It's wrong to trade services for money... but it's not wrong to lie, cheat and steal!!

Let's start with a definition from Wikipedia:

Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. Prostitution is sometimes described as commercial sex.

But of course, prostitution doesn't always have to do with sex. It can also be used like so:

The word "prostitution" can also be used metaphorically to mean debasing oneself or working towards an unworthy cause or "selling out". In this sense, "prostituting oneself" or "whoring oneself" the services or acts performed are typically not sexual.

The word has non-sexual definitions because the core of what is happening during prostitution is giving up a part of your personal power for money. It's not a bad thing. People do this all the time. In fact, people do this more often than not. Most prostitutes are at least honest about.

It should be illegal to be a politician

Politicians are prostitutes for their handlers. Politicians don't care about morality or service to others. They can't. Not when you're bought and paid for. Politicians serve their employers just as prostitutes serve the all mighty dollar. If a politician doesn't play ball then they're not put into office. A politician has to follow orders from their handler because that's the job of a politician. Politicians are tools to use within governments for paying customers.

It should be illegal to work in the media

People in the media are whores for their advertisers. The purpose of people in the media isn't to educate or accurately relay information to people. The purpose of the talking heads in the media is to fulfill the wishes of their paying customers -- the International banks running them. A news reporter doesn't actually give you their take or even the take of the channel on the news. They give you the message from the mob boss up stairs. Just as a prostitute follows the wishes of the person behind the dollar, so too do the media prestitutes. You gotta make a living somehow.

It should be illegal to work as a doctor

The purpose of a doctor isn't to actually help people get better. The purpose of a doctor is to keep people sick for their procurers. The doctors don't have a say when it comes to medicine -- it's illegal to go against the medical narrative. If doctors have an actual real cure or a solution outside of the system they will be quickly fired. That's not what your masters want. You can't be licensed if you don't follow the rules provided by your handlers. No take my money and get back to work!

It should be illegal to be a financial advisor

Financial advisors are no different than prostitutes. Instead of selling sex they sell bad investments. The goal of a financial advisor isn't to make you rich. It isn't to make themselves rich either. The goal of a financial advisor is to make their masters rich. Financial advisors don't sell you sound financial advise. They sell you bad financial advice that is good for their handler. Financial advisors will say whatever needs to be said in order to make the sell. They have a job to do and they're not going to let anything get in the way of their position.

It should be illegal to be a scientist since they work for the State

Almost all scientists work for the State. This is because most science is BS and the free market couldn't support the BS "scientific" research the State mis-allocates resources to. Most scientists don't come up with breakthroughs because they're not paid to come up with breakthroughs. They're paid to support the government narrative of Global Warming or whatever other non-scientific agenda they can come up with. Scientists don't work for facts, they work for the dollars their masters string them along with. Sounds like another industry I've heard of.

It should be illegal to be an attorney

Attorneys all belong to a club that indicates that they will sell you the right kind of legal information. If attorneys don't follow the rules of the club then they're out. It's no different than a prostitute performing the right type of service for their master. The goal of an attorney isn't to give you good legal advice. The goal of an attorney is to give you the legal story they were trained to report back to you in school. Attorneys don't care about law, they care about what their masters told them to care about.

It should be illegal to be a teacher

Teachers are teachers are long as they don't disappoint their handlers. Teachers don't exercise their own free will in what they teach students. They exercise the will of their authorities. The purpose of a teacher is to indoctrinate students with information that is beneficial not to the students, but to the people behind the teacher. Teachers are prostitutes who will say what ever they need to say in order to make their paycheck. Sounds the same as most whores to me.

Research findings

So there you have it. Prostitution in sex is illegal but prostitution in politics, media, medical, finance, science, legal and education is perfectly okay. It's dangerous for 2 consenting adults to agree on a voluntary sexual exchange. But apparently it isn't dangerous for adults to lie, cheat, steal and bribe us on a daily basis. Makes sense.

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Karl: I guess you have a point

I guess you have a point there.

James Stewart: This is a really poor example

This is a really poor example of why it should be legal. How about safety for the women who work? how about tax incentives to get your economy up? how about education so that the job isnt seen as working towards an unworthy cause as you put it and instead a job thats just a heck of a lot more intimate than others

Vanessa: So ironic, watching the

So ironic, watching the primaries at a bar someone commented on how Hilary was a big "whore". My response "Yeah...they're all whores...we're all whores at the end of the day, the ones of us that can say we don't have a pimp should count ourselves lucky!" Cool article. As for you, ^James: I hope you speak of educating the masses not the prostitutes. Many sex workers are highly educated as their job allows the time (and, if applicable, finances) to obtain such, and many are basically uncredentialed therapists. As history has demonstrated, it's a fairly worthy cause. They make a positive impact on others' lives every day, sometimes small, sometimes large. Especially when done independently and therefore permitted to live significantly more freely than most: time to learn or build whatever they desire with fewer limits than the average sheep might need to deal with. Like many born with privileges, the opportunity can be squandered or capitalized on.

Holden: NAP

Hey Quinton, I'm on chapter 3 of crowd freedom and so far I really like it. Once I read some of the concepts I've already thought of ones you've spoken intuitively. I don't know if you mention it later on in the book but would manipulation of human's genes be a necessary step in human evolution and expansion? Especially if mutations were made to make humans more naturally want to follow NAP and be less enclined to infringe on the property of others. Also allowing humans to consume food more efficiently and change them to do things such as survive on planets with lower or higher gravity. If so, at what point does an egg become it's own property rather than it's parents'? And wouldn't something need to be established to prevent humans from being engineered in a way that they would be designed to have a preference toward certain businesses just to turn a profit, ruining free will and destroying the entire point of a free market society?

Quinton Figueroa: Glad you are enjoying the
@Holden (view comment)

Glad you are enjoying the book. These are great questions and you should ask them on since that site is geared towards answering questions like this.

Amir Deilami: Wait...

Global warming is not non-scientific. It's completely scientific, and believe it or not it goes very much against the handlers, who are the fossil fuel industry.

Tell me our lives don't depend on oil more than they do on anything else. Go ahead. Tell me if Iran decides to jack up prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

The government wants to escape these handlers and return power to themselves (or perhaps to "renewable energy" people, who are much nicer and far more admired by the general public). They're using "climate change" as excuse, but the excuse is completely valid. That's smart on their part.

It's a good time to step off the sinking ship of fossil fuels.

House of Cards: Against

I have read you're argument for the prostitution party, quite the mind changer. I however have a few disagreements with your conviction. Firstly it has to do with you yourself. Correct me if I am wrong but you were the same person who talked on women and how they talk about 'My Body, My Choice' and how it affects the society at large how we have to pay for their mistakes. I do not see how different this is from that statement. These prostitutes sell themselves on sexual bases and then if they are to meet an 'indecent guy' they may be raped and if they are not 'Pro Choice' they give birth to these unplanned children and hook on tax 'money'. I do not say it is not good to support those who have made poor life mistakes but it is wrong to justify the act of prostitution. Secondly are health matters, some diseases do not spread through semen or vaginal juices only. They spread through all bodily fluids including, spit, sweat, tears. The prostitute may kiss on the mouth, skin of this person transferring these diseases into their own systems. Now tell me how many other professions 'whore' themselves and end up with HIV or other STD's these same individuals then return with solemn faces and are given welfare to what avail? The main root of this is not stopped. Prostitution must stop. Apart from this it is unhealthy for the community apart from the fact that the community becomes an attraction for men or women with sexual drives, many marriages breakdown due to prostitution. You may say some people break their marriages on cheating too, but prostitution is also a main factor. It causes dissatisfaction when the partner has sexual intercourse with the other due to the fact that they have experienced a more 'hardcore' experience somewhere. Sex was never meant to be a trade, is is meant to cause married individuals to get more closer in intimacy and in love, to bound them together in the heart, to act as an agent of expressing love to the other partner through actions due to the inability of words to show these affections. Yet sex is now a disrespected, demoralised concept due to the social pressure and I dare say prostitution. Therefore I move to say that the bases and reasons of prostitution are unwholesome and not in-depth.

Though you may not take into account, me being personally religious also find it quite distasteful. It is not right and cannot be allowed to reign in today's living standards.

You may not value my conviction religiously, but logically prostitution brings nothing good to the community and should not be supproted

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