I'm a strong independent woman who aint need no man (just the welfare state)

...But like most things, women, for the most part, chose to put themselves in this situation. Bad men don't just magically appear in women's lives. Bad men who leave women don't just magically change and decide to leave the woman. And there aren't only bad men to choose from. There are lots of good men out there too. But most single moms don't want good men. Most single moms don't know what a good man is.

The Basics

Let's get back to basics. Women totally have the upper hand in choosing their partner. This is why men usually ask women out and not the other way around. This is why a man will have sex with just about any woman and while a woman will not have sex with any man. It's supply and demand. It is much easier for a woman to pick up a man than for a man to pick up a woman. And that's fine and natural.

"You need a man that is dependable and stable"

But of course there is more to it than this. A woman has a much different criteria when looking for a man than a man has when looking for a woman. A woman has to make sure the man is dependable and able to provide for the family. A woman is going to have children and spend many years of her life pregnant and out of work if she wants to have a family. And in knowing this you have to choose a man that can work with this. You can't have just any man when you are in a vulnerable state like this. You need a man that can work with you through all this. You need a man that is dependable and stable.

Women start off with lots of sexual value and it decreases with time. The whole point of a woman's beauty is to attract a decent man that will commit to her and provide to her into the future as her beauty fades. Women need to depend on more than just their looks. It may work in their 20s and up to their 30s. But these looks fade. And women need to rely on more than simply their appearance.

So during the prime stages for a woman sexually (early 20s) they can't squaller their power. This is their most powerful time sexually speaking and they need to really make sure they find the right man. Once they hit their 30s or 40s they will start facing challenges with pregnancy. So if a woman wants children they really need to get it figured out early on. And for the most part many women do.

Enter Single Moms

But not single moms.

Single moms try to get the best of both worlds. Rather than look for a long term man to eventually marry and create a life with single moms don't look for long term men. Single moms don't look for quality men. Single moms don't know what a quality man looks like. To a single mom they would much rather go with an attractive man than a responsible man. A single mom would rather go with an adventurous man than a dependable man.

8/10 who loves me - OR - 10/10 with great abs

And this is a real conundrum for women. Women want an alpha man biologically but they want a beta man to provide for their family. And you normally can't get a man who is both an alpha and a provider. It's hard to find that perfect man. So you have to compromise. And how they compromise is the difference between single moms and married moms.

Single moms compromise on family. Married moms compromise on appearance.

Single moms are much more likely to go after alpha men who are attractive, muscular and good in bed and hope that they can keep the man by giving him more sex and following his every whim. They both use each other to their own advantage and have no desire to create something stable or long term. It is only a matter of time before the man moves onto the next woman and, likewise, it is only a matter of time before the woman moves onto the next man. The cycle repeats itself over and over again because these people do not know what they want. And in not knowing what they want they get what they don't want. But the absence of choosing what you do want is the choice of what you don't want. Why do some women choose good men and other women not? They all have the choice. But they don't all make good choices.

The married moms go for men that aren't quite as good looking but who they know will stay with them. To a married mom, marriage is important to them. Family is important to them. Longevity is important to them. Their children are important to them. So they plan for all this. Because all these things are important to them they are able to flip the switch from play mode to marriage material mode with men. These women understand that once you're serious about having a family that you have to start going for different types of men. And they also understand that they don't have their whole lives to do this.

There are a ton of fat men with great personalities, who make decent money and who will never leave a woman. But this doesn't fit the criteria of a single mom. Why go with a stable, fat man when they can have an unstable, ripped man? It's all decisions and choices. And it's all timing and priorities. And single moms play by a different standard than married moms.

Like I said earlier, women's sexual market value goes down with time. Men's value goes up with time. So a 20 year old woman is going to have a much easier time getting a 20 year old man. Likewise, a 40 year old man is going to have a much easier time getting a 40 year old woman. So when the woman is at her prime she needs to be planning on how she will use her strengths to snag a quality man. And many women do just this. But the single moms don't. And because of this the single moms end up with men who leave them. This is a choice.

It is very easy for a young woman to get a man. It's easy peasy. So don't let it get to your head and choose a loser. Yes, of course you're going to attract lots and lots of losers. That's where choice comes in. Maybe it may be smarter to go for that man who may not quite look as appealing to you at age 20, but who you would be head over heals for at age 35. Go for longevity. It gets harder and harder with time for a woman.

There are 2 main reasons as to why most single moms are single:

  1. They picked a loser to begin with
  2. They picked a good man and he left cause she scared him away

Of course I'm generalizing, but there is truth to this generalization. Women who are happily married are almost always more wise and mature than single moms. It's not a luck thing. Women choose their men. And married women choose better. Married women choose men that are more responsible, dependable and committed to a serious, stable relationship.

Unplanned Children

You can't have unplanned children if sex is planned. Every time you have sex you have the risk of getting pregnant as a woman. So there is no such thing as unplanned children. Of course there are exceptions like rape. The vast, vast, vast majority of single moms are not exceptions. They are choices that they made to have sex. So when you have a child as a woman you made the choice to either have the child or to have sex which has a possibility of creating a child. A child is a choice.

The obvious question then becomes: why are you having children with men who will potentially leave? Why are you having children with men who are not marriage material? Why are you even having children when you're not married or committed to this person to help raise your child? These are all choices.

Should have been nicer to men

It's not the man's fault. You chose him. Again, women generally choose men. Women have the final say on when and when not to have sex. Many men will do anything or say anything just to have sex. That's where choice comes in. You need to sift through the BS. You need to put your big girl thinking cap on and not believe everything you hear. You need to look past the words and into the character of people. You have way more at risk than the man. You also have way more options than the man. You need to be wise about how you proceed.

Married women don't have children until they are ready. Married women understand how much worse it is for their child to not have a father in the child's life and so they prioritize having a father as one of the most important parts of the child's life. Married women make sure that the man will not leave them and that he is in it for the long haul. And then at this point the married woman decides to have children. This is a totally different viewpoint than the single mom. Again, choices.

If the man doesn't want to commit then don't have sex with him. Oh right, too late for that since you had sex the first night. Well maybe you need to drop down a bit to men that won't leave you if you won't have sex with them immediately. Maybe you need to actually find a man who isn't only after sex and who actually wants to have a long term relationship.

Don't want that? Good, then don't have children. But if you have children then you are choosing the risks that come with that. You are choosing a decision that may make you a single mom if the guy leaves.

Enter Welfare State

I'm here for the free money because I chose a man who left me

And of course, if there wasn't a welfare state that caters to single moms and gives them resources then there would be a lot less single moms. In the absence of the welfare state women wouldn't be subsidized to play the field and get the best of both worlds. Women wouldn't be able to be with alpha men and get resources from beta men. Women would have to choose. Cool men and poor. Or not as cool men but not poor. But we don't have this dynamic at play right now. Right now if women are with men who are not stable it doesn't matter because the state steps in and pays for things that the man normally would pay for.

Right now the dynamic caters to alpha men. So fellow men, if you're an alpha and all you want to do is bang as many broads as possible then carry on. The betas are flushing women over to the alphas via the welfare state. Women don't need to marry betas if the welfare state will provide their money for them. Women will continue to go for the alphas.

"weak men are guilted into subsidizing the bad decisions of single moms"

Women whine and moan and guilt weak men into subsidizing their bad decisions through the welfare state. And weak men buy into it because it's the only way they'll get any attention from women since they have very little else to offer. So weak men are guilted into subsidizing the bad decisions of single moms who are able to continue their lifestyle of being with loser men. And it gets worse and worse with time as more weak men are forced to pay for an ever increasing welfare state to take care of the women who would rather go for the low quality men if they got the welfare state in their back pocket.

But this can't go on forever. And eventually the state will run out of money and the women will have to start changing the men they are with, or changing their behavior to attract better men. The state won't subsidize their bad choices forever. But while it does it will continue to be the catalyst for bad decisions on the part of women.

This is literally no different than offering men 1 or 2 women to sleep with each week. Women want resources and men want sex. If you were to subsidize women and use the state to force women to sleep with men each week then the dynamic between marriage for men would change a lot. If men could sleep with women each week, compliments of the state, then do you really think there would be as many men getting married now as there are?

The reverse of this is what is happening right now for women. It's a great thing and why would you ever vote for anything else? Why do you think so many single moms vote for a larger state? Why do so many single moms want to increase government spending? Why do so many single moms have no desire to find a quality man but a huge desire to find a quality state? The state has replaced the man for single moms and it has allowed them to make decisions which promote their single mom lifestyle.

At the end of the day we all make choices. There are pros and cons to all decisions. And these decisions have very real consequences. Single moms choose to be single moms, whether the know it, like it or have the ovaries to admit it or not.

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Sam: People will hate you

People will hate you for this article because it's too true. People hate to admit to bad choices. But for the most part, you usually end up in bad situations - like being a struggling single mother - because you made terrible choices in your partner.

I look at my wife's friends. Most of her friends are married, never divorced and have a great family. It stems from a great husband who wants the same things and will never leave because he is stable, mature and responsible.

They sought out these good qualities in men they dated and married - hence they experienced the rewards that come along with marrying stable, mature and responsible men. They DON'T LEAVE you to be a single mother. If you're a winner, you breed with winners. If a loser, you'll breed with a loser.

With all the women I know who are winners, I noticed they've all been married only once, never divorced. They've only dated a handful of men. Maybe 2 or 3. Not dozens. They seek high quality stable men and stick to them, instead of jumping from bed to bed with multiple men. Losers can't commit to things - big or small. Why would a loser commit to you? It makes no sense.

The "winner women" I know didn't date or marry "bad boys" or the "starving artist guy" who talks a good game and looks cool - but it broke and unstable. Instead, they chose winners and winners tend to not leave you hanging once you get pregnant.

On the flip side - a few of my wife's friends are losers. They seek loser men to partner up with and they get burned. Obviously. As long as I've known them, they've dated dozens of men - not 2 or 3 like my wife's successful friends with good families - but dozens and dozens of men in short spurts. These guys tend to be losers. Loser + Loser = Loser life. Winner + Winner = Winning life.

These loser men were usually broke, in between jobs, living on their parents house, divorced, had a history of dating and ending dozens of relationships because they couldn't commit, and other qualities that are common among loser, low quality men. The only consistent thing in their lives are a string of poor choices and lots of clear cut signs that he can't or won't commit.

Why would you choose a partner like that? Why would you expect him to be any different as a father? His entire life is filled with bad decisions. All signs point to "loser." The signs were all there. Why would you choose to ignore those signs before you chose to have a CHILD with this person? Who else can you possibly blame but yourself?

My wife's friends from high school are all about 40 years old. The ones who are still single, divorced or single mothers, all seem to follow the exact same formula - they are drawn to low quality men, and low quality men produce low quality lives. Cause and effect. Simple, right?

They date their one night stands or losers they meet in bars. They get knocked up, dumped and now they're single moms struggling to make ends meet. The warning signs were all there yet they got knocked up by these losers and ended up becoming single mothers.

The same goes for men. If you breed with a woman who has a history of cheating, not committing and losing her whole life, you can't be surprised when she leaves you to raise your kids alone.

The signs were all there.

It's not rocket science. Bad choices result in bad lives. Shacking up with low quality men results in a low quality life. Do you know why banks avoid lending money to people with poor credit scores? Because historically, they've defaulted on loans and they've shown a consist pattern of being financially irresponsible. If you know your partner has a bad history, why would you breed with this person? You got exactly what you asked for.

Most people won't agree with your article because like most other people who make bad decisions, it's easier for them to blame society and "bad luck." The truth is, "bad luck" and "society" didn't force you to date and breed with deadbeat losers. You made that choice and because of that choice, he left you a single mother.

If you breed with a loser who can't hold down a job, relationship or responsibilities, why would you expect him to be loyal and stick around when he knocks you up? He will do what he's always done - flee. He's done it over and over in every other area of his life. Why do you think he will be different with you? How could you not see that coming? And why do taxpayers have to subsidize your moronic behavior?

Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

We live in a cause-and-effect universe. If you pursue loser men, they'll leave you as a single mother. And no matter how smooth or how good his "game" is, anyone willing to open their eyes can see a loser from miles away.

There are just too many obvious red flags with a loser - and if you ignore those signs and get pregnant, it's your fault. Shame on you for making your innocent children struggle because you couldn't see past your baby daddy's learn jacket and Harley.

Any mother I've ever met who has a happy life and a present husband, got there by choosing men who were winners - not losers. The ones who pick losers - well, obviously they end up being single moms or dumped, single, divorced and forty. It's not random chance or the luck of the draw. You chose to get pregnant and you chose to do it with a bum who has shown you time and time again that he's a loser. You're not the victim because he left you a single mother. You made your choice. Just because it was a stupid choice doesn't make it any less your fault.

You chose to have kids. You chose to do it with a loser. You knew the risks and now you're paying for them. Are you telling me that you had no choice in any of these decisions? Unless you were raped - which is an exception and a tiny minority of situations - you chose to be a single mother indirectly. Or in words, you increased your chances substantially to become a single mother. You CHOSE.

A piano didn't fall on your head out of nowhere. You chose to have kids. You chose when to do it. You chose who to do it with. Your situation is created solely by you and you alone. You saw the signs and did it anyways.

I know 2 single mothers who are struggling and it breaks my heart seeing them and especially their innocent children suffering from moronic decisions their mother made. I don't care how cool some guy is or if you think you can change him into a great man. I don't care how handsome he is or how much of a "bad boy" you think he is. If he's a deadbeat loser and you met him at a sleezy club or some crumby free dating site somewhere, chances are he won't be dependable and you'll end up supporting his kids without his help.

You chose a coward...and had his baby. Now he fled. That's what cowards do. You've seen him do it before. He did it again. You chose it anyways. Cause and effect.

As harsh as it is, from my experience, women I know with happy marriages, strong families and loving husbands - or wives - are the ones who chose stable, high quality partners over low life losers. You get what you ask for. It's not rocket science.

If you eat nothing but candy all day, you'll probably die. If you sit on the sofa and watch tv all day and every day, you'll become fat. If you date an immature guy who has a track record of being an unstable loser, the have his child, you'll get exactly what you asked for.

If a woman's husband died or something tragic made her into a single mom - we should absolutely help her and level her playing field - as decent human beings that's what we should do. But that's the exception. Most single moms indirectly chose their situation. They have no right to complain about it.

If a woman becomes a single mom because she dated a string of deadbeat losers that walked out on her and his kids, chances are she saw that coming miles away - and she has no one else to blame but herself.

This is an emotional topic so I expect the replies to this article to be emotional too. But try taking this concept out into a different scenario to test your logic. If you touched a stove and it was hot, you burned your hand. You did it again and the same result happened. Now after you've burned yourself 99 times, what do you think will happen the 100th one around? Exactly what you expect would happen.

Find a loser who has a history of running away. Have sex with this loser. Have his baby. Guess what happens next?

Cause and effect.

Alice: Nonsense

Lots of generalizations based on some limited pool of wife's friends. As i said below, male performers before marriage are as common as female, just no one talks about them. I've had only two relationships in my life, both long-term, one ended in marriage, never in my early 20s when I was busy getting two degrees and later building a career. Yes, I married a poorly looking "good man" with all attributes described by you. Guess what? Once he had the ring, the guy dropped all performances and gradually became an unnecessary part of the furniture. Zero support, help or effort. I've worked hard to save this marriage and in fact, wasted two years of my life trying to make it work. Should I had wasted even more? I don't think so. As my own wonderful father used to say, better alone than in bad company. Things in human relationships are so far from your black and white perspective that I wonder how you manage to paint all these women black and white. I don't know even one person, male or female, whose divorce was black or white. All of them went through many nuanced situations and long time efforts before they ended up divorced. I don't believe the majority of single parents are anything close to your descriptions just like the majority of married parents are far from it. There are multiple surveys on the average satisfaction within a marriage and the truth is not exactly as you describe it. The truth is that the majority of marriages are unhappy, one way or another. It is the ongoing stigma on single parenting as in such articles that keeps those people married not their successful or happy choices. This needs to change.

Close: So instead of bashing people

So instead of bashing people after the fact, why don't you go around and talk to all the young ladies and let them know this information before the fact. I'm telling you right now that not everyone can see that someone's a loser when they are very young. A loser doesn't have a loser track record when they are very young.

And while you're at it, why don't you spend some time spewing out harsh words to male losers. Just as it isn't nice to pick a loser, it also isn't nice to be a loser. So why don't you stop being a loser and go preach your little song and dance to someone who might benefit from the information.

Jennifer: I hate to admit it but I do

I hate to admit it but I do agree with much of what you say, to an extent of course. You're c very black and white in your views, and this subject has a bit of gray area. You put the responsibility 100% on the woman here, which I don't think is terribly accurate. Sure, if your husband cheats, treats you poorly or is abusive then some poor choices were made. unfortunately people make poor choices - they were.making them in the 1950's and they are making them now. The difference is thAt in the 1950's divorce was taboo, as was unwed pregnance. they also didn't have the resources available todah, so there wasn't often a choice.

I agree that young women do make choices based on attraction and not character. They also don't think long term when it comes to having children, which is probably partly due to the "welfare state" as you call it. From the female perspectove, however, the better answer to this problem is for your adult women to focus more on themselves - education and future earning potential. If your husband leaves you and uoure a doctor or other high earning professional, you won't need to worry about living off the state and can support yourself. Young men should encourage this too, since I think too many are duped into becoming fathers when they are too young and just not ready. they are so easily manipulated by girls and are fools for love too often and end up unhappy, cheat on their wives and paying for it for the next twenty years. I do think the state needs to do more than give welfare to young people. They need to be educated about how to be self sufficient and what having children really means and what happens to the lives that these choices impact.

Hockeymom32: Wow....

You are 100% on....let the hating commence like it always does!

Sean: FUCK HOCKEY! (Sorry... I
@Hockeymom32 (view comment)

FUCK HOCKEY! (Sorry... I couldn't help myself.)

Some lady: The article is not wrong, but

The article is not wrong, but if you can back away from the trees a bit to see the forest, it will be rather obvious that the degenerate culture we live in works overtime against family values. Good men, devoted men, can easily be led astray and influenced by the culture to leave their families. There is no cultural pressure for married couples to fix their problems and stay together anymore. Divorce is totally acceptable, and making a marriage work is, well... hard work. If an otherwise good man knows society won't fault him for leaving the burden on his wife, he'll perhaps make the choice to leave and relive his easy, fun bachelor days, since bachelorhood is now glorified over marriage. It is not always 100% the women's fault if their man leaves them, and not every single mother is created out of a one-night-stand or uncommitted situation. Many single mothers are in fact the product of a broken marriage. Divorce is rampant these days.

LiuMarco: I call bs to your post. Women
@Some lady (view comment)

I call bs to your post. Women are the majority party that initiate divorce. As for the unmarried women;if the man leaves, ask your self if the woman was loyal,respectful and nurturing? ??Todays women are garbage

Jason: Partially agree
@LiuMarco (view comment)

No, women as a whole are not garbage. They are amazing creatures, and if they do not choose to live selfishly, especially when they've made a commitment to their husband and families, they are just as capable and awesome as any man who is also putting his family before his own selfish whim.

That said, I am in the position of being a committed husband who would have continued to be a provider for and present for my wife and family every moment of the rest of my life. I couldn't measure up to my wife's expectations, I failed her idea of what I should have been, and so she decided she didn't feel love for me anymore, and systematically used the US judicial system and one-sided divorce laws that give women far to much power to destroy their families in order to remove me from my family and home.

She can now claim she has to take care of the children solo, she can claim she pays the bills, she can claim much that on-the-face makes me appear like a deadbeat. What is left out is that she chose that design. It was not thrust on her. She demanded it. There should be a qualifiable difference between the mother who is put in a bad position through no fault of her own and the woman who chooses her own whim over that of her family. I did not choose this path. I still want to reconcile. I stayed in our home until she used "factual inaccuracies" as the attorneys put it, to have me removed from our home via court order. She used a deeply troubling largely anti-father (in practice) CPS system to enable claims against me which cost me many of my rights as a father. CPS that possesses convenient immunity from being held accountable when they conduct half-baked investigations and make calls without support which can tear good parents from their children and vice versa.

I have had to take income I would prefer to bring to my family, and instead pay attorney fees I never wanted. I've had to take my income to pay for an evaluation to prove the falsehoods of the "factual inaccuracies" and the lazy, barely investigated conclusions made by CPS just to clear their docket, in order to try and reclaim the right to be back in my childrens' lives. I've had to take my income to pay for rent and other necessities which I should not have had to do.

Mine is an uphill battle with a system that has already proven it will take my wife's word before actually looking for the Truth.

Ashamed to be a man right now: It sounds like you are saying

It sounds like you are saying women are at fault when a man abandons her with their child... because she should know an "alpha" will leave her.
That's like saying it's a woman's fault when she gets dates a beta and gets raped because she should know that "betas" are often sexually frustrated.
You can't just blame a woman for choosing a man that does something terrible. She can't possibly know what he will choose to do. Your child is part of you and should be loved regardless of the woman you use to create them. Stop trying to justify child abandonment.

Quinton Figueroa: > You can't just blame a
@Ashamed to be a man right now (view comment)

You can't just blame a woman for choosing a man that does something terrible. She can't possibly know what he will choose to do.

Yes, she absolutely can. Sure, you can't know everything, but there are trends. Certain people are more likely to act a certain way. Just based off of how they spend their free time you can determine a lot. And married men and women both know this which is why they don't waste their time with losers who have all the signs of an instable person. It's actually really easy to determine this.

Women aren't helpless or stupid. There are tons and tons of guys out there who will not leave a woman but many women are not attracted to these guys. And when they have a child with a guy who will leave them, despite all the signs that married moms knew, that is their choice. Give them some accountability for their choices and stop taking away credit from the actual married women that make favorable decisions.

Your child is part of you and should be loved regardless of the woman you use to create them. Stop trying to justify child abandonment.

Right, telling women they are responsible for their actions means that I'm justifying child abandonment. If you can't even understand my argument perhaps that explains why you also can't read people enough to determine who's marriage material and who's not.

Ashamed to be a man right now: What about the man's

What about the man's responsibility for his actions? The problem with you saying these things is that men who want to abandon their children for selfish reasons read this and think "he's right - I'm an alpha and she should have known I would leave". YOU ARE ENCOURAGING CHILD ABANDONMENT. Think about what you say before spouting off your absurd opinions.

Quinton Figueroa: What about the man's
@Ashamed to be a man right now (view comment)

What about the man's responsibility for his actions?

Men are just as accountable. We just forget to hold women accountable and always seem to want to put it on the man. A woman chooses to be with a man the same way a man chooses to be with a woman. She isn't a victim and she makes the choice. It's not always the man's fault. Not all men are assholes. And I respect women enough to hold them accountable for their decisions that they make. I don't treat them like little children and give them free passes every time they make a boo boo. Men are just as stupid. But men don't get free passes for their bad decisions like women.

The problem with you saying these things is that men who want to abandon their children for selfish reasons read this and think "he's right - I'm an alpha and she should have known I would leave". YOU ARE ENCOURAGING CHILD ABANDONMENT. Think about what you say before spouting off your absurd opinions.

On the contrary. By telling women they have no responsibility for their choices and by telling them that it's okay to be a single mom you are rewarding loser men. Women don't have to be with losers, but they sure do like it. They're the ones encouraging child abandonment by being with men who leave. It's very easy to tell if a man is going to leave, it's not rocket science. Married women don't seem to have a problem figuring this out, somehow it's only the single moms who can't quite put their finger on it. Single moms are the ones rewarding bad behavior. They're the ones making the choices. Sorry but you need to direct your blame to the right culprit. Stop making excuses for single moms and the decisions they make.

Really?: Stop making excuses for men

Stop making excuses for men who abandon their children and the decisions they make. You are demonizing the only parent that actually stayed to raise the kid. How do you sleep at night? Wait... why am I asking? This is coming from the same person who published an article saying "Hitler was actually a great guy". You are an ignorant person and I see no value in attempting to open your eyes to the real world. The only consolation I have is how hard it was to find your article again after stumbling across it randomly on some trash site. Even with the word for word article name used for the search you don't get results. Good to know your ignorance is buried deep in the darkest parts of the internet. I hope you rot there.

Quinton Figueroa: Stop making excuses for men
@Really? (view comment)

Stop making excuses for men who abandon their children and the decisions they make.

I clearly said: "Men are just as accountable"

You are demonizing the only parent that actually stayed to raise the kid.

Why would a woman choose to have a child with a man that will leave them and put their child in this position?

This is coming from the same person who published an article saying "Hitler was actually a great guy".

This article is clearly sarcasm.

You are an ignorant person and I see no value in attempting to open your eyes to the real world.

The real world being weak men parroting what the media and government tells them is okay to say?

Luke Johnstone : Ummmm...
@Really? (view comment)

It isn't hard at all to find this article, snowflake. All I did was Google "why are all women single moms," and this was one of the first search results shown. If you're hoping that the reality about young single mothers is going to be suppressed and buried, you should get out of your bubble and echo chamber. Search terms like "stay away from single moms" or "avoid single mothers" and you will find HUNDREDS of articles and blogs and YouTube videos and blogs about the subject. This truth is becoming readily available, and men are waking up hard and fast.

Lamborghini Deeni: FACE REALITY

At the end of the day it is womens fault. Women are the choosers. They have the final say when dealing with men. They choose who to deal with, who to date, who to have sex with and unlitimately who they have children with. Women need to be held accountable for their actions, There are plenty of great guys out there but those guys aren't making ladies vaginas moist. The thugs, goons, drug dealers, criminals & etc do make their vaginas wet so that's who they procreate with. Men have caught on to the whole "alpha fux/beta bucks" and are dropping out. Men are no longer going to be the clean up guys. I'm sure theres a lot of simps that will step up to the challenge but a large percentage of men just arent having it. The juice simply just isnt worth the squeeze.

斯坦利: Single Moms

Quite an interesting observation there.Well women just need to deal with that to be frank,you can blame it all you want on men,i also think men might even have a bigger blame but they still get the free pass,thats what women needs to know.Men and women all have parts to play but the most important one is the woman's part because she is always the one left a wreckage.Even though its reasonable to blame it all you want on men,the choice is the woman's at the end,because women hold the keys to progression to be frank.Men are always ready to have sex and will jump from one to another(bad thing but will be hailed for it),but for women its a different reaction all in all,women ought to know what they are getting into before they indulge,thats the only way you are going to stop having single moms added on the current list.Stop trying to make sense into men by blaming them,you should act and see if you will have anything to complain in the future.

Jim: The truth

Women need to think beyond penis size and swag, Something most women seem unable to do.

There used to be a thing called natural selection, meaning, only people with desireable traits got to breed. But not anymore, ever since welfare women know theg dont need a man.

Plus, it doesnt matter anyways, many women marry a rich, good guy then go behind his back and cheat with a guy who is good at laying pipe, or, they marry the good pipe layer and then go find themselves a sugar daddy.

Bottom line is women get what they want regardless of the consequences. Its time women begin learning their place once again.

Close: No Sir, no we do not.

No Sir, no we do not.

Rather not say: False

The first dude I had a long term commitment with was fat, had a small dick, yet I was committed to loving him. I got pregnant, found out he was cheating. He proposed and to this day wants me back, but I chose to do better. I will admit, I shoulda saw the loser side sooner. Second boyfriend was very attractive, rich af, and wanted marriage. As soon as I got pregnant, out of nowhere, he became physically and emotionally abusive and he too proposed. I guess it’s hard noticing loser men when your young.
I’ve never been dumped, I always get begged to take them back, but in my case, you’re right when it says I choose this. No, I never imagined or wanted being a single mom, but I should’ve never had sex till I was sure sure

Hip Hop: Single Mother Sextape

Man Asks Woman If She Is Ready To Be A Single Mother During Sex & She Says Yes!! https://www.hiphopdugout.com/videos/man-asks-woman-if-she-is-ready-to-be...

Truth Is: Single Moms Are Better Off Staying Single

These type of women are much better off staying single altogether since many men will never get involved with a woman like this to begin with since they do carry a lot of drama with them. Most of them prefer a man with Mega Bucks anyway since they would obviously need a man to take care of them but will also take advantage of these men that have money which then they will dump these men when they're done with them and then to move on to the next one unfortunately.

CuriousManWhoLi...: Some Questions

Quentin, I agree with several of the points that you made in the article, such as the idea that many single moms initially choose men who are good looking and charismatic, but irresponsible and dead weight to the family. However, one question popped into my mind as I was reading the article, one that I legitimately wonder why you did not address.

Isn't it possible for a woman to be wooed by a guy who seems to be a hard-working, stable man, but becomes abusive, vindictive and ruthless underneath? Deception is always possible and it's not always easy to recognize a bluff when you first meet someone. I'm not asking this in an accusatory way, but what are your thoughts on single moms who married someone who initially seemed like an ideal provider, but ended up being horrible abusive? What if she's trying to better her conditions in spite of the unbearable living situation? Is she still at blame then? I'm just curious. Again, not asking in an accusatory way, just legitimately curious.

CuriousManWhoLi...: Some Questions

Quentin, I agree with several of the points that you made in the article, such as the idea that many single moms initially choose men who are good looking and charismatic, but irresponsible and dead weight to the family. However, one question popped into my mind as I was reading the article, one that I legitimately wonder why you did not address.

Isn't it possible for a woman to be wooed by a guy who seems to be a hard-working, stable man, but becomes abusive, vindictive and ruthless underneath? Deception is always possible and it's not always easy to recognize a bluff when you first meet someone. I'm not asking this in an accusatory way, but what are your thoughts on single moms who married someone who initially seemed like an ideal provider, but ended up being horrible abusive? What if she's trying to better her conditions in spite of the unbearable living situation? Is she still at blame then? I'm just curious. Again, not asking in an accusatory way, just legitimately curious.

Married woman: Awesome article. I made all

Awesome article. I made all the right choices, and I am sick and tired of hearing about poor single moms, especially the ones who were never married and just couldn't keep their knees together. I saved myself for marriage and it was not easy. I lost a boyfriend once because I wouldn't sleep with him. That hurt a lot. But there are no handouts to help married women. And no one writes articles extolling our virtues and accomplishments. If we were more honest with girls maybe we could help them make better choices.

josphine: you're correct!

I am a single mom and I have read so much hate for single mothers from being labelled sluts- my ex-husband is fond of calling me that after leaving us and marrying another; garbage, cunts etc. Never mind that we are millions in the world. I personally do not mind the abuse or the hate because am not God I cannot control the world and men and married women opinions toward single moms. If you're a single mom out there stigmatized, hated, abused and shunned, take it all in and then keep going. Criminals, drug abusers and harlots come from single mothers families- the haters claim so. Yet, they themselves do not know how their tomorrow will turn out to be. I just hope and pray that all men and women who write about hate toward a particular group to promote stigma will have their lives perfect as they dreamed when they were young. Lest, they will eat their own words. And as a single mother, there is nothing you can do to change people's views. So, Do your best to raise those children the best way you can, get a father figure if possible but above keep living and excelling whether on state welfare or working three jobs to make ends meet. Single mothers are human beings but anyone is free to label them what they so please. We are alive, our children are alive what do you want us to do? Ask the world to open so we disappear?

Girl Next Door: Things Aren't always what they Appear !
@josphine (view comment)

I Married a respected very moral upstanding small Business Owner. I was in college taking bookkeeping and working in that field. He was honest loyal, Moms boy, not hot, decent hardworking guy from a good family. Married 5 years before 1st kid, we made money had a great life, 2nd kid right after 10th wedding anniversary. 2 Months after our 15th wedding anniversary-he runs off to meet a Drug addicted ***** he met on face book. Then comes back and tells me she's move in and he going to screw, drink and do what ever else he wants. So I left because that's no place for 5 and 10 year old girls to live. So, yes I chose to be a single mom- because that was better for my children. Did I choose his behavior? No- Everyone of our friends thought he lost his mind! Please Explain How this was my Fault? Because Everyone is in shock! I was the good girl that did everything right! I had a lot of faith in good guys and making decisions with your head and not your heart or V as you put it! Maybe I am the exception to your rules or Maybe their are a few more of us than you think.
I am not a victim or at fault- I am a fighter and a survivor! FYI- I got a job in Bookkeeping and I am not on welfare and because of my years of being responsible in marriage-I am buying a house cash for me and my girls.
Please rethink your biased opinions-Some of us are the girl next door that got burned and Some Men are the same!

Michael Rhodes: Yes, open up the world and
@josphine (view comment)

Yes, open up the world and get rid of all the single moms. That really would make the world a better place. More resources for married mothers without the state stealing good people's money on their behalf. Far fewer criminals and social justice warriors being raised by them. Single moms are a cancer on society. The only thing that should be free for these women are hysterectomies.

BustedPussy: Man.. Im tired of taking care

Man.. Im tired of taking care of kids i didnt create arent all of you... Im a single mother basher 100%

karen: Dont blame you, wish you had
@BustedPussy (view comment)

Dont blame you, wish you had met my mother and bashed her, right piece of unpunished ugly shit that is

karen: hatew

When I think of all the misery these selfish, disgusting 'women' have caused I'm not sad to hear of one more of them bashed or killed - it is not right to inflict life on someone else then expect sympathy because they are simply either unable or unwilling to be a good parent. We don't punish the worst people in our society - it's not Islam or Govt. it is our own useless women bringing us all down, can't be a mother and a selfish slut

paul cager: single parent homes aren't

single parent homes aren't the only places that dysfunctional people come from ...... two parent homes are breeding grounds for debauchery also ...

Shannon Winfield: I Agree

From a married woman --- you are right, but its so Non-PC to say so. BTW, if you were married and now divorced, you are not a single mom, you are a divorced mom. If you were married and your husband died, you are not a single mom, you are a widow. I

ShawnP: Uh
@Shannon Winfield (view comment)

I agree if you were married and now divorce no your not a single parent unless the father decided to walk away from the children. If you were married and the husband died yes you are a widow to be politically correct but technically your still a single parent there is no father

Toxicosis: Single Mothers

I've had quite a few experiences in dating single mothers, all of them divorced, 2 of them I spent over 2 years with and one I spent over 8 years. I'm 44 and truth be told I didn't want kids of my own for personal reasons so I wasn't averse to a ready made family. I am also a medical professional, financially stable, I feel that I'm very dependable, never a drinker, smoker, drug user or gambler. But I will tell you right now the author is spot on in his assessment of the vast majority if not close to all of these women and their mentality.
I am not an alpha male looking to screw everything in site and never have been. However, even being a beta male with one hell of a backbone and desiring a closer loving relationship with a woman, these women have come across as entitled, selfish, emotionally immature and vain.
The author states correctly that these women who become single mothers commit to choices and behaviors unbecoming of even being a mother much less a datable woman.
Women who desire to have children and are watching their biological clock and have anxiety over this, or women who just want to fulfill themselves as a woman and want to have children, more often than not hook up with these loser men. These loser, non-dependable, financially or otherwise unstable men who may display long term drinking issues, drug problems, video game addictions, financial irresponsibility, or are emotionally immature(selfish), are abusive before marriage or having the child or children are still chosen by these women. It's one thing to have a relationship with someone like this either male or female and split up and go your separate ways. But to bring a child into this is wholly selfish and irresponsible especially on the part of the woman.
And it's not just the men who have these loser qualities either. Too many women are now alcoholics, are constant partiers, drug users, financially irresponsible and always in debt. Thus both a great majority of men and women now in our North American society are losers. And then you add kids to the mix, albeit she could have used birth control of one form or another, or abortion if necessary, to an already chaotic and dysfunctional situation.
About 17 years ago my first foray into dealing with a single mother was a woman with 2 boys, she lied initially to me about not having a drinking problem, but about 8 months in that all came to light and she was out there drinking and driving. Like all alcoholics she was intensely selfish despite having her two sons who needed her and her being 5 years older than myself I was a little shocked. That soon passed and after another year I was done. However this woman at 34 thought she should be wined and dined more and often, was terrible with money(obviously), always playing the victim, and very materialistic.
She was not wife material, as I soon realized.

Due to the state and its support of feminism and female subsidization, yes many women feel they should have the equal capacity to act like loser men. Many women have told me they just wanted to find a guy who would marry them or not, knock them up, and even if he left at least they could kids out of the deal. Well if that isn't selfish, I don't know what could be. She's not interested in a stable family environment, treats both the men and the child/children as if they're just pets. What angers me is these women use us men as a means to end, and bring in an innocent life because they just want to have a kid. And before all this happened she failed to vet the man to see whether or not he would be a good father. But then again why would she, it's all about her.
So these women then treat these men who stay like garbage and shit, act disrespectful, are controlling and abusive thus eventually pushing the man out due to their all around selfishness. And then if a new man comes along who desires to care for the whole package she puts herself once again above him and her children. Thus with the majority of these single mother's it is all about THEM.

And the other two relationships I had with two other single mother's ended with me seeing the same pattern of selfish behavior because there original choices in men were due to their original and permanent character flaw of emotional immaturity. So all in all I am done getting involved and caring for the single mother. My lesson is now finally learned.

Toxicosis: Something to add

There is actually a question I have had lately for these single mothers as well. When they wish to date men, especially men without children as it would be much less stress on them and any possible relationship they could have. Why is it they so adamantly state that their number one priority is their children? This, however, is untrue as many put their own needs well above their children and have before they were born. But it also speaks as to another reason as to why their marriage or relationship with the father failed. These women get married and instead of working on the relationship with the father aka (husband) perhaps after the first year when the children are at their neediest, they continue to abandon the connection to the husband and he becomes secondary. Now many people will disagree with me on this, and that's their prerogative to do so, but the father is now placed on the backburner many times in marriages and she effectively pushes him away. I won't give all the reasons for this but this article should suffice to sum up my argument.


However, when it comes to dating after divorce if you again state 'my children come first', don't date anyone. Stop being selfish. You are telling this prospective partner that they will always come second, that they will never be a priority and you will not love or care for them accordingly. But you expect him to make you his priority. You may expect him to make your children, which is fine and fair, his priority as well, but if and only if you make him your number one priority. Sad to say these women never, ever treat a new man with respect, but view him more as an accessory for her use and needs. In fact SMART married women, EMOTIONALLY MATURE married women will understand the need to treat their partner as their number one priority. And this always and ever should be the case if she desires to keep a good, stable and decent man around. The children will eventually grow up and leave to start their own lives, leaving the original couple to continue on with connection they worked to maintain over the years. However, if she lived her life through her children, and only lived for them she has only herself to blame for losing a good man.

Leon: i'm a "too skinny" beta nerd

i'm a "too skinny" beta nerd/geek, poor, and i also have mental disestablishes (which turn women off apparently, i dont advertise that one but people can tell I'm "different" with my social awkwardness and speech pattern). i will never get a girl who isn't fat, with tattoos, smokes, and a single mother who used to be (or will continue to be behind my back down the road) a slut. just to be clear, no girl has ever liked me or showed interest in me IRL, those descriptions above are based off user feedback and years of online stuff) women have never liked me, and even if i made 40k a year or something, i couldn't get a girl. it feels like i shouldn't continue just because girls dont like me. reading this article is completly true and makes me depressed, and I failed to get a girl when I was younger and money didn't matter (as much, like during high school and college)

my teacher outright says I won't be able to get a girl because I don't have an education or a good enough paying job that isn't back breaking physical labor at a warehouse, the best paying job in my area for someone like me and yes I checked., which yes I keep trying but failing. it makes me cry and cut myself at night, and the scars will scare girls away even more if they didn't think I looked like a creepy to begin with

anonymous: Not all handsome men are

Not all handsome men are horrible people. I don’t know where you get off saying this, but it’s not 100% true. Yes there are many horrible stories about women who dated these guys and got jaded by them, but guess what, ugly men and average looking men can be horrible people too. I have heard horror stories about women who have married and dated ugly and average looking men, and these guys ended up being jealous, insecure, abusive and yes even cheated on them. Some of these guys also would rather date and marry a hot woman than someone of their same physical attraction. While it’s not impossible for a relationships like this to work, a lot of times it falls flat. Men should strive to be in shape, dress well, smell good, have excellent hygiene as well. If they let all the women strive for that kind of physicality, then it’s not really fair now is it? Why should women have to settle for physical appearance and not the men? No men don’t have to look like 10s, they just have to have enough respect for themselves to be taken seriously by women. Only insecure women will settle for a fat loser who lives in his mother’s basement with no job, ambitions or personality. If all he’s doing is playing video games all day and not making an effort to make himself sexually attractive, then he’s just a dud. I’m sorry, having a kind heart is not all it takes to have a great marriage.

If you assume that someone is a good person, husband material or a good father, and quality man based on whether they are physically attractive or not, then you have issues. We need to stop with the assumption that not just all handsome men are good people, but also that all ugly and average looking men are good people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world isn’t black and white, you assume this because of the media, because of horror stories about finding guys at bars to have sex with. Who’s to say many of these single mothers didn’t go out with trashy looking bad boys on motorcycles and had kids with them? How do you know she didn’t like that scar on his face? Or the fact that he had one arm, women can be attracted to the most unusual things. You think it’s just handsome men they go after? Unless you have met every single mom, handsome guy, ugly guy, average looking guy, and every bad boy and good man on the planet, then you cannot come to the conclusion that they only date handsome jerks.

Also it’s not a bad thing if a woman wants to be physically and sexually attracted to her mate, this is someone that she is spending the rest of her life with. Women should never compromise on someone they aren’t sexually and at least slightly physically attracted to, unless they are one of those open-minded women who magically become and are sexually attracted to someone who is physically unattractive. No they shouldn’t have this mythical list on what a perfect mate looks and acts like, nor should they have a type, I don’t have a mythical list nor a type. But to assume that she should settle for someone who is repulsive looking to her or someone she cannot imagine having sex with, letting caress her, kiss her, even cuddle with her, then that’s just asking for trouble. That’s how divorces happen between couples like that.

Lastly, many women who end up as single mothers, planned to have babies the moment they got into bed with these guys, and lied about being on birth control. Haven’t you ever heard about women who trap guys? Only a moron would believe a woman who says she’s on the birth control, women can lie about things like that. A woman who doesn’t make a man put a condom on is either planning this very carefully or is really stupid. If society would teach men to not believe any woman who says she’s on her birth control, then there would be less of a problem. If society would better teach men to wear a condom when having a one night stand, that would also be less of a problem. Society is terrible at teaching people about how to have one night stands, they also seem to victimize a woman who gets pregnant from a drunken or sober one night stand, it takes two to have a baby, and I say both parties are at fault, unless the woman was raped.

KJ: This is the greatest things I

This is the greatest things I've ever read.

Tracy : Excellent Post

I am a divorced mom who's ex-husband is a wonderful father and provides financially. I divorced him due to cheating. I believe 100% that women need to make better choices and quit blaming everyone else for our problems. I had to learn this myself that there were very obvious red flags that I chose to ignore in relationships that ALWAYS spelled disaster and all the men were attractive but didn't have what it took for long-term partnership. When I was a teenager my step-father told me this, "A woman always bears the brunt of childrearing." This is true whether a woman is married or not. How much more should a single woman be in charge of not reproducing until she is a married woman when the lion's share of the responsibility will fall on her disproportionately. Crying/complaining about what someone did to you does not eliminate the fact that you made a poor choice and that is how you ended up where you are. It hurts to know that you caused your own pain (believe me I know) but it is necessary to acknowledge this in an order to become better for it.

Jimmy: Women can't get pregnant by themselves

Sorry, but a woman is not solely responsible for contraception failing (unless it's on purpose). How did you conjure that one up?
It doesn't matter if you consider yourself an alpha, or beta, or omega... you stick yourself in a woman and your sperm meets her egg, you are 50% responsible for creating a new life. It's not rocket science, it's basic math and biology.
Also, an "alpha" who chooses not to take any responsibility for a child he helped create, is not an alpha - he's an immature boy. A real alpha would man up and accept he took the risk of conceiving a child every time he has sex and would take responsibility for his actions.

Also, marriage is a dying custom. You don't actually have to be by Christian standards in "wedlock" to have a good and lasting relationship and to create a family. Have fun paying alimony when your relationship breaks down.

On the contrary, I'm getting married. I don't need to, but I want to - to a woman who used to be a single mother. Like you all, I vowed never to date a single mother, and when I met my fiancé, and realising she didn't fit the stereotypes, I knew I could never have another woman. I'm not saying there's no challenges - it can be really hard at times, and I've thought it would be easier to walk away, I won't lie. However she makes it worthwhile, and I know this because imagining her (and her daughter, because they're a package) not by my side is unfathomable. The dad is in the picture and has 50% care of the daughter (like a father should) and there are little/no dramas. She wasn't after my money, she wasn't after a father for her daughter, she wasn't after anyone to save her, she had it well together, she's absolutely stunning and has a matchless personality to go with it...... I know, what a shock!

Oh, and we have a son together... out of wedlock... we're living right on the edge eh.

Come at me with the beta labels. It doesn't actually bother me because my "single mommy" makes me happy, and sucks my d*** in the mornings after all these years we've been together (unmarried) . And I'm also taking responsibility for my son (who we planned), because we both made him together.

Quinton Figueroa: It's almost as if there are
@Jimmy (view comment)

It's almost as if there are exceptions to generalizations. Fascinating discovery I tell you!

Carly : I’m a overweight single tattooed mother of one

I’m a single mother of a 6 year old daughter who regretfully got tattoos to cover up my heart ache. I have a problem finding love in the wrong people and need to loe weight to get my confidence back. I’m a player and sleep around trying to get myself through uni and raising my daughter. I find love in the wrong places and know I’m just desperate to be with someone even when I know there wrong for me pleas help a desperate single mother

Carly: I’m a single mother who loves married men

I’m a single mother of a 6 year old daughter
I found it hard to find men who wanted to have a ready made family so I made the decision to chase married men I’m not overly proud of what I’ve been doing however I feel like i had no option to go for married and sleep my way through my neighbourhood

Carly: I’m a terrible person/mother

I’m a terrible person/mother who neglects my daughter for men

Alice: Nonsense

Utter nonsense. I married a "good man", poorly looking, with stable job and all that, moderate drinker, only socially, and so on, and so on. What looked so "stable" began going downhill shortly after the wedding. Usually women are accused of dropping all appearances once they have the ring, but in my case it was him. This guy gradually stopped putting any effort in anything. I mean anything. I dare say I've worked hard to save this marriage, talked, sought assistance, etc. But when someone has put appearances only to get the wifey they wanted and the kid they wanted, and then abandons any effort and is virtually non existent at home, why would we keep him? In my family women are taught that it's better alone than in bad company, my own father made sure this was implanted in my head. I've been raised to be independent, strong and hard working but not to compromise with my time, emotions and life by a fantastic father. I know such men exist. To make the claims in this article is deeply wrong as it omits a very significant number of male performers whose poor acts affect the outcome. I know many , many women like me. Men are equally capable of performing before marriage as often women are accused to. They want the woman, want the home, the meals, the coziness, the kids, and once it's aLL there, just watch what they turn into. So, no, the generalizations here are wrong on many levels.

Close: I'm a single mom, or a

I'm a single mom, or a divorced mom rather, and I don't date anymore for the reasons that you stated. I guess the only thing I would add perspective to is that the nice stable beta types have never been interested in me. They weren't interested in me back then and they aren't interested in me now. I married the best guy that I could possibly find and later found out that he wasn't so great. Now at almost 40, I wish I would have learned karate and stayed married, because I'm well aware of my lifelong fate of being single. I have this perspective now that I don't want the alpha male and his fast-talking ways, so I stay single, because as you guessed it, the beta males aren't interested in me now just like they weren't interested me back then.

I think beta males are smarter than anyone is giving them credit for, they know they can get the blonde haired blue-eyed gorgeous girl they're looking for and they hold out for that. I was never bad looking, but was more average than anything and I'm still that way. The alpha males absolutely love that because the view it as an easy target. Those of us who were very sheltered as young ladies cannot see through that facade such a young age and predictably fall for it.

And I hear the hatred and the bashing and everything that comes with being a single mom. Someone had to protect the children from harm, and if that means that I have to be hated and bashed for the rest of my life then so be it. It is absolutely to my own detriment that I did not see through his evil alpha male ways when I was very young, but there is nothing I can do about that now and it really doesn't matter anyway. I just don't care.

I don't know why you think women have all the choices, but it doesn't really matter either does it? The truth is the cards fall where they fall. I could not have married a beta male if I wanted to, and I totally wanted to. I did the best I could with the information that I had. It didn't work. Go ahead and hate me. Like I said it doesn't matter.

MK: I have EXACTLY this story
@Close (view comment)

Betas never approached me and I was shy and thought I was average. Had low self-esteem and was young and sheltered. I thought when a man approached me, it was because he liked me...I now know that they approached me because I was an easy target/victim. I've never been "Loved" despite being married before and having kids. Im not hypergamous. Im not a user. I have a career. I only wanted love and a family. I got beaten, cheated on, no financial support, etc. Now that I am old enough to know how to spot these users, I'm being called used goods. I cant win and I give up.

Sophie: Unsurprising but sad

Being a single mother myself I was not shocked to come across this offensive piece of writing.

I honestly don’t care what you think about single mothers, other than the fact that people with these kind of opinions do probably harm children. It is quite a convenience for me in fact because you would probably run a mile if I told you I was a single mother, great for me because life’s too short to spend in the company of judgemental people who lack compassion.

Fortunately, I don’t want anything from any man, women or the state, beyond pleasant connections that is.

Perhaps you haven’t lived long enough or experienced enough in life to realise that your judgements will fool you. You’ve probably made these judgements in order to protect yourself from single mothers (pick whatever you want from the list black, gay). You will suffer the most from this.

Also if this is the way that you see other human beings (doesn’t matter whether they are single mothers or not) really worrying how you must see yourself.

Unless, this was intended to be a comical work, in which case it is quite funny (that does need to worked upon though).

Anonymous: Great opition
@Sophie (view comment)

We all have opinions and it is good to hear everyone's. Yes, we are biased and not perfect. If we keep our opinions others will not learn from our perspective and will commit the same errors. Male children should be required to read these opinions, in addition to going to family courts where single mothers make their debut. Female children should read these opinions in order to see what awaits to them if they chose the wrong guy. Charity is good, and adopting an orphan child is a good deed; however there are SM cases that is the synonym of catastrophe. No decent guy should dive into it. These postings warn us on how these places to avoid think about life, how irresponsible they are, and what will be of promising your inexperienced guys if they choose the wrong thing.

Anonymous: Traits of most single mothers

Signs that a single mother might not be worth:
1. She keeps the child away from the ex -- kids, specially males, need their dad
2. She wears revealing clothing, showing a lot while claiming to be Christian -- what is she thinking?
3. She lives with her parents but she rarely cooks and contributes to the table -- same will happen in the future
4. She talks all the time about her, her and her. She is the center of attention -- this will never stop and you might be the bad guy in those stories
5. She has a simp or two orbiting around her and who do lots for her; and she demeans him in the conversations -- you will be next
6. Even if you are a "friend", she never calls you for your b-day or do something nice for you --- you exist only when she needs you

Ripdust: It's real simple, The genes

It's real simple, The genes of Men or Women who spend all their time taking care of other peoples kids are short for this world. Therefore, those genes disappeared a long time ago. Choose wisely who you have kids with, could be your only shot for a family.

Bianca: Shallow minded stereotyping however does not faze me.

Hi. Interesting read.
I am 33. Left my long term partner to raise my daughter on my own. He was a stable, reliable man (good job, family man)but unfortunately suffered from mental health/drug issues and I made the decision to leave to provide a loving stable environment for my daughter. I have never taken a cent from him (he has never offered or paid maintenance).I also always encourgaed the father to have a relationship with our daughter and he did not want that. I have never asked him for money.

I work. I am at university finishing a degree and also own my own home. My daughter is 8. I am working hard, trying to be the best possible parent possible and do not have time for men. I do not go out to meet men. I do not have sexual partners. I can not even remember the last time I had sex.

I am used to people stereotyping me. Would I rather have my daughter in a family and have a husband? Hell yes. However this is the situation I am in from decision's I have made and if I end up alone and single then so be it. At least I am getting to experience the joys of being a parent, raising an amazing child and even though I carry guilt that my daughter does not have her father, at least my daughter is safe and I am trying my best.

Thanks :)

Kevin: 20%

This article rings truth in your ears. Women only want to date 20% of the men according to online dating survey.(I’m sure if googled you will find) The market is flooded for these types of men. Why would they want to stick around when they can get another woman no problem? You really think having a kid will make them stay? Me I’ve been overlooked constantly. I’m not going to get into every aspect of my life but let’s just say I’ve been friend zoned more times than I can count. I am a loyal man who would do whatever it takes to make a marriage/family work. I actually wanted to have a family. But never good enough looks wise or financially, and I’ve had women tell me this to my face. Now I get more responses on dating sites than ever and 99% are single moms. Now all of a sudden I’m good enough? Didn’t change anything except I am more financially stable. I’m 37 single man with no kids. I wish the internet was around more me growing up in my teens in the 90’s as I have learned something too late in life. I’ve learned that getting laid and having a girlfriend is not something to get depressed over if it doesn’t happen. It seems like it’s a lot more trouble and really not worth the time. Will I date a single mom? Sure. Will I chase a single mom? Probably not.

Wala: I’m extremely offended

I don’t know what kind of single mothers you have met but don’t speak Ill when majority of us HAD to leave because the person changed. I was best friends with my now ex for 2 years before even considering the idea of being with a man. He was the perfect person for me at some point. I actually began to be open to the idea of him after I saw how he was with his sisters kids and how respectful he was to his mother despite who she is. Only after having my first child did he greatly get influenced by his family to mistreat me. I was patient and kept trying to fix things with zero effort in return. I tried to simply co exist and was shamed by all for not sleeping in the same room with my abuser and manipulated to sleep with him. It happened once in months In which I had an iud in. After having my second child I was dead inside but what gave me the strength to leave his sorry ass was when I found out my child had developmental and speach delays caused by the stressful environment he created. It broke my heart when he would curse me out and my infant would babble in my defense because I no longer had the ability. Why am I so offended? Because now it has been 2 years and I was recently diagnosed with a few illnesses and have no support whatsoever from anyone! I shouldn’t have to cry and give some soppy life story and feel sorry for myself only makes it worse. When I ask their father to temporarily take them for me to begin treatment his response is “you chose this when u chose to leave me” ridiculing woman for making bad decisions when they are young initiating that they chose this is just horrific. Oh yea just toss in there a tap on the hand for men who abandon their young... that definitely does the job. Hey while ur at it can u please tell a 13year old girl that has just been raped that although her 30year old rapist is wrong for hurting her she is ultimately to blame for “choosing” to be at that place where it happened. Thank you for your hurtful opinion but my story is fact. In my opinion, unless u have lived it, lay off the single mom shaming. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Darling: Just for curiosity - what do

Just for curiosity - what do I do if I am a woman who is still strugling to find a man to keep her interested enough? For me it has been the reverse - I picked my guys and went from shy and family-orientated myself to super-extroverted and quite sucessful. I'm a typical ENTP and most guys bore the shit out of me.

Mark: Single Moms Are The Worse Ones

Single moms are the worse ones to get involved with. Been there.

Rrrr: Because they dont put you
@Mark (view comment)

Because they dont put you first? Because they are busy raising their children and there s just not enough time to scratch your back and rub your feet? Ah, so...

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