What is socialism?

Socialism is generally defined by socialists as either worker control over the means or production or some negation of capitalism which usually translates to the abolishment of private property. Okay, fine. But there is something even deeper to all of this which is often overlooked.

Socialists share certain characteristics between each other on a personal level the same way capitalists share certain characteristics. This is no different than how certain religions share certain characteristics as well. Christians have certain ethics, Muslims have certain ethics, Jews, Buddhists and so on. Different religions mold people a certain way. And certain people are attracted to certain religions based off of their foundational outlook on life. Even if you're born into a religion you may leave it if it no longer resonates with you at a deep level. If you no longer agree with parts of Christianity you may leave it.

So we have this going on with socialism. Yes, it is an ideology that is about the definition that was stated earlier. But why a group of people want that definition is the important thing to look at.

Freedom means a different thing to socialists

Everybody wants more freedom. It doesn't matter where you come from or who you are. More freedom is seen as essential to everyone. The difference is that freedom means very different things to different people.

To a capitalist freedom generally means the ability to do as you wish so long as you don't harm another person. To a socialist freedom generally means freedom from some type of negative that is holding you down. This is an important realization to understand. Socialists view the very concept of freedom in a completely different way than capitalists. Socialists view freedom as forcing a group to do something to make everyone free. Capitalists view freedom as leaving everyone alone. They're basically opposites. One is leaving people alone the other is not leaving people alone and attempting to manage and re-balance something.

From the capitalist perspective freedom to a socialist translates to security over freedom. Many capitalists favor freedom over security. Socialists are okay forfeiting being left alone for making sure that people have what they need to be free in their version of freedom: ie: healthcare, basic income, etc. Socialists are okay with not leaving people alone to ensure that their version of freedom exists. Most socialists want some type of social justice or equality or something like this. And in order to have this you can't simply leave people alone. You have to intervene in some way with other people's lives and initiate force on them.

Socialists don't want people to have to struggle. Socialists don't want some people to unfairly have more than others. Socialists want to even the playing field as much as possible. Class inequality and income inequality are big parts of socialism.

And I get why this is appealing to so many people. On the face of it it sounds like a moral and just movement to get behind. Who doesn't want to see poor people with more and people who are disadvantaged helped? Almost everyone agrees with this. Where people disagree is the price it costs to do this and the results of whether the ideology itself actually fulfills this mission.

Self help and socialism

The problem with socialism is that the more you look into it the more you find that it is against the most foundational and important principles taught by the worlds best philosophers and teachers. The teachings of socialism are counter to the teachings found in self help and personal development. Let's take a look.

Socialism isn't so much about an ideology that shapes you as an individual, but rather an ideology that conforms to your current level of evolution. This is similar to religion, as I stated earlier. We stay with whatever religion validates and resonates with our foundational beliefs about life. This is why it is extremely hard to leave religion and why most people stick with the religion they're born into.

And not all religions are created equally. While all religions' goal is to help people, some religions help people more in certain areas and less in other areas. Some religions trap people and keep them from growing. I think we are all well aware of this. We may not see it on our religion, but we see it with other religions.

This is the case with socialism. We don't grow from socialism. We are what we are and then look for the ideology that matches with our low quality personal development habits or we are born into a socialist family and hold on to that ideology. Socialism isn't an ideology that requires a high level individual. It is a base ideology that requires very little effort or work from people. Socialism is a very attractive ideology to lower level people. I hate to put it that way but somebody has to.

Manly P. Hall sums it up perfectly:

The majority of mankind neither desires to improve itself nor to support an organization which demands a high degree of integrity.

This is socialism. It does not demand a high degree of integrity nor does it demand members with the desire to improve themselves. This is how most people are. Most people don't want to improve themselves which is why so many people are not interested in self help and would instead rather spend hours on Facebook posting pictures of themselves over and over again getting the same responses over and over again. This is better than growth to most people. People don't want to read. People don't want to challenge themselves. People want to be entertained. People find fake solace in perpetually the same entertainment rather than true joy in incremental growth and expansion.

Things didn't go my way ?? Life is hard ??

Removing evil vs overcoming evil

I recently came across a statement made by Jordan Peterson a few months back and it completely made everything about socialism click for me. The statement Jordan Peterson made was something along the lines of:

Socialism is like the story in the Garden of Eden. Socialists want to remove the very concept of evil from the face of the earth rather than overcome evil.

This is a profound statement and it's exactly right. This has nothing to do with means of production or anti-capitalism, as socialists generally state. This is much deeper than that. This is getting at the true foundational ideological nature of socialism. Socialism has everything to do with removing all discomfort, all work, all friction and anything else that strengthens you as a human and as a spirit. And living this way is a very dark and naive way of viewing life in my most humble opinion, and it goes counter to what all the greats have taught us.

You see, we understand that we grow the most when we face adversity. We understand that our muscles are strengthened by using them. When we don't use our muscles they atrophy. Our mind is strengthened by using it. We grow when we rub up against friction -- it sharpens us. And the entire socialist mindset is based around removing friction. The socialist mindset is about removing things which challenge us and cause us to grow. The socialist mindset is about removing evil, not overcoming evil.

Really let that sink in and think about it. This is fundamental stuff that is often missed. This is counter to self help.

This is the way a losing sports team thinks. Rather than finding a way to overcome their opponent and be stronger they instead try to remove the strength of the other team. Rather than make themselves better they instead want to make others weaker. Rather than reach the stage where negative things do not affect themselves they instead want to remove negative things.

Your immune system doesn't remove disease from the planet to make sure you're healthy. Your immune system knows disease is a part of life and instead finds ways above it. Your immune system strengthens itself to where disease does not hold power over itself. This is the exact same thing with our outlook in life.

A few quotes

We all know this is true in everyday life. The people we respect share this same viewpoint. All the great self help books talk about this and all the people we all respect talk about this:

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Life's supposed to be hard. We can't skip over the hard parts. We must earn what we receive.

Angie Fenimore

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.


We all want the good things of life; we all desire to be surrounded by friends; but we have no right to expect to attract any of these things except when our own lives have earned us the right to be honored, respected, and admired.

Manly P. Hall

I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying.

Michael Jordan

Safe is risky

Seth Godin

Pray not for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.

Teddy Roosevelt

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

Thomas Jefferson

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas Edison

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Contrast this with a socialist quote:

No one should ever work.

Bob Black

There is a growth that comes from overcoming adversity. That's just the way it is. And if you run away from challenges and adversity you will defer growth. You will defer strength. Deferring growth is a foundational archetype for socialism.

Good Habits vs Bad Habits

Socialists will say that they care about poor people and want to help them. This really isn't the case. It's not that socialists don't care about poor people, but rather, they hate rich people. Socialists would rather see everyone poor than some people middle class and some people rich. Socialists are envious and hateful of rich people. All you need to do is talk to a socialist. And this envy is tantamount to lower quality people.

And it doesn't stop with just envy. Socialists practice the habits of unsuccessful people while capitalists are much more practicing of the habits of successful people.

Take a look:

Look at the unsuccessful people side.

  • Have a sense of entitlement - Socialists feel they are entitled to things simply for being human. Socialists want to steal from productive people and give it to unproductive people. Socialists feel that they are victims who are held down by the evil capitalists who produce.
  • Criticize - Socialists criticize capitalism. Their very ideology itself isn't a creation of what can be done -- it's a negation of what to remove. They want to destroy capitalism rather than build something better.
  • Hold a grudge - Socialists hold a grudge against rich people. Shame on your for producing! If you're rich you're lucky! If you're rich you inherited it!
  • Blame others for their failures - This is a big one with socialists. Low quality people never take credit for their mistakes. When socialism is attempted throughout the world and has a track record of millions of deaths and utter failure most socialists don't take credit for it. They write it off as "not real socialism" and call it "state-capitalism" or some other label. Socialists can't possibly fathom that something isn't right with their ideology and as such it isn't socialism that's wrong, it's everything else.
  • Think they know it all - Socialists think they have the answer to everything. They are completely arrogant and you will never hear them say I don't know, or, you may be right.
  • Secretly hope others fail - Their entire ideology is built on capitalism failing -- despite their ideology also requiring capitalism to pave the way so they can steal the wealth of it. Think about that. Their ideology requires capitalism as the ground work, yet they hate capitalism.

We could go on and on with countless more examples. The common theme of this is that socialism is a mentality for less successful people. Socialism is a loser mentality. Socialism is a victim mentality of people that see themselves as helpless victims that are held down. These are not good habits.

This is the opposite mentality of self help. In self help you are taught that you have power over your own life. In self help you are educated not to be a victim and to take responsibility for yourself and your choices. In self help you are accountable.

In socialism you just blame everyone but yourself. In socialism you end up where you do because you're a victim, it has nothing to do with choices you make and your mindset.

But socialists care about poor people!

But wait you say! Socialists are all about helping those in need! You don't care about poor people! Have a heart!

Socialists say it's about helping those in need... but how do they go about doing this? Well, they redistribute goods to poor people. They force people who have something to give it to people that don't. That's called theft.

If somebody chooses to work harder and more than others to create a surplus is it right to then take that from them and give it to somebody that didn't? That's theft. If you really want to help poor people you should help them with your own resources. This is the whole point of charity. Oh, and by the way, capitalists give way more to charity than socialists.

This is an important point which requires a bit of discussion.

Socialists conflate choices with circumstance.

Of course some people are born disabled or with some type of handicap that makes it virtually impossible for them to succeed to the level of a non-handicapped person. But that's not most people. That's like 1% of people. In 1st world countries, capitalist nations with relatively free markets, people have the ability to make choices and be whatever they want to be for the most part. Sure, you may not start rich, but you have the ability to end rich if you want. It's up to the choices and decisions you make along the way. And guess what? By their choices most people don't want to be rich, which is totally fine. That's what freedom is all about. Be whatever you want to be.

Socialists incorrectly ascribe most poverty to circumstance, as if poor people are somehow victims and ended up there by no doing of their own. Anybody who has been around poor people at all knows this simply isn't the case. Poor people make different choices than rich people. Go back to the habits chart. Poor people practice way more bad habits while rich people practice more good habits. It's not complicated. It's just not comfortable to be honest about (honesty being another good habit which socialists lack).

So socialists act as if everyone who is poor is a victim. This is the opposite of self help and it is a bad habit. You don't get out of poverty by blaming others. You get out of poverty by taking responsibility for where you are and figuring out what you need to do to change your reality. You make choices and you become accountable.

When you abandon making choices, you enter the vast world of excuses.

Wayne Dyer

And for that small percentage of people that are disabled and have unfortunate circumstances happen we have charity and plenty of wealth to help them. And this again gets into the topic of charity. If you really care about helping disabled people then you would have to support private charity through churches and other voluntary institutions. When charity is done through state welfare an estimated 80% of the funds are lost through bureaucracy, fees and all the other waste that comes with government administration.

But real socialists aren't for big government and state welfare you say. First that's a lie. Socialists support almost all government programs because they see it as a bandaid solution. Second, great, you should have no problem with voluntary charity then.

Voluntary charity actually watches people and works with them to develop good habits that make them self-sustainable, as opposed to dependent. You know, kind of like good parenting. It's basic stuff. We want to teach people to fish, not give them a fish. Voluntary charity is concerned with teaching people to fish because the charity is funded when it helps people and produces results.

When the government administers charity it doesn't matter if they get results and help people. The government collects taxes regardless. In fact, the worse job the government does the more tax dollars they receive and the larger the poverty problem is that they need more money to help "fix". It's almost as if they purposefully don't want to help people.

World poverty declines because of capitalism

World poverty continues to decline every year because of capitalism:

It's not socialism that is helping poor people, it's capitalism. As capitalism increases throughout the world poverty decreases throughout the world. As capitalism spreads poverty decreases and wealth increases. There are various technical reasons as to why this is which are beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say capitalism practices principles of self help which create stronger, higher quality people that in turn creates more wealth and prosperity. It's not rocket science. It's just self help.

Let people live their lives as they want. Leave them alone. Invite people to your way of thinking, don't force them. And if they don't do what you want maybe it's not because they don't have a heart, but rather because they're not a naive student of life looking for the weakest ideology to grab on to to procrastinate the journey of awaking their consciousness and growing in life. Maybe it's less about attaching to the easiest option and instead reaching for something much greater.


It's hard to be a socialist and champion self development because you realize that self development is an individual thing. Self actualization is something that you create within, not without.

The very nature of self help goes against socialism. When you see somebody who had something unfair happen to them under socialism you say "something must be done!!!" while under self help / capitalism you say, "grow from it and move on".

In socialism when you are born poor you say, "rich people suck, they're all so lucky, I can never be rich! I hate evil capitalism". In self help / capitalism you say, "how can I become like them? How can I end my poverty? What choices and actions can I take to become what I want to become?"

It's all so basic. I could go on and on with this stuff. It's sad that I have to talk about this stuff and people can't just realize it on their own. Why don't people realize that socialists are losers with a victim mentality? I don't mean this in a derogatory way. I mean it like losers in a football game. They are losing in life and of course they're going to make excuses and try to bring others down. Of course they're going to call other people privileged and lucky and completely discount any work or growth on the other person's part. This is what sore losers do. They point the finger at everyone except themselves. And this is the opposite of self help. You don't help by enabling, you help by confronting.

Grow up guys. You will remain a victim for as long as you identify as a victim. As soon as you put on your big boy pants, grow up and change your mentality and being, then you will truly care less about what others do and more about what you do. Then you will start to walk away from the crutch of socialism and into the realm of self help and infinite possibility.

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freedmftr88: Anarchism and New Thought Spirituality

Hi Quinton , I've been wondering about this stuff myself within my own research as well. And I was just curious on what your opinions are with everything. On one hand as an INFP that's totally into New Thought / New Age spirituality , I understand how I am responsible for creating my own life . I see how Anarcho-capitalsm can make it possible to be an anarchist and at the same time enjoy prosperity and the creativity within capitalism.
However regarding Socialism , Libertarian Socialism , the origins of Anarchism that started with the Spanish civil war of 1936 ( Probably Social Anarchism on the leftist side ), etc
What I wanted to ask similar to your post on the MBTI politics article , wouldn't the same be said regarding Anarchism ? Would all these aspects I mentioned be INFP related ?
One of the things I often noticed regarding left wing politics is there's well , I know of people who claim to be self wing but I can tell they are sensors and they can drive me nuts because I can't have an intellectual conversation with them without hurting their feelings , making them angry or boring them.
So , regarding leftists being forceful , I wonder what personality type this is coming from in terms of MBTI research.
Also I'm a lightworker / Twin Flame so - I can recognize that social justice warriorness quite a bit. lol
However I am a pacifist. Which makes me wonder. I can appreciate the iNtuitivess of all N types but perhaps that's something that Sensors can't do which is find that little aspect in someone else which they can relate to within themselves. Then again I don't know. I hate to sound preachy but even though we can be a little different in many ways we're all the same.

One last thing I'd like to ask regarding Libertarian Socialism , I remember seeing your video before. ( I don't think this was a video response , probably just coincidence in the title ) but there's a similar video from a youtube channel called Libertarian Socialist Rants. I'm not sure if you ever seen his channel before. Out of curiosity , have you read the Anarchist FAQ ?

freedmftr88: 5D Earth

I forgot to mention that the picture reminded me of another regarding Ego vs Soul and also in spiritual terms 3D vs 5D . I think a big question to ask is this. New Age spiritual people can be either right wing or left wing. There was a video I seen on in5d once where it talked about anti-capitalism subject matter. So on hand there's the practical logical aspect of it's importance for the "here and now". I think that's why many Anarchists hope for global revolution. Now is this all a failure in terms of earth practical resource ? Not sure. But I guess those practicalities aren't taken into account. Maybe it's an NP movement FNP in MBTI terms. But what I wanted to say is in terms of capitalism it might be important for now and yes it does help in terms of manufacturing material creativity, but what are your thoughts regarding 5D ? Which one is more important ? Inner prosperity or outer because in truth we are all spirits and either way when we all leave planet earth , it's our spirt that we take when we came to Earth and it's what we take when we go back. Perhaps it's going a bit deep but just my iNtuitive INFP thoughts I suppose. :) Tying in with capitalism vs the Anarchism movement vs New Thought Spirituality .

freedmftr88: Conservatives vs Liberals

Just remembered something else from an article I read from the website of British comedian / satirist "Steve Nallon where the reason why conservatives never make good satirists is because they accept the unfairness in the world unlike the liberal satirists who are the moralists , the romantics , the social reformers , the ones who in their heart are angry about how the world is. "

But like I mentioned before , I often wonder if the reason why there's so much problems with humanity is due to personality clash ( Isabelle Briggs Myers created MBTI one of the reasons to help the world understand each other * I think she was INFP* ) , lack of understanding of new thought spirituality and of course acceptance of anarchism.

But again I wonder who the usual Anarchists / socialists are. I kind of understand both points of view. That's why I'm not really taking sides at this time. It's just interesting for me to learn both perspectives I suppose.

freedmftr88: Inspiration theory I'd like to share. :)

I had a thought. With Law of Attraction , we create our own lives. Anarchism there's many but with all of them , it's kind of like MBTI within itself. 16 personality types with all these people on one planet yet we have our own journey so instead of feeling like we are all on a crowded subway or something , freedom for all is what we truly want. We all want our own individual happiness but what happens is everyone is chained to one another due to government limitations and such. So as a lightworker , perhaps mission is to inspire and perhaps that's something you do right ? Inspire. Perhaps that's all we can do. We can create our own lives and do little things we feel is right , and inspire. And each of us can take away what resinates with us and something like that. So in a way , it's both and not so black and white one way , it can be specific yet so simple and not as complex as it seems.

Rachel : Good sir, if I'm not mistaken

Good sir, if I'm not mistaken--your bio says your college tuition was paid for. That is a great privilege but many on the lower rung MUST continue the cycle of poverty while going to school--not to mention debt to get out. Poverty is not a choice in this case, so how would socialism exhibit lack of self-help? Two students (one rich/one poor) can get to the same place academically. But one has the intensity level on their treadmill set to HIGH. If education were universally accessible (via socialism) I bet you we would see students compete less for resources and vie more for their education. The same could be said with public schools. That is really the crux. There are systems with more resources...Let's face it--a lotus CAN rise from the mud, but it's still going through mud. Just discourse here...and most public libraries are in sore shape. People who are going through the mud don't have access to Internet let alone exposure to books. What separates people is not money but privileges in education--that some do not have from early development. And "waifs," as capitalists like to say, are merely little socialists who learn how to steal? These are children who turn into young adults who are blockaded from the get-go..: This "starting from the bottom, now we up" mentality is bullshit for the majority of people.

Quinton Figueroa: > Poverty is not a choice in
@Rachel (view comment)

> Poverty is not a choice in this case, so how would socialism exhibit lack of self-help?

It's not where you start that determines poverty. It's where you choose to end up. Nobody has to end poor.

"If you are born poor it's not your mistake, But if you die poor it's your mistake." -- Bill Gates

> If education were universally accessible (via socialism) I bet you we would see students compete less for resources and vie more for their education.

Education is a huge topic and simply throwing more resources at a broken system, as we have been doing, is pretty dumb.

> People who are going through the mud don't have access to Internet let alone exposure to books.

LOL. Keep making those excuses. Whatever you do, don't ever give people accountability. People are victims. They don't make inferior choices.

> What separates people is not money but privileges in education--that some do not have from early development.

Yeah, totally. Let's increase public schools and make people even dumber. We wouldn't dare want to dig deeper as to what the real problem is. Let the state fix it.

Rachel : And many investors who spout

And many investors who spout phrases like "law of attraction" in the free market aren't pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. It's not about worth ethic or wit. It's about using trends in the masses. No pun intended, most people in the masses are not that fortunate. Sounds a little more parasitic to me than socialism.

Quinton Figueroa: Most people are victims ?.
@Rachel (view comment)

Most people are victims ?. Life is hard ?. Something didn't go my way ?.

Rachel : Discourse, man. I am just

Discourse, man. I am just going through the topics on this article in verbatim. Until you've gone through that incarnation (of poverty and starting there like myself), it's difficult to understand. The merge of new age idealogies with free market concepts "I am the center of the universe and must help only myself" usually leads to toxicity--those guys in pharm companies paying themselves 70% and 30% on research because they "earned it."

Quinton Figueroa: Until you've heard from my
@Rachel (view comment)

Until you've heard from my God you won't understand. I can play that game too.

Anonymous: I feel as if in this article

I feel as if in this article you are mistaking socialism for communism.

Ano: Fail Argument is Fail Argument.

"Rather than finding a way to overcome their opponent and be stronger they instead try to remove the strength of the other team." You realize by claiming socialism is trying to remove problems, you are doing the exact same thing ?

Socialism is Revolutionary while Capitalism is just BEING SHEEP, following the same thing even if it's wrong

Socialism do whatever it can to do the right thing because IT IS THE RIGHT THING.

Capitalism do whatever it can to being a sheep because Capitalism do not believe human can think

Quinton Figueroa: Can you substantiate this

Can you substantiate this with an argument as opposed to a word salad of virtue signalling?

Josh: Capitalism works great if you

Capitalism works great if you work! Thank you for the article Quinton, informative and touches on some solid points. In my experience, only poor people (selling coffee or working at the bookstore in their late 30's) believe in socialism, and hey why not, they obviously are not taking the gift of life seriously and are more into their personal petty happiness of life, a craft beer, a pour over coffee, some fancy danish shoes, however, they have zero savings, pay rent late, and generally do not tend to sacrifice or save to better themselves later when an expected problem arises. They love to blame things on the government, yet somehow believe the government should be much bigger and take care of all of their "needs", I would also tend to believe they are likely from the most privileged group in any society, students of higher education, often subsidized by the very government they blame their problems on. Sad loser victim mentality, can't fix stupid.

Alex: Thank you for the article. I

Thank you for the article. I've been looking at this for a long time to understand these people.
Always passive-agressive, arrogant and blaming others for their mistakes.

An example they like to use is when 2 people start at the same line with different ressources disregarding the fact the being in college in first place or inheriting money in first place diminishes the chances of becoming successful in life.

Most entrepreneurs I know are dropouts for a reason. In socialist view they'd be underprivileged and we'd have to change the system to prevent them from dropping out in the first place which is a really bad approach.

The main reason why I'm looking at is to make sure to never hire such people. They are toxic for any social environment that isn't full of socialists already.

Adam: Well done

Probably the best argument I’ve ever read about why socialism sucks.

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