change the color of their skin. Like the idea itself is ludicrous and the author is insane for even entertaining the idea that you have some degree of control over your financial condition.

As if being poor now means you'll be poor until the day you die - and even considering an alternative state of mind is akin to changing a part of yourself that is impossible to change. The author is asking people to change their mindset to try and better their lives, yet you angrily defend your current financial state as if it's something that will never be changed no matter what you do.

For example, no matter what I do, I really cannot change my ethnicity. It simply is and always will be the same. I was born Asian and I will always be Asian. Asking me to change my race is crazy and impossible.

If asked to identify myself, my answer would be something like "I am an Asian male." I probably will always be an Asian male. I was born and will die that way.

An incorrect answer would be "I am a POOR Asian male." The fact that I am currently poor does not belong in the same category as my ethnicity or gender, because those things are entirely out of my control and will never change.

Why do so many people replying to this article make being "poor" part of their identity? As if it is no different than the color of your skin or gender?

A very small number of things make up your UNCHANGABLE identity - like your race, gender, eye color, or whatever - but being poor is not one of them. Why do you believe that because you are poor now, you will be poor forever? As if becoming "un-poor" is as impossible as changing your race or gender? Those things can't really be changed - being poor, although difficult, is not impossible. I've done it and I know many people who have done it.

By making one of your core identifying traits as being "poor" - you are indirectly saying, and worse, EXPECTING to be poor forever with no possible way of changing your predetermined future.

For example, I was born with dyslexia. Just like I was born Asian and as a male. I was also born poor. But at what point did being poor become a core trait that can never be changed? And why do you defend your being poor as if it is something that is impossible to change?

The author is not attacking your ethnicity or your gender, yet people here are defending their financial status as if they are being asked to change the color of their skin.

Since when did your current financial status get lumped into the same category of "impossible things that can never change" like your race or gender?

There is quite literally nothing a person is born with which remains constant for all eternity - aside from a handful of things. I will always be Asian. I will always be a male. Aside from a few defining characteristics, nothing else stays the same from birth to death, unless you work to keep them the same. I was born with dyslexia, and j have to live with it. I was also born poor in line of poor generations in a terrible my poverty stricken neighborhood. Guess what? I still have dyslexia - but I no longer am poor. Why? Because I changed it. How? Because it is an external element.

If the author wrote that you are wrong for being Asian and wrong for being a male - it would justify these angry defensive comments. But that's not what the author is saying. The author is simply asking people to consider an alternate universe where you are not poor. That if you were born poor, you don't necessarily have to die that way. Small exceptions aside, in this country, there is little in the way of becoming "in-poor" and although more difficult for some than others, it's never been impossible. Why so angrily defend your "poorness" as if the author asked you to do something impossible and ridiculous that you have absolutely no control over?

This is the part that confuses me. Instead of replying saying that the author doesn't know what I'm going through - or that he isn't considering all the complications - and that simply thinking differently won't make you not poor - people are literally saying that becoming not poor is the same as becoming not Asian or becoming not dyslexic. All exceptions aside, for an able bodied person, being poor is ultimately a choice. Not the same kind of choice like "I am going to be poor now. No wait, I changed my mind. I am going to be not poor now." What the author is saying is that the long term combination of bad choices and taking the easy road full of excuses, blame and being OK with being poor. No one that is poor enjoys being poor, but that also does not mean they will make the difficult choices to get out of poverty.

It's much easier to post angry comments defending their own poor financial condition - and continue believing that being poor is a predetermined fate that can never be escaped from.

Treating their poverty as a constant characteristic, no different than your ethnicity or gender, is a dangerous victim mindset. Rather than take a moment to envision a poverty-free life, it's much easier to say the author is crazy and that he will never talk me out of staying poor. I've already made up my mind to stay poor and I'll defend it to my dying breath. That is not how you get it of poverty. It's how you stay there.

Is it harsh? Yes. Is it unfair? Of course. But aside from exceptional circumstances that force you to stay poor, most people stay poor because they don't want to blame themselves or change their life. It took me decades and enormous sacrifice to get where I am today.

I never blamed successful people or believed they were taking all the money and there was none left for me. That's simply not how money works. It's not a zero sum game and successful people (not rich assholes but actual successful people) generate money and earn it - not take it from the poor. This is simply not how economics works and this idea is very dangerous.

As long as you hate successful people, you'll never become one. Becoming financially secure does not mean you have to be a millionaire. Nor does it mean you need to lie, cheat, steal or have nothing in your life besides work.

It means that you think hard about everything you do and you work smart - it's not about working double shifts and blaming the system for keeping you poor.

I've been poor. I've been dealt terrible cards. But the first step I took to getting out of poverty was to become embarrassed about being poor. To want more for myself and my family. When I saw someone who was successful, I didn't immediately assume he stole his money, ripped off poor people, or any other negative thoughts.

It's true the system keeps poor people poor and rich people rich. But at the end of the day, it is a system and systems can be bypassed. I never finished school because of my dyslexia, so I couldn't get a gold job. So I spent years calling successful people, getting mentored and reading. Eventually I started my own small business with money I saved from working years at several crumby jobs. Then I sold that business and moved into another, and so on. Now, most people would consider me as "rich" - but the same desire that drove me to stop being poor is still ingrained in me. That anti-victim mindset and the refusal to defend my empty bank account and lack of luck in my life - that poisonous mindset is what will keep you poor. Simple as that.

If it's pouring rain and you don't have an umbrella, you can do two things. You can stand in the rain and feel sorry for yourself that you are getting wet and that all the rich people "stole" my umbrella. Or you can run your ass off, dive into a dumpster, ask around people in the street, or make your own umbrella.

But rest assured - if my ultimate goal is to not get wet, I will find a way to get an umbrella. But if I have no goal and simply want to be angry and blame all the other people who do have umbrellas - the result is always the same; I will remain exactly where I am, in the pouring rain with nothing but anger and self-justification as to why I am being victimized.

Read this article again but do so without feeling sorry for yourself - and you'll understand the true meaning of the authors message and - as cliche as it is - the power of positive thinking.

Do you know why so many immigrants - with no money, no English, no anything - can come to this country and become successful? Because they don't waste any energy feeling bad about their lives and know if they are poor, it's only temporary. They hate being poor, and never go around telling people their sob stories. Starting out poor with crumby circumstances is hard - and I've been there. You have to truly detest being poor and stop thinking that "poor" is forever. Poor is forever in slime countries like Africa or India because of their broken system. But in America, even penniless immigrants that don't even speak the language can make it to the top. Simply because they hate poverty and because they don't ever accept that being poor is acceptable.

Exceptions aside, being poor is unacceptable if you can do anything about it. You should hate being poor. Hate how it makes you feel. Hate the lack of opportunities for you and your family as a result of being poor. There is nothing noble or commendable about being poor - except what you learn as you claw your way out of it.

You may fail anyways - and thinking positively may not work - but I guarantee that if you stop thinking like a poor person, you'll have a much better chance of getting out of of poverty.

Read this article without hatred for rich people and without thinking of your current position in life. Read this article again objectively and instead of seeing it was an attacks on your lifestyle, you'll see the author is attacking, rightfully so, the terrible injustices of being poor, and why no one should have to live in poverty if they don't want to.

anonymous: You said that doctors and

You said that doctors and lawyers are not rich, you are clearly mistaken here. I believe doctors are wealthy, and a class apart. These nouveau riche people do not compare to doctors who yes, are considered rich. Most of the experienced doctors are in the top 3%

Quinton Figueroa: Doctors and lawyers both work
@anonymous (view comment)

Doctors and lawyers both work for money, not assets. They're high paid employees. They are in the highest tax bracket. Rich people don't work for money and rich people make money through assets, not a job.

Sam: Doctors and lawyers

I agree that doctors and lawyers - not all - are generally considered "rich."

But again, like with most professionals that earn more money, they are able to command higher pay because their jobs are more important and worth more to the economy than, let's say, a cashier or a janitor.

You could argue janitors and cashiers jobs are important as well, which they are, but just about anyone can go out and get the necessary training to become a janitor or cashier, and learn those skills in a matter of days.

Doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc., for the most part, requires years of training and at a higher level, requires the person to simply be more intelligent, savvy and become part of those high paying professions by planning and working for years to get there.

I think the biggest flaw in the "poor people are victims and rich people exploit poor people" argument is that the underlying assumption is that rich people simply got rich by accident, and in the same way, poor people are poor due to bad luck and nothing more.

Yes - some people are born with more advantages that others, but he majority of successful people planned their success and worked hard, smart and strategically to get there through better choices.

I don't understand the assumption that people are born rich or poor, and stay that way all their lives. The argument says that if you're born poor, you're destined to stay poor forever no after that you do. Likewise, if born rich or in a better situation, you're destined to become rich and stay rich.

Speaking from experience, as someone who was born and grew up poor, but is now rich, I know first hand that being born poor makes it much harder to become "un-poor" but the argument that your current circumstances dictate your future makes absolutely no sense at all - and frankly is a bad excuse for staying poor.

I was born poor and my family was a poor immigrant family with no money. I grew up in the slums and my parents worked 3 jobs to put food on the table. When I got older, many of my poor friends had 2 choices to make.

The first choice was to identify themselves as a victim of their poverty and use that excuse as a permanent justification to stay poor forever. The other choice was to accept that they were poor and they have less advantages than someone born rich - and instead of using that as an excuse, use it as motivation to get out of poverty. Which would you rather choose? Give up by labeling yourself poor from the get-go, or try and rise up?

Poor people seem to be too hung up on the unfairness of being poor and having lots of disadcantages. It's true it's unfair and I've been there - but that's life - it's unfair.

In the animal kingdom, if an animal is hungry, it doesn't stop to think about their circumstances or stew in self pity. They go out and claw their way to getting some food by any means necessary.

What animal do you know that is hungry and jus stops there, remains hungry and just dies? None of them obviously - because starving is not an option. Even if this animal was born in the worst circumstances imaginable, deciding not to try and to "sit out" is simply not an options - because if they "sit out" and don try to find food they'll starve.

The problem with modern society, especially in America, is that we DO have the option of "sitting out" but without the consequences of starving. No other species has this luxury except humans.

It simply is wrong to be able bodied and be staring. Unless you're disabled or in some kind of extraordinary circumstance that is extremely rare, you have the option to stop being poor. If you hit rock bottom and need to find a way out of poverty, you'll claw your way out no matter how difficult. A starving animal won't sit there and defend how hungry he is, and blame other animals for his lack of food. It doesn't work that way. But for some reason, humans so work this way and that's the problem.

If you're born with bad luck, it means you'll have to work 100x harder to get out of poverty versus someone who is born with good luck. No one said the work necessary to become successful should always be identical no matter if you were born rich or poor. It's much harder for someone born poor to become rich, obviously.

But stating that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get anywhere in life because you were born poor - that's just idiocy. It makes no sense, and it's an excuse, plain and simple.

Even when I was poor, I never once blamed rich people for or pointed the finger at successful people and said "I'm poor because of that guy."

The fact is, there is much more money out in the world than there are people. There's enough for everyone if you figure out how to get it. If someone makes money, it rarely means they're "taking it" from someone else.

If you make a product, service, skill set valuable, people will voluntarily pay you for it. Successful people, for the most part, aren't going around to poor people and stealing their money. Maybe there are a handful of rich morons who don't deserve their money because they inherited it, stole it or whatever - but that's a tiny fraction of the world. The majority of people with money make consistent choices that will improve their financial condition. He choices are hard and uncomfortable and there are lots of them to be made - but anyone who was once poor and are no longer poor - have made this choice to stop being poor.

I'm still amazed how many people commenting on this article start off their comment by saying "I am poor and how dare you say I am not a victim!"

The truth is, if you are born poor, you ARE A VICTIM. What the author is saying is simply to stop agreeing with this statement and BELEIVING YOU ARE A VICTIM. Because even If you are a victim of being poor, accepting this belief and just "sitting out" - or worse, defending your victim status - will almost always guarantee you'll remain a victim. And if you've decided to be a victim for the rest of your life, you'll receive all the other things that come with being a victim; self pity, inability to try, and ultimately, poverty.

Of all the other poor immigrants i grew up with, half of them including myself, are successful. We've ended the generational cycle of poverty in our family lines. The other half of them are still poor today,l. Why? Because when I decided one day that I'm sick of being poor, these people decided that they were comfortable being labeled "poor." So guess what happened? Exactly what you would expect would happen from sitting on the sidelines blaming everyone and hating people for their success - they stayed poor just like their parents and continue, to this day, blaming rich people for somehow holding them back, and telling anyone who will listen that they don't deserve to be poor and how they are permanent victims of poverty.

When I run into any of these victims I grew up with, you can guess what they say. They'll always volunteer to talk about how hard their life is and how society and rich people are screwing them over. It's all they ever talk about. They're not embarrassed when I have to pay for their dinner tab. They'll gladly accept it because they believe that it's owed to them for being poor. They think I someone magically became rich, so it's my job to give handouts to anyone less fortunate. We all lives in the same crumby projects and studio apartments with roaches and rats. Why they STILL live that way after all these years and I live exactly the opposite - when we all started off poor together - is not rocket science. It's not some social injustice or some luck of the draw. The difference is and always has been CHOICE. My choice to stop thinking poor, acting poor, accepting poor, and ultimately to stop being poor.

Being poor is a current state of being. Like being hungry. It's not a permanent part of your identity like your ethnicity or gender. Your current state of being can always be changed. Sometimes it's harder for some people and easier for others - but it CAN ALWAYS BE CHANGED.

The first step is WANTING TO CHANGE. And if you're replying to this article defending your current status and continuing to blame everyone but yourself for being poor, you've already made your choice. Your choice is to remain a victim and to stay poor forever.

The minute you truly stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide to claw your way to the top, you'll be amazed what things you can accomplish.

Quinton Figueroa: Great post (as well as your

Great post (as well as your others). A lot of great points in these :) Thanks for sharing.

Dynx: You're right

I've been on both ends of the spectrum through my life and although luck is a portion of it (you can't be the next Steve jobs without luck) it (bad luck) not the majority of what keeps most in poverty, it's a choice.
Now this is not pertinent to people in Africa or poor areas of the Middle East where a social safety net is absent but for the majority of those in the US is you are poor and remain poor it's a choice (again some...but a minority similar to the minority that become Steve jobs rich, get dragged into poverty by bad luck)
I grew up poor, lived in a small duplex with food stamps and our dining table was a picnic bench, not a nice retro potery barn throw back but a table with benches attached that used to sit in a public park. Our car had the one primer door and one of my best childhood memories was when the horn fell off the wheel as my mom was honking it in anger dropping my dad off at his job in 7-11 (I laughed my ass off). Dad had no HS degree but worked non stop and picked up shifts at another convenience store. Long story short he saved money, went in with another worker to buy a corner shop, opened another (I'd go to work with him in the summer at 3:30am stocking shelves) and another. Left when it was dark, came home when it was dark. By the time me and my sister were in college he was doing very well...by some luck sure, but 90% by hard work that others wouldn't do. Got college paid for, like my sister. I went on to medical school and am doing well, my sister dropped out, couldn't keep a job and isn't.
My college roommate was a very bright engineering student from a very poor family. Did great. His brother chose to live the thug life, still on welfare.
My wife from Puerto Rico has 2 sisters, same schools, same parents. She got a PHd and a nice job at a startup. One sister lives in public housing with 3 kids from 2 baby daddies the first of which got beat to death with a hammer in a drug deal gone bad...she lives on the social security check for her 2 kids from that dude. She had a job for a bit as a hostess at a chili's but it was "too hard". Apparently a lot harder than my dads job at 7-11 that he chose to work in addition to his second job to get us ahead.
I see it every day, I live with it in my family. I see the choices again, and again and again...poor decisions, poor attitude and poor effort. That's the majority of what keeps the poor that way.

Sam: the mediocre white American male

Good post Dynx! You are perfect example of people who "get it" and understands that victimizing yourself leads to nothing more than more poverty - and your parents understood this.

Why is it so hard to understand that the majority of rich people are rich because they planned it - and poor people are typically poor for the same reason? Just because being rich is positive and poor is negative doesn't automatically mean that being poor is a random event. You get poor by making lots of poor choices and you get rich making lots of difficult but good choices.

Like the comment above where someone says if a piano falls out of the sky and hits you, it's not your fault. That may be true but unless the piano kills you or makes you paralyzed from the neck down, you can still push forward. It doesn't automatically make you a victim of "piano violence" for the rest of your life and it certainly doesn't have to mean you will be poor forever from that day forward - unless that's what you choose to accept.

No matter how bleak your circumstances, life tends to give you what you want. If you constantly choose to make poor decisions (like bad common sense decisions) over time, you'll reap the consequences of your poor decisions. You won't magically become poor or rich because some powers that be decide to make it happen. Being poor is not an accident, just as being rich is not an accident either. Yes there are exceptions and yes they are rare. Generally, being born poor doesn't make you poor forever. Not in America. The majority of things that happen to you, you are the judge, jury and executioner. You either make it happen or make it not. It's a direct or indirect choice you and every day. The authors not saying you'll be poor based off one decision or rich off another. It's the culmination of them all.

Bad stuff happens all the time - the difference is whether that person chooses to be a victim or continue to push forward. Extreme circumstances aside (which are not worth arguing because obviously there is always an exception to any rule) the majority of poor people, from my experience, being and growing up poor, means they stay poor because they choose to make continued poor decisions at every turn, every day and consistently. Not because they make ONE choice. Nothing in the real work works off ONE choice. But making poor decisions is easy and people tend to take the easy route.

For example, one big choice you make daily is how to spend your time. Watching tv, drinking, hanging out with friends are easy choices and yields no rewards except short term fun. Spending that same time learning a new skill, networking, working another job to save money, are hard choices that yield no short term gains or gratification. But making the hard choice every day will likely get you ahead because others will choose the easy, instant gratification choice, every time.

This consistent sacrifice is what keeps people poor. Rich people will consistently do what poor people won't - and being poor at the moment doesn't make those choices any less doable - difficult? Yes. But choices are free and most people can make these choices regardless of whether they were born rich or poor. It's just harder but not impossible. This idea that being born poor means you'll be poor forever is a deeply flawed victim mentality and an easy excuse to consistently make bad choices. So they continue to make bad choices thinking there is no difference between a good or bad choice because in the end, they'll always be poor anyways.

This is the true cycle of poverty and the real reason why people have difficult escaping poverty. Choosing not to be empowered and choosing to be a victim breeds more bad choices and hence, more poverty.

If you've decided that you are destined to be poor forever, it becomes easy to continue make bad choices every day. Why sacrifice anything if you believe it will never amount to anything? So many poor people accept this flawed idea that they'll be poor no matter what choices they make today. But any of these choices can be made by anyone, rich or poor, and it will determine if you'll stay rich or poor. The author says a poor person cane become rich - and the reverse, a rich person can become poor. The reason most poor people stay poor and most rich people stay rich is because over time, these choices you make daily become habitual. The rich continue to make good choices and the poor continue making easy choices. This is the real "cycle of poverty" and has never been some illusory social injustice that cannot be controlled by the person making those choices.

By choosing to be the victim, you've already made your choice to be poor. Because if you think you're the victim, every decision you make will be based on the idea that you're destined to be poor. The main difference between the poor and the rich is that the rich know the only way you become a victim is by victimizing yourself. So every choice they make reflects this mentality.

Even the small choice you make about what you plan to do with your time today puts you on the path to success or failure. These small choices you make every day add up. People get angry when the author points this out because many poor people have made up their mind - that they're destined to be poor forever. No one likes to hear their decision was a bad one so they defend themselves by insisting they are the victim and that nothing anyone says or does will ever stop them from being poor. They've already made up their mind. They think they are poor by accident, not decision. That's why these types of thinkers also believe rich people got rich by accident. That's why they're the first ones to say rich people should pay more taxes. Because rich people made their money by accident so they don't deserve it.

There's little in life that's purely accidental. Being poor or rich isn't one of those things. The minute you believe your financial condition is pure luck-of-the-draw, you give up control over your own life and have nothing left to do but blame others for their success. But again, people will go to great lengths to justify their poor decisions.

It's not one choice that makes you poor or rich. It's a mindset - constant good or bad choices you make daily that determines your fate. I cannot believe how many people literally think the author is saying that there is one choice you need to make and magically you'll become rich. If that were true no one would be poor. I cannot believe I actually have to explain that. Besides something simple like changing the tv channel, what worthwhile accomplishments in life becomes reality just because you make ONE choice or ONE action? None of course. Nothing worth having is that easy. Why is this so hard to comprehend?

The article is not "People choose to have cancer" - the article simply states that being poor (remember, poverty is a state of being, not an uncontrollable part of your identity) can be changed. He's not saying you got cancer because you chose to get sick. He's saying you're poor because you make poor choices every day - choices that don't cost any money or require connections - and is free to everyone...there's no economic barrier keeping a poor person or rich person from making small choices every day. These choices are hard and they either make you poor and struggling, or rich and free.

Being poor is not noble, it is not something to be proud of. Being a victim is a mindset in most cases and only YOU can keep yourself a slave to that mindset if you refuse to let it go and reuse to make the right choices to move away from it.

Getting out of poverty means making the difficult choices hundreds of times all day and every day. It means that at every opportunity, small or big, you choose to make the unpopular choice every time because in the long run, it will increase your chances for success.

The choice may be uncomfortable, embarrassing and depressing in the short term - but making the right choices constantly is what eventually leads to becoming successful.

When I was poor, I had plenty of opportunities to make poor decisions. My poor friends, who are still poor as adults, chose to work less, complain more, get into debt, have children, etc etc. every time I had the same decision to make, I picked the less popular choice. It meant I had less fun than my friends. It meant I slept less and worked more hours. It means I scrimped and saved money to start my own business, instead of sending that money on going out or having fun. Every day i was mocked by my friends because I chose to stay in, take the bus, work 3 jobs, go to the libraries during lunchtime to learn computers. Eventually, I had the knowledge and opportunity to start my own web business.

My friends, who all started from the same crumby projects and poor families like me, in the same amount of time, had no new skills, no money, no anything - and they remained poor. Why? Because even though they called me a geek, loser and cheapskate - I slowly learned new skills and built myself up to take a shot. When the time came, I was able to start a web business and from there, slowly grew my wealth. Today, I am considered "rich" and I continue to make the tough decisions every day - my friends have no new skills, no money saved, and are content with being poor. To this day, they will continue to take the easy road, making the popular, easy decisions whenever they have the choice to increase their value to society, or remain stagnant.

This is the "choice" the author is referring to. The choice is not one choice, but many choices anyone can make every day to better their future or sabatoge it. The better choice is always harder, because anything in life worth a damn is worth pursuing with hard work and sacrifice. From my experience, extreme circumstances aside, many poor people I grew up with almost always makes the easy choice every day. They'll go out drinking instead of the library. They'll work their same jobs without acquiring new skill. They'll get the Best Buy credit card with 20% interest to buy the big TV they couldn't afford. They'll have children they can't support. The list goes on and on.

The same friends I grew up with in the projects, living off food stamps, getting mugged, barely surviving - we all started in the same place. Fast forward 20 years. Most of my friends pretty much still live the same way. Myself and a handful of other friends, we "made it out" and are living the American Dream. No one had any more or less than anyone else. How did we end up in such different lives as adults? It certainly wasn't accidental or dumb luck.

The ONLY difference between any of us that made me rich and made them remain poor was simply:

- I chose to learn new skills while they watched TV or wasted time

- I worked more while they worked less

- I knocked on doors and constantly hustled, while they sat at home feeling sorry for themselves

- They thought only about today and the next paycheck, while I constantly thought about the future and how to improve it

People replying to this article keep making excuses about how they have no money to start a business, no education, no connections, etc. guess what? Neither did I. I didn't have money to start a business so I worked 4 jobs and saved every penny. I couldn't afford a computer so I went to the library. I had no money for college so I read hundred of books, went to free seminars, and anything else I could come up with. Most importantly, I never pointed my finger at successful people and blamed them for my poverty. Instead, I used them as inspiration to become like them. And guess what? Now I AM ONE OF THEM.

Why is it ok for poor people to hate rich people? Don't they realize that if you hate successful people, you'll probably never become one of them. And why the hell do you want to be poor? And hang out with other poor people and continue hating rich people together. It won't get you out of poverty.

From my experience, the most jealous and entitled people are poor people. They are convinced they're poor because of the universe. Because of society, the rich, the "man", the justice system, their boss. They'll blame anyone and everyone except themselves. What's the point when NONE of these people can change your situation except for yourself, and that's the one person you don't blame. At that point, aren't you just ASKING to be poor? Honestly?

This ignorant idea put forth by "losers" in life are always the same. They think rich people steal their opportunities. They think they are discriminated for being poor. They think they deserve success despite not working for it. They think they're owed something. They think they have so many handicaps because they're poor. And many of these complainers are white American born males.

Try being an ethnic immigrant with no English, and try being racially profiled daily, having no family and being dyslexic. THEN on top of all that, add being poor.

Now that's a true handicap...but if you're American born, English speaking, and white, you're already at a HUGE advantage versus immigrants like me.

Lastly, stop making excuses. Stop saying you can start a business because you have no money. Or because you're not educated. If you live in America and are able bodied, you don't need anything else to succeed.

It doesn't cost money to educate yourself or go read a book. It doesn't cost money to network with strangers - or learn a new skill. I've been laughed out of rooms, rejected by hundreds of strangers, while trying to network. It doesn't cost money to acquire a new skill or to make yourself more valuable to society. If you really want it, you'll find a way regardless of money. Being poor is not an excuse for lack of skills, lack of education, or lack of networking or starting a business.

I also think it's hilarious how these "victims" complain about being poor but they won't do anything about it. Read he comments - On this article alone, the author replies to several victims after they complain about being destitute, on welfare, unable to get out of the poverty cycle and have deemed themselves "forever poor." The author then asks for their money expenses and income and why they can't get off welfare. None of these victims respond, despite the author trying to help them.

But no...they just wanted to complain and announce to the world, like they do every day, that they are victims. But why not go beyond that and figure out a plan to get out of poverty? Surely they don't WANT to be poor. Yet they act as if though they are totally fine being poor. Don't just complain and complain and complain. Do something about it.

If you fail, try again, and again and again. I've never seen a lion starve to death because he's too busy complaining to all the other lions how his life is unfair and he's a victim. He gets off his ass and hunts. Complaining and making excuses won't get you anywhere except make you miserable and jealous - and probably end up finding other jealous and miserable people to befriend and marry. Then you can be miserable together and blame evil rich people together.

It's much easier to bitch and complain than actually try to do something. But how dare you. You don't know my situation, how hard my life is.

Guess what? Myself and most people I grew up with probably had it much harder than you. Now we are successful. Obviously that's a fluke. I must have won the lottery or some money landed in my lap.

No, it didn't. I worked my ass off and at every turn, I made the tough choice and sacrificed because I hated being poor. I had to get out. So I clawed my way out. I never was comfortable being poor, or happy being broke. I never blamed my poverty on anyone. Not even myself. Because blaming and making excuses is a waste of time. If you choose to complain, you've already made a choice. The choice to waste time instead of improve yourself. You probably make lousy choices like this all day long - hence you're broke and poor. It's very simple logic.

Like the handful of people who are self-made and successful reading this post - the formula for success is always the same. Choose the unpopular choice every day. Work hard and smart. Instead of using some excuse to why you're being lazy and poor - get off your butt and do something about it.

And if you're a white, American born English speaking person who happens to be poor at the moment, know this; YOU HAVE NO HANDICAPS AND NO EXCUSES - if you're still poor, you're poor because that's the choice you've made - perhaps unconsciously - but making excuses for your poverty is the biggest handicap of all. And unlike my skin color, dyslexia and ACTUALLY being racially profiled while trying to claw my way out of poverty, being poor right now does not grant you any less opportunities than someone like me.

The author is absolutely correct - aside from rare and extreme circumstances, if you're American and poor, you're making the wrong choices every day, and that's what is keeping you poor.

People are not equal. Some people are simply willing to go farther and work harder ( and sacrifice more ) to get out of poverty. Unless you have no legs and are blind, if you're still poor, you're poor because every day, you make poor decisions and choose to stay that way. Worse, if you spend more energy defending your poor decisions, people who are handicapped, less intelligent and in worse situations than you, will continue to beat you in life. They deserve to win and you deserve to fail. Why? Because they want it more than you do. Because if you truly want to be free, you'll do whatever it takes.

So before you start replying to this article saying you're poor because of things out of your control, ask yourself how how much you're REALLY sacrificing or if you've already decided that being poor is acceptable. Ask yourself how badly you want to be successful. If your answer is "but society is holding me down," then you deserve to be poor my friend. No different than the guys I grew up with who were too lazy to go that extra mile. No one feels sorry for you and no one thinks you're a victim except for yourself.

Immigrants with more handicaps and social injustices than you could ever imagine come to this country every day and go from poverty to being rich - it happens all the time, myself included. So people need to stop justifying their poverty as if it's outside of their control. It's not. Anyone can play the game. If you refuse to play or worse, sit on the sidelines, don't be surprised if you have a crumby life plagued by all the terrible things that come with being poor.

And if you're a white, American born male who speaks English, and you're STILL poor and pointing the finger at society, shame on you. You totally deserve everything you don't have.

Quinton Figueroa: Damn man, this post is

Damn man, this post is waaaaaay better than what I wrote. I completely agree and you totally nailed it from so many good angles. It's unfortunate that people are unable to get what you're saying but that's how it goes.

Also, congrats on your business. I looked you up and it looks like you have your stuff together :). Good for you!

Sam: Thqnks

Thanks :) came across your blog and this article hits close to home and I've seen too many lives get ruined because of mindset. I guess I'm ranting and raving from the lunacy of it all.

I was re-reading some of these other comments and realized something funny. Actually, I started to think about this concept after I saw a young woman in front of me at the grocery store, who had 6 kids and was using a link card (food stamp card) and her kids were obese and malnutritioned - at least it appeared that way. Oh, and this was all happening on the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday, and yes, she was fully able bodied and as far as I could tell, had no disabilities or ailments to stop her from working... Except for the fact that she was poor and had SIX KIDS.

It seems like most poor people believe one consistent thing: if you're born poor, you'll be poor forever.

That seems to be unequivocally stated and agreed on by just about every poor "victim" replying to this article.

Ok - Let's pretend that statement is true. If so, then why do poor people choose to have children? By their logic, doesn't that guarantee their children live in poverty for the rest of their lives? And doesn't that mean, by their own logic, that their children will definitely have a hard, poverty stricken life with no hope of escape? They've already decided their kids future life will be full of poverty and hardships at every turn and they KNOW this. Discrimination. Bad eduction. No jobs. They know this future is a certainty.

They say their poverty was forced onto them by the "man." But if you're one of these "victims" and you have children - aren't YOU the one that's forcing poverty into your kids? Doesn't that make YOU the "man" in this situation?

Aren't they doing to their children exactly what they claim is being done to them by "the man?" Being forced into poverty with no possible chance of escape?

Isn't that extremely cruel?

If they believe their child will never have a shot at the American Dream, and they truly believe this to be true, isn't having children the same as forcing someone into poverty with no means of escape? They complain about the "man" forcing them into poverty yet they force their kids into the same situation?

Quinton Figueroa: Very good point. I've never

Very good point. I've never looked at it this way before and I would have to agree.

josen: I did not read all the

I did not read all the comments, the thing is, what if for years a family tried not ti be poor. they were born poor but from their ascendants to my time, we are struggling to reach a centuries goal of not being poor. did our best to have education, to do business, to do all the things you said not to be poor. even some cousins not gettong married because they think what they have is not enough to have even 1 child. I'm not from USA,UK, AUSTRALIA or any COUNTRY CALLED AS A DEVELOPED COUNTRY... we tried, endured DID everything possible not to be poor... still in MY generation, I am still poor. WITH DECADES OF EFFORT WILL YOU TELL ME AND MY ASCENDANTS UNLUCKY... or YOU WOULD CALL US STUPID POOR?? OR YOU WOULD SAY THAT WE WANTED THIS?? BECAUSE IT IS OUR CHOICE TO BE POOR? i'm gonna say it again, for a decade, we battled poverty... my ascendants... trying everything, until now i'm trying to continue... SO DO I NEED TO CONTINUE? HOW ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE HERE? are you guys rich or poor? the ONE who made this article...? HOW DID YOU BATTLE POVERTY? maybe you did it in a couple of years? COULD YOU TELL US HOW???

Quinton Figueroa: First off, a family is
@josen (view comment)

First off, a family is different than an individual. It's hard to get an individual to understand their power, let alone a family. Focus on you first.

Where are you from if you don't mind my asking?

What would rich look like to you? What does poor look like to you?

What kind of effort are you and have you been doing?

Tell me what you do in a typical day and week.

A lot of times people think things are fixing a problem when they're really exacerbating it. For example: college.

I'd need to know more about your situation. As I've said, more free societies like America and Europe make it a lot easier to become wealthy.

Anonymous: Thanks Quinton for showing

Thanks Quinton for showing interest on what I stated... Though I get your point, it is kinda difficult for me to easily accept that being poor is a choice... like what Sam wrote, there could be other circumstances to consider... However, as you reiterated in some of your replies, given the opportunity, right environment, mindset and attitude people can escape this curse of poverty.

Sam: Good poont

Hi Josen

You make a good point and it is exactly why I say in my replies that this applies only to developed countries like America.

You and your family may be doing everything right - and if you were in America you very may well have broken the cycle of poverty long ago. Your cousins waiting to be financial viable to support children is a fantastic example of what you are doing correctly and it's a common mistake made by many Americans that keep them poor.

The fact is, unfortunately, in countries such as yours and many other less developed nations, even making the right choices will not reward you the way it should - because the system is broken in these countries and they actually do make it virtually impossible to end this poverty cycle. From what you've written it sounds as though if you lived In another country such as Anerica, you may nr successful. Unfortunately that's not the case and I would agree that in your situation, not living in a developed country and having the broken system is likely the cause of your poverty. It's ignorant to think that making the right choices will yield rewards regardless of your physical location. Which is why I believe my experience only holds true in places like America where the vast array or f resources available and the opportunities are endless. I feel for your situation as it sounds like you are in a situation where your country is making your cycle of poverty impossible to end.

Perhaps it can be done but unlike places such as America - your excuses are legitimate.

I respect your tone Josen. Many people replying to this article are from America and have the ability to rid themselves of poverty - and are not faced with actual barriers such as you are facing. Your reply sounds genuinely intelligent and when I read your post, it sounded like you are an exception and in a true victimized stat - quite literally. But keep working hard and perhaps making it out of your country and finding a way to move to places like America should be your first and foremost goal..because with your mindset I believe you could be successful - perhaps not in your country however.

I appreciate your reply being more intelligent than so many others posting here because you ask the genuine questions and do not start your reply off with a defensive, argumentative tone where, like so many Americans, they try and establish the victim "tone" priori to making an argument or asking question.

it sounds like what you and your family have been doing for generations is correct and if you lived in America, would likely make you successful. I would consider your situation as an ACTUAL handicap and not an imaginary excuse like so many made by American born poor people.

I too was raised in a less developed country as were generations before me. Until we were fortunate enough to escape to America, any good choices or hard work we did would have been in vein and I would still be poor today.

My opinions are based solely on people living in opportunity-rich countries like America, where the same outside factors that keep you poor, regardless of good or bad choice, are literally out of your control.

However, I find it incredibly disrespectful to people in legitimately harsh environments with broken systems, such as yourself, when Americans invent excuses that they claim are keeping them poor.

Because of the broke system you face in your country, I believe that should you make it to America or places like it, you'll recognize the vast blessings and opportunities available here and become successful. You would immediately recognize these opportunities because you have seen the lack of such things in your own country, and you would excel becasue of it.

I think the problem lies in people who are living in places like America, where the system allows for them to escape poverty, yet they refuse to acknowledge these opportunities and make excuses - almost as if they were living in an unfair country such as yours.

I have a friend who grew up in Eastern Europe. His country is so corrupt that you cannot even start your own business without bribing dozens of officials. They have no public libraries and no internet access anywhere except in a select few neighborhoods. No matter how hard or smart he worked, his country made his success impossible. So he spent 10 years, and changed his goal to become an American citizen. He was able to make this dream a reality. Once he arrived here in America, the injustices and perseverance he endured in his former country became his greatest strengths. He was prepared to work harder and go farther than the average lazy American who has these same opportunities their entire life.

Because of this, he went from becoming a political refugee seeking asylum to becoming an American entrepreneur. By continuing to work hard and refusing to see himself as a victim, he has since become a multi millionaire.

I believe his situation is similar to yours. Honestly, his previous country DID make him into a victim of poverty. Not what spoiled American victims believe to be "injustice." But he was ACTUALLY a true victim of his country. Yet he never felt sorry for himself. He tells me all the time how whe he first arrived in America, he could not believe how many opportunities exists for free. He could not believe how many free libraries there are here and how easy it was to meet other successful people to help him.

When we talk, he makes fun of the "poor" people in America and says that even the poorest most destitute person living in America still has more opportunities to become rich than anyone from his country. He says that if his poorest neighbors came to America from his hometown, they could all become rich due to the sheer number of free opportunities available to everyone in America.

I completely agree with him.

If you meet people like my friend, you'll see what ACTUAL handicaps and social injustices look like. None of those things exist in America - and he constantly says that a poor American is an oxymoron. The odds are so much in your favor here that if you are still poor and living in America, you absolutely deserve it. And j agree with him wholeheartedly.

When you physically so not have access to books, telephones, the Internet, and the system ja run by corrupt and entirely broken systems, simply surviving is nearly impossible. But when you take away those barriers, the poorest American had more at their disposal than anyone back in his country - so being poor in America is a completely crazy concept.

Josen - I truly believe you have what it takes to be successful. Your country likely requires you to work at 120% just to survive, due to the broken system.

If you ever made it to America, you could du crop at 50% and you would still become rich, because the opportunities available to anyone here is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

My friend, and myself, both find is incredibly ignorant when people in America create these imaginary excuses for poverty and cower behind them.

Like the old cliche goes - if you can't make it on America you can't make it anywhere - and I believe it takes a special kind of spoiled, excuse-ridden moron to claim the system is holding them back, when people like my friend can claw heir way out of their own country, get to America with no money and without even speaking English, and become successful.

Josen - make your goal 2-fold.

Make the first part of your goal to get to America. The second part of your goal is to become successful - and I believe you'll be shocked at how easy our country makes
It for immigrants to become rich.

When you meet people like my friend, myself or many of my other friends who has to defeat monumental handicaps to become rich, you'll easily understand why poor people in places like America are in poverty because they themselves hold themselves back.

Talk to people with actual handicaps like this - then see if your excuses still hold up.

Anonymous: Thanks Sam! However, the

Thanks Sam! However, the American dream is not for me... I know USA or other developed countries will offer opportunities that can't be found aywhere else. I believe I'm not choosing to be poor, but trying to be stable or hopefully rich in a place where I was born and not based on the area where it is easier to be wealthy.

Jean: This is one of the worst and cheap "articles" I've read about.

I've lost 5 minutes of my life by reading this pseudo-article that obviously came from somebody without any preparation. To begin, the "author" skipped a lot of important variables such as circumstances, environment and "luck".
Hey "José", you are in the US. Congrats! that's great for an illegal Mexican (or son of illegals...) (sorry, you used generalization too, so I had the same right), so the fact is that you are in a place where there are plenty of opportunities... a question for you: what about people in the Mid East ? or North Korea? (there are 1000s of examples)... what happen if you can't escape ? would you spoke in the same way? Have you realized how mediocre is your generalization, José? . You can't play psychologist, by writing "pseudo-articles" at the level of a junior high school student. You end up being ridiculous. I've known tons of true entrepreneurs who simply had very bad luck and ended in poverty.

Regresad a Mexico a sembrar drugues ( o es cual acaso eres uno de esos Mexicanos nacidos en USA de padre muy ilegal que por haber nacido alli renegar hasta de sus propias raices)...

Bye "José" (I've lost 5 more minutes by answering to this idiot)

Anonymous: I'm not Mexican and I'm not
@Jean (view comment)

I'm not Mexican and I'm not in America. Oh yeah! I believe I'm not an idiot because if Iam, I'll not be able to understand what others are trying to point out in this forum. Oh, I'm not also from UK, Australia and British Columbia. Lastly, I sincerely apologize for wasting your time stumbling upon this blog and reading my 2 cents about the said topic.

Sam: Not in amerixa

Jean - I agree with you that this article only applies to people living in opportunity rich countries like America. You should see my last reply to Josen and where I talk about his circumstance and the circumstances of many of my friends, myself included, who had to claw our way to America before any success we obtained could be made possible. The author makes this clear also.

It's true - the class and economic system of most "less free" countries makes it virtually impossible to get out of poverty because core foundational elements necessary for success such as education, networking, and accesses to basic key resources do not exist for the poor.

Being poor is almost always a guaranteed handicap in countries such as those. But it's been noted by many people including myself and the author that these handicaps don't exist in countries like America - where all the tools you need to escape poverty are at the disposal of anyone lucky enough to be living in America.

The definitions of luck, handicaps and opportunities are completely different if you're living in an economically free country like America..And this article almost entirely crumbles if it assumes the poor person trying to become successful is living in places like Mexico, Afrjca and m so forth.

In those types of places, the injustices and corruption of the system is quite literally designed to keep the poor in poverty and the rich successful.

But it's simply not true if you live in free country tries like America. In you live here, extreme circumstances aside, the old cliche that says "if you can't make it here you can't make it anywhere" hold absolutely true.

From my experience along with my family and friends, we would all still be poor if we weren't able to escape to America.

However, if you live in places like America and you're still poor or believe there are handicaps holding you back, you're truly ignorant and your choices absolutely warrant your poverty.

In less free countries, poor people can feel sorry for themselves. They can do everything right and still be living in poverty. But in places like America, this argument is in impossibility.

I've been on both sides of the fence - and living in places like America makes success attainable for virtually anyone willing to make the difficult choices every day and work harder and smarter than others around them.

Everything Jean says is true, from my experience, living in these less free countries. There's no point arguing otherwise because living in a less free country really does cause you to be poor and almost impossible to get ahead.

But not in America. If you're poor here, you deserve it and there is not one single excuse that holds up. Only you can hold yourself back in third country where the opportunities are endless, free and available to everyone.

Many people have made this same argument here on this article and I agree with them - from my experience it holds true. But if you can make it to America you have no excuses left because the system does not hold back the poor or make it impossible to escape poverty.

It's difficult but not impossible and that's the myth that, from my experience growing up as a poor immigrant, is undeniably true.

If you're in America - don't get angry or justify your poverty. You've earned your poverty here just as someone successful has earned their rewards.

In less developed countries you're usually poor by circumstance - in America you're poor by choice - or more accurately, a culmination of your choices.

Joshua: Very good article.

Being a very PC time, with countless PC-zealots, this article was bound to get a lot of backlash. Regardless if there was/is a more skillfull means of saying the same things or not, the truth still rings true, and sometimes the truth isn't as PC as our increasingly delicate society would appreciate. Sometimes the truth just flat out hurts.

Vayu: This quote by Noah Vosen from

This quote by Noah Vosen from The Bourne Ultimatum movie fits perfectly for this retarded article:
"Decisions made in real time are never perfect. Don't second guess an operation from an armchair."

Sam: Agreed

I've in the "armchair" now but for the first half of my life, I was "in the field." I only write or advise people on this subject because I've been poor and made it out of poverty by making the hard choices. It seems like a lot of people replying on this article either haven't been poor or desperate enough that they do everything and anything to escape - or they've never been poor.

When you hit rock bottom like I did and become successful out of sheer will and sacrifice, the idea that poor people are that way by accident and circumstance is ridiculous - and honestly kind of offensive.

I would never accuse a poor person for making made choices and staying poor if I myself wasn't in the same boat myself and climbed out. Once you go through it yourself, you'll never believe this lie again.

Trust me, there is nothing harder in life than being a born-poor immigrant with a poor family, poor friends and being handicapped. When you're that low, and find a way to become successful as I did, any argument sympathizing with "poor by choice" people is downright offensive and moronic.

I would hope everyone replying to articles on Slayerment are doing so from experience. If they aren't, they have neither the experience or knowledge to take any stand. That's what I think.

I can easily spot the difference between a truly poor person that's holding themselves back and angry at the world, versus someone who refuses to accept "poor" as part of their identity.

I have no patience of sympathy for the latter.

Stop defending poverty. Believe me, it's not something worth defending.

1 world citizen: Opinion

Well, first off, this topic is really interesting and there are interesting points from both parties.

Some I completely agree with, some I partially agree with, and some I totally disagree with. I also took a look at the crowd freedom project of the author. I must say that there is some really interesting points in there. But I must also say that on some other points, the author is either naive, and/or delusional, and or totally insane (no offense).

Not to mention that with some of his arguments/propositions, he seems to live on another planet or at least in a parallel world. He is sometimes completely "gone", I just hope that he is not lost forever on these points.

But, I’ll start with this article:

- First of all, it seems, according to the American "how to make it" mentality, that success in life only, or most of the time, equals being rich financially and/or being famous. What a great narrowess of mind. Not to mention that the so called "rich" people are sometimes very "poor of themselves".

Personally, I don't measure the success of my life with my bank account. I also tend to downgrade everything and get rid of materialistic things. I live simply, with the bare minimum. That being written, if people are happy with things, good for them. But I'm not so sure they are really happy.

- Second of all, it would have been great that the author, if not in the title at least in the body of his article, mentioned that he was talking principally about America.

But maybe, even if he seems to be not "politically correct" (which I like, as I'm not myself), he uses the same tactics of "punchy" and/or controversial titles, as the presstitutes of the mainstream politically correct media flowing the joint wall street/governments propaganda. And as all the other people spreading bad values, non-sense and the "buzz" effect, in order to gain readers at any cost. Well, everyone its conscious. Plus, maybe, as it seems to be the general tendency nowadays, the most important is not to say or write things that are accurate, it's just to say or write everything and anything. Though, the author has some accurate points, I admit.

- However, I completely agree with some author's arguments and acknolewdege that some elements are well thought and it has a lot of work behind it. For instance, that some people are lazy and don't want to learn and/or to improve.

I will take one simple and real life example. One of my ex Thai girlfriends (by the way, I'm an european, but traveling the world, and in the last 4 years, I've been living in Thailand and Philippines, and the examples I will take are real cases/facts/situations) is a marketing agent for a company selling properties in Phuket. She is making 18 000 baths a month (+ commissions when she gets deals), not so bad for Thailand and Phuket.

But as she has a daughter, a credit for her motorbike and bills to pay, she's having some hard time to make ends meet. I visited her last may (2016). She was really preoccupied and was looking for a way to make "more money". So she thought about, in addition to her job, to become a freelance real estate agent.

What she, unfortunately, hasn't understood until now, and I've had been telling her since we met, is, before all, she needs a proper English. Or a proper Chinese for that matter (as there are more and more Chinese people visiting Thailand). Which she does not make real efforts about.

Not to mention that as she does not speak a fluent and smooth English (though she is not that bad for Thailand, but when your job is to try to sell properties, people want to deal with professionals who are able to communicate properly before buying anything), her manager sends her more on the small offices where she sees no one customer passing by in low season (even sometimes in high season) instead of the busy biggest mall. So, when we sometimes were on Skype, she was doing quite nothing all day long (only 6 hours by the way, not 10 hours or more, 6 days a week).

So, she had plenty of time, instead of playing games and browsing her social media accounts on her phone, to seriously work on one or another language. As a comparison, she was also always complaining about getting a bit fatter, but never exercised, answering "I don't have time". To what I answered all the time: "some people in occidental or "rich" countries work more hours a week than you do and find time to do some sport. You are just too lazy to exercise, period."

So, learning properly a language would be possible for her, as she has a lot of time. And that would be far smarter than adding another job when she would encounter the same problem of the language anyway, as her goal was to aim the foreign customers. The point is not adding jobs, is doing one EFFICIENTLY, so she could get more deals and commissions in the first place.

- That being written, if "It's not about working harder, it's about working smarter" according to the author of the initial article, and if I think that everyone has a brain and can use it or learn to use it, at least at some level (as I will develop later), not everyone is or will be able to work smarter and to "make it".

But I'm not quite surprised, according to the capitalist mentality of the author and other commentators brainwashed by the US mentality. "You have to be better, do more, be more wanting it and so on". Yes, you have to make efforts, things don’t happen overnight and by some kind of magic trick. But the problem is the system is unfair. Personally, I bear with it, but 1. I have the right to complain about it when I make efforts and, 2. it’s also accepting the system and fuelling it. How great, so we can all keep going this road aggravating the gap between the criminal richest of Wall Street and the rest of the world.

The superb mentality of the "er" and "more" and "best" (personally, I'm quite sick and exhausted of it) with the permanent competition state of mind. What a "great" thing to always praise individuality and somehow aggressively (yes, you can be aggressive without any physical violence) above collectivity and humanity. No mistake here, I don't live in a candyland. And while I agree that humans are individualists and selfish by nature, there is a big difference between the ones totally selfish (everything for me, nothing for others) and the ones partially selfish (some things for me, and after some things for others if I can).

- Also, if I like people putting some efforts in (because I do myself), I certainly don't agree with the "work your ass off" to succeed, or at least not in an unbalanced way.

I will talk here about the comment of Sam, that was "approved" and praised by the initial author of the article. Well, that's great that Sam "made it" (I'm not ironic whatsoever, I really mean it). But what about his quality of life during all his sacrifices? After the system told him to work "his ass off" to succeed, will he never regret some probably missed great moments of his life?

But, most of all, what about his body? What a lot of people seem to not understand (well, the initial author seems though, but he does not say a thing about it), at least as of now, but you will for sure in time, is that all the efforts you put in, and probably the lack of attention to your body and your being in general will be "paid off" one way or another. Even more in the US (and other "1st world countries", but I must say that America seems the "best' at this level) where people are poisoned everyday (food, mainly, but with a lot of other things too). In brief, you probably neglected your sleep, your rest and in general your body, and your mind.

Never mind ☺, your body never forgets the accumulation and the neglect of it while you were working hard to make it. You will have the "payback time" some day. It's just a matter of time. I can give the example of my intellectual mate. She is now 60 years old. In her youth, and during her career, she was conducting, among other things, a flowers business, only sleeping 4/5 hours a night, and working the rest of the time.

So, far from a lazy person. She is not "rich" (in a financial way – yes, I detail, because American, unfortunately, seem to see this word only at the financial level), but she is doing ok. The problem is years ago, she did 2 burnouts. At the second one, which was really serious - she stayed weeks in the hospital. And the doctor told her: "good for you you've never been drinking or smoking, otherwise you'd be dead by now."

But as humans have some misplaced or unbalanced ego, they think they are invincible and young so they can "make it" physically, as my intellectual mate thought at that time, thinking "I will rest when I'm dead". As she says herself now "how stupid and condescending towards my body, and myself, I was". Her body is now degrading, painful and if she had listened to doctors she would already have been in hospitals for years. As she has an incredible mental strength, she resists, but I see her gradually going down. And she will be totally paralysed some day, not so far in the future.

Now, that being written, everyone is, of course, free to work hard, run here and there and "be busy" (as apparently that's one sentence that a lot of people say to give themselves some kind of importance or meaning to their life). But some questions I have are: what exactly people are running for? or after? What's the meaning of all that? Of "making it"? Of being or becoming "rich"? Are you happier being rich? What goals do you have in life other than « making it » (that being said, you’re totally free to have this only goal, I’m just intellectually curious)?

So, as Sam praised the "make it" by working hard, I'll take an example. A person (in America) has 2 jobs, or even 3, to just try to make ends meet, she does not give herself excuses and she studies the rest of the time and sleep only 4/5 hours to "make it" some day. After one year or more of this regime, she "makes it" and become some kind of rich. That's great.

What about, let's say 2 years after she made it, her body gives up and she slowly but surely becomes paralysed? Or she does a serious burnout. Or something of this kind. Or even years, years later? Not to confuse with her body betraying her (as a lot of people say - my intellectual mate is now sophrologist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophrology and she sometimes comes across people saying that very word of "betrayal"). It's not a betrayal at all, it's just the logical "payback time".

Therefore, if (and I say if because he does not detail that part in his comment) Sam is in this case of working hard, sleeping a few hours for months/years, I would be more than curious to hear what he would have to say the day his body will make him "pay back". Because it will.

Also, what Sam and the author and some other commentators seem to forget (or at least they only brievly talk about that as it does not suit their ideas) is, what others mentioned, working hard, your ass off, is not a guarantee of making it. It's like I saw few days ago one article talking about the CEO of Yahoo who said that she is able to say which start up would succeed, because some guys were working on week-ends in the start up place run by her life companion, and some others were not.

Totally stupid (after that I'm wondering how she can even be a CEO of such a big company, I just hope for this very company and its employees that she was really tired the day of this non-sense comment, otherwise, she will maybe crash it and them in the wall). A lot of people working hard and many hours never made it, are not making it and will never make it, whatever efforts they put in. Efforts don't suffice.

Even the argument of the author "It's about creating a product/service answering to problems / filling a need for potential customers" is not even enough in some cases. Because sometimes it does answer to a problem or need, but people simply don't perceive it as so, or they are simply not willing to solve their problem, still they are complaining daily about it. Yes, not only poor people can complain all the time, futhermore that’s the case for a lot of people on this planet, rich, not so rich or poor.

Another thing that they seem to forget, or at least they are totally one sided on it, is some years ago (let's say 20/30/40 years ago), you could change job every year, even every month, and AUTOMATICALLY get the fruits of your hard work (whether you were an employee or you had your own business). Nowadays, it's not that common. I can take one example: I came across one guy who was a music producer in Holland.

I think he was quite good at his job, and he is quite a smart guy, but sold his business because and I quote: "The last years, I had to work more and more and more for always less and less benefits." So working hard nowadays, and far less than before, is not a guarantee of "success" at all. That being written, of course, if you don't try, you don't know. But, of course, it’s about "working smarter not harder". As I will develop below, not everyone is a potential Steve Jobs, to take your example, which is quite bad, but some other persons pointed that out already.

Plus, I sometimes talk about it with folks (not in the US, but other countries) who are 50, 60 years old and who acknowledge that. The system is more unfair than before. How great.

- Another point really important: poor people are told, taught and brainwashed by the so call "wall street elite", and generally by the system, as it suits them to stay in charge to have stupid and poor people (yes, poor people are quite "handy", if I can write so, for example to pressurise people and tell them, directly or in a more subtle way: "see, if you want to keep your job, just shut your mouth and do as you are told as the good slave of mine you are).

They are also told all day long that they cannot "make it". But as you seem to be one sided, you just ignore this very fact. Some commentators acknowledge it to be fair, but don’t develop. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it and educates/reeducates themselves.

Furthermore, for being able to say "yes, I can make it, get out of poverty", you have to FIRST realise that you can say it. Sure, some people realise that they could say it and act thereafter, and they don’t do so. But some others don't even realise it, because they are so brainwashed by the same very system you defend.

As a side note, as one commentator pointed out really well, being more pedagogic would be great, instead of your kind of condescending tone. You can be politically incorrect, and write what you have to write without looking people down. Personally, if I agree on some of your points, I don't like your tone at all. The person "who knows everything and anything and gives lessons to everybody" style. It's unfortunate, because you have interesting things to say.

- Yes, I know, you're for everyone to set up a business dear author, but not everyone has the abilities to do so. I'm not even talking about money, I'm talking about skills in general. And if I firmly believe that everyone has some kind of skills, some people will never discover it throughout their life, whatever efforts they make and different things they try.

And some people just don’t have the skills necessary to set up a business. As my intellectual mate says all the time: "You can have a dream and say "I can make it", but only as long as it's realistic according to the skills/capacities/abilities you have. Otherwise, you will just crash in the wall someday".

In this regard, not every one is, for instance, Elon Musk, and not everyone would be able to read and understand the books he read. And have the skills to gather together the right people to make his dreams come true. Some people unfortunately don't have enough intelligence (and I don't relate intelligence only to IQ, far, far from that) - I'm not writing that for being mean though. And I will develop one simple example of myself.

Indeed, for instance, I don't think to be stupid, but I could never be an astronaut because I don't like science and I'm just not good at it. Another simple life example is: after 3 years and half in Thailand, I don't speak Thai. I must say that I didn't and still don’t put any effort in it. Why? Not because I’m lazy. But because I know that it would have been and that would be a waste of time. It's not in my skills range. I was and am realistic with myself.

As a comparison, I spent only 6 months in Philippines and when my girlfriend at that time was talking to people (in Tagalog) on the phone or face to face, I was able to get the general meaning of the conversation and what they were talking about. Should I add that I speak English, French (both fluently), understand Spanish, Italian, and some Romanian. But I don't get at all Thai language, and I probably never will, whatever amount of efforts I would put in it. I just don't "get it", period.

When my ex Thai girlfriend was telling me "you can learn", I always answered: "If I could that would have been a long time that I had grasped the language, even only by listening to people, as I'm able to do for other languages". For example with Tagalog, I learned some words with my ex Filipina girlfriend, but was far from fluent or even talking it. Yet, as it's close to Spanish, I was able to get what they were talking about and if I had stayed there and put in some efforts to learn more, I would be talking it as of now. With Thai people, most of the time, I just have no clue (after almost 4 years there) about what they are saying when they speak among them.

So, in brief, saying that « people can do anything » is just fallacious at the utmost. If you don’t have:
- the skills for it or the abilities to gather the people skilled for it,
- or the capacity to improve your skills, with some work and efforts,
- or the capacity to create skills from your total non-skills, with some work and efforts,
- or even the luck to discover a special skill/talent/ability you have but you don't know you have it,
you cannot do « everything ».

Saying that people have some kind of skills that they could develop, if they have the abilities to do so, is far more accurate in my opinion. And I do believe that everyone has some kind of skills/abilities that they can develop. But not everyone is able to do anything, which is kind of demagogic and delusional.

Should I also add that I’ve been working for big companies, and that I’m far from stupid. Not that I’m bragging about it, but simply just to illustrate that people exploiting their abilities can and do have limits. The challenge is to firmly and truly believe in yourself, yes, make efforts, we agree on that, but with being realistic with what you can effectively accomplish. Not to forget to like and be passionnate about what you’re doing or intend to do. An important element that wasn't pointed out enough to my taste, because a lot of commentators were, unfortunately, only obssesed by the « how to make it » idea.

Jason: Everything this guy says is true.

I was poor. I was born into a family of 8 children with a stay at home mom and a disabled dad.

I am now rich.

EVERYTHING the author of this article says is true. So stop arguing, open your tiny minds and listen to him.

Anonymous: Someone CLEARLY has never

Someone CLEARLY has never been dirt poor in their life!

They can choose to save more money? Really?!?! Even though all their money goes into paying overpriced rent to greedy landlords for their shit shacks that clearly isn't worth the price and the rest goes into feeding themselves?!?!

You have a really warped view the world. I'm middle class myself, but I have plenty of poor friends that struggle to make ends meet, and their finical choices aren't bad ones, a few don't even have internet because they're behind as it is.

They only buy REALLY discounted foods with their SNAP cards and take public transportation because they can't even afford a beat up used car!

Sure there are people out there who fit YOUR description, but there are plenty who don't!

So please, kindly shut the hell up about things you CLEARLY have no idea about yourself. You're as bad as those pop celebrities who get on the news, radio, or social media and talk about political events that they are in NO position to speak about themselves.

cat: Sadly but true!

first of all to say I am not native! learning english from 6 years ago and yes I try to improve myself so as to not be poorer, because one thing is clear. One maybe never becomes richer but poverty is around the corner if you don´t fucking move your ass. I happened to belong to two kinds of families, one from my parents who is middle-upper class and since I met my wife from a poor country.
While watching your video and reading I was temped to judge you badly, even some of the reasons why people have more difficulty than others came to my mind such as disabilities, extreme poverty, etc .... But I do agree in the sense that I´ve seen people who have immigrated to my country and had the same opportunities than anyone else and yet somehow years later their mindsets are hard to change for the better! You see they keep doing the same things that poor people do! For example: I´ve always hated it that even having some money to save, or pay something once, they choose to borrow money, to be in debt forever with the first person they find! Sometimes I wonder who they miss to think big, and they continue looking for other´s people sadness.... so much interested in gossip! and not spending a single neurone for thriving in their already fucked up lifes!
And of course there are exceptions but it seems to me that when you look at the problem subjectively and as a general problem for the poor people. It is the fucking true! For me, well, I am trying to find out how to stay away from people that I know they will never give me anything valuable, even thought they are also family! :(

Freddy: Moron

Guy who wrote this article is stupid, "Smart"-Stupid cuz he think he is smart but it's plain BS.
He probl got money for this article while poor people become more poor, good for you.

Stephanie Cascio: Lacking here: Empathy

I smiled when I read this. Not caustically, and not in agreement, but just because it reads as extremely logical and factual. I read it as the dialogue a screenwriter would write for an android in a feature film who is trying to make sense of the rationale behind humans' bad choices. Or maybe even the character of Spock from Star Trek.

Of course it makes sense that not having children until you're ready and finishing high school is 'how to not be poor.' That's a logical fact. I for one am for many or even MOST people to not have children at all, but that's fodder for a different comment.

But the idea that any significant percentage of people are born as self-possessed and logical as you are is very revealing of your limited understanding of human psychology. As someone who analyzes MBTI types a lot, I would think you might have worked some of that into your argument, because you seem to understand them well. Someone - let's say an INFP for this example - born into an abusive household where their parents abuse drugs and tell them they're worthless on a daily basis will mostly likely never, ever develop the sort of self-possessed ability to calmly and rationally assess the choices in front of them to change their situation. Add to that a school system where the teachers have checked out and given up, resources are scarce for teaching technology skills, and you have a recipe for failure.

Empathy isn't necessarily a worthless pursuit for only the idealist liberals of the world, it's a skill like anything else. Stating these facts without considering the human element tells me that you need to bolster that skill set in order to comprehend the full picture. If you did that successfully, you might be unstoppable.

Anonymous: Putz


Erin Vestal: Poverty

I agree that poverty is a state of mind, but living in poverty is not. I am a 35 year old student with three kids and a divorce on her belt. I am now remarried and close to the end of my journey for my RN. I have made choices that drove me further into a state of low income and struggle this much is true also. some people are simply born into this situation though. now that i am in this situation i have to work three times as hard to get myself out of it. it will be at least another five years before i can start paying back my student loans. i do not live outside my means or make any major purchases that i can not pay in full from money my family and i have scrimpt and saved. I have one credit card for emergency's, I have reached my goal of no longer needing food share, and i have moved up to badger care plus. Which is a form of government insurance that is paid a premium of 193.00/month. our family of five spends about 4-5 hundred dollars every two weeks on healthy food product which tend to be a bit higher priced but things like fresh fruit and veggies are important for my growing boys, who although came too soon, are my hearts and i would not change that screw up for all the money in the world. we struggle, we stress, but we also laugh and love. we are wealthy beyond many with a full wallet and large home. I have friends and family that are wealthier and when we share our frustrations and our joys with one another we equally sympathize with no prejudice. My Uncle who is a wealthier person has admitted to forgetting what it was like to struggle financially, and at times feels guilty for that. to respond with hate or anger is always going to be wrong and it will always spread indifference and perpetuate the negative. we should strive to understand each other and spread encouragement to those that need it. I will strive to pull my sons out of the financially challenging situation i have birthed them into. I will teach them that hard work and perseverance much like that of the solider that shared a bit of his story in a post above are the best ways, that even if offered a free ride one should take the latter of hard work, it breeds for better people. those who are handed their riches with out truly earning do tend to have a bit of an entitled way about them. those who live in poverty and have the mind set that there is no way out do tend to make excuses rather then choosing to push through. My family and I also help a family in Africa, we give Money for school supplies and have donated chickens and goats as well, this provides for their community as well. it teaches my sons that we has a world have a responsibility to give to each other to pull each other out of the dirt and mud. we are all humans and we all deserve a helping hand from time to time. Hard times happen, life happens. some people deserve to be helped well other should help themselves, it is and always will be situational. the ethics of care, virtues, egoism, cultural relativism, subjectivism, feminism, Kant's theory of absolutes, and other ethical theories all have there place. Also when the economy crashes, my family and I have the skill set to survive off the land. Knowledge is the power that makes us wealthy. Money and material things although nice and causative for making life a little easier is not what we all need, it is simply a distraction from what we truly need and that is each other!!!

Anonymous: if you are so smart, why aren

if you are so smart, why aren't you rich yet, instead you write for a shitty clickbait website?

Anonymous: Drop outs

"Steve Jobs dropped out of school.
Bill Gates dropped out of school.
Henry Ford dropped out of school.
Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school.

You don't need school to become rich. All the A students who went to school now work for these people to make them even more rich"

They may have dropped out, but they at least had the opportunity to do so. Many don't.

Don't confuse education with formal education.

skltfz: the truth if you asks me. i

the truth if you asks me. i agree that but also i dont agree. you have just assumed everyone has the ability to change themselves. in fact, most people can never change. most peolle require big impulse in order to change their current state.

and states of changing from poor to rich is very much. each state of change required energy from whatever externlly or internally. it is the main reason why some conference or speech could cost a lot of money as it is a potential impulse to move your state forward. life is a strict one way to die path, but the path can be leveled up by changing the state. poor and rich are sharing the same trajectory, just having a relatively difference behaviors.

thus, i agreed you can be rich in any education level and born environment. the main point is your life is capable to accept the change and the consequence because of each change and the adjustment of the entire life because of change. but most people tends to fear it and refuse to change, it is normal and following the biology and physics. human can be creative and civilized which is not natural. for example a dog will never try to take over some task which is not belong to him. thus to be rich in somehow means against the natural rule. the trait of against natural only exists in few percentage of human. this group of people provide large impulse internally just from his own brain. and strong will to adapt any changes. but, it you dont have this trait, it is very hard for you to get it, why? because it is not natural and the society also not want you to have that ( you correct of what you just mentioned, the educated system, is teaching you to stay at your current state, as it will bring the least impact to the existing system and beings)

Jenna: This article is sad, but true

This article is sad, but true. Every try to help homeless people? It's absolutely impossible, lol, because they refuse to do any of the things that would allow them to keep the apartment. Filling out papers is too much of a hassle apparently, they don't want to live next door to immigrants, and they'd have to treat their alcoholism if they were to accept a state-owned apartment.

I've also noticed its quite common to find people in food distribution lines smoking cigarettes. Where I live one small box costs like 5,50 €. HOW THE HELL DO THEY AFFORD IT? These same people claim they don't have money to buy food! It's so frustrating to worry about people only to find out they can afford luxory products that I don't allow myself.

Also, in my country education is free, yet the poor, unfortunately, are the most likely to not finish theirs. Life sucks that way.

dave: I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the author and all the people who come on here with their wafer thin arguments against your theory, are exactly the people who will look for any excuse for their poverty. Rather than saying to themselves , is there something I could do to really pull myself out of this , they prefer to just lay back and blame others.

10 years ago I was borrowing money off friends to pay my mortgage, but I had a determination to succeed. I bought a $49 script off the internet, created a website which went on to earn me almost $300k over the next 6 years and pulled me out of poverty. Completely true story btw!

Joe Soap: 100% TRUE!

Thank you for seeing it for what it is, that takes courage and I commend you. I'm going to go one step further and suggest that (MOST) poor, middle class, and those who happen upon wealth are in fact from the same, conservative genetic background (Gasp!). By conservative I mean truly so, as in the vast majority who vote for this popular candidate or that (Say Obama in the US, Putin in Russia etc), were the same stock of people who in past ages were screaming burn the witch, heil Hitler, and even watch out for y2k! NOT because they remotely believed any of these opinions (maybe some did fare enough), but because they were popular/safe statements at that moment in time (sort of like an auto-pilot "flight or fight"). That same simple, unimaginative, barely self-conscious mind has been passed down for generations and is in all of us to some degree. It influences not just one's politics, but how we interact with others, how entrepreneurial we are, helpful to others etc. These genetics are IMO why poor remain poor, and how you quite rightly pointed out why many middle-class and even wealthy are still in the poor mindset. Great writers, statesmen, business moguls, generals and heck; even downright good parents all have one thing in common; their genetic makeup is not dominated by this simple-mindedness. They think and use logic to reach their opinions, regardless if we think they are right or wrong (subjective). This sounds quite harsh and is making poor/simple people the victims, but I am of the opinion that most of the violence and destruction in our world has been caused, or more importantly not been objected to, by populations plagued by such folk. I have interacted with "poor people" in well-off countries, who really dont have an excuse as much as say poor in the 3rd world. To hold a conversation about anything other than football, or who is cheating on who, is truly hard work. To these peopLe, their is glaze in their eyes, a lack of spirit or inquisitiveness, to look at the stars, to think why,how and what, or even to be interested in simple history. And before someone points out some cookie cut answer as "you cant generalize" I turn around and say yes, actually one can. Im sure there are 10 year olds who can drive perfecty, but I will generalize and say "lets not drop the driving age". Such basic people people are bread to be poor. They are not interested in starting a business, they are not interested in whats even in the next city etc.

Their is a lot of discussion about the makeup of intelligence. I think in this century the focus is going to shift less from the importance of base IQ (maths, memory etc) and more to Emotional Intelligence. Check it out, especially Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which I am sure you are familiar with from a business viewpoint. Most likely just by being an entrepreneur you are already quite "high up"; although this isnt always the case (accidental entrepreneurs for example).

Most people I would think are still on the safety level of Maslow's pyramid; in today's age of technology where reputation is everything and everywhere, safety is no longer from lions or armies, but from ridicule or hurt egos. To some just the idea of starting a business that fails is too scary to contemplate.
Btw I would consider myself middle-class in a financial ranking. To those who want to point out the irony and make some weak argument on this, see my second sentence.


Anonymous: Different countries different oppurtunities

You may know this or not but the severity of poverty is relative to the country they are in. The poor in advanced, I dare say developed countries have much more chance of establishing themselves in society. In Africa, there are some who don't have basic necessities like water, and food due to climate the fact that they don't have any money at all to their names. I mean how can someone dying from thirst, not able to get access to the basic necessities of life, be able live long enough to think about making money! I am not pointing fingers, but it very selfish to say poor people are lazy in general, there are very hard working mothers who set out early in the morning covering miles, just to bring water to her family! You just turn on the tap and PRESTO! the water comes running. I mean some poor people have homeless shelters, these people live in MUD HUTS! And if you were to see these extremities you would dare say poor people are lazy. I mean people in developed countries sleep on floors i get it, but what about those who don't even have the floor to sleep on, where there are FLOODS. So just be happy and grateful you do have money, and comfortability because someone will never now what it feels like to wake in the morning and just turn on the TAP!

Anonymous: Be Grateful

You may know this or not but the severity of poverty is relative to the country they are in. The poor in advanced, I dare say developed countries have much more chance of establishing themselves in society. In Africa, there are some who don't have basic necessities like water, and food due to climate the fact that they don't have any money at all to their names. I mean how can someone dying from thirst, not able to get access to the basic necessities of life, be able live long enough to think about making money! I am not pointing fingers, but it very selfish to say poor people are lazy in general, there are very hard working mothers who set out early in the morning covering miles, just to bring water to her family! You just turn on the tap and PRESTO! the water comes running. I mean some poor people have homeless shelters, these people live in MUD HUTS! And if you were to see these extremities you would dare say poor people are lazy. I mean people in developed countries sleep on floors i get it, but what about those who don't even have the floor to sleep on, where there are FLOODS. So just be happy and grateful you do have money, and comfortability because someone will never now what it feels like to wake in the morning and just turn on the TAP!

House of Cards: Be Grateful

I am not saying this to point any fingers butt the severity of poverty is relative to the country that the 'poor' person finds him or herself. I dare say that in developed countries most poor people have enough to keep them alive. In some countries in Africa, water a basic necessity of life is hard to come by. Mothers, have to wake up early in the morning and cover miles to get water for their families. Now, tell me how someone struggling to access the basic necessity like water can survive first to become rich. Tell me what this mother will tell her children when she goes and the well she covered miles for is dried up, or she is sick and can't go for water. These children will then have to cover the same distance for the water in case the mother was sick, since the father has to to go to the farm to get the family something to EAT! You just turn on the tap and PRESTO, you have water so you don't appreciate it. In developed countries poor people sleep on the ground outside sometimes, they even get homeless shelters, what about the one who doesn't even have the ground to sleep on in a FLOOD! You live rooms while they live in mud houses the distribution of wealth in itself in the world is unequal! So it is unfair to say all poor people are lazy such a generalization is unrealistic. Some poor people in Sub-Saharan Africa are harder workers than any of you, yet you are far of than them. There are no schools in their areas so they cannot go to school to think about dropping out! So be grateful for what you have and stop generalizing poor people as lazy because someone is going to die not knowing the comfortability of just getting up in the morning and turning the TAP!

Dan Lester: Douchebag

You are an idiot! What kind of spoiled self righteous piece of trash would even think this up in the first place? I would love to see you lose a leg, And have nowhere to stay, unable to work a job. And nobody to rely on, Just so you can learn what a douchbag you really are.

You can tell yourself all day long how your superior enough to get ahead, And when people keep spitting on you, Your going to eventually give up. But you'll have all kinds of excuses as to why it's someone elses fault, And your better than this, Even though you stink, and have nowhere to live.

You make me sick, First go grow up, Then after you think you know something, Wait another thirty years, And if you think this asshole opinion of yours is still valid, Write it on toilet paper and wipe your ass with it, And flush.

Quinton Figueroa: Not an argument.
@Dan Lester (view comment)

Not an argument.

Queenton Figureoa : I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. My life is starting to become miserable. All I got left is my Sombrero.

Bongstar420: Capitalism necessarily

Capitalism necessarily results in a small group of very wealthy people and a large group of poor people which is far outside of the normal distribution of IQ/aptitude. This means that out of 10 peers, one will become wealthy and will subjugate the other 9 as "inferiors." Of course, those 9 peers will be left to manage 90 average/below average people for the profit of that 1 at the top.

We cannot all be rich even if we all had identical aptitudes. No matter what, you will likely be subjugated to a richer person

Quinton Figueroa: > This means that out of 10
@Bongstar420 (view comment)

> Capitalism necessarily results in a small group of very wealthy people and a large group of poor people which is far outside of the normal distribution of IQ/aptitude.

No, it results in mostly wealthy people. There are a few very wealthy and the vast majority of people are still much better off and the poor have the ability to become wealthy. Look at capitalist countries. Poor people in capitalist countries do better than poor people in non-capitalist countries.

> This means that out of 10 peers, one will become wealthy and will subjugate the other 9 as "inferiors."

Wrong. Wealth is created in capitalism, not stolen (like in socialism).

> We cannot all be rich even if we all had identical aptitudes. No matter what, you will likely be subjugated to a richer person

Yes we can all be rich. We can't all be poor. There are always going to be rich people. It's just a matter of whether we want to be equally poor (socialism) or disparately wealthy (capitalism).

jyothitkumar: Tips

Thank you so much for sharing this post.

Jesse: Conditioning

wow- this is a mind blowing article... unbelievable.... I mean it’s literally UNBELIEAVABLE. Does the author lack the basic comprehension of the overarching contributing (or more causal, really) factors like:
conditioning, perceptual biases, the cultivation of said biases and conditioning to achieve more ultimate and ulterior motives by those who have much to “gain” from application and perpetuation of said conditioning? (Please see the work of •Edward
Bernays).... I’ll just leave it at that- because if one is completely unfamiliar with this topic is almost certainly unfamiliar (or ignorant) of most or all interrelated topics...
with that, I wonder, is the author truly so perceptually and intuitively retarded? Or does he simply behave as so out of the “kindness” of his heart?

Bongstar420: Stupid people choose to be

Stupid people choose to be stupid.


There are 10x more high IQ people than rich people...most of those high IQ people actually work more, doing more valuable tasks than the rich as well......its meaningless though.

Of course the rich deserve to be rich and the poor deserve to be poor. Most certainly the smart don't deserve any thing per se. Just ask the rich who aren't that smart.

I'm fucked : LOL I'm pretty much fucked up

I wanted to take this but I see people saying that its not good so I'm not going to get an F And take it.

Mike: Everyone is stupid

The judge is senile and can't program his VCR. All the rich kids act like selfcentered money grubby jerks. Starts company and gets ransacked by the mafia and government. Eternity has been around a lot longer than any single big or bigger bang and people say there is no God when other say there is and die by refusing to deny. If the proof was made known to everyone then who would have to be in prison.

Richard Dong: Good to read!

Good to read!

Bella Reid: He’s right and wrong at the same time..

He is right.
Being rich is a choice that rich people made.

But he fails to understand that rich people had the options to choose from to be rich.

This is what everyone has been trying to tell him.
This is what he’s ignoring.
And this is why he’s an idiot. Can’t see the flaw in his own logic.

My ex was like this. He was also a narcissistic drunk druggard who was ridiculously insecure, and had deep rooted mommy issues.
He made $100,000 for the first time in a year and thought he was Bill Gates.
Now THATS a poor mindset....

Jay: Did you choose to be a poor

Did you choose to be a poor writer? One who parrots cliched opinions with no evidence and argues through exhaustion with giant blocks of unformatted, unreadable, uninteresting text? Because you succeeded.

P.S. That's a douchebag's hat.

ES: Poor people chose to be poor

Some of the replies in here prove your point, some people say they’re peasants and this is a class society, ummmm no it is not, India is a class society but in America we have this thing called the library system where you can research on the computer for free, and you can read books for free, there’s even volunteers at the library who will teach you to read if you don’t know how, we have more resources for poor people in America then anywhere else, oh and that’s another point this article is talking about American people he’s not talking about some peasant farmer in China who had his land taken away from the government and his wife died because the hospital wouldn’t admit her for lack of payment and it all comes down to getting off your ass and doing something about it or you can spend your money at the bar complaining with your buddies on the weekend and make some excuse to your wife why you don’t have enough money to feed your seven children all the while trying to think of some scam to get more money from the welfare system.
You may not ever make it to riches, maybe you have a mental health disorder, maybe you just have a odd personality nobody wants to deal with those are exceptions but you can still take a training program and improve your situation and move from poor to middle class and then maybe your kids will move from middle class to Rich.
If you’re not willing to do any thing to improve yourself you have no right to complain about yourself or your situation just the same as if you don’t vote you have no right to complain about who gets elected.
I like this article I think we need more hard truth in the world instead of sugarcoating everything and making everyone feel happy because sometimes the truth hurts but it’s necessary.

Traci Rowland: "Poor people choose to be poor"? All of them? Really?


I have a friend named Jake, he's a sweet guy. He has Cerebral Palsy, he cannot speak, and can barely move. I wonder what you would say to him, that it's his fault he lives on Disability and is poor? that he should get up out of that chair, pick himself up by his boot straps and make something of himself? "I did it, why can't he?!" I read things like this, and realize how messed up some people are.

Kellie: entrepreneurs--born or made?

Hi, Quinton.
Question: do you think that everyone has it in them to be an entrepreneur? I heard a talk by a VC/internet guy who asked us to raise our hands if we'd ever had a business. About 1/3 of us did. (I was not among them.) He said he thinks some people are born to be businessmen and others just aren't. What is your thinking on this? (If you've already done a post on this, just point me to it--thanks!)

Quinton Figueroa: That's a good question. I
@Kellie (view comment)

That's a good question. I think it's obviously both, but then the question becomes which is it more? It's a tough question. I think you have to have some type of desire within you to want to build something and I think you can be born with that desire or develop it. It really depends and it's hard to say.

With that said I think pretty much everyone can improve and move closer towards being an entrepreneur. But at the same time, just as there are people who are born 6' 8" and naturally good at basketball, there are also some people who are born naturally good at being an entrepreneur.

Q-is-da-man: Well your right.

Everything that he's talked about has come to fruition. You here about all of these school shootings. Could have been resolved with self responsibility. They blame others, weather its selfishness, popularity,thinking that the world is against them. Its true real rich people offer unique value to the world. I have schizophrenia and hear about crimes being committed. I have the biggest pet peeve of poor people blaming others. There are so many outlets to solve the mess of mental illness, music, talking to friends on Skype. I met a girl who's father left her and gave her, her first computer, that computer came with internet later, that opened the door to many possibilities. She could find other father figures talking on Skype sending eachother stories on Word ( Bill Gates) sending eachother drawings etc. I currently work with my dad going to Marina's and fixing sailboats and selling them for ten times the price I enjoy life to the fullest. I have gone wake boarding, tubing, knee boarding, water skiing and disking. I have also gone jetskiing and sea doing. I have realised all the women I want to go out with to have sex with mingled with poor people so it is't as special. Kids are also gonna be rough in that situation. It makes you wonder which is worse the promiscuous mom who aborted ten kids or the serial killer who killed ten people. It be nice to get girls who aren't win down. Masturbating on Facebook is the way to go. I have helped out many people at my cottage but the moment I got sick when the jealousy of poor people urrupted. I had to help myself. With self responsibility. I talked to doctors took pills but in the end its self reflection, self responsibility, self adjustmement and self improvement. Anyone can better there situation. The majority of people with schizophrenia are poor, I'm well off, I drive have a car, boat cottage been in a plane and porn is better then sex anyways. Who needs the heart break. Artificial wombs are 2 years away rich people can have kids without paying alimony, hanging out with the poor, and best part dealing with women and social justice warriors. I agree with what your saying, catch a fish for a man feed him for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Q-is-the-man: Agreed

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I believe that there are natural cures and that doctors do that so they can make money, also pharmasutical companies make millions. But there are natural cures with music, positive thinking, also I wonder if this isn't actually a disease but a psychic transmutation that I get. From hearing other peoples thoughts. I drink to clear my mind it works every time. I'm an euntreupeneur like yourself I fix up sail boats and sell them for ten times the price I'm very successfull. As they say give a man a fish he has a meal, teach a man to fish he has meals for the rest of his life.

Not Smith: How to avoid kids

Excellent article and lots of useful comments.

To add my own bit of wisdom, as a poor male never able to afford children, I found having a vasectomy a cheap way to avoid a long future of child support payments and/or unwanted children.

I'm still poor at 50+, but constantly keep trying to improve my situation, even if I suffer one bit of bad luck after another !

Pete: Solid advice - Poor people, just don't be poor!

So you're a white, able-bodied, cis man born into a two-parent family who got his college tuition paid by his fucking grandparents and you're telling people who weren't born into your privileged lifestyle that they deserve to be poor.

Tell me, since you are a cunt, why do you choose to remain a cunt?

Dr. Dodd: Thanks for the Cannon Fodder for my fledgling students

Your sheer arrogance and geographical ignorance discredits you at the onset of your diatribe. Obviously, it doesn’t take much intellect to make money. Many of the great intellects have died in poverty. The goal, for many, was happiness and helping humankind (not just themselves).

“The America’s” are comprised of Canada (North America), along with all the countries in Central and South America. When you refer to the United States as “America” and attempt to compare as if the continent of Africa was one country, you defeat your own argument. Bravo, you may not be monetarily poor, but you definitely are a poor human being. With all the educational opportunities that you seem to think are available to all in the US (ranking low in STEM, etc), you obviously did not make an effort to educate yourself. Then again, if your were reasonably educated (12th grade). you most likely wouldn’t be spewing hatred, which most likely stems from your own fears and/or inadequacies.

Thank you for providing fodder for my poor community college students, so they can make the connection between ignorance and hatred.

Quinton Figueroa: Got an actual argument?
@Dr. Dodd (view comment)

Got an actual argument?

Anonymous: people dont have children

people dont have children becuz they want to...but becuz they want to feel secure about their future...that there will be someone to take care of them..i know that it might be a wrong mindset and they're falling prey to some common mistakes or fallacies ..but are they educated enough to change themselves??..its like someone telling you to change your own views...obviously you won't change..right???neither will i or anyone for that matter,do it readily...and beside..will YOU help them??what's the point of pointing out facts and rubbing it in their face when they don't care about or even know what you are talking about..and circumstances [external and internal]do matter ..or why arent you as famous or successfull as ..let's say, bill gates or justin bieber!!..so don't be so hasty to point out FACTS without looking at individual families and their problems..becuz each person is DIFFERENT

CaptainTrips: What you are and what you do

What you are and what you do are the consequences of the interaction between your brain and your environment. You don't choose your brain, your personnality, you don't choose your environment, so why what you are and do would be the consequences of your choice and free will ? This is a faith in free will and individual responsibility, but the reality is different. So, "Amor Fati" as some guy would say, we are not gods, there's no free will for us, floating with Lucy in the sky with diamonds, or in limbo.

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