When it comes to people the average person isn't too bright. As George Carlin put it:

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that"

George Carlin

We live in a world where very few people actually control and direct their own lives and instead carry out the wishes and desires of others. Think about it this way: majority of people do medial jobs, make a steady paycheck and then spend it on things they don't need to begin with. And this cycle goes on and on. Rinse and repeat. So if you're a business your main customer is generally not smart people, it is average people.

So as a business your unfortunate job is to cater to the lowest common denominator in many ways, it most certainly isn't to appeal to only the smart people. And that common denominator is set really low. You can't always do what you'd like to do and take the higher road, that means losing the vast majority of your customers. You can't always tell the truth because the vast majority of people don't want the truth. So as a business an average population puts you in a peculiar situation where you have to bend to them. Obviously it depends on the type of business you're in, but in most businesses they bend towards the mean.

Let's look at a few examples:


The guy knows how to win... just ask his red hat.

Remember Deflategate? Of course you do, people always know about the kind of things that don't matter. I'm not an expert on this, but I do know the basics. Of course Deflategate is complete BS. The Patriots continue to win even after Deflategate. They're just good. All teams cheat to varying degrees. But if you cheat and lose nobody cares. If you don't cheat and win people will still think you cheated. And this is the price you pay for being better.

The Patriots are better so they're going to be attacked and are going to be a target. If they sucked like the Cleveland Browns nobody would have ever brought a case against the Patriots. In fact, they would have brought it against a team that the Patriots lost to. But the Patriots don't lose, they win over and over again. These are the inconstancies that average people have to play out. Average people can't let better people win, there has to be something other than just being better behind it. Somebody winning has to be the result of cheating and somebody losing has to be the result of being cheated. Where have I seen this before?

And so the NFL really has no choice but to bend to the average person. The average person is not happy about the Patriots winning and Deflategate is now on the table. So what do you do? You bend to your audience. If you don't do anything people are going to protest and perceive the operation as rigged. If you do in fact do something the vast majority of people will praise you and be happy for justice being served. It's always okay to attack the winners and people love it. You are helping your business more by penalizing the Patriots than by doing nothing. It's pure business decision. What option do you really have? Even if it's not the accurate thing to do, it is the popular thing. And then the commissioner gets booed during the Super Bowl for pleasing the vast majority of the NFL's customers. The very people booing are the same people who would be praising had it been another team.

Twitter Banning People

Your truth is no longer profitable for Twitter

Remember Milo Yiannopoulos and his Twitter feud with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones? This inevitably led to the banning of Milo from the Twitter platform. And why wouldn't it? The vast, vast majority of people are not going to support ideas outside of the mean. If it's not average it's extreme. If it's challenging people don't want it.

As such, being a business Twitter must side with the majority. Twitter must make the average user happy as opposed to the fringe Milo supporters. Look, I think Milo is a great guy and that Twitter banning him was complete BS, but I get why they did it. It's just business. They make way more money off of Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry followers than they do Milo Yiannopolos or Charles C. Johnson followers.

Twitter has been notorious for banning people. The average person doesn't want to engage in intellectually challenging topics or debates. The average person is uncomfortable when they are in a position of questioning the very foundational beliefs and inclinations which they hold dear. Rather than question themselves most people would rather follow the narrative that everyone else follows. And of course Twitter knows this and must take action whenever somebody goes against this average narrative. Yes, of course Twitter is all about free speech, but it is also about making sure its users are happy. There is some speech that falls within the bands of controlled reality and then there is some speech that is a bit too free for the average person to handle.

And yes, this may end up ultimately being a bad business decision for Twitter in the long run. Maybe at some point the tide may change and what is perceived as average and normal will shift and Twitter may be behind the curve. And when this happens they will then alienate the majority. But for now, and probably into the foreseeable future, they are simply maximizing their business by bending towards the average user and not the fringe thinker like Milo.

After all, it's not like a media group has ever fallen behind the curve...

The Mainstream Media (MSM)

..oh wait.

And of course the mainstream media operates the same way Twitter does, but it is more locked down and old school because it has to cater to its average. The audience of Twitter is a bit younger and more liberal and open minded. The audience of the mainstream media is older and less open. They really don't like being pushed. They really don't like free speech. The things people say on Twitter or the Internet are not going to be permitted on the mainstream media. And of course they're not, the mainstream media has to pay the bills somehow.

The MSM, however, is in a tricky situation as they are experiencing the shift of the average. The average is leaning a bit closer to truth thanks to the Internet. So the MSM is actually losing customers as they shift towards other Internet based platforms that satisfy this more questioning average. What should have happened to Twitter for banning people like Milo is happening to the mainstream media for continuing to push a false narrative. The stuff the mainstream media used to be able to pull isn't quite working like it used to. If they report that Russia is hacking the election people just head over to the Internet to see whether or not this holds any weight. The Internet has pulled the average up and the business model of the MSM is going to need to change if it wants to survive.

I bring the MSM up to show you the contrast with other forms of media like the Internet. You have different user bases. Before the Internet you had television. Before television you had radio. Before radio you had newspaper. And so on. The medium continues to shift somewhat commensurate to the new average. And the average somewhat shifts commensurate to the new medium. The level of truth the new medium technically allows determines the new paradigm of stupidity that will be profitable for businesses operating within that medium.

The Financial Industry

The financial industry is built on stupidity. People who are smart don't use financial planners. People who are good with money don't need a salaried employee to tell them how to make millions. They got that covered.

When a financial planner tells you what stocks and mutual funds to invest in all they are doing is selling you what their boss told them to sell you. Financial planners and the operations they represent aren't in the business to make you money, they're in the business to make themselves money. A mutual fund with fees that cancel out any small gains you may receive is a terrible way to invest your money. But these fees serve the financial industry quite well and your stupidity is quite profitable for them.

If the financial industry really knew what to do with your money they would do it with their own money. They don't make money off of their investments, they make money off of your money. Smart people know this, stupid people don't. And since the average person isn't smart we are left with lots of money in the financial industry.

We even have government 401ks which people actually think are great things. The 401k itself is a mutual fund that forces the employee to render their hard earned cash over to the financial sector. Rather than letting the individual choose what to invest their money in the financial industry now just forces people, through the 401k, to hand their money over to them. And the sad reality is that most people would just blow their money on useless crap anyway so the 401k probably is a good thing for most people. Stupidity is indeed profitable.


Time to buy a used car

All day long we are told on the Internet, TV and everywhere else what we need. We are marketed to on a constant basis with things we don't need that won't make our lives better. I'm not saying marketing is bad or that the products being marketed are all bad. Of course marketing serves a great purpose.

What tends to happen is marketing works better on stupid people. It is much easier to fool a dumb person than a smart person. Smart people are really hard to manipulate which is why it is usually smart people who do the manipulating. You don't see dogs manipulating humans for treats, but you do see humans manipulating dogs. Smart humans do the same thing to stupid humans.

It is extremely profitable to tug at the emotional and insecure heart strings of most people. People are already extremely uneasy and unhappy about many things. So why not re-enforce this view they already hold to make a quick buck? It's easy to confirm the BS illusions people have constructed for themselves and sell them your solution to their illusion. Problems with anxiety? It can't possibly something you created. Problems with depression? You can't possibly be the root of that, here try this pill. Problems finding a decent man? Surely larger breasts will fix it. Problems getting a job? Spend the money you do have on this education that will put you even further in debt and let all the rest of society encourage your bad decisions.


Sup bitches?

Of course religion practically invented business built on stupidity. I'm not saying religion is bad or religious people are bad, but the average religious person is stupid. They have to be -- the average person is stupid. Religion has to dumb the message down and cater to the average person. If religion were to teach straight spiritual truths like we are infinite energy and we are all gods then they would lose all of their customers and the Pope would actually have to provide value other than walking around with more bling than Lil' Weezy. Unfettered spirituality is way too heavy for most people despite Jesus saying heavy spirituality straight in the Bible:

"Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"

John 10:34

Or how about:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."

John 14:12

Whoops, that's a bit too heavy! Better slow it down a bit Jesus, who do you think you're talking to?

And so we are left with a religion completely void of the real meat of the matter and instead focus on little stories and anecdotes that people would much rather listen to. Who's got time for actually changing themselves? They'd much rather listen to a story than actually apply something to their own life.

Manly P. Hall said it best:

"It is not what we name the deity, but how we live according its principles that becomes the vital and important factor"

Manly P. Hall

But you can't listen to him either -- he was a Freemason. What does that mean? Doesn't matter, isn't that what those Illuminati types practice? That's all the average person needs to know.

Average people would much rather have endless debates about what religion and what God is right and wrong while totally missing the opportunity to change themselves. And the Church will do well to pit each group against each other. Because anybody who has done any homework knows all religions stem from the same place and essentially teach the same thing. But business is much better to foster the stupidity and let people pay money to support their team.


National debt is good for the economy... good one!

And here we are with the government itself being built off of stupidity. If you want to find the biggest show businesses in the would look no further than government. The entire edifice is built on manipulation, marketing, illusions and fear. The government has been profiting off of stupidity for millennia. The very idea of "Democracy" itself is exactly this idea -- the mean. With democracy the average person rules. And since the average person isn't too bright democracy isn't too bright. But it's a great idea to dumb people, especially below average people. There's a reason why America wasn't founded as a democracy -- the founders weren't average, they were above average and very smart. But unfortunately their concerns have now been proven true by the mob.

The government has to cater to stupid people and it also has to keep them stupid. It's a very sick and ugly relationship. The government must find the BS the people believe and then feed it right back to them. If people believe that women make less than men then the government needs to market this right back to them and satisfy this belief. The women love it and continue to support the government while they preach it back to them. If people want a higher minimum wage, despite the overall detriment to society as a whole, well then you gotta give the people what they want. The people want to feel good, they don't actually want to do good decisions. Alright, give them their minimum wage and continue collecting their tax dollars. If society wants the banks to loan more money at interest then you might as well cater to this too. After all, you gotta give the people what they want. Who cares about the inevitable collapse, the people are loving it and business is profitable!

Like I said, there's a mix of government and various institutions marketing to people and tricking them, but there is also a vast majority of people that aren't too bright either. You have people in government keeping people stupid and then you have stupid people wanting government to give them what satisfies their stupidity. And when you combine professional marketers with professional stupidity the effects are dire beyond comprehension.

It's just business

The majority of people pay the bills. As a business you have to focus on them. The largest industries are not built on truth or love. They are built on whatever current illusions the majority of people hold true. And businesses know this and build around it. Just ask the NFL, Twitter, financial planners, public schooling, colleges, medicine and any other industry. The people surely can't get enough of it.

Of course not all businesses do this, and there are businesses to fill all respective voids both above or below the average. But it's a bell curve and the majority of people fall into the middle. The middle is where the action is and this is why big businesses bend towards the middle. I'm not saying this is good or bad, I'm just saying I get it. There is still a need for businesses on the more extreme ends and in many ways these serve a much greater service.

At the end of the day the goal of a business is to provide what the people want. If the majority of people are stupid then a business is going to provide what stupid people want. If this stupidity ticks up a notch then the businesses will tick up a notch with the average. But if a few rebels like Milo step outside of the average then surely they will need to be dealt with. And it's been this way throughout history.

You can make more money and serve up the BS the sheep want to hear or you can make less money and be honest. The stupid average is much more profitable.

Oh hai business guyz, I heard you wanted some of my money
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You know, you are right! I am an above average person who has always had the trouble of keeping it simple for stupid people. So, they just don't get me and after a minute I am speaking to myself. Perhaps I should start taking advantage of my knowledge. Thanks for the input!

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