This is kind of a tricky thing to explain so bear with me. With the 5 senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch we are almost always taking that information in with iterations of time, or we are taking it in very blurred and singular.


Take sound for example. We never just listen to 1 thing at once and stop. If we listen to something we are listening to the change in something. If we are listening to a song we are listening to the way the sound changes. With sound we never really listen to just one note or chord and say, ah yes, that's my favorite chord! Instead, we listen to a song and say, that's my favorite song. We listen to a lot of different sounds put together and we like the changes from one sound to the other. But we don't just say, oh I like this G chord. I could listen to G again and again. We don't do that.

Moreover, when we listen to something we really only listen to one thing at a time. Our ears really can only make sense of 1, 2, maybe 3 sounds at once before it begins to become muddy and everything gets blurred into something that we can no longer discern. We can only really pick up a few sounds at any given time. And moreover, there are generally considered 12 different notes in each octave. And then the notes start to repeat again either higher in pitch or lower. So we don't have lots of options when it comes to sound. It's not like there are 1,000 different single sounds we can hear. There are in a way with like the way a bee buzzes or the way an engine roars. But these still require time. A buzz isn't a single note and an engine isn't a single note. These are changes in sounds. More on this later...


Look at smell next. Smell doesn't necessarily involve time or change the same way sound does. But it does involve a low level of precision. Most of the smells we smell are blurred. When we smell something we generally pick up one thing at a time, just like when we hear something. We don't really pick up multiple smells at once. Most smells we will go oh this smells like an orange or it smells like cinnamon. On certain fragrances we may smell 4 or 5 different notes all blurred together and be like oh okay, this is a unique smell and I like it. But we don't pick out multiple different notes all at once, at least nothing substantial. With a fragrance or a smell we may pick out like 5 or so main notes but we won't pick out something like 1,000 notes. They all kind of blur together and anything more than 5 or so notes and it begins to get muddy and our senses get bogged down once again.

Taste & Touch

This same thing can be said for taste. There may be lots of different ways things taste, but we can't pick up lots of different tastes all at once. And to pick up these different tastes usually requires time.

And once again, this is the same for touch. When we touch something we really only get a singular piece of information on how that feels at that very instant. That information may change or transform with time, but we can't really feel 1,000 different things at once. I mean we can, but we can't put it all together in a detailed way. It all becomes blurred just like all our other senses.


Now comes sight.

Sight is different. Sight is something that is very refined and detailed. In a way sight could almost be considered more than just 1 sense. But let's start first with the main difference.

Sight doesn't require time to experience lots of different information at once. With one single look at something we can pick out tons of different pieces of information. All with no time or change. And unlike everything else, the information doesn't get muddy or blurred. The information is still clean.

If we look at a scenic beach we may pick out water, waves, sand, sun, sky, clouds, trees, people, birds, rocks and other things all at once. And not only this we will take in colors, distances, time of day, temperature, time of year and all these other things just from one single use of our sight sense. If our sight worked like sound we would instead really only see one blurred color of brown at one time, for example. With sight we take in 1,000 of pieces of information all at once, without time and detailed. This doesn't happen with the other senses.

"I think it could be argued that sight could act as more than just 1 sense"

If our sight worked like sound instead of seeing a detailed beach picture we would instead see a blurred brown color filling everything. Just a solid brown color. And then next just a solid blue color. This is how sound would work if it was sight. Since we really only have 12 or so unique sound options. But with sight it is not this way. With sight we have 1,000s and millions of options. With sight we get lots more information. This is also why most people prefer sight over all their other sense.

But let's look even further. In a way sight has more than just 1 sense. Because with sight we get color and depth perception at the same time. If something was black and white we would still be getting lots of information about the shape of something and the general distance between it and other things. We get all this information without color. And then with color we get even more information. And this is all information without using any time. This is all just from 1 image.

If we add time we get actual motion where we can see things change. If we add time to sight then it really can become increasingly informative. Now you can see a murder happen. Now you can see something coming to hurt you. Now you can see how something in the near future will play out. It's just packed with information.


So what am I trying to say? I'm trying to say that sight is way more vivid than the other senses. I think it could be argued that sight could act as more than just 1 sense. With most of our other senses they are almost binary in a way. They only display 1 or a few pieces of information at any frame of time. But with sight it displays a huge multitude of information at any frame of time. And for this I think sight is the most vivid sense that we have. It's almost like the other senses are secondary compared to sight. Sight performs so many pieces at once while all the others perform singular, blurred chunks of information that require time to make better use of.

So there you have it, just something I've never heard anyone talk about and I thought I would share. What do you think?

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