First of all we need to understand the concept of projection. The media projects. Social justice warriors project. Weak people project. Whatever somebody is doing that they know is wrong they blame on somebody else. So when the media says that something evil is going on it usually means that the media is doing that evil thing. When they blame Russia for something it's not Russia that's doing that something, it's the media or whoever else is saying it. This has been going on for a long time and it's how they operate. It's quite effective with stupid people.

And then of course anybody who has researched history, especially American history, even in the slightest knows the level of manipulation that has been going on for years. There has been decades and layers of foreign manipulation and control going on over America. However, what you don't hear is that this control isn't orchestrated out of Russia, it's orchestrated out of good ol' England.

People are too quick to forget why America was even created. It wasn't separation from Russia or the Middle East. It was separation from King George III and England. The Revolutionary War was with England. The War of 1812 was with England. The Civil War was in large part orchestrated by England. The Federal Reserve was created not by American financiers but by European financiers. A little bit of history would serve us well in decoding the BS created by the very people blaming others.

So let's take a look at some things.

What specific hacks were there?

We don't know which specific hacks there were. We know of 1 which for sure happened here which led to the huge email dump that has come out over the Clinton campaign. But this is where the media manipulation begins.

Is the media even specific about which hack? Are there other hacks we don't know about? Are they purposefully conflating Podesta into other stuff to make the America sheep think that the actual election results themselves were hacked?

Of course they are! That's what controllers do. They're not even specific about which hacks they're talking about. They just keep saying hack as if there are other hacks besides this one. If there are let's see them. Give us the info. Give us the facts. But of course they're not showing anything because they don't have anything. They don't have any evidence. It's just a giant circle jerk of media telling us what we're supposed to believe without substantiating their position in the least. Sounds about right for a dying medium.

You can clearly see it was a phishing attempt

So wait a second. You're telling me that the best Russia has got is a phishing attempt? First of all, phishing can barely be considered hacking. It doesn't involve cracking a password or breaching a system. It involves taking advantage of a computer illiterate "hack" like Podesta. The guy knows very little about the Internet and is clearly in over his head. You can see this just by reading the email.

Guys, stop trying to fool everyone. Old people are bad with technology. If Hillary Clinton is running a freaking email server out of who knows where can you really expect anything better? We're talking about the supposed highest of the highest right? Hillary Clinton had top level clearance as Secretary of State and had her tech dialed in right?

But the really sad thing is part of the stupidity was to trick the American sheep into thinking her running a server outside of US protocol was okay. She was obviously running outside of their network for a reason. And that reason is because she is a prostitute for the highest bidder. She will destroy the United States from within for whoever the highest bidder is. And that's what she did.

But back on topic. These people are so bad with technology. Anybody who falls for a phishing attempt is technologically illiterate. And don't blame the IT guy. Read the email: The IT guy clearly gives the correct link to click. But Podesta is too stupid to know what any of this even means.

Also, anybody who knows anything about security knows this: You are only hearing about this one publicly because it was so bad something had to be done. This one actually did get out into the open. But what about all the other times Podesta, Hillary and the rest of the United States low-tech government have been compromised? These people are hacks. You know they're getting hacked all the time and covering it up and we're not hearing about it. Forget Russia or any other government, any 12 year old with an Internet connection could hack these people. Guys, we're talking about the United States government. People like Podesta and Hillary Clinton. People who have the same tech level as your parents. They just don't get it. We're not talking about America's brightest. We're not talking about a dialed in infrastructure like Google. We're talking about baby boomers who sit at the Verizon store for 2 hours asking how to use their iPhone.

Julian Assange said it wasn't Russia as source

Okay, for all of you living in reality here is a simple way to put the Russia BS to rest. Julian Assange himself, who has 100% accuracy with the Wikileaks website and who has never been wrong with it says: Our source is not the Russian government.

But we wouldn't actually want to listen to him would we? Why trust a guy like this when we could instead trust the credible CIA? The United States government would never lie to us right? They have 100% accuracy like Wikileaks, oh wait.

Why are their emails hiding information to begin with?

And then of course we have to ask ourselves: Why are their emails talking about the stuff they're talking about to begin with? I don't talk about this kind of hidden stuff in my emails. If you've got nothing to hide... oh right. They do. Why are public officials talking about this kind of BS behind the scenes? Does anyone even ask themselves this? These are such weak people willing to do anything for power. This is the height of low quality and the absence of integrity. These are little people who can't amount to anything on their own. They have to sell themselves and the country out to have any worth.

Why was there no hacks when Hillary was winning?

Why do we suddenly start hearing about these hacks now that Hillary lost? You know as well as I do that you would never hear about this had she won. They only bring it up because they lost and need to get back to work with controlling public opinion. Back to work with manipulating people into their favor. Back to work with using foreign European financier influence to manipulate domestic opinion. Dat double think.

Cold War anyone?

But of course the media would never create a BS story to get the American people to do anything now would they? If you know anything about the Cold War and the Soviet Union you would know that it was really just a Western European/American experiment to try out Communism and to destabilize America. The Cold War was complete BS created by the very same families and groups who are now telling us about Russian hacks.

WMDs anyone?

But of course we had the government being so sure that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction", right guys? Just remember this every time you hear about how sophisticated and accurate the CIA is.

CIA anyone?

The CIA has such a great track record, don't they? But of course, anybody who has done their homework knows that the CIA is just a Vatican Knights of Malta operation destroying the United States from within. It's just another organization under the control of not the United States but foreign masterminds who are 10 steps ahead of the American sheep.

The CIA is not our friend and it never has been. The CIA is just another organization created and controlled by outsiders looking to destroy the United States. We're talking about Russia wanting to destroy the US? Forget Russia. It's CIA and all the rest of them.

Foreign countries influencing the election?

But we really want to talk about foreign countries influencing the election? This is the most elementary and deceitful statement there is. And that's all we seem to be hearing about. Russia somehow influenced this election by hacking. First of all, it wasn't Russia, we don't know who it was but we know who it wasn't.

Next, this country has been under foreign control for at least a century. America is ruled by European Royalty. America was captured a long time ago through the Federal Reserve. Large parts of our media are under foreign control. To think that America is some pristine flower with no outside influence is a testament to how under control we really are and just how stupid the people really are that our Prussian schools are pumping out.

America was captured a long time ago guys.

But to even think that outside influence is a big deal is kind of silly. The idea that you can't hear opinions from outside or that other people can influence your decisions is also elementary. Of course people can influence your decisions. That's life. Everything influences you. And if you're so weak that any outside interference throws off your own internal constitution then maybe the bigger problem is you, not the external influence. Strong people make decisions not based on external influences and the media, but rather their own research and thinking. It shouldn't matter what other people say, but of course it does with weak people. And it's absolutely absurd that this is the level of discord we take in the world. We are simply an unconscious body that falls whichever way the wind blows.

You Lost

Sorry, you lost this time guys. Just like when you got your asses handed back to you in the Revolutionary War. Trump isn't perfect. But he's not a pussy like all the rest of the sheep you guys force down our throats. And he beat your Hillary Clinton tool fair and square. While the American people may be sheep, they're not the sheep they once were. People are fed up and are on to your BS. They don't know the specifics of what is going on, or the extent of the control, but they know that something isn't right. And they're sick of being used to carry out your dirty work all throughout the world. People are waking up. Trump represents the anger and frustration of the American people who actually work and produce for a living.

And Trump winning shows that. And we know you're scared. You're not scared of Trump, Trump is just one guy. You're afraid of the people and thinking behind Trump. That's hard to stop. You may be able to stop Trump but you can't stop the algorithm behind him. That won't go away for a long time. And your media just isn't cutting it anymore.

We know you don't like losing. And this is why we are going to continue hearing whatever BS story you can come up with next. You're going to continue to create CIA "fake news" and then blame it on us. That's all you've ever done. So have at it. It's working less and less. You need to change your business model. Bullshit doesn't quite work like it used to with the Internet. You better be hurry up and stop the Internet before it shines the light on your entire rotten edifice from the inside out.

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